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Format for Special Rates

The details for obtainment of special profit rates on deposits are produced below for your kind perusal and necessary action:
Branch Name Name of Customer Airport Administrative Cooperative Development Fund & Project Lahore Region Name Customer Since Lahore East Since Long

Current Request S# 1 Amount Rs. 10 18 Million Tenure 1 year Desired Profit Rates 12.00%

Existing Deposits (if any) Amount Maturity Rates Saving Current TDRs 10 M 20.04.2012 13.55% Existing Advances (if any) Cases Outstanding Loans Interest income on Loan Earnings on other services (ancillary business) Future Business Potential Additional Information Impact on Branchs Spread Before After Impact on Branchs Cost of Funds Before After Amount NIDA Others Total

Impact on the Branchs profitability

Branch profitability would increase Competitive market and deposit targets,

Purpose of procuring of fresh deposits on high rates

Market-based rates and competition / justification

any other

Date of Issuance 19.12.2011 19.01.2012 29.11.2011 04.01.2011 14.01.2012

Name of Client Pervaiz Ahmed Shah Pervaiz Ahmed Shah LUMS (NMF) Naeem Akhtar Jhangir Alam

Amount 12.500 M 12.500 M 30.000 M 10.700 M 15.000 M

Tenor 1 Month 1 Month 1 year 1 month 1 Month

Approved Rate 11.20% 11.25% 11.80% 11.10% 11.20%