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Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a publicly listed automaker in INDIA. It is a leading four-wheeler automaker manufacturer in south asia. Suzuki motor corporation of Japan holds a majority stake in the company. It was the first company in India to mass-produce and sell more than a million cars. It is largely credited for having brought in an automobile revolution to India. It is the market leader in India and on 17 September 2007, Maruti Udyog was renamed Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The company headquarter is in GURGAON, HARYANA. Maruti Suzuki is one of India's leading automobile manufacturers and the market leader in the car segment, both in terms of volume of vehicles sold and revenue earned. Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was established in February 1981, though the actual production commenced in 1983 with the Maruti 800 , based on the SUZUKI Alto kei car ,which at the time was the only modern car available in India, its' only competitors- the Hindustan Ambassador and premier Padmini were both around 25 years out of date at that point Through 2004, Maruti has produced over 5 Million vehicles. Marutis are sold in India and various several other countries, depending upon export orders. Models similar to Marutis (but not manufactured by Maruti Udyog) are sold by Suzuki and manufactured in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. The company annually exports more than 50,000 cars and has an extremely large domestic market in India selling over 730,000 cars annually. Maruti 800 ,till 2004, was the India's largest selling compact car ever since it was launched in 1983. More than a million units of this car have been sold worldwide so far . Due to the large number of Maruti 800s sold in the Indian market, the term "Maruti" is commonly used to refer to this compact car model. Till recently the term "Maruti", in popular Indian culture, was associated to the Maruti 800 model. Maruti Suzuki was born as a government company, with Suzuki as a minor partner to make a people's car for middle class India. Over the years, the product range has widened, ownership has changed hands and the customer has evolved Mission- To provide maximum value for money to their customers through continuous improvement of products and services. VisionCreating customer delight and shareholders wealth. Maruti has a network of 391 sales outlets across 230 cities all over India. The service network covers 1,113 towns and cities, bolstered by 2,142 authorized service outlets.The company's

change in strategy and emphasis on developing effective marketing communications was their highlights.


The company vouches for customer satisfaction. For its sincere efforts it has been rated (by customers)first in customer satisfaction among all car makers in India for ten years in a row in annual survey. Maruti Suzuki India Limited, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, has been the leader of the Indian car market for over two decades.

During 2010-11, Maruti Suzuki sold 764,842 cars, of which 53,024 were exported. In all, over six million Maruti cars are on Indian roads since the first car was rolled out on 14 December 1983.


Historious car is Maruti 800 Maruti 800 - Launched 1983 - Largest selling car inIndia, until 2004 - cheapest car in India. (P)Change ur life Omni 1984, 2 Face-Lifts(P) Fits all Gypsy 1985 (P) King

Wagon-R 1999, 2 Face-Lifts.(P)For the smarter race Alto 2000, Currently the largest selling car in India. 1 Face-Lift.(P) Lets go Versa(2003-) (P) The joy for travelling together Zen Estilo(2005-) (P) Shape ur world Swift 1 very small face-lift(2005) (P & D) Maruti Suzuki SX4 (May 2007- ) (P & D) Men are back Suzuki Grand Vitara Sports Utility Vehicle - July 2007.

Imported(P) Play it your way Maruti DZiRE Sedan Version of swift - March 2008(P & D) The heart car Suzuki Alto (Sold in India as the Maruti A-Star)

Launched in 2008 December. Stop @ nothing Models of 2009 Suzuki Splash Ritz Live the Moment

Targeting :- Selective Specialization

Market Product


Semi Urban














C- Class




Targeting :- on the basis of income Group Income Group Product A1 A2 A3 SUV C- Class Yes Yes RS. 2- 3 lacs. /annum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes RS. 3-5 lacs. /annum RS. 5 /annum > 5 lacs.



Target Customers


Value Proposition


A consumer who wants car.

Durability and Performance

A car which gives Durability in low cost.


A consumer who wants Spaciousness . Small & spacious car.

A spacious small car without extra cost.


A consumer who wants more Design, Style and Luxury. comfort car

A car design with style and luxury.


Lifestyle consumers.

Oriented Rigidness, Comfort .


and A Vehicle that provides the luxury and Comfort of a car.


A consumer who wants car More spacious car. for commercial use

A big car reasonable price


4Ps: Product Price Place Promotion

PRODUCT STRATEGY: Portfolio of 12 products Five product lines Product Line A1 Products 800

A2 A3 SUV C - Class

Alto, Zen ,Wagon R, Swift, A-star D ZiRE, Sx4 Vitara, Gypsy Omani, Versa

Price:The price of the Maruti car is between Rs. 210000 to Rs. 1500000. Maruti 800 is the lowest price car of this company. Alto, Omni, Wagonr, are also the low price car of the company, Zen & Esteem are the mid price car of the company. But Grand Vitara is the high price modle of the company . The price of car are decided according to its product varity, quality, design etc. Place strategy: 600 New car sales outlets covering 393 cities. 265 Maruti True Value outlets spread across 166 cities. 2628 Maruti Authorized Service Stations, covering 1220 cities. Tie up with Adani group for exporting 200,000 units through Mnudra port Gujarat Suggested Place strategy: 400 new car sales outlets in next three years. 150 new true value shops in next three years. 1200 new Maruti Authorized Service Stations in next three years. Tie up with other distributors for Exports. Promotion Strategy:o o o o Advertising TV Ads Print Ads Radio Ads

Advertising Strategy
1. Persuasion Advertising Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan India Comes Home in Maruti Suzuki. 2. Information Advertising Alternative Advertising Options BTL - Sponsorships TV shows - Indias Got talent Place Advertising Bill boards 3. Sales Promotions Product warranties Premiums (gifts) Trade shows 2,628The number of workshops that provide customers with maintenance support in 1220 cities. Maruti and CRM: Maruti created a land-mark in CRM by launching a website for the customers in the year 1998 Maruti Auto Card-- Auto Card brings the customer all the advantages of an international credit card in addition to bringing the customer an opportunity Maruti True Value Out let:Maruti has aided customers by providing them the facility to bring their vehicle to a 'Maruti True Value' outlet and exchange it for a new car, by paying the difference. They are offered loyalty discounts in return. This helps them retain the customer. Maruti Call Center:Maruti has proper customer complain handling cell under the CRM dept. The CIC will help MUL rapidly build an information pool of over 3 million Maruti owners as well as that of its prospective Maruti insurance:-

It has launched in 2002 Maruti provides vehicle insurance to its customers with the help of the National Insurance Company, Bajaj Allianz, New India Assurance and Royal Sundaram. The service was set up the company with the inception of two subsidiaries Maruti Insurance Distributors Services Pvt. Ltd and Maruti Insurance Brokers Pvt. Limited. This service started as a benefit or value addition to customers and was able to ramp up easily. By December 2005 they were able to sell more than two million insurance policies since its inception.

SWOT Analysis:-

STRENGTHS Bigger name in the market Trust of People Maruti Udyog Ltd. is the market leader for more than a decade. Has a great dealership chain in the market. Better after sales service Low maintenance cost of vehicle

WEAKNESSES Exports are not that good. Lesser diesel models in the market compare to others Global image is not that big

OPPURTUNITIES Great opportunities to go global with success of Swift and SX4 allover Introduction of more diesel models. The diesel car segment is growing Opportunity to grow bigger by entering into bigger car markets Already a market leader so great opportunity to be the king of market in every stage of industry

THREATS Foreign companies entering market; so a bigger threat from MNCs. To the market share, as many big names are coming in the industry


There is hardly any diesel models Rs. 1 lakh Rs. 1.5 lakh car

Maruti Suzuki SX4:

SX4 is Maruti's second attempt at the premium car market in India. Earlier it had tried its luck with Baleno which was scrapped this year. With much expectations and fanfare, the company launched its premium hatchback car branded as SX4. SX4 once again proves two facts about Maruti: 1.The automaker is able to make quality products that can sell without much marketing efforts. 2. Maruti is a poor marketer. Even after the government divested its stake in the company, with every product launch , the company shows the sheer marketing laidbackness of a public sector company especially in the marketing front. With the SX4 launch , yet again marketing and more precisely the branding part takes a backseat. SX4 is taking the market leader in the premium sedan segment Honda City head on. Reports already suggests that this new brand has dethroned the leader and became the best selling in that specific segment last month. The exact picture will comeout only when the annual figures will be out.However, analysts say that SX4 is going to be a real threat for Honda City. That has always been the strength of Maruti : the product and the price are always perfect. Be it 800, Alto or Esteem and even the failed Baleno, Maruti 's product quality was unmatched.People bought Maruti cars because of its quality and the peace of mind that the brand gives with regard to the Service and Spareparts availability BUT never I have seen one buying a Maruti because of its promotions ( Branding). Maruti and its individual brands are built on Product rather than on promotions ( nothing wrong in that though !). So we see lot of lousy boring ads but still goes and buy the car for its performance and quality. The same thing is repeated here in the case of SX4. The product had lot of auto analysts harping about the quality and features and ofcourse the price. The marketing as usual is a great put down. SX4 is positioned as a PULSAR.... oops! Copying a positioning statement ! . Exactly... The creative hotshots at Lowe may not have had time to think about something original so they copied the positioning of Pulsar ( Definitely Male !) and rephrased it to " Men are Back". Well you can argue that Pulsar is not currently using the tagline so why not take it ? SX4 has so far been using print and outdoor to promote itself. The brand uses the tagline " Men are back" and another tagline " Now that's a Man " to position itself as a Male brand. Well I have some serious doubts: Does this Male campaign apply to Cars? Cars can be Sexy and Sporty but can it be a Male? More over does the agency guys looked at the product before fixing a gender? Does SX4 looks masculine? My concept of Masculinity in automobile apply to Big Ugly Mammoth SUV's rather than SX4 which has smooth curves and a smiling grill. SX4 is Sexy but not Definitely Male ! The creative guys may be confused when someone told them that the USP of this car is the Road Clearance and the space. They mistook it


as being masculine. And more over the outdoors ads just show a male leaning over the car and the baseline cries " Now thats a man" . Execution at its worst form. Remember its the same Lowe which created some of the blockbuster ads for Unilevers. The lesson is that " Agency will be as good as the Client " If the Client lacks marketing acumen, agency will take them for a ride. So will this brand fail .. never. The brand is already struggling to meet the demand. Customers are queuing up because the value is unmatched. The problem comes after a while .. when the Euphoria dies, the same happened with Baleno, the customers took up the brand when it was launched with little promotion. But when the competition intensified, the brand was forgotten. Sx4 may struggle in the face of an intensive and aggressive brand campaign from its competitors because SX4 have not found its USP. For now it need not because reviews and publicity is working to its advantage. Honda also has built its City based only on its product and not on any blockbuster creative campaigns. But that is Honda which has built international reputation in the premium segment while Suzuki is never considered a premium brand.

SX4 is different because it tries to weave in a message in the ad, and tells a story. It has always covered masculinity as the base USP of the car, while taking the class and quality aspects as granted. It did so in the initial petrol and CNG variants with the following campaign: MEN ARE BACK.

Some points to note about the campaign:

1. Clutter-breaking: As already discussed above, instead of the quality factor (which is taken for granted in sedans), SX4 is standing out with the men are back concept, projecting itself as the men among cars 2. The role of ladies: Again, different from other players who have used women in their campaigns; it portrays women as accepting that SX4 will always be a priority for the men in their lives. Thats an interesting thing to do, because in general, cars are not what excites women. So it is showcased that they are mildly irritated but still okay with the priority order. Maruti Suzuki has done one part of the launch well the campaigns would generate sufficient interest and awareness. Notice that at the end of the ad, the one thing you will definitely recall is the resigned way in which the ladies say SX4 Diesel yes, its here. The name lingers on in your mind voila! The marketers job is done! You are bound to enquire about that car at least once, and from there on, the product quality takes over as the pull factor.


Hopefully, the production quality and distribution efficiencies will pitch in to contribute to the success of the car (I have been told that the price points as well as the maintenance costs/mileage etc. are very competitive) A review of Maruti SX4: Drive an SX4, and you will feel like driving an SUV (may be because it is derived from a mini-SUV-styled international car, the Suzuki SX4 hatchback) and can sense your adrenalin pumping up. The SX4 really is a multi-faceted, lifestyle car, and a style icon. It is a real stunner in terms of style, size, performance and safety. And the modern looks like Swift though not as sharp as Swift - makes it a joy to see, own and drive. This makes it a real VFM (value for money) car.

Exterior Looks: Front-look is really different, whereas back side shows its size. Overall, a good head turner while you drive. Its looking giant, really (thanks to the high profile tyres also). All the macho-loving ones will really like this car to own and drive. The picture that Maruti SX4 creates in our mind, and image that builds in others about an SX4 owner, is that of a real man.

More than the usability or brand image, the love towards a car has an emotional factor. Style and size really does matter here too. Which car grabs your attention, a Hyundai Getz or Maruti Swift? No doubt, Swift. There is no doubt that the once-modern-looking NHC had become pretty ordinary after the SX4 launch. So came the new City, and it is now a good looking car, of course.

Started from Swift, SX4 also has a major and positive change in body design for Maruti - most of the Maruti cars like Wagon R, Zen Estilo, Alto, Versa and even Gypsy are very narrow in width, while Swift, Dzire, SX4 and Grand Vitara (Suzuki Escudo) are the widest in their categories. It gives the car an up-market - class look and enhances the stability.

Suzukis international model SX4 hatchback (aka Fiat Sedici) is a real pleasure to watch, especially from the backside. It was better if India get that hatchback model instead of - or along with - the SX4 sedan, in the 6-8 lakh range. The sedan version doesnt carry the original hatchbacks charm fully, though it is not bad at all.

Interior, boot space and safety: The one main problem, as everyone says, is the back middle seat. But consider it as a luxury 4 seater, and relax!!! Even though the interior seems less roomier than what we expect on seeing the exterior size, the too-slanting design of the side body panels (which makes the interior less roomier) and that extra width and weight make it a very stable car


on fast highway driving, just like Swift. We know many A3 cars - including Honda City - that tend to fly and vibrate on high speeds, while Swift is very firm and has full grip on the road. Such is its stability. SX4 is equally good. While sitting inside, the safety feeling that SX4 give is far more than other A3 segment cars. And with ABS with EBD, Dual airbags and side impact beams, its not just a feeling, I think. In terms of sales, mileage and brand image, the close competitor for SX4 is Honda City. But SX4 has the advantage of price and size. OK, then what will you considers more valuable - an extra drop of petrol, the so called brand value, or your own safety and the safety of your loved ones? The boot space is huge-505Ltrs-which means you can keep a fair amount of your holiday trip luggage in it. Moreover, the Maruti Suzuki service available throughout the nation and low-cost maintenance make it a no-problem car. Now, some specifications of the Maruti SX4, and comparison with Swift Dzire. Engine capacity: 1586CC (Swift Dzire Petrol: 1298 CC, Diesel: 1248CC) Power: 102 BHP (Swift Dzire Petrol: 87 BHP, Diesel: 75BHP) Length: 4490mm (Swift Dzire: 4160mm) Width: 1735mm (Swift Dzire: 1690mm) Height: 1560/1570 mm (VXi/Zxi) (Swift Dzire: 1530mm) Wheelbase: 2500mm (Swift Dzire: 2390mm) Ground clearance: 180/190 mm (Swift Dzire: 170mm) Kerb Weight: 1170/1220 Kg (Swift Dzire Petrol ZXi: 1035 Kg) Safety features: Airbag, ABS with EBD, Side Impact beams Price: 6.18/ 6.89 lakhs (Ex. Delhi) Here is a comparison of Maruti SX4 with some other cars in the premium segment: Parameter: SX4, New Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Ford Fiesta Length : 4490mm, 4420mm, 4310mm, 4282mm Width: 1735, 1695, 1695, 1686 Height: 1560, 1480, 1490, 1468 Wheelbase: 2500, 2550, 2500, 2486


Ground Clearance: 190, 160, 170, 168 Engine capacity: 1586CC, 1497CC, 1599CC, 1596CC Power: 102BHP, 118BHP, 103.2BHP, 101BHP But only an aggressive marketing strategy can overtake the popularity of Honda City, which is mainly due to the brand image. Another option to overtake Honda City may be to introduce a 1.3 litre Swift-engine SX4 with a price range of 5 - 6 lakh and take on the Honda City in terms of mileage and even better price also, along with the existing advantages of safety features, size and style. It may be a compromise on power, but City costs around Rs 100000 more than the 102BHP, feature-punch-packed SX4! Though Maruti has ruled out a Diesel SX4 (may be because of the production constraints in their new Manesar plant), it would be better to introduce one. The new entrant Mahindra Logan - which competes with Tata Indigo, Maruti Esteem and the like, which are considered to be in the lower C segment - is not a competitor to SX4, though sell well. SUCCESS: Within the first three months of its launch in 2007, the Maruti Suzuki SX4 had overtaken the then Honda City to become the market leader in its segment. Two years hence, the situation is rather different. Today, the Honda City has recovered lost volumes. And Maruti Suzukis very own Swift Dzire is the leader in the segment. And all of this has been at the cost of the SX4, once the darling of its segment. So what went wrong, and why has Maruti Suzuki re-launched the SX4? There are two stories to the tale. One revolves around meeting the impending Bharat Stage-IV norms beginning April 1, 2010. The other is to infuse life in a car that is being attacked from all sides. So the company has gone ahead and spruced up the interiors, changed the grille and even added the option of a 4-speed automatic to take on the Honda City automatic. Says Maruti Suzuki Executive Officer (marketing & sales) Mayank Pareek: The new SX4 with its range of contemporary features is sure to win hearts. But will it? For starters, the SX4 automatic is priced at Rs 8.02 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), while the Honda City is nearly Rs 1.5 lakh dearer. The only other automatic option that comes close is the Hyundai Verna diesel at Rs 8.66 lakh. Given these considerations, the automatic could stand to add some volume to the SX4. So far, the SX4 has been selling at an average of 1,200 units a month, while the Honda City averages around 4500 units a month. So the SX4 still has a lot of catching up to do. But it wont be easy, given the lack of a diesel engine in its lined up. This is where the Swift Dzire has managed to rake in the volumes. Its premium variants have stolen away some of the magic of the entry-level variants of the SX4, while the option of a diesel engine has meant that the Dzire averages in excess of 6,000 units a month. For Maruti Suzuki, the idea of creating two products that deliver great value at nearly similar prices led to the SX4


volumes taking a plunge. The company also doesnt intend to offer a diesel engine option in the near future, since its only diesel engine, the 1.3 Multijet, is being shared between the Swift, Ritz and Dzire, and it cant seem to satisfy demands in these segments. So, until then, it will have to leave the new SX4 to fend for its survival in a segment that will see new launches in 2010 from Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyota. But given Maruti Suzukis strategy to become more visible as more than just a hatchback maker, it will try to give it all to ensure the SX4 can become successful once again.

Maruti Suzuki has stopped manufacturing its most expensive car SX4, the mid-sized sedan, reinforcing the widely-held belief that the small car leader does not have the expertise to make and market big cars. Maruti will relaunch SX4 within a fortnight with a new 1.6-litre engine which will have a much higher pick-up. It will be more expensive than the current top-end Zxi variant, which comes at Rs 7.5 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Maruti will also rope in Bollywood star John Abraham as the new brand ambassador for the sporty model to arrest falling sales. SX4 was launched in May 2007 in three manual variants to counter Honda City but could not compete with Honda's superior technology and brand image. SX4 steered ahead of the City and clocked top sales of over 3,000 cars per month in the first three months of its launch but soon lost speed when Honda launched the third-generation City in November 2008. SX4 sales are now confined to a few hundred units per month. Honda has sold 37,600 of the new City till August 2009 since its launch (November 2008) while Maruti has sold only 9,763 SX4s in the same period. Despite being cheaper than the City by over a lakh, SX4 trailed by a huge margin last fiscal too, selling only 13,976 cars against City's 38,200 cars. The new SX4 will have an additional automatic variant, another first for any sedan from Maruti.

It will deliver 165-175 newton metres of power, much higher than the outgoing model and will meet the latest emission norms. When contacted the company spokesman refused to confirm the development. "We do not talk about future launches and product refreshments. However, any product refreshment is an integral part of our marketing strategy to maintain excitement and meet customer's aspirations." Analyst tracking the sector said that by fully loading the new car, Maruti is making another attempt to prove that it can make all kinds of cars. "Maruti Suzuki is a good brand but its Japanese peers Honda and Toyota appeal more to customers when it comes to buying big cars.


SX4 performed better than Maruti's other big car Baleno and initially even overtook City in sales. However, it failed to maintain the momentum after Honda responded with a new and more powerful Honda City. Probably, Maruti is now looking for answers to challenge the mid-size car segment," Kapil Arora, partner at Ernst & Young said. Another top executive of the auto industry said just as Maruti has not been able to establish itself as a big car maker, similarly global car maker Honda has not being able to sell its small car Jazz, which sells less than 1,000 units per month compared with its closest competitor Maruti Swift that sells over 5,000 cars per month. Maruti Suzuki has gone about marketing SX4 (all variants) with a strategy which stands out from others in the market. For a change, a sedan has been marketed on the basis of being masculine and manly. It is a welcome change because right now most market players are using classiness and quality as their USP, which, frankly, is a case of marketing clutter How many times would I really like to see a car swooshing by? If I am spending 7-8 lakhs plus for a sedan, I know that the product quality would anyhow be good and dont need further reiterations. Hence, at the moment, there is no much differentiation amongst the players. These classy ads dont create a different image in my mind about any particular brand of car. If we closely examine the Japanese Suzuki stable, well see that many of the Maruti cars are outdated models, except Swift, Dzire, SX4 and Grand Vitara. Other Maruti cars like 800, Alto, Estilo, Omni, Versa, Esteem and Gypsy are old generation vehicles of Japanese Suzuki and are already replaced there by new models. Though a success so far, this Suzuki policy in India may hit them back soon, as many other manufactures are bringing in their latest models.

Maruti SX4 boosts its sporty and appealing look with designer head and fog lamps. The body colored bumpers, outside door handlers side and rear view mirrors are the add-on beauty of the car. Tubeless tyres, high mount stop lamps, rear fog lamps, electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors and front and rear mudflap are some of the other attributes of this car. Along with the attractive exteriors, Maruti SX4 in India comes with the snazzy and classy interiors that have two tone dashboards, silver finish inside door handles and lock and wood finish arm rest on door trims. Some of the other features that this car hosts include day/night rear view mirror, three assist grips, passenger vanity mirror and drivers ticket holder. In addition, the car is also featured with front door trim pockets, interior light turn-on when central locking


switch on and accent front and rear door trims. For the comfortable journey, there is an ample of leg room and head room for the passengers. Maruti SX4 is assembled with tachometer, headlight levelling and speedometer illumination white colour and temperature and clock display meter. For the music lovers, there is integrated stereo that have CD/MP3/WMA, AM/FM Tuner along with a remote. There is USB port and audio controls on steering wheel along with illumination and for better voice quality there are 4 speakers, 2 in front and 2 at back. Other features of the car include key-off reminder, seat belt reminder, door-ajar warning lamp, holders for pet bottles, cups and ashtray and lighter. Along with elegant interiors and exteriors, Maruti SX4 is integrated with most optimum safety and security features. Equipment like driver and passenger airbags, side impact protection beam, child lock rear door, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) are provided within the vehicle. 3 point rear seat belts (2) and 2 point lap belt, child-lock rear door, height adjustable front seat belts, side impact protection beam, iCATS and front door lock canceller are also available in the car. With a punchline Men are Back, Maruti Suzuki came up with the promotion of its highly awaited SX4 in the Indian market. Facilitated with aggressive features and looks, the Maruti Suzuki SX4was launched in the year 2010 in the country. Following the success of the petrol variant in India, the company came up with the diesel version of its Suzuki SX4 in 2011. At present, both the variants of Maruti Suzuki SX4 are available and the company has structured this sedan between Rs. 7 Lacs and Rs. 9.11 Lacs. Designed to deliver a dominant performance on Indian roads, the petrol variants of Maruti Suzuki SX4 are powered by a 16V, DOHC, VVT engine, which have a maximum displacement of 1586 cc. The power generation by these variants is 103 hp at 5600 rpm, while the torque production capacity is 145 Nm at 4100 rpm. On the other hand, the diesel variants of Maruti Suzuki SX4 run on a 16V, DOHC, DDiS engine. Owing to the use of such an advanced diesel engine, the engine has a maximum displacement of 1248 cc. Regarding the power output, SX4 diesel produces maximum of 89 hp at 4000 rpm, whereas, its maximum torque generation capacity is restored as 200 Nm at 1750 rpm. In order to allow easy and smooth switching of gears, the company has made available both the automatic and manual transmission in the petrol variants of Maruti Suzuki SX4. However, the diesel variants are available in manual transmission only. The stellar performance of the car has made it one of the favourite of the masses due to which it has given tough competition to SkodaRapid, Volkswagen Vento, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna and the likes. Maruti Suzuki SX4 has also proved as a good buy in terms of comfort and convenience. The interiors of Suzuki SX4 have been given a distinctive design work and the dashboard consists of an integrated music system, climate control and instrument panel. Apart from these, Maruti Suzuki SX4 in India comes equipped with other comfort features such as heater, airconditioner, front door pockets, front seat pockets and centre room lamp. Other prominent comfort features in this sedan are map light, trunk room light, remote operated fuel tank lid, remote operated trunk lid, power windows, power steering wheel and drivers seat height adjuster. Not to disappoint, the company has also taken care of the safety features in its popular Maruti Suzuki SX4. In order to provide optimum safety, the car comes fitted with Anti Lock Braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution System (EBD), which enhances the braking mechanism of the car. This type of safety system provides complete safety at the time of


sudden application of brakes and the car does not skid on slippery roads. Maruti Suzuki SX4 is also boasts of other safety features such as, airbags facility, three point ELR front seat belt pretensioner, child lock rear door, height adjustable front seat belts and iCATS. By analysing the technical specifications and attributes of Suzuki SX4 it can be concluded that it is one of the best sedan from the house of Maruti.