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A GRAPHIC ARTIST witha wide range of experience in media production, both aesthetic and managerial aspects and has an exceptional eye for design & detail aims to work in an esteemed organization that values and require such qualities. + PROFILE - Earned seven years of producing various mediums, from illustrating storyboards and magazine covers, directing corporate audio-video presentations and music videos, to visualizing and producing television commercials. GO Om im Tf Gt Oo Gl to bringing quality output under limited resources, diverse professional settings and extensive requirements. Motivated to create visually stimulating graphic designs in all its forms. Constantly interested in self-growth and development mainly from imeraction with various people and exposure to new situations and activities. NS Final Cut Pro PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Co-produced and directed DELL Philippines’ Corporate AVP (udio Video Presentation premiered ons oficial commencement of operations with tsguest of hn Gloria Macapogal Arroyo, Present fie Republic ofthe Philippines and interaionlly distributed its flow subsidiaries anda. Designed and animated grphisforthe Prilippines foremost alremative mas awards ceremony, the NUI07 Rock ‘Awards or four consccutve years Tutustrated the covers for PGS (Philippine Genre Stores) the first quar ttagatine ofits kind wo fete local Filipino talents both promising atcurs and renowned professional genre weitere “Wore and directed music videos for «wo Filipino artists, Mike Hanopol & The Dawn, whose musicality influenced ‘arious talents which spans fom the 70s tothe present Microsoft Word Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Premiere Adobe Priemiere Pro \dobe After Effects ‘8S-N (Chanel 2) Creative Programs, Inc, ‘Qozzon Gy, Phin ‘ur irc, 2006 ‘GA (Chanel 7) Marketing ond Production ‘vez Cy, Phipps on, 2004-2006 BC (Chanel 5) Merchandising Dopriment (Off ond oie Nose Edie 204 Frogrsive Broadcasting Corpertion {UaTV 37 /OWNU 1075) iy, Pipes Hed Mechndsng/ Segment Die (Of ond kine Non incr ir, 2000-2004 DELL Philipines ounc YP Producon Manoe, Deda and Of and Onine Noone Etc 2007 DELL Rocks, Remon Even Concert ‘Gropic ts an aimee 2007 Convergys Launchpad, Reitmet Evenioncert ‘Gropic tis an aimee 2007 Philippine Genre Stories, bsues 1-3 Mast 2007| Mike Honopol “Peace Haman (ce Pac)” sic Flk/Rok Video Der end Of and Onlin None Eder 2007 Asia Warranty Services, Animated go ima 2007 UTOT Rock Awards Graph Asta iar 208-2006, Wik Honpo ‘Moshi (aiting)” sila Vio Dior nd a Otis Nona Et 208 Mog Fe, Aninoed character Graphic Arist and Animator 208 The Down “Changes” Mas (tock) Video Dred ond Of and Onin Nofiner Edt 7004 The Down “Harapin ang Liranag (Fac the ight)” Musica deo Decor od Fa Onis Noes Ete 2003 Cambio “07 Music nde/Ponk Roc) Video ‘stn Died and Off and Onin Non near Edo 7003 hice *shllow Groves" usc HardCore ideo (Offend Online Non inear Er 2003, Faspitch “Dweller” Music (Hard Core) Video ‘Sandwich “Two Trick Pony Music (Indie/Rock) Video (fond Ole Nas ear Edler 2007 Online Neti: dor 7003 36 Fairlane Street Fairview, Quezon City DeLa Sale University College ofS. Bene Philippines Water & Oil Paintin Bachelor of Arsin Mulitmedia 2004 (02) 936-96-42 andrepmedina@yahoo.com b oO 3 7 8g @ x F pPerrect/ / Beas £o g Se aS 8 a2282 soa? st s4 *§ i 5 On Myf THIS WASN'T IN THE BROCHURE...? 36 Fairlane Street Fairview, Quezon Gity Philippines (02) 936-96-42 Ne andrepmedina@yahoo.com DL