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Aklama: Snav sresi 60 dkdir. Her soru 2 puandr. Yanl doruyu gtrmez. Soru kadn ve cevap katlarnz beraber teslim ediniz. BAARILAR A GRUBU
1-38. SORULARDA EN UYGUN CEVABI ARETLEYNZ. 1. Ahmet and Meltem see _____ every day because they work together. A. they B. themselves C. their D. each other 2. They have never listened to their father's advice, _____ ? A) do they B. have they C) havent they D) dont they 3. If I had a chance, I _____ a way to protect the earth from air pollution. A) will find B. would have found C) find D) found 4. Cars are _____ important cause of air pollution in many cities. A. the most B. more important C. more important than 5. He _____ to the meeting last night, because he was ill. A. doesnt come B. will not come C. hasnt come 6. People generally _____ too much in the evenings. A. arent eating B. dont eat C. hasnt eaten D. most

E. herself E. are they E. would find E. the more E. isnt coming E. didnt eat E. is changing

D. didnt come D. will not eat

7. Computer technology _____ quite significantly in the future. A. changed B. has changed C. will change D. changes

8. There _____ an increase in the oil prices due to the economic crisis in 1990. A. was B. is C. will be D. has been E. were 9. Most people agree that a person's character is _____ important than their appearance. A. the most B. more C. than D. most E. much 10. The poor child _____ anything since yesterday. A) didnt eat B. doesnt eat C. hasnt eaten D. wont eat E. isnt eating E. could have gone

11. You _____ to the cinema if you finish all your homework. A) can go B. went C. could go D. go

12. The exam will be easy for you, so you _____ study so hard. A) must B. had to C. mustnt D. dont have to E. cant 13. He _____ have seen Mary at the party yesterday, because she was with me. A) mustnt B. shouldnt C. cant D. will E. must
14. We're not going on holiday this year _____ we can't afford it.

A. but

B. so

C. or

D. and

E. as E. because E. after E. because E. Whereas

15. My mother didnt like the movie, _____ my father loved it. A. but B. so C. or D. and 16. The light went out _____ we were watching the news. A. once B. until C. while 17. He sold his car _____ it was using too much petrol. A. although B. so C. and 18. _____ it stops raining, we will leave home. A. Because B. Until C. While D. before D. before D. As soon as

19. A cinema is a place _____ you can watch films. A. whom B. where

C. which

D. when E. when

E. whose

20. I talked to the man _____ has been working in that factory for years. A. who B. which C. whose D. where

21. The girl _____ grades are high will probably be a student of a famous university. A. who B. which C. whose D. where E. when 22. It takes a long time _____ a language. A. learning B. learns C. to learn 23. Ali is reading the letters slowly without _____ . A. speaks B. speaking C. to speak
24. She checked the answers. Two of _____ were wrong.

D. learn D. spoke D. their

E. learned E. spoken E. them E. them E. anything E. Who E. is opened

A. it

B. his

C. her

25. Our teacher spoke to Aye and me. He told _____ about our homework. A. we B. his C. us D. it 26. Ive looked for my book _____ , but I cant find it anywhere. A. everywhere B. anywhere C. somewhere D. anyone 27. _____ did you go yesterday evening ? I went to a nice restaurant. A. Why B. Which C. What D. Where 28. The biggest library of the city _____ by the Mayor next Saturday. A) will open B. was opened C. opened D. will be opened

29. The accounts of this company _____ regularly twice a month by a group of professional experts. A. were checked B. will be checked C. had been checked D. are being checked E. are checked 30. Davids opinions about the new software _____ of great importance to us. A. has been B. have been C. was D. is E. wasnt

31. There arent _____ huge buildings and traffic problems in the small cities. A. much B. little C. a little D. many E. few
32. He has only read _____ chapters of that new book, but he likes it.

A. many

B. a lot of

C. a few

D. a little

E. much E. On / at E. on

33. _____ America, teachers are _____ the best-paid workers. A. In/ in B. At / between C. In / among D. Around / about 34. The government imposed a new tax _____ luxuries. A. in B. of C. about D. at

35. If the world's population continues to _____ , one day there will not be enough food for everyone. A. increase B. decrease C. cut D. go down E. lessen 36. Sharks are _____ in the waters here, so be careful when you're out swimming. A. rare B. infrequent C. common D. unusual E. abnormal 37. England is famous _____ its gardens, and most people like gardening. A. on B. for C. in D. out
38. Scientists are trying to _____ out a way to treat this infant killing disease.

E. at E. run

A. reduce

B. continue

C. cause

D. find

39-41 SORULARDA NGLZCE CMLELERN EN YAKIN TRKE DENGN BULUNUZ. 39. Some doctors suggest that taking vitamin pills is not really very beneficial to our health. A. B. C. D. E. Doktorlarn bazlar vitamin haplar almann salmza ok yararl olduunu ileri sryorlar. ou doktor vitamin haplarnn aslnda salmza yararl olmadn iddia ediyorlar. Doktorlarn byk bir ksm aslnda salmza yararl olmayan vitamin haplar kullanmamz neriyorlar. Baz doktorlar vitamin haplar almann aslnda salmza fazla da yararl olmadn sylyorlar. Baz doktorlar salmz iin yararl vitamin haplar kullanmamz gerektiini hatrlatyorlar.

40. New laser technology has allowed many people with vision problems to see clearly once again.

A. nsanlar yeni lazer teknolojisi sayesinde tekrar eskisi gibi salkl grmeye baladlar. B. Yeni lazer teknolojisi grme problemine sahip pek ok insann tekrar eskisi gibi rahat grmelerini salamaktadr. C. Yeni lazer teknolojisi grme problemine sahip herkesin yeniden eskisi gibi net grmelerine olanak salamaktadr. D. Grme problemleri yaayan insanlarn ou yeni lazer teknolojisi sayesinde eskisinden daya iyi grmektedirler. E. Grme gl eken pek ok insan artk yeni lazer teknolojisi sayesinde eskisinden ok daha iyi grmeye baladlar.
41. Mexico was governed by the same political party throughout its entire history, until the election of Vicente

Fox. A. Tarihi boyunca, Meksikay seimle ibana gelen Vicente Foxun bakanlk yapt tek parti ynetmitir. B. Seimle ynetime gelen Vicente Fox, tek parti dneminin son bulmasna kadar Meksikada iktidarn ba olmutur. C. Meksika tarihte ok uzun yllar boyunca ayn politik partinin bakan olan Vicente Fox tarafndan ynetilmitir. D. Vicente Fox iktidara gelir gelmez. Meksikann tarihinde uzun yllar iktidar olan tek parti dnemi sona ermitir. E. Vicente Foxun seilmesine kadar, Meksika tm tarihi boyunca ayn politik parti tarafndan ynetilmitir. 42-44 SORULARDA TRKE CMLELERN EN YAKIN NGLZCE DENGN BULUNUZ. 42. Kazada araba neredeyse tamamyla tahrip olmutu, fakat ans eseri hibir yolcu ciddi ekilde yaralanmad. A. The car was almost totally destroyed in the accident, but luckily none of the passengers was seriously harmed. B. No one was seriously injured when the car was destroyed in the accident. C. Most of the passengers did not have any injuries because the car accident was not a serious one. D. The car was nearly destroyed in the accident, so there were many injured people as a result of it. E. The car was destroyed so seriously in the accident that everyone had serious injuries. 43. Doal kaynaklarmzn tm tkenmeden nce alternatif enerji kaynaklar gelitirmemiz nemlidir. A. It is necessary to find new ways to develop the efficiency of our natural resources before we consume them. B. It is important to develop alternate energy sources because we are running out of our natural resources. C. After we finish our natural resources, it is necessary to develop alternate energy sources. D. It is essential to develop alternate energy sources before all our natural resources are consumed. E. What we have to do is develop alternate energy sources in place of our natural resources. 44. Bilim adamlar, baz insanlarn neden alkolik olduunu aklayabilecek bir gen kefettiler. A. B. C. Some people become alcoholics because of a gene in their body. Scientists have discovered the reason why some genes make people alcoholics. Scientists have discovered a gene which may explain why some people become alcoholics.

D. E.

Experts have discovered that some people may become alcoholics because of a gene. Scientists have explained with a discovery of a gene that some people become alcoholics easily.

45- Esther doesnt like to go shopping and -------- . A) so do I B) either do I C) neither do I D) I also do E) me either 46- I didnt know Pat was so keen -------- Japanese food. A)on B) with C) for D) at E) on 47- My friends .............................visit Paris tomorrow. a) is visiting b) are visit c) is going to d) are going to e) am visiting 48- I wish you -------- interfering ! A) would stop B) will stop C) can stop D) stop E) shall stop 49. I'd rather you ________ Michael's car. I may need mine to pick up my son from school. A) borrow B) will borrow C) borrowed D) would borrow E) borrowing 50-) A-How .............is a hamburger? B-Three pounds A) many B) much C) old D)there E) some much B) none C) more D) few E) most

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