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Problem Statement: 3.21 Data : T/L characteristic impedance = 100 Thickness = 0.0762 cm Dielectric constant = 2.

2 Ignoring losses and fringing fields To find shortest length (means /2 (as repeats impedances, reflection coefficient repeat after multiple of /2)). Frequency = 2.5 GHz Part A) at input Capacitor of 5 pico farad . ADS schematic : with all specification given above .

PLOT FOR PART (A) for capacitor of 5pF

Conclusion: As shown m1 is the point at which real (zin) has value of 0.25 at frequency of 2.58GHZ which is not equal to characteristic impedance of 100ohm line , means line is mismatched , we can calculate power delivered but not asked here. While imaginary zin is negative because z = 1/jwC

PLOT FOR PART (B) for Inductor of 5nH

Conclusion: As shown in above graph that at 2.5GHZ real component of zin is almost 0.649 which is not equal to 100ohm characteristic impedance, while in imaginary component of Zin is positive as Z=jwL , at 2.5GHZ imaginary zin value is 68.84ohm . But our goal here is not to matched rather to check the behavior when we take zin purely imaginary (frequency dependent ) by taking capacitor and inductor as our input impedance.