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UZI Full Metal CO2 Blowback BB Gun

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Suggested Use: Plinking / Fun, Caliber: 0.177, Velocity: 344 Manufacturer: UZI, Airgun Mechanism: CO2, Ammo Type: Steel BBs, Mag Capacity: 25 rounds Weight: 4.85 lbs, Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic, Warranty: 30 Day Warranty, Condition: New Read more

Product Description SHOOTS STEEL BBS! The Uzi Replica Full Metal CO2 BB Air Pistol is semi automatic, has full metal and polymer construction, folding metal stock and BAX shooting system.Features: Blowback System Power Source: CO2 Mag Cap: 25 Rounds Flip Down Shoulder Stock Velocity: 344 fps Length: 14 inches Weight: 4.85 lbs Semi-Automatic*Shoots Steel BBs only! Read more You May Also Like Crosman Copperhead 6000 Copper Coated BBs in a Bottle Crosman Pellgunoil Air Gun Lubricating Oil (1/4 ounces) Crosman 12 Gram CO2 (40 Cartridges) Crosman 12 Gram CO2 (25 Cartridges) UZI CO2 BB Submachine Gun