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1 BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS CHAPTER 1: 4Hrs IntroductionMeaning - Objectives - Types of Research - Research Approaches - Research methods Vs Research Methodology - Steps in Research. CHAPTER 2: 4Hrs Defining the Research Problem Meaning - Selecting the Problem - Techniques involved in defining the problem. CHAPTER 3: 6Hrs Research Design Meaning - Need - Features - Important concepts relating to Research Design - Types of Research Design - basic Principles of Experimental Designs. CHAPTER 4: 8Hrs Sampling Meaning - Need - Census & Sample Survey Sampling Designs-Probability Sampling (Simple Random - Systematic - Stratified - Cluster Area Multistage - Sequential Sampling Methods). CHAPTER 5: 8Hrs Data Collection and Processing Collection of Primary data - Collection of data through Questionnaire & Schedules Secondary data Qualitative techniques of data collection - Interview, Observation Tabulation of Data. CHAPTER 6: 8Hrs Analysis and Interpretation of Data and Research Reporting Meaning of Interpretation - Technique of Interpretation - Significance of Report writing Steps - Layout of the Research Report - Types of Reports - Precautions while writing Research Reports. SKILL DEVELOPMENT: ?" Illustrate different types of samples with examples ?m Construct a questionnaire for collection of primary data keeping in mind the topic chosen for research ? Narrate your experience using observation technique ?< Diagrammatically present the information collected through the questionnaire

1. O.R. Krishna Swamy, Research Methodology 2. CR. Kothari, Research Methodology 3. Wilkinson & Bhandarkar, Methodology and Techniques of Social Research 4. Sadhu Singh, Research Methodology in social science