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Twinkle's Flowers

Written in Uk Terminology
Use yarn of choice and corrosponding hook, I used 4mm and DK yarn

Ch=Chain, Dc=Double Crochet, Tr=Treble Crochet, Fr=Foundation row, Sl-st=Slip Stitch, Beg=Beginning, Sk=Skip
Ch6, Join with sl-st into first ch to form ring

Fr- Ch1, ( this doesnt count as a st), Work 16 Dc's into ring, Join with slstinto 1st Dc worked = 16dc's 1- Ch5(This counts as 1tr and ch2), Sk 1st 2 dc's, * 1Tr into 3rd dc, Ch2 Rep from * to end of round, Join with a sl-st into 3rd ch of Beg Ch5 = 8ch spaces 2- This round is worked into the spaces just made. (Sl-st, ch1, 5tr, ch1, sl-st) All worked into the first space (= 1 petal made), Repeat this into each space around, Join with a sl-st into sl-st at beg of round = 8 Petals 3- No we will work behind the petals just formed, by working around the stems of the petals these are the tr's worked in round 1.....Ch1 (doesnt count as st), 1 dc around the first stem, (ch5, 1dc around next stem), Rep from * Six times, Ch5, sl-st into 1st dc of round = 8 Petals 4- Working into spaces just made, (Sl-st, ch1, 6tr, ch1 sl-st) Rep 8 times Join with sl-st into 1st sl-st of round. Fasten off.
2012 Marie Hamnett All rights reserved Please do not copy my pattern as your own but your free to use it on any projects your making including to sell. Please post your pics on ravelry as id love to see all of your flowers. enjoy