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(Robotic voice) You- are -now -entering the- digital -world The- world- of gadgets- and -androids Where- hi- tech- is- in control Where -robot is in- charged Andandand.. (Sound of machine breakdown) (Solo) Hey, can somebody tell me what is happening here? (Solo) Oh, no! the power supply is running out. What should we do? (Everybody) RE-CHARGE!!! Ladies And Gentleman, Let us take you on the journey Into the world of digital gadgets and high technology Of the present and future Right, ladies and gentlemen, if you are ready, Please fasten your seatbelt and press the START button on your right. Perhaps, one of the greatest gadgets invented by mankind Is the HAND PHONE Or the mobile phone (1) Or the cellular phone (2) Or the handset (3) Call it whatever you like But one thing for sure, it is superbly amazing!! Just imagine it has, not two, not three, not even four But FIVE FUNCTIONS IN ONE.. yup, FIVE! A telephone(1), a camera (2), a radio (3), an MP3 (4) and even an internet browser (5). You can download just about everything Songs, movie clips, games Wow incredible right? It simply makes our lives complete and alive! Hand phone smsing is such an epidemic. You can see people, young and old smsing almost everywhere... And as for hand phone ringtones.. Just choose any tunes to match your taste and mood. A fast and furious beat from ( ) perhaps? Or rather a smooth and soft number by ( ). Now, we come to the best part of hand phone.. It comes in different sizes, colours , styles and of course, brands. And believe us, they are getting cheaper and affordable. Hand phone is not only a gadget used to communicate It has now become a trendsetter and a fashion accessory But, remember.. hand phone to school Is a big NO NO..

Ooops do we hear a ringing hand phone? Gotcha. Another innovative gadget ever created is of course, the LAPTOP Forget about the bulky and heavy PC, Laptop is simply solid, sleek and sassy. Now, with the laptop in hand, You can browse the internet practically anywhere.. At the trendy uptown bistro and caf while sipping your creamy latte espresso mmuuahh.. mama mia.. or even at, Mamak one teh tarik and rojak extra kuah..(solo) Iced lemon tea and two roti canai, for me.. (solo) your favourite mamak stall or warong, of course.. Going on holiday but still worrying about the assignment? Worry no more Laptop will come in handy, you can finish the assignment while Having a picnic at the beach (1),woooshh.. Strolling at a park with your loved one (2),aaaa. Or even while camping in a thick, deserted jungle(3)errrrr mmm.. so convenient and practical, right? Like hand hone, Laptop comes in different, sizes, brands and specs To match your need and surely your budget. With its convenience and handiness, No wonder laptop has now become a necessity. Ready, One, Two, Three . Cheese One more shot, girls (Everybody strike a pose). Right, dont you just love taking photos, Flashing your colgate smile in front of the lens, Well, we simply do, And with the DIGITAL CAMERA on hand, Taking photos is becoming fun and exciting. Digital camera let you to see your picture in an instant Just press the rewind button And..Walla there it is Those cute smiling faces come into view Hmmmwe mean.. our cute smiling faces Aiyaa.. why I look like a nyonya in this picture? (solo) Dont worry, just simply press the D-E-L-E-T-E, delete button And bye-bye, your picture is gone. Easy right? Forget that old manual camera Where you have to tediously put in the film And wait for months before you can see the pictures Aaaaahh. Such a tiresome

And with digital camera You can store the pictures in your laptop Or even sent them to your friends online Thanks to the magnificent memory card and brilliant Bluetooth. Right, one last shot girls.smile(solo) (Everybody strike another pose) Mirror, mirror on the wall.. Who is the fairest of us all..? (1) Excuse me, that is not a mirror, ok. It is actually a LCD TV.. (2) LCD TV or Low Colour Definition TV Has now become a dream to every household Who can resist its sleek and compact design Yet looking sooo ..stylish and elegant The sound? va..va ..voom So loud and crystal clear So clear that you feel Rihanna is really taking a bow right in front of you So loud that you hear The Pussy Cat Doll purring into your ears. Ouch!! Fancy having those adorable David Beckham and Brad Pitt in your home? Now you can see them in action right in front of your eyes With the sharp and lucid picture quality Of the LCD TV It comes in different sizes To fit you budget and space. Ranging from petite 20 inches screen Up to gigantic 60 inches screen Which can turn your house into a mini cineplex . Wow!! No wonder that it is a dream gadget of every household. Gadgets here, Gadgets there Gadgets everywhere.. Adding to the collection, now you have the I-Pod, I- Phone, Mp3, Mp4, PSP, PS2, PS3 And the list goes on and on. All these dream gadgets Put that extra zest and gusto in your life, (1) Provide you with endless fun and entertainment (2) And make everything soo easy and convenience (3) BUT.., never forget, Too much of a good thing can be bad for you! Therefore, Be smart (1) Be neat (2) And, Be wise (3) By putting everything to a limit. Who knows, One day robots can be our friends, our buddies, Like ASIMO, the Japanese humanoid robot,

Which, or should I say who, can speak, dance and move like human. (Robotic Voice) And with that we bid- sayonara and thank you.
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Title: Malaysia, a land of hope and dreams

Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia. A land of hope and dreams That cradles and nurtures us like a mother Under her wings our lifes journey is dazzling as sun streams, Which illuminate our horizon with a future far fuller and brighter. Malaysia, a land that conjures up imagination Refreshes our senses with her expanse of verdant grace That spills with the lives below her canopies in grand unison. Every sprouting leaflet along the stem shall uncurl itself to sing your praise. Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia. A rising giant born of an agricultural-based foundation, Is well on its way to becoming an industrialized nation Through a metamorphosis of mentality and technology,

Attained by virtuous cooperation and determination. A country constituted by a strong democratic concept, Where peace and harmony is held precious by every body A multiracial and multicultural potpourri of delight Which is ready to greet you in perfect symphony. Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia, Huang Yin Lai Malaysia, Selamat Datai Ka Malaysia, Welcome To Malaysia. In you our hope soars sky high In you our dreams become a reality Puts our heads together and join our hands. To make Malaysia globally known! From the wake of day till the descend of night Your glory stays like an ever-shining star, That fills the sky with a spectrum of optimism, courage and bliss Come; lets chant your greatness in the powerful ostinato of patriotism: MALAYSIA, MALAYSIA, MALAYSIA BOLEH*!!!!.

Key: Boleh* - means 'can do it' in Malay language.

Crime Story

April 2011 Jessica Mayer

For some young Ahwatukee teens the summer is meant for trips to the local movie theater, hanging out at the mall, and being home by 10 p.m. sharp for their legal curfew. Since 1993, Ahwatukee has consistently enforced Phoenixs strict curfew law to keep local teens from committing preventable crimes and to keep children in the area safe. Curfew laws are necessary to help protect juveniles from becoming involved in other crimes that are prevalent after 10 p.m. such as underage drinking, fights, DUIs, assaults and related crimes, said Sgt. Christopher Kieffer of the Phoenix Police Departments Ahwatukee substation. For 15-year-olds and younger, the hours from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. are curfew hours. Ages 16 to 17, are confined to midnight until 5 a.m. Curfew hours are seven days a week, year round. Exceptions to the curfew law are juveniles with an adult escort, travel to and from work, and attending a school, religious or supervised activity. Curfew violators are subject to a diversion program where police officers transport them to the nearest city recreation center, which acts as a curfew facility. They are detained until a parent or guardian arrives. Under Phoenix city ordinance, responsibility is placed on parents and guardians to supervise and take custody of their juvenile children after they violate curfew. Juveniles, as well as their parent or guardian, in violation of curfew are guilty of a misdemeanor. Instead of being charged with a curfew violation, first time violators and their parent or guardian are given the option of attending a four-hour parenting class, for a fee. The class covers parenting, decision-making, conflict resolution, and communication skills. Currently, curfew has not been as big of an issue as it has been in the past, Kieffer said. As summer months approach, curfew violation does become more of an issue for Ahwatukee teens in relation to summer break for Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe High Schools, Kieffer said. In the past, the Ahwatukee substation had partnered with the Ahwatukee Crime Prevention Task Force to address curfew violations. A grant was used to pay for two police officers to patrol the area for violators. The programs funding has been cut. Kieffer said now patrol officers try to identify and cite curfew violators during the course of a normal

shift. Some say it just is not enough of an issue in the Ahwatukee area to enforce such a strict time constraint. Bronte Paes is a sophomore at Desert Vista High School. I dont mind having a curfew, she said. but I think 10 p.m. is way too early for someone my age to have to be home. Although the 15-year-old said she does not believe juvenile crime is a big issue in Ahwatukee, she also said that curfew enforcement probably does help in that respect. Bronwyn Paes is Bronte Paes mother. As a youth pregnancy counselor for Tempe Union School District and mother of three daughters, she said curfew enforcement is absolutely necessary. Teens need boundaries and limits but should have freedom within those limits. Adolescence is a time for testing independence, which is very important, but sometimes a small mistake can result in huge consequences, Bronwyn Paes said. I think kids roaming around after a certain time of night is asking for trouble. She said the law is able to guide teens when parents do not keep an eye on their own children. Curfew regulation helps to prevent some crime but is not the end all answer, Bronwyn Paes said. I think parents and neighbors need to step up and support each other in monitoring kids curfews and activities.

60 percent of children in the United States under the age of 17 have been exposed to violence within the past year. Although most abuse occurs in a childs home, a smaller amount occurs in organizations, schools or within the community. There are four major types of abuse, neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. According to the Child Welfare Information Center, neglect is often defined as being deprived of adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and or supervision. Neglect also occurs when a legal guardian fails to provide the child with proper supervision or guardianship by allowing the child to be harmed, or to be at risk of harm. Indicators of children who suffer from neglect include, view themselves as failures, cruel towards peers, and or troublesome and destructive. Neglect can even lead to suicide. Physical abuse is caused by a persons inability to control their anger or frustration. This loss of control is usually caused by something that have nothing to do with the child, such as job or personal stresses, depression, psychiatric disorders, or substance abuse. When a child has suspicious injuries and unexplained bruises and scrapes, doctors and even other adults question whether the child is being abused physically. An abused childs behavior may change, making the child withdrawn and distrustful, although most children will deny that anything is wrong. Emotional abuse is more than just verbal abuse. It is an attack on a child's emotional and social development, and is a basic threat to healthy human development. For example, when a child is belittled or spoken down to, a child then sees him or herself as a failure. Children seem to interact with the world through their early interactions with their parents. If parents are warm and loving, children grow to see the world as a secure place for exploration and learning. On the other hand, when parents are cold to their children, they deprive the child of necessary ingredients for intellectual and social development. These children grow to see the world as an uninviting place and in the future, will struggle. They will never feel confident. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is far greater, because children are afraid to tell anyone what has happened, and the legal procedure for validating an episode is difficult. A child who is the victim of sexual abuse can develop low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness, and an abnormal or distorted view of sex. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults and possibly even suicidal. Sometimes the child may be so traumatized by sexual abuse that years pass before he or she is able to understand or talk about what happened. All offences that involve sexually touching a child, as well as non-touching offenses and sexual exploitation are harmful and devastating to a childs well being.

After the earthquake that occurred in Haiti in January 2010, many relief efforts were started, but a year later everything seems to have remained the same. But it will be changed soon if Scott Yim, a student at Harvard, has anything to say about it. After reading about the terrible tragedy, Scott decided to put his musical skills to work. In the beginning Scott had no intention of selling his song. The entire project started with a few lyrics and melodies written down on a pad of paper. With the help of a few friends, the song was performed at Haiti Relief Benefit concert in the February of 2010. People really responded to the song, which is what gave him the idea to record the song in the studio. When Scott initially applied for funding, he was denied. But eventually, he found his funding during Harvards Optional Winter Activities Week. With the help of six other talented students, the song finally got recorded at The Bridge Sound and Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. So far the song has raised a little over $1,000, but money was never really the goal. Scott and his team of talented musicians hope to raise awareness, and keep Haiti in peoples thoughts. Obviously every dollar helps, but often when a disaster occurs, help is there for just that time immediately following what happened, and then a few months later, people move on because they think they've done their part already. However, the fact is that there's still so much damage and we'd like everyone to know that Haiti is still in the process of recovery, said Scott Yim. Scotts song Going Up is available for purchase at http://www.harvardforhaiti.bandcamp.com/, and the video can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hufjbAHv9kw.