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Date: Actual

Rooms Room Revenue Total Room Revenue Food & Beverage Red Mango Nibbler Food Court Room Services Fuel The Bar Banquet T. Food & Bev. Revnue Other Reve. Departs. ZAP 3D Gamming Zone Total ORD Revenue Gross Revenue Less: Allowance Net Revnue Statistics Room Inventory Rooms Available Rooms Occupied Complimentary Rooms House Use Rooms Average Room Rate Revenue Par Occupancy Double Occupancy No. Shows No. of Guests Date No. of Rooms Cover Report COVER OUTLET Room Service Total Cover Report Cover Outlet Banquet TODAY TODAY

The Grand Pearl Hotel Daily Revenue Report (Actual Vs Budget) Today MTD Variance Variance Budget Variance % Actual Budget Variance %

YTD Actual Budget Variance

Banquet Cover MTD YTD Banquet Party Food Party cover

Compl. Rooms MTD YTD Room no. Ref. Guest(ch-in & ch-out)

Variance %