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Scope This is not a book about ITIL shortcuts or cutting corners it is not about Service Management as finite set of things that can be done, and choosing which ones not to do. Successful Service Management, the kind that supports the business customers and delivers business services, relies on a broad understanding and implementation of the Service Management processes. This book considers how the circumstances of delivering effective IT Service Management (ITSM) are affected by the situations and constraints that typically occur within a small organization, and how to get good results quickly by adapting the ITIL advice to circumstance. The focus of this text The mainstream ITIL books were written with larger IT organizations in mind, around a concept of time and resource availability to drive improvements. Clearly this is not the only environment in which IT service improvements are needed. Indeed many, if not most, organizations will have constrained circumstances to work within, including: small budgets and staff numbers disproportionate IT support organizations minimal disposable budgets to investigate new initiatives restricted time frames in which to demonstrate improvement restricted collaboration from colleagues and customers a stable organization with significant resistance to innovation This book will focus on the constraints and the opportunities that accompany improving ITSM in a small organization. However, many of the ideas explored and suggestions delivered will be relevant and useful to any organization struggling with constraints. In practice, it is unlikely that any organization will be subject to only one such constraint. The book can also be of use to organizations with restrictions on headcount, seeking to achieve economies and advice on the combination of roles. This book has 102 pages.

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