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SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012 What are the possible causes for a Drop Call on a UMTS network?

There are several reasons for RAB Drop in WCDMA network. Poor Coverage (DL / UL) Pilot Pollution / Pilot Spillover Missing Neighbor SC Collisions Delayed Handovers No resource availability (Congestion) for Hand in Loss of Synchronization Fast Fading Delayed IRAT Triggers Hardware Issues External Interference

What are the possible causes for an IRAT Failure? There are several reasons for IRAT failure in cellular network optimization. Major 4 reasons which played good role in WCDMA Optimization. Missing 2G relations Non availability of 2G Resources Poor 2G Coverage Missing 3G Relations

What are the possible causes for an Access Failure in UMTS? Missing Neighbors Poor Coverage Pilot Pollution / Spillover Poor Cell Reselection Core Network Issues Non availability of resources. Admission Control denies Hardware Issues KPI Benchmark RRC Connection Success(RNC)(%) Speech Setup Success(RNC)(%) CS64 Setup Success(RNC)(%) 90% PS RAB Setup Success(RNC)(%) Speech Dropped Calls(RNC)(%) 3% CS64 Dropped Calls(RNC)(%) 3% PS Dropped Calls(RNC)(%) 5% SHO Success rate 98% CS IRAT HHO Success rate 85% PS IRAT HHO Success rate 85% 95% 90% 90%

What can we try to improve when access failure is high? When access failure is high we can try the following to improve RACH performance: Increase maximum UE transmit power allowed: Max_allowed_UL_TX_Power. Increase power quickly: power_Offset_P0. Increase number of preambles sent in a given preamble cycle:preamble_Retrans_Max. Increase the number of preamble cycles: max_Preamble_Cycle.

Increase number of RRC Connection Request retries: N300. When is System information sent to UE? The system information is regularly broadcast to the UE on the BCCH. When a parameter in the system information is changed, all UE in a cell are notified by a paging message or by a system information change indication message. Improper RACH Parameters External Interference What is a typical UE sensitivity level? The service and load determines the UE sensitivity; in general, in no-load condition, the sensitivity is between -105dBm and -120dBm. For Ericsson, the UE sensitivity level is calculated at around: CS12.2: -119 dBm PS-64: -112 dBm PS-128: -110 dBm PS-384: -105 dBm HSDPA: -95 dBm