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Recount Report

Social Function
To retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining To describe the way things are, with reference to a range of natural, manmade and social phenomena in our environment. To amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways. To describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps. To describe a particular person, place or thing.

Generic Structure
Orientation: provides the setting and introduces participants Events: tell what happened, in what sequence. Re-orientation: optional-closure of events General classification: tells what the phenomenon under discussion is. Description tells what the phenomenon under discussion is like in terms of (1) parts, (2) qualities, (3) habits or behaviors, if living; uses, if non-natural. Orientation: sets the scene and introduces the participants. Evaluation: a stepping back to evaluate the plight. Complication: a crisis arises. Resolution: the crisis is resolved, for better or for worse. Re-orientation: optional.


Procedur e Descripti on

Goal Materials (not required for all Procedural texts). Steps 1-n (i.e., Goal followed by a series of steps oriented to achieving the Goal). Identification: Identifies phenomenon to be described. Description: describes parts, qualities, characteristics.

TENSES SIMPLE Kebiasaan, sering (+) S+V1 (s/es) () S+dont/doesnt+V1 (?) Do/does+S+V1 R.U.S.A.S.E.N.O. Once, twice Kejadian lampau (+) S+ V2 () S+didnt+V1 (?) Did+S+V1 Last, yesterday, ago Akan dilakukan (+) S+will+V1 () S+will+V1 (?) will+S+V1 Next, tomorrow, tonight CONTINUOUS Sedang dilakukan kini (+) S+is/am/are+Ving () S+ is/am/are not+Ving (?) is/am/are+S+Ving Now, at the moment Sedang dilakukan lampau (+) S+was/were+Ving () S+ was/were not+Ving (?) was/were+S+Ving When, while Akan sedang dilakukan (+) S+will be+Ving () S+will not be+Ving (?) will+S+be+Ving PERFECT Sudah dilakukan kini (+) S+has/have+V3 () S+have/has not+V3 (?) have/has+S+V3 Just now, already, yet Sudah dilakukan lampau (+) S+had+V3 () S+had+V3 (?) had+S+V3 Akan sudah dilakukan (+) S+will have+V3 () S+will not have+V3 (?) will+S+have+V3




Question tag (+) (-) (-) (+) is, am, are, was, were idem will, can, may, must, shall idem v1 do/does v2 did ajakan (lets) shall we perintah will you Positive (12) as+adj+as (3<) good bad many/much little far Expressions agreement : disagreement : asking permission: request : Degree of Comparison comparative superlative adj+er than the adj+est of all more+adj the most+adj better the best worse the worst more the most less the least further/farther the furthest/the farthest I agree, thats right, that sounds good, thats true, thats a good idea. I disagree, thats wrong, thats not a good idea Can I go out? May I use your phone? Will you close the door? Can you turn on the TV? Would you turn off the radio?

Could you open the window? Would you mind making me a cup of coffee?