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A detailed lesson plan in Physics IV I. Objective By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: a.

Define the meaning of the circuit b. Differentiate the parts of electric circuit c. Know the function / purpose of each parts Subject matter a. Topic : Electrical circuit b. Reference : Physics IV- SEMP pp. 140-141 c. Materials : Chalk board/ Visual aids Strategies/ Learning activities a. Daily routine: Prayer, Checking of Attendance b. Motivation : Arrange the jumble letter to know the name of the symbol 1. YRTTEBA 2. CHITWS 3. BBLU 4. EIRW 5. CITRCELE TIUCRIC c. Presentation: Teachers activity Students activity Class, today we are going to discuss about the electric circuit. Kindly read it Zandra. Electric circuit is the movement of an electric current from the source through connecting wires. Thats right it is the movement of electric current from the source through connecting wires as an conductor and back to its starting point. An example of this is, when you connect an electric fan to an outlet. It is an electric circuit. There are parts of an electric circuit. Please read the first part, Jasper Maam battery is the source of electric circuit Very good, it is the source. No. 2 Ricardo Wire or connecting wire it is the path of an electric circuit Right, it is the path where the current flow, No. 3 Rommel Maam switch is the control of electric current Yes, by the use of the switch you can control the circuit, you can turn it on or off.



And what is the last part lyndy? bulb?load imake use of of electric circuit of electric circuit