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Section 1&2, Group 3

Glenn E. Mangurian
He worked at CSC Index as a management consultant

for 30 years. His family consisted of a wife and two children. His consulting practice constantly pushed clients to achieve ever more aggressive goals He had guided executives through some pretty dramatic organizational changes. He has made a difference in others lives by being a source of comfort.

Life-altering Event
On May 26, 2001, he suffered an unprovoked disc

rupture that pressed against his spinal cord, leaving the lower half of his body permanently paralyzed. He spent two months in rehabilitation after two major operations. This was followed by four years of physio therapy.

After Effects
He was frightened and suffered serious pain.
He lost some basic elements of independence. Lost his stable job. He felt anger and sad at losing legs. He was worried about the future of his wife and two


He describes it as Resilience is not about deflecting challenges but

about absorbing them and rebounding stronger than before. He left his old company and launched a new firm. Combined his recent experience with his business background to advise leaders who were facing adversity in their personal lives or at their organizations Made his first significant post-injury public appearance at a reunion of CSC Index alumni meet. Worked on advising hospitals on how to help patients re-enter the world and on coaching executives to raise the level of ambition. Worked on projects with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, acting as the local host of a worldwide summit for its spinal cord researchers. Testified on behalf of stem cell research at a legislative hearing at the Massachusetts State House. Member of boards of several not-for-profit organizations. Executive-in-Residence at the University of Massachusetts.