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Events that shaped our country: Past to Present

Created for an 11th grade US History Course (in a classroom setting)

This lesson is the final project of the year. Students will be put into groups of 4 and will draw for the order in which each group will be able to choose an event. Main components: Background information: Who, What, When, Where, How, and most important How did it contribute to shaping our America today, what was the short term and long term impact. First, students will research using various resources then come together to brainstorm ideas on the background information. Students will print/ or email final concept map and turn in for a quiz grade. During the entire process of the project students are to create a group blog using wordpress.com where they can collaborate and contribute to on going ideas on new information or presentation ideas. Four daily grades will be taken from the blog based on students participation. The final aspect of the project will be based on creating a presentation in where students will display their findings in a professional and informative manner. This portion will be worth two test grades. (presentation/ presentation exam) List of Events: top 10 American Revolution Western Migration/Gold Rush Inventors Vietnam Information Age Louis and Clark Expedition Civil War Pearl Harbor Moon Landing 9/11 and war on terror

Students will gather and collaborate information. Brainstorm bubbl.us (add pictures) Students will create a blog. just for their event where they can collaborate outside of the classroom. They will also need to be able to integrate documents and decide together what information/ and images/videos to use in their final presentation. Students will be required to use wordpress.com for their group blog, which the teacher will have access to, so students can be evaluated on collaborations. Students will be creating a virtual tour of using the components (who what where when and impact- short term and long term). Students are required to have at least one image in relations to the components- but 10 images total (other three can be anything) along with two videos and one audio file. Students are to listen, understand, and document information on other classmates presentations: an exam will be given based on the other groups presentations.

Lesson Instructions:
For the purpose of the instructions I will be using the assassination of JFK for the event example. Once students create their groups and have chosen a history-shaping event. Students will be asked to research, explore, gather and document information on their event using theses seven questions. a. Who was involved b. What happened c. When did the event occur d. How did the event happen i. Precursors (setting the stage) ii. Think cause and effect e. Where did this event take place i. Key locations of the event f. Short term impact that this event had on American Society g. Long term impact that the event had on American Society

1. Brainstorm: Concept Map (quiz grade)

Students will work together after they have collected research and brainstorm, by putting gathered information into a concept web. They will use www.bubbl.us in order to construct their concept web. All components need to be thoroughly addressed in the map. Print/email to turn in. Example:

2. Collaborating ideas and Working together:

Each event group will create their own blog, which will allow them to work together, share presentation ideas, and stay connected outside of the classroom. Students will be required to create a post each day and daily grades will be generated from blog participation.

Post requirements:

1. Must be class project oriented 2. Needs to be offering new ideas or building upon someones idea: Agreeing with someone elses post will not count towards your daily post. 3. Each student must post at least two images, audio, or video to be possibly used for the final project. 4. In the title of post indicate what component you are addressing (who, what, when, how, impact) and your name.

Example: Wordpress.com Blog

3. The Final Product: putting it all together (Two test grades) Students will document all their findings in a creative presentation, which they will present to the class (one test grade). After the presentation are concluded the instructor will generate an exam from the students presentation (one test grade), so it is important the students take notes and pay close attention during others presentations. The presentations: The students will be using the web tool Prezi.com: they can generate their presentation solely from this site or integrate a PowerPoint and tweak it using prezi.com. 1. All students need to watch and comprehend how to use prezi.com and compose interesting, informational, and creative presentations. We will watch the tutorial as a class and go over any questions or concerns to insure all students comprehend how to use the tool.
http://prezi.com/learn/getting-started/ - tutorial

2. The contents of the presentation: All 7 components of the event must be thoroughly explored, illustrated, and explained. The information must be delivered in a creative and professional manner. There must be a total of 10 images (one for each component: 7 and the other 3 can be applied to the component of the groups choice) Presentations must include two videos and one audio file this can be applied anywhere the group choices.

http://prezi.com http://wordpress.com http://bubbl.us