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Language challenge

1. Five adjectives to describe the job of a


2. Ask your teacher five tag questions.

Go forward to number five.

4. Make ten sentences beginning with,

If you dont

8. Start again.

Ask five questions beginning with,


How high

do? My neighbours are very noisy, and I cant sleep.

6. What should I

Make five sentences beginning with, I have never

9. Say two words

related to, -Business -traffic -disaster

Go back to number six

11. What are five things you could do as a child, but cant do now?

12. How do you cook your favourite dish?

16. What are five qualities of a good teacher?

15. Ask five

questions beginning with,

14. Do you agree or

Boys learn languages faster than girls
disagree with this?

13. Give

me the noun form of,

How often?

-Strong,_______ -weak,_______ happy,_______ long________

17. Ask
ten questions beginning with, Have you ever

18. What ten things are you afraid of?

19. Start again.

20. Ask five

questions beginning with, I wonder if you could tell me

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