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Mitul intreprinzatorului Michael Gerber

Cap. 1

Title Mitul intreprinzatorului si micile afaceri in Statele Unite Intreprinzatorul, managerul si tehnicianul

Main ideas 15 minutes of fame (then silence) False myths: entrepreneur spirit, fatal supposal (if you understand the technological activity, you also understand the business based on technology). Being 3 professionals in the same time: entrepreneur, manager and technician, but no one wants to have a boss, just to be one. Entrepreneur- exceptional, brilliant, dreamer, the energetic, the change, future. Changing makes him faster, and the others cant keep it up. That is why people are the ones who stop him from achieving his dreams. Manager- planning, order, foreseeing, past-present. Technician- active work. Business works as owner wants, in contradiction to what the business needs. Tehnician does not want to grow or to change the business, he only wants to work. Childhood stage: you are your own business, almost always named after you. Getting help: pay attention of what kind of help you take. Reducing the activity back to childhood stage when you were working alone. Straight into bankruptcy Survival after adolescence period you must be there Prevention Key word: the perspective Entrepreneurial perspective: the best businesses have already a business model which works perfectly, business is important: how it looks like, how is acting, how realizes its goals. Entrepreneurial model: business is a product on a shelve where it compete with other products in order to attract clients attention. Selling the business instead of the product Keywords: discipline, standardizing, order. Business vs. life

3 Copilaria etapa tehnicianului 4 5 Adolescenta: iti iei ajutoare In afara zonei de comfort 6 Maturitatea si perspectiva anteprenoriala

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Revolutia afacerilor la cheie Prototipul francizei Lucreaza la afacerea ta, nu

in afacerea ta

Be the one who will be copied by the others. Value, create a system which will work instead of persons, order, rules (guides, how to, DIY), maintain the same standard every time, buyers behavior (marketing studies). Innovation, quantification, standardizing.

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Procesul de dezvoltare a afacerii Programul dumneavoastra pentru dezvoltarea afacerii

Scopul fundamental Obiectivul strategic - what must be done in order to achieve fundamental goal. Strategia organizatorica organigrama propriu-zisa Strategia de management- sistem- instrument de marketing-manualul de operatiuni. Strategia de personal scop fundamental, obiectiv strategic, strategia organizatorica, strategia de management. Strategia de marketing- client. Strategia sistemelor- sisteme materiale, sisteme de actiune (structura-ce faceti si substanta-cum faceti), sisteme informationale. Prezentarea pentru stabilirea intalnirii: produs-control. Prezentarea analizei necesitatilor:repetitie, procedura aleasa de client, castigarea credibilitatii, descrierea propriu-zisa subliniind impactul asupra clientului, face to face meeting. Prezentarea solutiilor.