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Help Strike a Blow for Artistic Expression and Recreate Michigan's Economy The Michigan film industry is a real

and viable alternative to the demise of Mic higan's industrial base. It is a positive path to recreate Michigan's economy an d helps redefine Michigan as a state. Help create a film/music festival here in south-central Michigan and help support Michigan's film and music industries Jackson, MI, US, July 16, 2012 -- The Michigan film industry is a real and viabl e alternative to the demise of Michigan's industrial base. It is a positive path to recreate Michigan's economy and helps redefine Michigan as a state. Help create a film/music festival here in south-central Michigan and give Michig an's film and music industries a platform from which careers can be launched. Back Story In 2008 departing Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm left Michigan with one of the country's most generous film incentives. Within three years, Michigan was pushed into the forefront of the film industry. Over 100 feature films were produced,--with more scheduled for production,--cre ating thousands of high paying jobs for unemployed Michigan residents. Moreover, the film industry created six dollars of economic activity for each dollar spen t helping local businesses, cities, and individuals who are not directly tied to film. Michigan became a place for creative minds and young talent. These incentives of fered opportunities for many creative careers and provided the antidote to the d ecades of brain drain Michigan was facing. When the newly elected Michigan Governor Rick Snyder entered office he said that this would not do. He said that this incentive was wholly unsustainable. In 201 1 he proposed reducing the film incentive. Immediately movies started leaving th e state, and this emerging industry stalled. The Michigan Film Office stopped ta king applications. It effectively closed its doors and everyone waited with bate d breath for the governor to make his next move. In December 2011, he signed a bill into law which capped the film incentives but made available monies for the film industry. By this time Hollywood had fled th e state for greener pastures. While hundreds of jobs evaporated with a stroke of a pen, not all of Michigan's creative minds followed Hollywood's departure from the state. Michigan still has a film industry. Many of its creative minds are still creating noteworthy works . All deserve to be seen. Help Us Make this a Reality Residents of Jackson, Michigan agree. Michigan's filmmakers deserve to be seen. Hollywood may have left Michigan because of the delay that was experienced as Mi chigan politicians deliberated over the film incentives. However, Michigan's fil m industry is still alive. It has been proposed that a showcase be created for s outh-central Michigan's film and music industries. The idea that is proposed is the creation of a multi-venue celebration of Michig an film and music in the downtown Jackson area, with the focus held at Jackson's last historic theater--the Michigan Theatre. Can the setting be more perfect? M ichigan film and music at the Michigan Theatre-- A film/music festival here in s outh-central Michigan As people hear of these plans to host this event, more and more people come on board--both residents, filmmakers and musicians. More and m ore people are excitedly volunteering. Everyone says, "Yeh, let's do it."

South-central Michigan--more specifically, Jackson, Michigan-- needs a film/musi c fest. Here's How You Can Help http://igg.me/p/156062?a=503488 Contact: David W. King Jaxon Film Fest P. O. Box 6283 Jackson, MI, 49204 517 569 2351 jaxonfilmfest@gmail.com http://www.jaxonfilmfest.com

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