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To launch

The interface that pops-upclick No to start a project or Yes to explore the help doc. 1st step; Create a project Place the mouse on project list at the left-upper corner,it will pop-up the window below; click new to create a new project as circled in the diagram below;

Enter the following; Project Name; Lagos VIP as shown in the red circle Geo Area Then save in the blue circle below

Load the created project work space by clicking on the project list at the top left-corner and then right click on the project name Lagos VIP

Then Click open project with view layout

Then click All_views_organized

Then it will display the workspace for the created project Lagos VIP

To load Cell Refs

Click the icon data import>>Import Network Configuration

It will display the window below

Note; 1)the format in the red circled part MUST be Text File Delimited 2)change target project in blue circled part to the created Project Name Lagos VIP

3)In the black circled part; enter a name e.g Lagos Cell Ref 4)click the brown circled part to locate the cell ref

Then click on Site in the red circled part and drag the following as indicated above; CELL for SITE ID LAT for Latitide Lon for Longitude Then Click on sector and do the same as displayed on the diagram below

Then click on carrier and change it to the preferred Technology as indicated on the diagram below in the red circled part and click import as indicated with the gree circle

To confirm the progress, place the cursor on the Task window indicated with red circle then watch the loading process as indicated with blue circle

To confirm if successful; the message as displayed in the diagram below must show

To display the cells on the map

Explorer>>click on cells as displaye in red circle>> then populate as displayed with black box>>then right click on sites>>click send to map view

It will display as shown below,then you can maximize the map window by clicking the red circled part to display the cells as bodly as shown in the second diagram below

The cells properties can be manipulated from with all the icons in the red circled part e.g the cell size can be increased or reduced with the blue-circled part cell site icon size. Also, the map properties can be changed from the green-circled part with any of the icons e.g click the brown-circled part to zoom in/out by left-clicking and right clicking respectively To name the cells Right-click on the cell ref name and click edit view options

It will display the window below, then click on site label as circled by the red colour and check the box show as circled by the brown colour.Then click apply below and then OK

To change the cell view from shaded to plain; click Layer/View Option icon as indicated by red circle and uncheck the box render solid pie as indicated by the blue circle.click on Apply below as displayed with pink colour to see the effect . To change the shape ; select either fixed fileor pie per beam width and then click APPLY

To Load other Tab-files like road maps, route maps, boundary, etc Click on File>>Import>>Import GIS OR click on the icon Data Import circled black and then Import GIS as displayed on the plot below.

Then click on Add files to locate your cell file on your PC and name it from the green-circled part target Geo Area e.g Nigeria street and then click on import as indicated below.

To display it on the Map view; click on Project List at the top-left corner. Then right-click on the project Lagos VIP>>view/edit properties as displayed below.

Then click on the imported GIS with the name Nigeria Road as indicated below with the red circle and click save in order to include it in your project properties as indicated with blue circle as displayed on the diagram below.Then click yes.

Then click GIS Coverage Mapon the 3rd window under project list as in below by the red circle

Click GIS/Coverage Data as shown by the red circle, then populate GIS/Image Map as shown in the green box and then drag to the map view as indicated by the black line as shown on the diagram below

To Load Logfiles Click File>>Import>>Import Drive Test Data OR follow the process as indicated on the plot below from Data Plot>>Import Drive Test Data

Click select data format & Add file as indicated by the red box to locate the logfiles Then change the target project to the Project name Lagos VIP as shown by the dark green box Then type a preferred name into target dataset e.g lagos logfiles as indicated by the light green box Then check the box Merge TEMS DCx to MSx as shown by the blue box. Then click on import as shown by the black circle.

Confirm the loading process from the Task window by placing the cursor as indicated by the red circle and watch the importing process as shown in the blue box

To merge Logfiles;right click on the main logfile under dataset and then click Smart File Merger

Then name the merged logfiles as shown by the red circle and the black circle shows that you checking that box will delete the source logfiles after merging which is unnecessary.Then click ok

To generate plots and Coverage KPI tables,diagrams,graphs,.etc,click dataset as indicated by the blue box under Explorer and then populate as displayed in the red box shown on the diagram below

Then right click on the appropriate MS to populate the requested plot as shown below

To generate report Right Click on the appropriate MS>> generate report as indicated on the plot below

To edit legend after populating the necessary plots e.g Ec/lo,RSCP,etc as it is displayed on the diagram below,.

Click on the legend as indicated by the red circle on the diagram below

Then right click on the legend title>> click edit plot band as shown below

It will pop up the window below

Then click on New as indicated by the red circle and give it appropriate name e.g Ec/lo,...>>>click ok and then edit the ranges and colours accordingly as displayed below

NOTE; the 1st and last row named minimum and maximum are not editable. Therefore click the row and then click delete band as indicated by the black circle. Then edit accordingly. Incase of insufficient of plot band,click insert band. Then click on save and then select & close.

To generate report for RAN TUNNING;right click on the logfiles>>Generate Report to have the window below

Then populate populate TEMS Discovery Built-in as indicate by the red box and then the condition to sample_ConditionExpression_single_Active_Set as shown by the blue colour>>click on generate as shown by the black colour.