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Evaluasi Belajar Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap (English Evaluation for Second Semester)
Name: _______________ Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d! 1. Today is Friday, two days ago was .. a. Thursday c. Tuesday b. Wednesday d. Monday 2. Today is Thursday, the day before was and tomorrow is . a. Wednesday, Friday b. Friday, Saturday c. Wednesday, Saturday d. Friday, Sunday 3. Minggu, 17 Juni 2012 in English is a. Monday, June seventeen two thousand and twelve b. Sunday, June seventeen two thousand and twelve c. Monday, June seventeenth two thousand and twelve d. Sunday, June seventeenth two thousand and twelve 4. Mr. Bernard was born on March, twenty first nineteen and seventy five, this year is two thousand and twelve and today is his birthday, so he is .years old now. a. 35 c. 42 b. 37 e. 45 5. Wawan : When will your uncle arrive here? Robby : He will arrive here.. a. March 23st, 2010 23 b. March 23nd, 2010 c. March 23rd, 2010 Maret, d. March 23th, 2010 2010 6. cooks-in-mother-rice-morning-the-fried a. Mother cooks the rice fried in morning b. Mother cooks rice fried in the morning c. Mother cooks fried rice in the morning d. Mother cooks fried rice the in morning 7. Makanan kegemaran saya adalah sate, in English is a. My favorite meal was satay b. My favorite food was satay c. My favorite drink is satay d. My favorite meal is satay 8. My family has at 7 AM a. breakfast c. lunch b. supper d. dinner 9. I feel so thirsty, I want to a. drink a glass of iced tea b. drink a bowl of soup c. eat a glass of plain water d. eat a chocolate bar 10. It is a food. It has two pieces of bread, with a slice of tomato, cheese, lettuce and also mayonnaise, tomato and chili sauce. It is very delicious. It is called a. sandwich c. sausage b. noodle d. beef 11. You bite your food with your a. Mouth c. tongue b. nose d. teeth 12. Mother usually wears ring on her a. finger c. wrist b. Toe d. elbow
Created by Dini Susanti, B.Sc (Hons)(Mathematics)

Grade: IV

13. I have two a. fingers c. ears b. toes d. mouths 14. Dont play with the matches!, in Indonesian is a. Jangan bermain dengan api! b. Jangan bermain dengan korek api! c. Jangan bermain dengan pisau! d. Jangan bermain dengan gunting! 15. Jangan buang sampah disini, in English is a. Dont litter here! b. Dont stop here! c. Dont swim here! d. Dont park here! 16. The student wears .in the school. a. gown c. dress b. shirt d. uniform 17. A .helps us to protect us when it is raining. a. cap c. boot b. raincoat d. jacket 18. I wear a pair ofto protect my feet. a. socks c. sweater b. glove d. shoes 19. Sebuah gaun biru muda, in English is a. A light blue dress b. A dress blue light c. A light dress blue d. A dress light blue 20. Shoes A is 36 cm. Shoes B is 40 cm. A pair of shoes A is than a pair of shoes B. a. longer c. longest b. shorter d. shortest 21. This bag is beautiful but that bag is a. most beautiful c. beautifuler b. more beautiful d. beautifulest 22. Rabbits fur is .among of all animals fur.

a. softer c. harder b. hardest d. softest 23. Dita: Excuse me. May I go to the restroom? Teacher: .. a. Certainly b. Of course not c. I dont know d. Not sure 24. .your books? a. Are this c. is this b. Are these d. is these 25. Present: remind---Past: reminded. Present: makePast:.. a. maked c. make b. made d. maded 26. We can buy snacks in the . a. classroom c. canteen b. library d. schoolyard 27. Saya belajar matematika di hari selasa, in English is a. I study Mathematic on Tuesday b. I study Mathematics on Tuesday c. I study Mhatematic on Tuesday d. I study Mhatematics on Tuesday 28. This man guards the school, he is called a. schoolguard c. librarian b. headmaster d. teacher 29. Bersihkan papan tulis! in English is a. Sweep the whiteboard! b. Mop the whiteboard! c. Dirty the whiteboard! d. Clean the whiteboard! 30. We heldin the schoolyard. a. studying c. scout party b. flag ceremony d. learning

Created by Dini Susanti, B.Sc (Hons)(Mathematics)

Essay! It is Sunday. Vitas Family always has their lunch together. Vitas mother is cooking in the kitchen. Shes cooking fried fish with chili sauce and a bowl of soup. Vita is helping her mother. She washes the vegetable for the soup. She also cleans the table and prepares the utensils for lunch. When the meal and the utensils for lunch are ready, Vitas family has lunch together. The family enjoys the meal because it is so delicious. Answer question 31 to 35 based on the text! 31. Who is cooking in the kitchen? 32. Does Vita help her mother? 33. What does Vita do? 34. What do they have for lunch? 35. Why does the family enjoy the meal? 36. Translate into English : Saya suka sepatu coklat tapi saya tidak suka topi hijau 37. Mention five food and five drinks! 38. Jangan tutup pintu itu! In English is 39. Ayah minum secangkir teh setiap pagi, in English is. 40. Mention five kind of clothes and ten colors!

Created by Dini Susanti, B.Sc (Hons)(Mathematics)