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Totottool and fixture setup procedures 1. Everytime the tool is replaced, the C:\PLM1000\HOMEPLAQ.

NC file, needs its Z value reset for the new tool length. Z zero for plaque program is bottom of material (top of fixture seating area). 2. Everytime the fixture is placed on the table, the C:PLM1000\HOMEPLAQ.NC file needs its X and Y values corrected for its new location. HOMEPLAQ.NC G70 G90 G17 M103 * moves spindle to up limit M102 * moves table to front limit M101 * moves table to left limit G92 X6.0188 Y4.3760 Z6.2745 ** MODIFY THIS LINE ** G00 X0.0 Y4.0 Z1.0 * this line sets starting position M2 There are two other home nc files to help in determining the values for HOMEPLAQ.NC HOMEZERO.NC G70 G90 G17 M103 M102 M101 G92 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00 M2 Homezero requires that it be run prior to the manual positioning of mill to 0,0,0 position. The displayed coordinates values will need their sign changed for Homeplaq.nc program. and HOMEMILL.NC G70 G90 G17

M103 M102 M101 M2 Homemill allows manual positioning first to your reference point, set all three coordinates to zero and then run homemill to find the new values to be replaced in Homeplaq.nc. Prolight plaque default values: width - 5.0, height - 0.75, material thickness 0.062, x-ctr - 0.0, ch-h - 0.5, ch-sp - 0.075, tl-dia - 0.032, rpm - 4000, feed - 4.0, clearance - 0.100, cutting depth - -0.025, line - 1