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120501 Comparative Literature 2DW Discussion Banlieue: French for suburbs Projects = HLM o Equivalent to the inner cities

in the US, but rather on the outskirts Escape into fantasies of Hollywood as a coping mechanism o Light tone, even though Pessimism vs optimism vs cynicism vs pragmatism o Baumgartner never seemed as an adult his inability to act marks him as more of a child than Doria o Doria is cynical and optimistic Bildungsroman: the coming-of-age novel Social Services o Workers: Madame Burlaud, Du the refusal to say the name shows that she did not want to assimilate into the French culture, Cyborg Services o Social work o Shows that she didnt like them o Realization that the social workers are there really to help her, not to make her assimilate Gender o The male over female mentality o Doria thinks that things would be better if she were a boy, that her father wouldnt have left o She laments that she were born a girl; her status as a girl makes her less worthy in the culture from which her father came from Partnership with her mother if she were a boy, her father wouldnt be dominating, but rather supporting and protecting o Doria wants some sort of feminism that is formed from the positive of her own culture and from the French culture Popular culture o Her friend is the international media that consist of