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Wall Art

a Purple Cows project designed by: Becky Conley www.beckyconley.blogspot.com

Tools and supplies:

Purple Cows CraftGeek Punch It Autumn Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer One 8x8 wrapped canvas Two 6x12 wrapped canvas Three 6x6 wrapped canvas Pistachio acrylic paint Purple Card Stock

Fabric flowers Large rhinestone brads Variegated green eyelash fibers Purple Ribbon Bling brackets 1/4 Balsa wood square 4x6

Wall Art

By: Becky Conley www.beckyconley.blogspot.com

1. Paint all sides and fronts of canvas pieces with acrylic paint. 2. Punch 12" side of paper with the Punch It Autumn then cut the strip off at approximately 1" wide. 3. Cut 4 strips as described in Step 2 and then cut 8 narrow strips, less than 1/4" using the Smart Trimmer #1060. 4. Adhere the paper elements to the all pieces of the painted canvas, except the center squares 5. Using a hot glue center the 6x6 canvas on top of the 8x8 canvas. Glue remaining elements to the top of the 6x6 and 8x8 canvases. Wrap ribbon around the 6x6 canvas. 6. Wrap eyelash fibers around each canvas 3 times and tie in the back 7. Place a bling brad into the center of each flower and glue them onto the canvases except for the center canvas. 8. Apply the bling and the two smaller flowers to the 6x6 center canvas as shown. 9. Using hot glue, apply glue to the edges of the canvas' that will be touching and adhere them together. 10. Use small pieces of balsa wood (4x6 and 3x7) 1/4" thick and hot glue to stabilize on the back of the project where the canvas pieces come together.

11. Using hot glue, adhere purple ribbon around all outside edges.
12. Hang onto any wall in your home.