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Sai ! Thou are Gotl ! Solace to the Helpless ! Savior of the poor ! Protector of AII !




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Vrat and Puja 9 ThursdaYs' of of Shri Saibaba Shirdi

and health ueulth I:nottlcdge' vrat ,'l ntiruculous litr huppiness' ptlsperitl', lcace,

Nisha Jani was bom in Ujjain, the holy city of Mahakal. Iler orginalname is NeetaJani. She is affsctionately calledas Nisha by her ncar and dear ones. Since her childhood she was brought up irr a spiritual environmeit. She was inclined to$,ardsspiritualism and believcd in thetenets of Sai's mantra "God is one", Compassiontowards other living beings, mutual tolerance between members of various creeds and sects. Unity, I{umanitarian values etc from her early' age. Shc believes that to lovc By lcading a fanrily God, one need not sacrificchis worldly life (sansar). life also, one can sunenderhis sould, mind, body and wcalth accordingttr ones'capacity. At present she is serving as teacher. By Sai's grace, her Gujarati book was published in the year 2000. As the demand for Hindi vcrsion increased, Hindi book was publishedin the ycar 2002. Her rvish was tcr wonderfulmircacles other devotees'livcs and cxpericnccs in shareSainath's in hcr own lif'e *,ith others, thus spreadingSainath'sgreatncssand l'amc and make the people chant Sai Bavani, Datta Bavani with love and devotion. lnitially, these books were distributed free of cost. As the nuntbcr oi devoteesobserving this vrat increased,the &mand for the books increascd and the printing cost also increascd.We wanted these books to reach each and every person. But free distribution to everyonc was be1'ond our capacity. So we had to fix a minimum and affordable price for this book. Even today thesebooks are given free of cost for needy and poor. In this kaliyug, devotion to Sai should spread everywhere. in cach home and person to person, Sai leelas should be oung with. love and {'ervor. This is our intention behind printing this. book. Let peace prcvail to ever_w'here. Sai showerhis blessings all.. Let publishers
Sai ! Grant me a boon which includes one and all ! Thus I am not deprived of anything, so be saints and all ! SaiBaba,one of the foremost saintsof modem India, livcd in Shrrdi for sixty years and elcvatcd it to a great spiritual ccntre. By ,thc shcer brilliancc of his spiritual magnetism,he drew numerousdevoteestowards him. Evcn today'hc is a dynamic spiritual force which is invoked by cowrtless devotees for spiritual and matcrial rvclthre. Thc devotecs' expcriences who observe this vrat is itsclf a grcat evidence of his spiritual splendor which dazzlesbright even after he has lcft his mortal body severalyears ago. We havc a great faith in Sai. This vrat has gainetl popularity in Gujarat. Tn bencfit thc devotccs ofolhcr regions, this book is alrcadv published in many languages like Marathi. Tarnil. llindi and now in English. We sincerely bow to my Lord Shri Saibaba who has blessed me this glorious opponunity of translatingthis work. We are ever indebtedto his mercy torvardsus. We pray to God that Sainath should be enthroned in our hr'art forevcr and his lotus fect should be our shelter. We sinccrelythank Mrs. Nisha Jani who gave us this noble work. EnglishTranslation By ItIs" Hiral Jani & Mrs. Padma R. Ashtekar

Saibabaincarnatcd this world of mundancexistence in to uplili thc'poor anclsufferingmankindrvith the [arth as his mother antl l-loly Suprcmeas his father. Saints don't bclong to any caste or rcligion. Thcir noble rurission to spreadconrpassion. is peaceand guidc the humanityto salvation.He.the occanof mercy told that God is One and guided his dcvotces to rc'alizc lhis immense truth. Ile advised-that. becausethe past was inrpert'ectand futurc' is unccrtain, we lnust not spoil pcrlcct prcscnt. His two mantras wcre faith and perscvcraucc. what is n'anted, on our part is rvholc-hearted d cvo ti rt n o hir r r , t When a devotechas got tlrnr fbith and devotiorr,his rvishes arc s(x)n fulfilled. Der,otionto Sai should burn brightly in <lur hcarts likc the cternal fire Dhuni of Sai. rvVe should listcn to our inner scll'ancliurmcrsed thc devotionof Sai as a bee in srveet in sn rcl l i n g us . lot Sai asked his devoteesnot to searchGod outside. because God is vcry nruch withrn us. Wlrocvcr has got complete and wholc hcartcd devotion to Sai baba,u,ill havc his calamities and dangerwardedoff and his rvell'arc will be attr.ndedby baba. Sai has assuredhis devotees that he rvill always standby his devotecs the tirne of crisis and at thc devoteeswill certainly experil'ncehis presence and Sai will takc thc favorite form of his dcvotecto bless his children. Sai is ever inclcbtedto one who surrendershis body, soul and rvcalth.If we castour hurdenon him. He bearsit for us. Whencver thcrc is a dccay of dharma, and an ascendancy ol' unrighteousness, God nranifesls himself. For thp protectionof thc virtuous,the dcstruction vicious, and the establishment of of righteousness. God incarnates this world agc after age. in Saibaba slrirdi is one of theseincarnations, of Devotionto Sai is the powertul ntagnetrvhich attractscroresof people. Nobody knows his religion or caste. Fle sang qr-rranic vcrses beautitirlly at the same time verses quoted frorn Hindu scriptulcs. I'le acted as a unique bond bctrveen Hindus and


in fonn of their gave wonderful vision to his devotees were trlessedwith the vision l'avorite deities. f ortunatl'a"*t"tt and by taking Sai's form he of Vinhal. Shiva' Ram,**J-fiitftnu thcir dreams' ,i.figfrt"O tnany tlevoteesin his afiu leauing his earthly body' Evcn today, thcrn out of "tt;;t;c-ars iiolv spitiirclicving rlcvotct:r c,tperignccS;i b'tt;'; therr tniserics tJ'ring lris rcrfi.irtned tlaba p Nt'rhodvcail count thc ntiraclcs t"otttttlrn,r,rual his dc'votees';rnd tnagnetism of Sai still attracts and distress' Baba u'ipes hts rvhctr a devotcs .ti"l *tif' A*tpoit merciful help at the tirnc of tears and the dcvorec;;;J;;r';;r crlsrs' sai baba i$ Gotl' piaces his failh in Sai's hcily !t is for sure ttrat"iia ptt'on 9 l'hursdays' all his desires and lect ancl obscn'es tft"-Vtut-tti 'lhc rules firr remove''1' rvrsh"s rvill trc lulflllecl anrt shackles this obscrr.'ing vrat is givcn below:

R"t-t f"r observing Saibabal'rat

bY attY one. (Mcn. \vornen and Thi, vrat can be observ-ed 'lrrrd by pcrsons of any' cxstc 2. |',ltl' .rn, catr bc obscrved rcliqt'n. i,rat _vic!.ls t ;;;;.;; lnth and clevotionwhile obsen'tng "his ' nrirtculousresiilts' on a J'hursday lvith a sincere 4 . -I'ilis i'rat should hc sraned rultrllcd' t; sct the desircand rvish ;;;;.;;i;s;t a in morning or evening' Place 5. Fuia can be pcrtonnecl cloth ein the a sriall yellow rvoo.lcnboard (asan) unA tft"uO a photo !"i u'"iJ' p't'oto un it' wipe the k;;p 'with ;;;;i paste.and kumkum tilak on an,t apptf sandul ;i;";i"iil of yellow gattu:]d, Sai's forchead. ofl-er'rti'n u "l in l:**rs of his photo front sticks colour. L.ight a lamp and incense and pray to him' thc Sai t'tui-ttty and reacl .Mcditate 6*u.y your rvishesto him faithfully' l.



8. g. .

Offer hirn holy food (naivedya). It can be anything like sugar candy, sweets, fruits. Distribute and partake the Prasad (consccrated food). This wat should be observed by taking food in form of fruits and liquids (like milh coffee, tea) and sweets, or, thc devotee can take food only once {lunch or dinner). This vrat should not be observed with empty stornach and rcmaining hungry. If possible visit nearby Sai mandir all the 9 Thursdal's' If Sai mandir is not nearby then ptrja can be done sincerely in the house. Even if the devotees have to travel to other cities, this puja can be observed. Dunng the 9 Thursdays, due to menstrual cycle for ladies or for some other reasons,if not able to perform puja, skip that Thursday (don't count it in 9 Thursdays) and pcrf\)nn thc puja in the consecutiveThursday and complete 9 Thursdays.

(completion vrat) rules of Udyapanam

The vrat has to be completed rvith due formalitics on 9'n Thursday. Feed 5 poor personson 9th Thursday(accordingto capacity l. of devotee). To sprcad the efficacies of this vrat distribute Sai batra vrat 2. books (5. I I or 2l) frcclY. On 9th Thursday,place thesebooks in puja so that receivers 3. will also be blessed. By following above rules if the vrat is obsen'ed and wisheswill certainly completedwith due formalities,the devotee's

Sai vrat story

A pious lady named Kokila and her husbandMahcsh werc living in a ciry. They had great affection towards each othcr. But Mahesh'snature was quarrelsomeand had little control over his specchand language.Neighbourswcre irritated by his natirrc.Brtt Kokila was a pious religious lady. She had immcnse faith in god busincss and copcd up all troublespatiently.Slowly, [er husband's


wcnt thrdugh a rough weatherand income was almost nil' Mahesh startcd *tuying in house the entire day and his quarrelsome nature worx'ncd. ()ne afternoon, an aged sadhu (saint) came and stood at thc enhance of their home. His face shone with a unique luster' He paid obeisance to the sadhu asked fbr rice and pulses. Kokila The sai4t blessed her 'Sai will and ofl'crsrj him ric-e and pulses. bless yorr with happiness'. Kokila replied in frustration thar happiness is not in her destiny and narrated him, her entire sorrowful story. the Saint advised her to observe Saibaba's vrat for 9 Thursdays by having fruits, liquids or by taking food only once on Thursday.lf posiible to visit Sai baba'smandir ,perform Sai's puja at tt.,rn". completc the vrat with due formalities on 9'n Thursclty by feeding the poor' distribute Sai vrat books to 5'l l or 2l persons'accordingtolhe devotec's capacity and thus spread the pou'cr of Sai viat. This has miraculous effects and is best suited titr this kaliyug. It fulfils the innermost wishes of a devotec. But the devbtee should have immcnse faith and devotion towartls Saibaba. whoever observes and completes this vrat with due form;rlities.all his desireswill be fulfillcd by Baba' Kokila also took a vow to observe 9 Thursdays vrat and shc courplcted it with all formalities like feeding the poor' distribution of Sai vrat books on 9th Thursday' Tlte trouble'sin their house vanished and they were filled pe':rcc' and happiness.As Ramesh'squarrelsomenature also with ctrang.,.tfi:r good, iris businessalso picked up, and they prospered and startcdliving haPPilY. Onc day-kokila'i brother-in law and his wife cante from an,l arnidst conversation,they told sadly that their childrcn Surat ur. not stutlying r,ell and they failed in their examinations.Kokila vrat and she told to explaint_-d thim the power of 9 Thursdays-Sai will cnable their children to study well. them rhar 6evotion to Sai and patiericeare very important. Kokila's sister-in-law But 'aith wantcd the details about the vrat. li.okila told her, to observe the fast by taking fruits, liquids or haverfbod only once on all 9 Thursdays' Have darshan of Sai in a ncarlry Sai mandir on all 9 Thursdays'

This vrat can be observedby atl men, women and children creedand religion' without any restrictionon caste, photo, offer yellow flowen or garland' o Perfomr pu.loto Sai's lightthe'la-mp,incensesticksandoffernaivedyaandpartak th"ePrasadwith everyone.Rememberand meditateon Sai' perfonnaratietc. o ReadSai vrat story,Sai Bavani,Sai Chalisaetc respectfully' on o Feed5 poor persons 9th Thursday' relatives r Distribute vrat books(5, ll, or 2l) to neighbors' Sai and otherknoun Persons' a After somedays,kokila received letter from her sister-in' doing the Sai from Suratstatingthat her childrenhavestarted law the shealsoobserved studyingwell and vrat aild they havestarted this, books at her offtce. Regarding vrat and disiributedSai vrat marriagewas she had written that her friend clnru's daughteCs n*.0*i,t'agoodsuitablealliancebecauseofthisvratandoncof Sai her neighbori iewel box had got lost and after observing vrat' jewel box (sender being Z- *onittt later she got ba;k her she unknown).Such wondErfulexperiences had nanatedin her letter. Kokila realizedthe powcr of Sainathand Sai vrat and her blessus oh! devotiontowardsSainathstrengthened. Sai! Please andconferus with haPPiness!

of Miraculouseffects Sai vrat

Whatcver thctiscasc may be' if a pcrson cries in despair to Sai, Sai relieveshirn of the pain and cureshim of the diseasc' I was suftbring from scvcre pain in my knees' A few days rny legs were fractured and bones near my |nee^s w.erl back. broken i.u"r'iy. Doctor suggested an operation, but I refused 'l I U".unl" alright after somJ days. Suddenly pain started again' even fe'w steps for a week and the Pfil w1s couldu't darelto walk trip so scverc. All our f'amily memberJwere planning for a shirdi It was impossible ;irri;g holidays and also for a Rajasthantrip'

Knee pain vanishedmiraculouslY of (Experience NishaJani)

a them' I had created scene for me to eventhink of accompanying and I startedieetingthat t will not be able to ;;;;;";i;y fain walk in future. not I had faith in Sainath.I had done fasting before' but told rules'one of my acquaintances mc the or with any formalities the vrat'l Sai oo*"i 6f 9 Thursdays vrat' I also wishedto observe to Sai mandir'l gaGr"d'",ruragcand rod: my.:c9gter il;'h"* to to h-imthat I alsJwant to visit shirdi and would like and if my knee pain "*""a pain is unbearabte ltt" iirrin"l""r,un, 9 before I step out of the mandir' I vow to observe vanishesThursdayssai vrat. such a wonderful miracle in my I had never experienced out of the mandir, my knee pain vanished life. As I stepped *i*.ufou.fy. i'f.lt u"ty happy'I visitcd-shirdi' Rajasthan-and without with Sai'sblessings *"ff."O a lot eventrekkedmountain*
trace of pain.

SSCexamwith good percentage Passed

not ablc to Hetal was studying in a school and she was completed her 9'n standard concentrate in her studiei well' She not diffrculties' She always complained that she could *iiitl*"t Her parents wsre worried about her tcnth anything' ;;;; She'failei in alt subjects in quarterly' half yearly exams ;;;a. her to obsen'e 9 in tentft standard. Some weli wishers advised observing Sai vrat and complcted tt;t and she started il;;;y; rvho hatl it ri"."t"fy. Hetalls memory increased un! th: teaohers grace' she .otpiuin"i earlier start;d praising her'.81' Sainath's


sic .*ot,



in group ll"' science isy" antlihe joined

Tumor vanishcd

the operation' observe9 ThursdaysSai vrat and she postponed and distributing ttt"'Sui vrat by feeding.the.poor it" the required ""rnpf"r.J vrat books.she went to thc hospitaland took all Sai and the tumor had vanished' tests. All test reports*",e nottul normaland thereis no need ii".*". i"rJ rter tlat sheis absolutely Her faith in Sai strengthened' ioi ttt" surgery.

Miraculous recoveryfrom a danger

She Rameshbhai's wife was sufl'ering from constipation' called Flarde mixed with wann water as used to have a medicine aftert'ards O"e day she had harde with warm water and little piece of glass was ""t"..4y. ihat trre glur, *'u. broken and a iiotic"o gone into Sh. dou"btedthat the glass piece would have ;;-r"g. the meiicine. She searchedlbr the glass along with r,.:. blood carnealong -r,i**tt niccc btrt she could not fincl it' Aftcr two hours' was more and she ;id not stop' Loss of blood ';il;;'.;;;l;;;J in the midnight' bccame almost unconscious' it *ut I'o' clock tu*p in lront of .saibaba 's photo and n"-".ftUft"i lighted u is saved' then nraved that if the flow of blood stops antl his wifb '"Ut.*" r'rat' After some time ,ft" vow of 9 Thursdays' it"';i]f blood flow also the glass plece came along with stools. and to thJ hospita'l at the same night and the He took hcr ;;;dJ. fatal if glass piece had J"J,iri iold them that it could have been perfectly alright any internal injury' but now she was ;;il vrat and fullllled his vow' also observed Sai ii"*"tfttftil

Transfer order cancelled

from Neela was serving in an o{fice' She was transferred very upset and. fell Ahmedabad to Kutch. i"ler mother became to cancel the ;;;k. ih.y tried all means and applied requesting ordei came to her that if she doesn't transfer order. And one more the job' Her mother iri" *itftit 10 days shc will be expelled from hcr daughterulon" to such a distant pface' It ;; ffi ;;r ;;;; her and advised *u, u if,rlt*day' Neela's friend Nandita visited Sai vrat' Neela started the vrat the Thursclays t",o to otr.-e-9

Ouy.Surprisingly, on day she received letrcrsrarine a PT., that hcr rransfer ordcr to -t_hirdis Kutch transfcrred a differcntbranch ehrneoatd ""d-J;'il;;; to in "un""i"J itserf.I-reriiir,li, Sai strengthened she fulfillect tfr. uo* and unOfed the poor and distributed vrat bookson 9,n Sai Thursdav.

Other miracles
An educatcd, good looking pcrson was working in an advocate'soffrcc. fbr somc reasonshe could not get marricd. After observing 9 1-hursdays Sai vrat, his marriagc was fixcd with a good looking, cmployed.good naturcd rirl. boy had completed[r{.com bui could not find a suitable.ioh. _A He and his rnother obscrved 9 Thursdal.,s Sai vrat ancl completed with due formatities. got a suitable I{e job. An artist was a sole brcad rvinncr tf his fanrily. LIc could not get good roles in TV or films. After obsen,ing 9 lhursdays vrat, his demandincreasetJ he startedgening and good r<llcsin TV, regional films and he prosperedwell. A business man faced lots of problerns and his inconrc reduced,he startedSai vrat and his business pickcJ * ;;J ;; prospcred.

(Miracle)Delivereda baby girl l8 years after nrarriage

employee. One day her colleague iuresh distributed su,eetsand happily told that a son was bom to him after l0 years. I{c told about Sai vrat and advisetl Rekha to observe the vrat and gave hcr Sai vrat book' Rckha arso obsen'etrSai vrat with due fonnaritics. She gave birth to baby girl lg years after her marriage by Sai,s grace.

e t.rh c s tc;ffi; :ildil' rrec eyon ur

Mahindra and Rekha were a childless couple. Rekha had to tacc criticisms from her in-laws. She triect tots of medicationswirh nn



il;rT:T "[:l#:1..11

Blessme, Sai! ftless me, Sai! Blessthy child Sai! Answer my prayers! my devotion! Strengthen Blcss me, Sai! Blcss me, Sai! Remove my sorrows! Showcr mc with Flappiness! Listen to thy child's prayer! Blessmc, Sai! Blessmc, Sai! Sai is Lite. Sai is Prayer! Sai'iri Kirtan, Sai is Wealtlr! Sai rs flliss" Sai is l{eavcn! lJlessme, Sai! fllcss me, Sai! Sai is Contcnttnent. Sai is Peace! Sai is God incamate, Sai is Universe! Sai Sai is rnerc-v, is wisdorn! Blessme, Sai! Blessme, Sai! Sai is Rightcousness, Sai is Deliverance! Sai is Duty, Sai is Absolute Realityl Blcssmc. Sai! Blessme, Sai! Sai is Christ.Sai is Nanaki Sai is Hindu, Sai is Nluslim! Sai is Truth, Sai is Ncitar! Blessme, Sai! Blessrrc, Sai! Sai is Shiva. Vishnu. [trahnra! Sai is simple,loving. canng! Sai is Mother. Fathcr.Guru! Sai is Pran! Sai is Soull Sai! Blessrne. Sai! Bless.me.

\ \


Datta Bavani
D i g a mbar; D a tta to Yogeshwar C lor y a n d s avi or; ar t o u r p ,ro te c to r Thou Sage Atri and chaste Anusuya were mere tause: 'Ilry insarnation is for welfare of th [-Iniverse; ' I hau ar e B r a h ma -v i s h n u -s h i v a ' s i n c a r nati on; Redeerner for those who surrender with devotion; T liou ar t G od , k n o w l e d g e , e x i s te n c c a n d bl i ssl l'htu ar!' glorious sadguru with majestic arms; ; i i:",, irands hold Zoli like Annapurna's benevolence lL''lly hamanclal in thy hands radiates rvith peace: 1)r"icl'il'cdas Gocl rvith Four, six and numeroushands; 'i'lr; pcwerful shoulder's might limits to infinrte: O ii: { iodl I ' ve ta k e n re fu g e a t th y h o l y feet; Dige:nbara! Protect me lest better mcet my cndl l' hur i r es pon d e d to Sa h a s ra rj u n ' s p enance: a n d peace; f iy gr t r nt ing h i m p ro te c ti o n Thrru sltowcred him power' wealth and opulence; liic s s et l him w i th l i b e ra ti o n a n d d e l i verance; ? rr{l-ry don't you listen to my agonizing pra-v.'er savi orl T hou ar t m y o n l y s o l a c e a n d T ir ou ac c ept e d Vi s h n u Sh a rma ' s d e r oti on; 'Cr ac ed him b y ta k i n g h i s fo o d -Sh ra ddhman; J am badhait y a d e m o n a tta c k e d Go d s o f heaven; l hou of f er ed h e l p i n a tri c e w i th p rotecti on; 1'hou unfurled illusivc . powcr to trap the demon; Cot him k ill e d b y l n d ra to s a v e th e heaven; Tlly miraculous deeds are infinite, oh! Shan'a (Shiva) Iiori' can I describe all your miracles (sarva) T hou s av ed Ay u ' s o n a n d w i p e d h i s m i seri es; Blessed and Granted him a life free of desires! S ac hy adev , y a d u , Pra h l a d a n d Pa rshuram: l Thou initiated them to enlightment and wisdom; T h- v gr ac e i s i mme a s u ra b l e a n d e ndl ess;

Why m y c alls a n d p ra y e rs a re a n s w e rless 2 Don't leave me halfway and test my patience; Oh! God! Don't deprive me of your benevolence; Pl eas ed wit h A m b i k a ' s L o v e a n d d c v o ti on: Thou granted her a boon and became her son; Srnarthugami! Savior and Protector in kaliyug! " Thou blessed the rvasher man who was rustic; Thy m er c y c ur e d a IJ ra l rmi n ' s S to m a c h pai n; Thy grace rnade Vallabesh alive after his slain: L ook dt m c a t l e a s t o n c e ! O h ! My Lord! Sav e M e! A m i g n o ra n t o f a n y o th e r a bode! Thy grace made dry log of wood Sprout with leavesl Don't be negligent towards me and test my cries! Old. pious G a n g a g o t ri d o f h e r i n fe r ti l i ty; Th ou bles s ed h e r w i th b l i s s o f ma terni ty: c u re d N a n d i ' s w h i tc p a t ches; Th : , gr ac e Thou I ' ulf illed a l l h i s w i s h e s a n d d esi res; Thou madc sterilc buffalo yield tons of milkl Thy kindness saved him from penurious brink; a s a l ms; beans lima ac c ept e d Thou a g o l d e n p o t i n h i s a rms; Thou gif t ed Thou r ev iv ed Sa v i tri ' s d e a d h u s b a n d to Ii fe; te a rs a n d s tri fe; widow's Thus wiped Thou r c s ur r ecte d G a n g a d h a r' s o n w i th l i fe; Thy m er c y r e m o v e s s i n s o f p re v i o u s l i fe; Haught y m adh o n m a t l o s t to a n i l l i te rate; was saved by thy might; Bhakta Trivikrama Bhak t a t ant uk re a c h e d Mo u n t S h ri s h ai l a; Th y f eet t ook h i m i n a tri c e to M a h a deva; Thou blessed thy devotees taking eight forms; Thou hav e i n fi n i te fo rm a n J n o f orm; Thou s at is f ied th y d e v o te e s s i mu l ta n e ousl y; Bles t dev ot ees c h e ri s h e d th y v i s i o n j o y ousl y; Thou r em ov ed y a v a n k i n g ' s p a i n fu l a ffl i cti on; Thou art beyond castc, creed, sect and religion;

m ir ac les a re ma rv e l o u s a n d c o u ntl css: I n t he inc arn a ti o n s o f R a m a n d K r i shna; Thou revived and savcd animate and inanimate: Blest were stone,hunter' cattle,woman, and bird saved; Thy namc protects even a sinner who sings falsely: Thy name achieves even a diffrcult task easiiy; 'Thy namc (Shiva) is thc only rcmcdy; Thy namc Removes all (sarla) (physical and mental) malady: All evils vanish in a trice on hcaring thy natrrc: B lis s is at t a i n e d b y o n l y s i rtg i n g th . y name: G hos t s , wit c h e s , e v i l w i l l d i s a p p e a r i n stantl y: As the hymns of thy name is in air reverberantly: incense: One u'ho sings Datta Bavani after lighting o f p ro te c ti o n b y th y re s p l endcncc: I s as s ur ed Sincerc devorion to thec will hring happincss; hlissr Earthly life and heaven will be filled with siddhi: By chanting Datta Bavani he will master Gain prosperity. will overcomLr solrow and povcrty; u'eeks: One who .singsDatta Bavani 52 times for 52 Thursdays; With true lovi, faith antl devotion on 52 punish: Can be ccrtain Yama, Lord of death will not vanish: One who sings daily will get all calanlities many lonns; Datta Digambar is One God but of Thou stir us away from illusive power of stonnl Dat t a is o n e G o d w i th th o u s a n d namcs; Datta is the hoiiest of holy. bright as flarnc: O h! Dat t al I b o w to th e e ti me a n d a.cal n: V edas ar e fo rme d fro m th y h o l y brr' ath; Learned Shesha is unable to praise rhce fully; thee' ] [ I ow c an a n i l l i te ra te l i k c me p ra i se peace and happtness; Prayers to thee give me S ouls igno ra n t a b o u t th c e a re i n darkness; Datta! Thou art Lord God! Thou art Almighty; Recite Glory to Gurudeva Datta whole heartedly; ' t hy

Shri Sai Bavani

Glory to God! Glory to Lord Sai! Savior of the world ! We bow to thce ! Datta Digambar incarnation ! l.ead us to the path of salvation t Embodiment of BrarnhachutaShankar! Comfon and Solacc to one who surrender! Grant thy vision to let rny eyes feast ! Removc our sins and make us blest! Sirnplc kafni was thy garmcnt! Tin pot. Zoli was thy omament! Thou appearedundcr holy neem trc'c! Tlrou lcd the life of mendicantso holy! 'fhou manifestedin this painful kali agcl Thy gracc relieves us from earthly bondage! lJlesscdShirdi rvas thy holy residcncel of Thou are quintesscnce all essenccs! Thou are Trinity incarnatcl Thy grace won heartsof animate and inanimate ! Thy eyes showcred love and compassion! nectar in comparison! Thy speechsurpassed Blest is mother masjid Dwarakamayi! She was the home of our Lord Sai! Elurnt were our Sins and painful agony! ln the sacred fire of Sai's Dhuni! My mind wavers like an ignorant lamb! Ohl lloly shepherd!Bestow us aplomb! Thou art Ocean of mercy! Oh! Sai! Lakhs wait with hopes for Thee! Blest was Agnihotri Mule Shastry! Elated with vision of Guru Gholapswamy! Shama sfung by venomousviper! EscapedDeath by thy infinite power! Force of thy words could quell the storm! Thou art embodimentof peaceand calm! I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 l0 ll 12 13 14 15 16 17

Thy act of grinding wheat was a 'panar:ea! Shirdi was free of malignant cholera! Oh! N{y Lord Sainath! I bow to thee! I wallow in thy lqtus feet like a bee! Thou listen to my prayer and fulfrll my wish! Guidc us to cross solrows of worldly mesh! Bhaktha Bhimaji suffcred with scvere malady! Tried all sorts of pathy for remedy! Nothing is better than thy udi so effrcaciotrsl Thy saired udi cured his tuberculosis! ThLu enthralledkakaji with Mtthal visionl Blcst Kakaji glirnpsetl Vishnu's manifestationl Thou bestowedDamu with boon of progeny'! Thy blessingssurpassfate and destiny! Mcrciful Lord! Shorverus u'ith mercy! to Ocean of lovel I offer obeisance thce! our wealth, mind and body to thee! We surrender Bless us with peaceand salvation! Oh! Sai! Ignorirnt Megha confusedin casteism! disturbed atlhe thought of praying to Muslim! Thy grace made him to see Shiva in thee! fhy iov" made him to become a true devoteel Thou turned water to oil for illumination! Light of lamps burning the egos-andillusion! Th-y wonderful miracle stunned the vendors! and bowed to thy grandeur Leit them speechless Chanil patil searching for hii lost mar^e!. . Found a gem in the form of a noble fakir! Thy guidancehelped him to find his mare!. 'Blest-arethy devoteesfor whom thou care! jn Sai with Faith and patience! Have Faith Sing and praise glory of Sai with perseverance! All-our desireswill be fulfilled by his grace! As our heans hold his flower feet like a vase! Thou rcpaid Bayaja bai's loving debt! Thy loving grace made him wake from deathbed! when Tatiibattled with life and death,

l8 l9 20 2l


25 26 27 28 29



33 34 35

Thou gifted him life ard madehim breathe! too Wild beasts enjoyedthy Benignity! them love and PitY! Thou showered Thou art Omni present!Thou art Omni Potentl Thy &votees know Thou art Omniscient! at One who surrenders thy lotus feet. of assured a life so $weetl ls ever pearls! Thy nectarlike sayingsa{e priceless us Protecting like a motherTortoise! Thou art in every atonrl Oh! Lnrd Sai! Thy Omni potencelimits to infinity! I blamemyself for being full of ignorance, to I lack expressions- praisethy benevolence! and poor ! Thou art protectorof helpless to Thou descended. earthto be our savior ! Have pity and mercy on me! Oh! Lord Sai! from thee! Grant me! I may neverbe separated glory forevertill my deathl Let me praisethy Let me sing thy miraclestill my last breath! One who chantstheewith failh and patiencel Is certainto attainpeaceand deliverance! Sing Sai Bavaniwith Love and devotion! Bow to his feet and rest therewith adoratign! his besides loving devotee, Sai srands. him from troubleand calamity! To save to Devotion Sai is the bestSolace! He is the God, Controllerof Universe! devotionand belief! One who has immense of tlas nothingto grieve and assured relief! to infinity! extends Sai'sbenevolence of Sai is the reservoir Tranquility! of (itory to Lord Sai,The incamation Trinity! Sai! Glory to God and Ahnighty! flow to l-.ord


37 38 39

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44 45 46 47 48 49 50 5l 52

Artarrto koti Brahmanda nayaha RaiadhiRaia Vogiraia Psrabrahmu Shri Sutchit Ananda Sadguru Sainath trlaharaj ki iay! Shn Soinatharpananastu ! Shubham Bhavathu !

Shri Sai Chalisa

Bow to Lord Sai with faith and patience; Thy Grace will remove ignorance. Blest are the grass,soil and dust of Shirdi; By the touch of Sai, they became pure and holy; Thou manifestedunder the neem tree; Thy incarnationwas the mission of mercy; Oh! Sai! Thy grace and power are infinit-e; Thy grace guides us beacon light; Thy seat made Neem leaves So Sweet: Thy peaceful readiant face is a visual treat: Thou descendedon earth as a boy of sixteen; Holy and handsome,merciful face of Thine; Thy-radiant, bright, lustrous face; Gives us hope to cross the worldly maze; Thy grace holds the goddess of wealth; Thy love blessesthe sick with health: The words.thy moutf utter are pure nectar; No one knew thy religion, mother or father: Let our Heart be blessed as thy Holy seat; Let our Heads be sheltered at thy Holy feet: Thy loving and merciful looks endear all; Rich. Poor, healthy,sick, one and all; Lord Sai begging with Tin pot and Zoli; Q{e!191!o Thine made the donors so hoty; Oh Sai! Thou art Lord Datta! Thou art Loid Shiva; Thou art i[,ord Ram; Pir Avalia and Lord Shyam: Thou art Repository of Wisdom; Whole Universe is thy Kingdom; As One wishes and prays intently; Thou Shower hirn BlessingsLovingly; Thy Name has infinite strength and-fower; Thy Name removes anxiety, distress and fear; Thou art savior of poor and helpless; Thy wonderful miracles and leelas are endless: Thou taught us love and equality; Thou are symbol of peace and Unity; Thy feet remove the hatred of caste and creed; Thy devotees overcome anger.jealous and greed:

I 2

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t4 l5 l6 l7 l8 l9 20

Thy preachingsare pearls of knowledge; Ram and Rahim are One was tlry mossage; Thy gracc gives the diseasedgood health; Thy bfessings removes sins of all birth; Merciful Sai helped the poor and helpless; SacredUdi is the most efficacious; Thy merciful look purihes our body and mind; Sins burnt away by the God so kind; Oh! Lord Sai! Thou are Antaryami! We don't have anyonc except thee! Thou have no caste, sect, ahd religion; Spreadinglove and humanity were thy mis;ion; Ther,rarc protcctor of a simplc dcvotce; Thy spirit standsby him during calamity; Thy name removcs miseries and pain; Thy name showershappinessrain; Thy name gives us immense pleasure; Thy Holy feet is our precious treasure; Whoever observes 9 Thursdays vow; Thy grace rernoves all his pain and sonow; Meditate Sai's nafne with faith day and night; Sai will wipe our pain and relieve us from plight; Long Robe adorned Holy mendicant; Uplifting the poor was mission of noble saint' if,e S;E"tnes's of thy words surpasse, ambroJia; Thy sacred udi is a wonderful panacea; Thou art Spiritual Quintessencc; Devotion tg thy feet rendcrsdelir.erance; Thy marvelousact of turning water into oil; Sprcad thy fame as an aromatic pastille; Thy words taught us not to be greedy; To be kind and loving to helpless and needy; Thy glory and power art infinity; Thou art Trinity and Absolute Reality; Thy namc renderssalvation; Thy grace wards off consternation; Thou are our Guru, guide and Helmsman; The only One who ferry us over worldly ocean; Utteranceof thy Holy name is the only way; To kccp troubles and sorrows at bay;

2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3l 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Guru OM
OmShdSaiGaneshaya namah OmSatGuruSainathaya namah 0m Jagagunr Sainatlraya namah OmParamguru Sainathaya namah OmkvaguruSainathaya namah OmSaiShiva Shakthyai namah OmSaiSarva Sh*timaanaya narmh OmSaiSarvavyaapapkaya namdr OmSaiSarva Atmaaya namah OmSaiAlakhNiranjanaya narnah OmSaiSanaSaakshiyaya narnah 0m SaiAntaryamiyaya namah 0m SaiParipurajarha namah 0m SaiAdiSlukrhyai namah OmSaiAnaadhiShaktyai namah Om SaiRamaya namah 0m SaiTrilokinarhaya namah OmSaiThrikaala danhiyaaya namah OmSaiGovindaya namah OmSai Satchit ananda swarupaya namah OmSaiBhaktha Rakshakaaya namah 0m SaiParamananda swanrpaya namah 0m SaiMahaDurgayai namah OmSaiAakarshana Shakrhiyaay'a namah OmSaiAgnana vinashakaaya namah 0m SaiYogeeshwaraaya namah OmSaiPurushofiama Purushaaya namah OmSaiShankaraya namah 0m SaiSukhaSwarupaya namah OmSaiKalyana Swarupaya namah 0m SaiJag Aadhaaraya namdr OmSaiRaglrunandanaaya namah OmSaiDevaRakshakaaya niunah OmSaiAsura Samhaaryaal,a namah OmSai Karma Phala Daataya namah OmSaiDanatreya namah OmSaiKartha pui-ushaaya namah OmSaiDinabandhu namah aaya 0m SaiBhagat Bhay.ahaaryaaya namah 0m SaiDukha nivaaranaaya namah OmSai Akaala purushaaya namah 0m SaiAdi Nanyanaaya namah 0m SaiLeeladhariyaya namah 0m SaiJanahitKaaryaya namah OmSai ShivShambo namah aaya Orn Aapanhi Sai hannaaya namah OmSaiSharanaagata: \hrsalaaya namah OmSaimadhavaaya namah 0m SaiRaakhan llaaralanamah 0m SaiJagat Kaaranaaya namah OmSaiSadgati daaraya namah OmSailr{ahaKulikaay-ai namah 0m Sai Karuna Sindhu naman aaya 0m Sai Sarveshuaraaya namah 0m Sai Jagdeeshrvaraya namah OrnSaiAkaala shakrhyai namah 0m SaiPatheeta puranaya namah 0m SaiVishwanathaya namah OmSai Veda swarupaya namah 0m Sai Sukha daataaya namah

devaya Sai Orn Amangalahaari nanah namah 0m SaiHarinarayanaya aaYa Amrut Sindhu namah 0m Sai namah SathyaSwaruPaYa 0m Sai narnah daafaaya Shanti OmSai namah San-a SaamamaaYa 0m Sai niimeh Chandranouleeshwaraya 0m Sai namah Swarupal'l Jyoti 0m Sai namah RupaYa Jagat 0m Sai namah Onr illaliaiakshmyai Sai nanuL AtmaJyotr':i;a 0m Sai nantah Sai Gorrntia"va Orn l{ari ()nr Laksh,rnirlarl'":i1llevJ riiin::ll Sai nanlrh tlm S;ii l)cva1a Sohlm n;:r''liir Shiik8a,'-''a Sri Orn ,\'nh!.J namah {,lrniar Srranrpava 0nrSiri natnah \itshrvaattnalya 0m Sai namah ijm Sai fu{ahesaraswatyai namah Pararnaatmaava 0n Sar vinrashakaaYa namah i\'[aya 0n Sai ()mSai narrr Vrtirlarva Fihakrha Ve ltava 0mSai nkitiil'te' natilah namah Rupart Sar Orn Agni namlt il:ui tln Sai \ritthaitya natnah Onr g;''atiiiri Sai natnah 0m5ri MthaVinaashakaa,va nanrah Orn MahaArnL.rik:ir.;;:i Sti namah Bhanjanatha Sri Onr \;ipiththi ' 0m Sil rtharma 1-13p,1i, rnki;liakaa','3 namah daataa,va .lai Llnr lrhakrhi nantllr da*taala 0mSai Siddhi namah l}aataa.va 0m Sai!{ukthi naniiit dlaiaaYr 0m Su RidChi narnalt Daatar,ra 0n SriGnana namah Urpr*aaya 0m Sai nemah \hilabha,'-a Gopi 0mSai naneh Raksh&aa1-:r Sai Onr sadhu namah 0m SaiBhavataaral:aaya ('hintlnaashakaai ()mSar a riini.in nanrah San'aPrr1'aavl 0mSai (lrriSui iiiinail Jlit'onhiiiir ()rn Aparaiiira ,,\nanda n;rmait lianiuih Sar nani.lh Villhaaia'i,: Sli llhagvt Onr natlirh 0rrr ?irrrdhannaaraavl Sai nani:rh llrriharaaya ()rn Kr.Lpa 0rnSai n;indi') )JlEarila)'a Sri (lui Sai nantah L)aLaiirahma,iya (-irn lvlangailkaari ntrmah devaya 5ai

Naam Smaran
Ilare Ram llare Ram Rant Ram llare Hare! Llare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishnu Krishna Harc FIurc .! Hare Sai Hare Sai SaiSaiIIarc lforc ! flare Baba Hare Baba Baha Bcba l{are flare ! HareDatto Hare Datta Dattal)tttta l{are Hare !

Offering of Food to SaiBaba(Naivedya)

f)car Lord! Sai! Thou are provider of this Food! Food! f:e ro d ! T h ' o u a rc of . t his Ta s t er Acccpt orrr humble ofl-eringl Shotver thy bcloved graccl I il ish to offr:r thce lhe besl of delicacies, IIoncy! I)e licious sar,orics, Fruits, N'lilk and t{oly u,ater liom sacrcd rivers Ganga, Yatrtuna, Kaveri! I oll'er tender betel leaveswith cardamom,clovcs to thee! I humbly take this food as a giff fiorn thee! ! consunte at thy loius f'ect I offer u,hat I Ohl Sai! I oft-er to thce 'r'ith tttlnost dcvolion and faithl Accept my loving offering and bless me! Oh! Sai!

Shri SaibabaArati
jiva! Charanaarajaththalli! Arati Saibaba !Soukhyadaatara (Arati) tshakta visava! Dhyava dasa visava, dangaI ra h e S w a s w a ru p i A nang a ; Ja l uniy a Mumukshujana Davi; Nija Dola Shriranga; (2) (Arati) T a y a ta i s a a nubhar' : Bh a v ; Ja y am ani jais a Davisi dayaghana;Aaisi tujhi hee n1aav, (2) (Aralr) Sa n s ru ti vval ai d h y a ta ;H a re Tu nr c he naama Daavisi Anatlra: (2) (Arati) Agaadha tava karanilmaarga Sachara: b ra h ma Ka liy ugi A v ata ra ;s a g u n a Avatirna Jhalasi; Swami Datta Digarnbara; (2) tArati) rvari ; Aa t ha div as a g u ru w a ri ;b h a k th a k a ri ti Prabhupada pahavaya; BhavaBhaya Nivari; (2) (Arati) Ma z ha nijadr avy a tth e v a ;T a v a c h a ra n a ra j a scva: Magane hechi Aata:Tumha Devadhideva; (2) (Arati) sukha; Ichhita dina chataka;Nirmal toya nrja (utter your name herc) Paaiave madhava ya 1 3 h a k a ,a a p u l i B haka: aapuli nija Sa mbhal (A rati ) S aibaba !S o u k h y a d a a ta ra j i v a l Ara t i

Arati Translation(English)
Oh Sai Baba, we wave lights before you, the bestower of happinessto the Jivas. Give us - Your servantsand devotcesrest undcr thc dust of your feet. Burning (destroying) desirc, You rcrnain absorbed in Your Self and show the Lord (God) to the aspirants. As one feels intently, You give him experiencesor realizations accordingly. Oh kind-heatted, Your power is such! Meditation on Your name retnoves our fear of the samsar.Your method of work is really unfathomable as You always help the poor and helpless. In this Kaliyug, You - thc all-pervasive Datta, have really incamated as Saguna Brahma. Ward otT the fe'ar of samsar of the devotees who come to You every Thursday so as to enable them to see the feet of the Lord. Oh! God of (iods, I pray that let my treasure be the service of Your feet. Feed Madhav and (you should uttr your name here) with happiness as the cloud feeds the Chatak bird with pure water and thus keep up Your Word. Amen !

No harm shall befall him who sets his feet on the soil of Shirdi. 2. He who cometh to My Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease. 3. Though I am no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect My devotces. 4. Have faith in me and yoor prayer shall be answered. 5. Experiencethe truth that I am immortal. 6. Has any one bcen turncd away who sought my refuse ? 7. In whatever faith men worship Me, even so do I render to them. 8. I shall never turn away with my promise. I shall lesscn your burden. 9. Knock! and the door shall open. Ask and you shall be granted. 10. To him who surrenders unto Me totallv. I shall bc ever indcbted. I l. lllessed is he u'ho has becomeone with IvIe.. l.

ilrHr W .,Y;l,
Antaryami Arati Avatar Bavani Dattatreya Dharma Dhuni Kafni Kamandal Leela SadGuru Smartugami Zoli



siririt. The inner,(all )pervading waving of lamPsoffered to The ceremonial God. of Manifestation divine spirit in human form.
Song comprising 52 couplets. Lord, manifestation of the Trinity as the Guru. Righteousncss. The sacred eternal fire which Baba lightcd in Shirdi. A long flowing robe. The vessel for carrying drinking water which sadhus carry. The divine play, often called a miracle A Perfectly enlightened teacher. One who comes immediatelY aftcr remcmbering. A cloth tied up to serve as a bcggar'sbag. SacredAsh got from Baba's Dhuni. ParaBrahrna. Amrut, nectar,Food of Gods. Anxiety,Dismay. Liberation from Bondage.Salvation.Mukti. Personwho steersthe vessel(navigator). Universal Remedy. A small cone of charcoal and aronratic burned as incensefor fragrartcc. substanccs Poverty stricken. Brilliancc, Gloriously bright. Hindu Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Absolute Reality Amhrosia Constemation l)eliverance llelmsman Panacea Pastille Pcnurious Resplcndence Trinitv