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1.1 Background of The Study Banking sector of the world is contributed in the present global economy. To establish a strong banking sector it is required to have good study in banking operations. Todays Economic policy is concerned to obtain the optimum economic success in a countrys economy. Banking sector and banking activities are playing a vital and important role to achieve that optimum goal of the economy. The successful running of banking business depends upon effective banking operation. As a new commercial bank FSIBL has a huge responsibility to ensure efficient and effective banking operation all over the Bangladesh in a sound manner with other Banks as a competitor. Banking sector is indispensable part in a modern age and modern society. It always plays a vital role to the economic development of a country. In modern age of science and technology the banking sector all over the world has been undergoing a lot of changes due to deregulation, technological innovation and globalization. Basically bank take deposits from the customers against some interest/profit or loss sharing/payments and lend the money to the borrowers with a different interest/markup rate and time period. To ensure safety of the depositors fund there are various types of credit facility. Also bank must hold adequate fund to meet the daily needs of the clients. During the last six years, many new banks have emerged to satisfy the needs of the customers. They are continuously trying to attract people towards them by offering new types of products and services to face competition and fresh challenges thrown by their rival. Efforts are made to satisfy customers needs by providing superior value than their competitors. The First Security Islami Bank Ltd (FSIBL) is doing its business with a view to serve the best to the customers and clients with its 53 (fifty three) branches all over the country.

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Objective of the study

The objective of the report is to know the practical situation about how a bank promotional tools use in marketing their products & services and how it applied in practically. The specific objective are: 1. 2. 3. 4. To know about the mechanism of promotional tools of first security Islami bank ltd. To know about the advertising, direct marketing, sales promotions, publicity & public relation, personal selling of FSIBL. To know about the customer viewpoint of product & promotional activities of FSIBL. To put forward some recommendation to improve promotional tools use in FSIBL.

Methodology of the report

Research: The systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of information for the purpose of improving decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing. Types of Research: a) Exploratory Research b) Experimental Research c)Descriptive Research Under types of Research my report is exploratory and descriptive, analytical and causal in nature. According to the instruction of prepare report sample design process are as follows.

Sample design:
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The population: Islami Banking sector and conventional banking Sector are considered as target population in this report. Sampling unit: Two banks are selected as sampling unit these are first security Islami bank ltd. Bangladesh commerce bank ltd. Sample size: In this report number of sample size are two. Sampling method: Two Banking sectors are representing two different cluster I have used cluster sampling technique to select sampling unit. The data that are being used in this report are collected from both primary and secondary sources. Both sources have played equal role to show it in a positive way. Some essential points of the sources are listed according to their relates components. Primary Sources: Personal observation & daily diary maintenances. Face to face conversation Personal interview Oral and written information from the officers FSIBL Secondary Sources: Annual Reports Audit Reports Branchs Monthly Report Web Sites Files Services Rules Circulars Published by FSIBL Product and Service System ]

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Qualitative Research Techniques have been used Interviews with operation manager/second officer/ senior officers/ assistant officer. Survey and observations method have been used Personal interview in office Personal observation in the form of unstructured within and outside of he office. Questionnaire design Approaches 1.4 Scope of the Study This report will provide overall organizational view of FSIBL (First security Islami Bank Ltd. ). I have worked different departments of the bank. I worked in Account opening, Remittance, Accounts, Investment & Advance, and Foreign Exchange. In each department, I have learned the procedure and polices relevant to their work. 1.5 Limitation of the Study As the Internship period only contains three months, and in this due time we need to there information about our respective organization and make report based on collected information, we face some limitation. That are mentioning below: 1. Bank is a busy organization with comparison to others. There are rushes of people for about whole the day and the officers have to transact with them. So it is very much tough for them to allocate time for an internee. 2. The duration of our internship program is only 3 months. The allocated time is not sufficient for us to gather knowledge and to make the study a complete and fruitful one. 3. 4. 5. The study was bounded only to FSIBL Anderkilla Branch, Chittagong. The bank confidentially keeps the data. Lack of depth of analytical banking knowledge.

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Profile of FSIBL

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2.1 Background of FSIBL : Islamic banking is trying to develop the relationship between finance on one hand and industry and commerce on the other. This new relationship is the basis of the Islamic economic system being set up. Though Islamic principles have yet to be put to the test in the competitive of international finance, the two systems are similar in that they both strive for closer ties between financial intermediation and economic asset creation. Islamic banks could make a useful contribution to economic growth and development particularly in a situation of recession, stagflation and lowgrowth level because the core of their operation is oriented towards productive investment. Bangladesh is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. The people of this country are deeply committed to Islamic way of life as enshrined in the Holy Qu?an and the Sunnah. Naturally, it remains a deep cry in their hearts to fashion and design their economic lives in accordance with the precepts of Islam. For this reason First Security Islami Bank was converted into Islami Bank from conventional bank at l January 2009. Now the functions and operation modes of FSIBL is based on the principal of Islamic Shariah. It has unveiled a new horizon and ushered in a new silver lining of hope towards materializing a long cherished dream of the people of Bangladesh for doing their banking transactions in line with what is prescribed by Islam. FSIBL has by now earned the unique position of a leading private commercial bank in Bangladesh. First Security Islami Bank Limited formerly First security Bank Limited was founded on 29th August 1999 under the companies Act 1994 with the object of providing all kinds of commercial banking to the customer
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and obtained the certificate of commencement of business from the register of joint stock companies. operation from 25th October 1999 effectively. At 29th August it was given its Certificate of Incorporation from Bangladesh Bank. After that on 28th1 October 2000 the bank started its banking activities in the economy. And it started its Shariah based operation as Islami bank from 1st Janurary, 2009. At present, there are (67) branches in the country to give banking services.

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2.2. Vision and Mission of FSIBL: FSIBL must have the mission as well as vision what should back every efforts of the organization. As it is said, Mission without vision is a daydream and vision without mission is a nightmare. 2.2.1 Vision: To establish Islamic banking through the introduction of a welfare oriented banking system and also ensure equity and justice in the field of all economic activities, achieve balanced growth and equitable development through diversified investment operations particularly in the priority sectors and less developed areas of the country to encourage socio-economic uplift and financial services to the low-income community particularly in the rural areas and to be the most efficient bank in terms of customer service, profitability and technology. 2.2.2. Mission * * To achieve superior financial performance, be considered a leading Islamic bank by reputation and performance. To establish and maintain the modem banking techniques, to ensure the soundness and development of the financial system based on Islamic principles and to become the strong and efficient organization with highly motivated professionals, working for the benefit of people; based upon accountability, transparency and integrity in order to ensure stability of financial system. * To encourage savings in the form of direct investment.

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* * * * * * *

To encourage investment particularly in projects which are more likely to lead to highly employment Cost reduction through integration of technology at all levels. To strive our customers best satisfaction & win their confidence. A To manage & operate the bank in the most effective manner. To identify customers needs & monitor their perception towards meeting those requirements. To review & updated policies, procedures & practices to enhance the ability to extend better customer services. To train & develop all employees & provide them adequate resources so that the customers needs reasonably addressed. To promote organizational efficiency by communicating company plans policies & procedures openly to the employees in a timely fashion.

* *

To ensure a congenial working environment. To diversify portfolio in both retail & wholesale markets.

2.3 Management of FSIBL : The decision making process of FSBL is democratic and decentralized. The upper level management hardly bothers about the operational task of the bank. The sponsor Directors of the bank are well-established businessmen ad professionals of the country having business in and out Bangladesh. A board of Directors is formed taking 19 members out of the entrepreneurs and Mr. Saiful Alam (Masud) has elected as chairperson unanimously.

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Highly qualified and efficient professionals management the bank. The managing Director of the bank is Mr. A.A.M Zakaria who has rich experience about managing both the nationalized and private sector bank as Chief Executive. Most of the cases pending at Head office level solved with higher priority for smooth functioning of bank operation and quick disposal of the proposals. All the decision made at Head office level through different committee. At branch level all the decision taken by the Branch manager complying rules and regulation set by the Head office Branch manage has the supreme authority to final disbursement of the facility to the customer. All Investment facilities under branch delegation exercise through Investment committee. Deputy Manager coordinates all the functions of the branch as manager Operation. 2.4 Management Efficiency FSIB is functioning :with a highly professional management team headed by the Managing Director Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria. Among other senior executives currently one DMD. One Principal (Training Center), one SEVP, six EVP, eight SVP, twelve VP, ten FVP, fifteen SAVP, sixteen AVP and eighteen FAVP are discharging their services in progression of the banks business. Managing Director Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria, Managing Director of the bank is an eminent banking personality hiving long 33 years of experience in banking industry. After successful completion of his B.A. (Hons), M.A. in Economics from Dhaka University, Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria has started his banking career in 1977 as Senior Officer of Rupali Bank. Before the current responsibility, Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria was the Deputy Managing Director of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited. In his multigreeted banking service, Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria participated in many courses, training
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program and workshops on banking at home and abroad. Mr. A. A. M. Zakaria joined in FSIBL on 7th August 2005 as Managing Director.Top management of the bank is supported by human resource strength of 930 executives and officers. For smooth functioning of the Bank, following committees have been formed: 1. Management committee (MANCOM) comprises of senior members of the management headed by Managing Director of the bank. Head of HRD is the member secretary of the committee and Head of IMRD, Head of IC&C including DMD are the member of the committee. MANCOM meets on regular basis to discuss relevant agenda. 1. Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO) headed by the Managing Director, is responsible for balance sheet risk management. The committee participate in the monthly ALCO meeting and review the liquidity position, review rate of interest on deposit and lending, and review the ALCO papers on presentation by treasury back office on the position of profit, deposit, investment, cost analysis, maturity bucket of deposit & investment, balance sheet, profit and loss account and many other issues relating to banks business and assets-liability management. Five relevant divisional heads including DMD are the members and VP & Head of Treasury of the Bank is the member secretary of the committee. Human Resources Development FSIB has a separate Human Resources Division (HRD) to manage the employee policies and practices. As on FYE 2010, Total 932 executives & officers of the bank have been working for smooth banking operations. Bank follows a standardized human resources policy. HRD of the Bank follow a transparent and free & fair system to ensure the standard recruitment, training & development of human resources of the bank. The
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bank has defined HR policies including recruitment, training & development, promotion, leave, transfer and disciplinary action policy. Usually internal recruitment procedures are considered to fill up the mid and top management positions, while entry-level positions are filled with regularly through competitive recruitment exams. They follow transparent, well- defined and strict rules for appointment of officers and staff in the Banks service. Corporate Governance Corporate governance is about how corporation is running its operations to achieve its corporate objectives. Bangladesh Bank (BB) gives emphasis on implementing corporate governance among the financial institutions and to do that, BB emphasises implementation of the guidelines issued by them for improving corporate governance in banking. Good Corporate Governance practices enhance an entitys corporate image and market credibility, which attract capital and increase its borrowing power. These can be reflected in the quality of financial reporting and disclosures; strength of internal control system and internal audit function induction of professionally competent, independent non-executive Directors on corporate Board; formation of Audit Committee; delegation of authority to executives and staff; protection of corporate governance for strengthening organizational strength. With a view to ensure effective participation and deep interest in the affairs of the company and as per Articles of Association of the Company and as per Bangladesh Bank Circular No. 16 dated March 24, 2003 the bank has set up the following 2 committees: 1. Executive committee 2. Audit Committee

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Executive Committee: FSIB has constituted 09 members executive committee of the board as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines to ensure corporate governance in the business of which managing director of the Bank is Ex-officio Member. The executive committee of the board are responsible for developing policy and strategy for smooth operations of business and business development of the bank to ensure maximization of shareholders wealths protecting other stakeholders interest in the company Mr. Alhaj Md. Saiful Alam, Chairman of the board of Directors is the Chairman of the present Executive Committee of the bank. He is very dynamic person and leading the executive committee of the bank in a very manner. Audit Committee: FSIBL has formulated an audit committee can play an effective role in formulating an efficient and secured banking system. The Audit Committee has been formed comprising three members of the Board of Directors. As per corporate governance guidelines the Chairman of the Audit Committee should have sound knowledge and expertise in finance & accounting or auditing. Late Mr. Hamidul Haq, who is also a Director of the Bank, is Convener of the committee. He is associated in banking field over long years.

Name of the Company Chairman Vice Chairman Managing Director Company Secretary Legal Status Date of Incorporation Date of Commencement of Business Date of Permission from Bangladesh Bank22

First Security Islami Bank Ltd. Mohammad Saiful Alam Alhaj Mohammad Abdul Maleque A.A.M. Zakaria Abdul Hannan Khan Public Limited Company 29 August1999 29 August 1999 Bank22 September 1999 25 October 1999 23, Dilkusha Commercial Area,
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Date of Opening of First Branch Registered Office Line of Business Authorized Capital Paid up Capital Date of consent of IPO Phone Fax E-mail Website SWIFT Auditors

Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh Banking Tk.4,600 Million Tk.2,300 Million 04 June 2008 9560229 (Hunting),9550334,7171029-30 9565594 (Share Division) 880-02-9561637 bcsfsblbd.com www. fsblbd .com FSEBBDDH Syful Shamsul Alam & Co. Chartered Accountants Corporate Office Paramount Heights 65/2/1 Box Culvert road (Level-6) Purana Paltan, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh Phone: 9555915, 9560332 Email: syful(intechworld.net The Law Counsel Barrister & Advocates City Heart (7th Floor) Suit No. 8/8, 67, Naya Paltan, Dhaka-1000 Phone: 9349647-8 Fax: 9349866, 9567029 E-mail : l.counsel@bdonline.com K.M. Hasan FCA K.M. Hasan & Co. Chartered Accountants Dhaka Office Home Tower Apartment (8 th & 9 th Floor) 87, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka 1000 Phone: 9351457,9351564 Fax: 9345792-112

Tax Consultant

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2.5 Branch Network Branch Networks and Inter Division and Branch Coordination At present, the bank has 77 branches of which 32 branches are in Dhaka Division, 30 branches are in Chittagong Division, 06 branches are in Sylhet Division, 03 branches are in Rajshahi Division, 04 branches are in Khulna Division and 02 branches is in Barishal Division. All the 68 branches are computerized under distributed server environment. Another few branches are planning to open within December 2011. FSIBL has already started their on-line, SMS and ATM banking facilities for their clients. 2.6 Credit Rating of the Bank Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB) has given BBB 3 (pronounced triple B three) rating in Long Term and ST-4 rating in Short Term to First Security Islami Bank Limited. Commercial Banks rated BBB have adequate capacity to meet their financial commitments. However, adverse economic conditions or changing circumstances are more likely to lead the Banks into a weakened capacity to meet their financial commitments. BBB rated banks are subject to moderate credit risk. Such banks are considered mediumgrade and as such may possess certain speculative characteristics. At the same time, banks rated ST-4 in short term are considered to have below average capacity for timely repayment of obligations. Such capacity is highly susceptible to adverse changes in business, economic, or financial conditions than for obligations in higher categories.

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2.7 Financial Highlights of First Security Islami Bank Limited :

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70000000000 P id-upCa l a pita C pita S a l urplus T l As ets ota s 60000000000 T lD ota epos its T l Inv tm ota es ents T lC ota onting lia ent bilities& C m ents om itm 50000000000 Inv tm Depos R tio (In% es ent it a ) C s ifiedInv.a a t T l Inv % la s g ins ota .(In ) P rofit before ta x&provis ion 40000000000 Am ount ofcla s s ifiedinv . P is rov iona S l urplus eficit) (D C t ofF os und P rofit ea rninga s s ets N profit ea on rninga s s ets R I (In% O ) R A (In% O ) 20000000000 Incom fromInv. e E (T .) PS K N Incom per s re(T .) et e ha K 10000000000 P R(T es E im ) P is k a .cla s rov ion ept g s ifiedInv. T l C pita F ota a l und 0 2009 2010


2.8 Products of FSIBL

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Products and services of FSIBL can be described in three dichotomies: A. Deposit Schemes: Al-Wadiah Current Deposit. Mudarabah Special Notice Deposit (SND). Mudarabah Savings Deposit. Mudarabah Term Deposit i. One month ii. Two months iii. Three months iv. Six months v. Twelve months vi. Twenty four months vii. Thirty Six months. Foreign Currency Deposit. Mudarabah Savings Scheme Mudarabah Monthly Profit Schemes (MMPS) Mudarabah Monthly Savings Scheme (MMSS) More than double the deposit in 6.5 years. Consumer Finance Scheme.

B. Investment Schemes : Investment Bai Murabaha (Defeerred Lump sum/Installment sale) Bai Muajjal (Deferred Installment/Lump sum sale) Musharaka (Joint Venture profit sharing) Mudaraba (Trustee Profit Sharing)

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Bai Salam (Advanced Sale and Purchase) Hire-Purchase Direct Investment Post Import Investment Purchase and Negotiation of Export Bills Inland Bills Purchased Murabaha Import Bills Bai Muajjal Import Bills Pre shipment investment Quard-ul-Hasan (Benevolent Investment) C. Others : Letter of Guarantee Tender Guarantee Performance Guarantee Guarantee for sub contract Shipping Guarantee Advanced payment Guarantee Others Letter of Credit (L/C)/ back to back L/C Specialized Schemes Consumer Investment Scheme SME Investment Scheme Lease Investment Scheme Hire Purchase Earnest Money Investment Scheme Mortgage Investment Employees House Building Scheme
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2.9 Services of FSIBL: Online Banking SMS Banking Lockers Utility Bills ATM Banking 2.10 Special Features of FSIBL : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Encashment of cheque within 45 seconds. Attractive provisional profit rate. Competitive L/C commission and other charges. Emphasis on small loan disbursement. Promoting saving tendency of mass people by introducing attractive new saving scheme. Expedite industrialization by providing long term loan through lease finance. Micro Credit facility for middle class people. Step taken for elevation of poverty by opening branch in rural areas and providing lock facility in income generating project of rural middle class and others. 9. l0. Reducing dependence on profit income by increasing fee based income. Application of modern technology and producing quality services for the customer.

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New Products of FSIBL

Name of New products Muadaraba student School banking savings A/C ( Ankur) Mudaraba Education deposit scheme ( Alo) Mudaraba marriage deposit scheme ( Bandhan) Mudaraba health care deposit scheme ( Niramoy) Mudaraba senior citizen savings A/C ( probeen) Mudaraba pension deposit scheme (Aboshor) Al wadeeah current plus A/C (Morjada) Al wadeeah premium A/C (Shomman)

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Chapter 03
Service Marketing mix

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Service Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion People Process Physical Evidence

Product Marketing Product is the main element of the organization, FSIBL also giving their product which are given below. FSIBL trying to give best product to their clients. FSIBL try to invent new product to compete FSIBL try to develop their existing product

Price Marketing Pricing are the important element for the organization. It must be appropriate otherwise strategy can be flop. In that contexts FSIBL Place Interest rate is low . Maximum profit rate. Set price to compete their competitors

How people can buy your product. FSIBL are very much concern their placement. The process is given below.
The banking product is the main element for the people so FSIBL are trying to keep their placement to right the place. Distribution channel is increasing which can help to sell product. FSIBL is improving their networking system which can help their distribution Page 24

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channel and help to reach the people. Promotion marketing FSIBL promotional activities are give below During the internship period I found that, all the marketing of the FSIBL product and services goes with mouth. They also provide brochure. Product details in website Advertisement in billboard. They involve lots of social responsibilities.

People Marketing

FSIBL naturally based service marketing where People are main How FSIBL giving priorities people, discuss are given below.

FSIBL believe that an essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. FSIBL is very much careful about Recruiting the right staff and training them appropriately FSIBL try to put the right person into right place.

Process marketing Process marketing Refers to the systems used to assist the organization in delivering the service. The process that use FSIBL is given below :
They uses latest machines for quick cash delivery. The process of giving debit card is very easy in FSIBL.they do complete task very quickly. Thats why customer get card very easily within short time. They believe An efficient service that replaces old debit cards will foster consumer loyalty and confidence in the company.

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Physical evidence Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organization. FSIBL is uses service marketing mix . The physical evidence of FSIBL is given below.
FSIBL give forces about good decorate environment thats why decorate FSIBL nicely Security system is very strong. There are sufficient guards in the FSIBL. Fully computerized. The employee of the FSIBL are mandatory wear well dress up. Cash section does use latest equip

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Chapter 04
Aa z g n ly in P m tio a ro o n l T o Ue B o ls s d y F IB S L

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Promotion and promotion mix The term IMC can be defined as the coordination of various promotional elements with other marketing activities that communicate with a firms customer. American association of Advertising Agencies defines IMC as concept of marketing communication planning that recognizes the added value of comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of verity of communication disciplines like general advertising, direct response, sales promotion, public relation and combines these discipline to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact. Promotion is an element of marketing mix by which firms communicate with their customers. It includes a number of communications tools known as the promotional mix.

Promotion mix: 1) Advertising: Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal communication about and organization, product or service, or idea by an identified sponsor. The nonpersonal component means that advertising involves mass media (e.g.,Tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, posters, leaflets, billboard, display signs, point of purchase, sign and symbol as well as logos.) that can transmit a message to large groups of individuals, of than at the same time. 2) Direct Marketing: Direct marketing, in which organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response and/or a transaction. It involves a variety of activities, including database management, direct selling, telemarketing, and direct response ads through direct mail, the Internet, and various broadcast and print media. Rajib Biswas ID 101215( Marketing)IIUC Page 28

3) Sales promotions: Marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the sales forces, the distributors, or the ultimate consumer and can stimulate immediate sales. Sales promotions is generally into generally into two categories. i) Consumer oriented ii) trade oriented. i) Consumer oriented: Sales promotion is targeted to the ultimate user of a product or service and includes couponing, sampling, premiums, rebates, contests, sweepstake, and various point of purchase. ii) Trade oriented: Trade oriented sales promotions is targeted toward marketing intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, trade show, Fair. 4) Publicity and public Relation : A varity of programs designed to promote and enhance a companys image and its brands a well is called publicity and public relation. Examples includes news story, editorial, press release, seminars, charitable, donation, sponsorships, publication, events etc. 5) Personal Selling: Personal Selling a form of person to person communication in which a seller attempts to assist and or persuade prospective buyers to purchase the companys product or service or to act on an idea. Examples includes sales presentation, sales meeting, incentive programs, trade channel relationship campaign etc.

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Promotional Strategy and overall marketing strategy :

Product market Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Promotional Strategy


Direct marketing

Personal selling

Publicity and Public relation

Sales Promotion

Promotion mix used by FSIBL : First security Islami bank are using different types of promotional mix where advertising media are used by the bank is at the medium extent, Direct marketing media are used by the bank very widely, Sales promotion media are used by the bank very widely, publicity of the banks product and service are being held at the medium extent, public relation activities are taken by the bank at widely level, personal selling tools used by the bank to promote its product and services at the medium extent, internet and mobile banking media is used by the bank very widely .

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FSIBL used advertising media in different way that are discussion below. FSIBL using the print media for advertising purpose at medium level and by this advertising they want to publish their various product to the client. FSIBL publishing their familiarity in Electronic media at medium level. Bill board is also highly used in FSIBL for advertisement purpose. Leaflets is also highly used in FSIBL for advertisement purpose. FSIBL also involve in Socio economic development in Bangladesh by doing this activities. They want to do some thing good for the nation. Actually it is one kind of advertising by which a man can know the various financial activities of the bank. Direct marketing media used by the FSIBL: To measure the nature of the direct marketing used by the FSIBL. FSIBL use telemarketing system to know the information of their product to the client. FSIBL also direct selling their products to the customer by using leaflets, hand bills, etc. FSIBL use database management system in their daily banking activities. FSIBL use direct mail to the customer mentioning the information of their products. FSIBL use sales promotion media: To measure the nature of the sales promotion use by the FSIBL, area wise ration scaling techniques have been use where at least the area including special facilities or advantage for the corporate client, discount, profit rate, bonus/incentives, visa/debit/credit card, training program etc as 100% sales promotion tools where FSIBL are using only nine tools out of ten and that can be considered as 90% effort is being given in the area of sales promotion. Publicity: I measure the nature of the publicity used by the FSIBL, area wise ratio scaling techniques have been used where at least nine area including national debate, talk show, Rajib Biswas ID 101215( Marketing)IIUC Page 31

conference, social development program, special award achievements, activities or programs that benefited the people and increased the image of the nation , press release, articles published by the media etc as 100% publicity tools where FSIBL are using only five tools out of nine and that can be considered as 60% effort is being given in the area of publicity . Public relation: To measure the nature of the public relation used by the FSIBL .area wise ratio scaling techniques have been used where at least twenty area including social development activities as the part of CSR, celebration of success, publication of annual reports, internet public relation, sponsorship of games etc as 100% pubic relation tools where SJIBL have used only fifteen tools out of twenty that can be considered as 70% effort is being given in the area of public relation. Personal selling To measure the nature of the personal selling used by the FSIBL, level wise ordinal scaling techniques have been used where at least five scale has been used as five for very widely , four for widely , three for medium extent etc as accordingly 100%, 80%, 60% level where FSIBL are using personal selling tools at the rate of 60% effort that is being given in the area of personal selling. SMS Banking: FSIBL use SMS Banking for the best satisfaction of their clients. By this SMS Banking system. A clients can easily get all kinds of information from FSIBL. Internet Banking Internet Banking is also popular in FSIBL. Every body can easily get all kind of banking related activities from internet. Others media Point of purchase in store demonstration of the products. Products placements in the TV talks show, news, religion/ educative/social programs. After marketing activities are conducted with the corporate client. FSIBL are developing brand name, logo, symbol with meaningful, memorable, likeable characteristics (as Aunkor, Niramoi, Alo, Bandhon etc). which are facilitating their products awareness in the mass people. Otherwise, FSIBL is trying to build brand image through strong pricing, product strategy which are ultimately influencing in the area of product promotion Rajib Biswas ID 101215( Marketing)IIUC Page 32

A survey questionnaire on Marketing of Bank Products:

Customer Satisfaction is a very broad issue that cant be measured easily. For a service oriented organization like bank, customer satisfaction is paramount as the attraction of both existing and potential customers depends on it. Customers expect to get what they pay for and competition is so intense in the banking industry that, building a satisfactory product that lives up to the expectations of customer is absolutely essential for all competitors. On the other hand, compromise with satisfaction level of the customers is likely to lead the customer to switch to other banks. For the survey of customers satisfaction regarding products and services, a sample size of 25 customers were interviewed. Most considering facts of selecting FSIBL Category Service quality Profit Rate Reputation Location Technology Total No. of Respondents 3 8 0 14 0 25 Percentage of respondents 12% 32% 0% 56% 0% 100%

In the study it has been revealed that 12% of the clients selecting FSIBL because of service quality, 32% because of interest rate, no one consider reputation of the bank, 56% choose it for its location and technology is not selected by any one.

0, 0 3 1 % , 2% service quality profit rate reputation location technolog y

1 5 4, 6%

8, 32 %

00 , %

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Competitive Profit and Charges :

Category Yes No Acceptable Total No. of Respondents 4 14 7 25 Percentage of respondents 16% 56% 28% 100%

In the study it has been revealed that 16% of the clients selecting FSIBL because they think that interest rate is good, 56% say No, and remaining 28% admitted the rates and charges as accepted

4, 16% 7, 28% Y es No Acceptable

14, 56%

Explanation of Product features : Category No. of Respondents Percentage of respondents Rajib Biswas ID 101215( Marketing)IIUC Page 34

Yes Could be better No Total

6 11 8 25

24% 44% 32% 100%

From the study it has been revealed that 24% people praised that Executives are well knowledgeable about the products and products features are well explained to them, and 44% clients think that Executives is acceptable but it could be better, and 32% people complained that Executives are not providing accurate information

no 32%

Yes 24%

could be better 44%

Including of new Products: Category Yes No Total No. of Respondents 24 1 25 Percentage of respondents 96% 4% 100%

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In the study it has been revealed that, 96% people think that FSIBL should introduce new products and 4% clients say No.

No 4%

Yes 96%

Keeping Confidentiality Category Yes Could be better No Total No. of Respondents 12 13 0 25 Percentage of respondents 48% 52% 0% 100%

Form the analysis it is revealed that 48% accepted that executives attitude as careful and conscious, 52% commented that is acceptable but could be better.

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No 0%

Could be better 52%

Yes 48%

Handling Complain : Category Yes No Total No. of Respondents 5 20 25 Percentage of respondents 20% 80% 100%

From the study it has revealed that by the Executives maximum 80% people are highly dissatisfied about process of handing complains, and the remaining 20% commented the process is acceptable.

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5, 20%

Y es No

20, 80%

Improving Promotional activities:

Category Yes No Total No. of Respondents 25 0 25 Percentage of respondents 100% 0% 100%

It has been revealed that 100% clients means that all people think Bank should improve promotional activities.

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0, 0 %

Y es No

25, 100%

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Suggestion on promotional activities :

Category Direct marketing Evening Banking Public relation Personal selling Total No. of Respondents 16 9 0 0 25 Percentage of respondents 64% 36% 0% 0% 100%

From the study it has been revealed that 64% people select Evening Banking as a promotional tool for the bank, 12% choose Public relation, 4% choose Personal selling, and 20% choose Direct marketing.

0, 0% 0, 0% 9, 36% D irect m rketing a E vening m rketing a P ublic m rketing a 16, 64% P onal s ers elling

Opinion on Service quality :

Category Good No. of Respondents 1 Percentage of respondents 4% Page 40

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Acceptable Bad Total

14 10 25

56% 40% 100%

In the study we see that 4% people say that banks service quality is good, 56% people say acceptable, and 40% people are not satisfied.

1, 4% 10, 40%

G ood Acceptab le 14, 56% Bad

Most Preferred things from Customers view point : Category Because of faster service Skilled Executives Interdepartmental efficiency Reasonable interest rate Total No. of Respondents 0% 8 6 11 25 Percentage of respondents 4% 32% 24% 44% 100% Page 41

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Why you have chosen trade services provided by FSIBL? During the time of answering the question 44% people identified reasonable Interest rate, 32% point on their skill Executives, 24% identified their Interdepartmental efficiency, and no one select Faster service.

0, 0% 8, 32% 11 44% , B ecaus of fas e ter s ervice S killed ex ecutives Interdepartm ental efficiency R onable interes eas t rate 6, 24%

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FSIBL Analysis section

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2.11 SWOT Analysis of FSIBL : Every organization is composed of some internal strengths and weaknesses and also has some external opportunities and threats. The following will briefly introduce about the FSIBs strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats as I have explored in the past one month. Strengths : Superior quality. Satisfactory Business growth. Financial Strength. Efficient Management. Online Banking System. Attractive Deposit Schemes. Excellent working environment. Located at important commercial area. Doing Business with well-known corporate group and proprietors. Attractive Provisional profit rate. 24 hours ATM service.

Weaknesses : Limited workforce. Short times banking experience of the bank. Absence of long term Investment. Small Market share in the banking Business. Average operational performance.
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Moderate Asset quality. Limited delegation of power. Low paid up capital.

Opportunities: Government of Bangladesh has rendered its full support to the banking sector for a sound financial stunt of the country, as it is becoming one of the vital sources of employment in the country now. Such government concern will facilitate and support the longterm vision for FSIBL. Can increase the clients through ATM Banking. Bank can improve its marketing and promotional activities. Private Banks has become more reliable to the people than Public Increasing awareness of Islamic banking. Can introduce new products. Can increase the branches. Can increase the Investment scheme. Can Increase the Corporate Clients. Have opportunities to increase market share. By doing social welfare activities it can create a good impact on public mind. Provide assistance to the small business organization. Can Invest in SME and Agro base industry Investment.


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Threats :

There are many competitors in the market. Govt. pressures to reduce provisional profit rate. Govt. pressure for increasing SLR. Banking technologies are changed. Offering higher deposit rate by other Conventional Private Banks. Malpractice banking by other banks. Existence of huge branch of different banks. Govt. imposes tax & VAT on profit.

Govt. restriction on certain types of banking

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C a te -0 hp r 6
Ending part

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Findings There are some matters that I have found during the internship period which can be treated as problems of FSIBL. o Most of the time transaction problem occurred by the mid-level officials due the incompetence management system. They are some decision need to be taken pace frequently but management shows no adequate concern about the matter. As a result mid-level officials face problems during answering the clients. o There are some officers who draw salaries at the end of the month with / having a little contribution toward the organization. On the other hand there are officers who work hard for the best interest of the organization but they does not apprised according to their contribution. Also the payment scale is consecutively lower than other banks. Also have a little change for the fresh graduate students. o Lack of creative human resource is another problem of FSIBL. FSIBL does not pursue an aggressive marketing policy. It does not expose itself to the public and like other banks. FSIBL does not have any digital signboard and banner in the city area. As a result, people are not aware of the existence of FSIBL. o As other banks have much more branches in all over the country than FSIBL. So the business clients are mostly attracted by the other banks like Prime Banks, Eastern Bank, Islamic Bank Bangladesh, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited and others. It may create a major problem for the existence of the Bank. o The human resource department is relatively small than other banks. The HRD is only confined in the Head Office and does not have any role in the branch Banking System.

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Some of the employees are not committed to Islami Banking System. Their Islami Banking knowledge is very poor and difference between Islami Banking System & Conventional Banking System is not clear to them.

Recommendation Needs to extent the branch network through the country and new branches in the other town and remote areas. Adequate measure needs to be takes to reduce the system failure. Working environment should be enriched. Proper training and technology should be used to reduce the risk at the root level. The bank needs to make reflective management team who can make effective decision quickly. Improvement in the customer service is needed. Incorporate more financial product for the clients. Take proper marketing and product promotion policy to let the general people know about this bank and its services. Website of FSII3L is not rich enough to know about different things in detail. So the website need to be enriched and need to update time to time. Behaviors with the clients made by the employees sometimes are not enough to satisfy the clients and henc the bank should increase customer satisfaction level with the smiling face and other facility. Bank should recruit those who are committed to Islami Banking System. Bank also should conduct proper training about Islami Banking System.

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From the learning period and experience point of view I can say that I have really enjoyed the Internship period at First Security Islami Bank Ltd. (FSIBL). From the 1st dayl was sure that this program period will help me a lot to learn about the banking system and wilt improve the possibility of my career in the present job market. Though during this short period of time is not enough to go through all the section of banking and gather adequate knowledge. But the fundamental information will help me in my future career. Information and Analysis is not sufficient because it is difficult to measure and express perfectly with in this short period of time. But it is a great opportunity for me to get use to the operation environment of Commercial Banking system and organizational working policy and management system. I have tried to give my best effort to incorporate the report with necessary and relevant information which I have gathered during this time period. This report basically describes objectives of the study, methodology of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study, Foreign exchange performance, product analysis, customer satisfaction analysis. There are several limitations to use the Financial Statement information directly. But by the end of the report, I wish FSII3L should always try to improve their service level in every term.

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References :
The available sources that helped me to prepare this report this source are mentioning below : Islami Banking : principle & practice-MD Mubarak Hossain. Service Marketing- Zithaml, Bitner, Dwayne. www.fsiblbd.com www.islamibank.com www.eximbankbd.com Previous years internship report. Various types of materials of FSIBL.

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Questionnaire Customer Profile

This survey is being conducted among customers of FSIBL Your honest opinions are valuable. Every information of this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Please circle the numbers you think are most appropriate and return the form. Your opinions and comments are important to us. Name: Occupation: Telephone Number: Address : 1) Why have you chosen the services provided by FSIBL Which of the following aspects you will consider most ? o Service quality o Profit rate o Product o Location o Technology 2) Do you think that the profit rates and charges are competitive than other banks ? o Yes o No o Acceptable

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3) Do you feel that the product feature is explained to you properly ? o Yes o Could be better o No 4) Io you think that more new product should be introduced? o Yes o No 5) Do you think that FSIBL Keep its confidentiality? o Yes o Could be better o No 6) Do you think that your complain(s) are handled properly? o Yes o No 7) Do you think that FSIBL should improve their promotional activities? o Yes o No 8) If yes which one you will suggest? o Direct Marketing o Evening Banking o Public relations o Personal selling 9) Remark your opinion on service quality of FSIBL ? o Good o Acceptable o Bad 10) According to your opinion why FSIBL is much appreciable than any other banks? o Because of faster service o Skilled Executives o Interdepartmental efficiency o Reasonable Interest rate

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