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for foreign workers the state government intends to develop in Petaling Jaya is to ensure that the growing number foreign workers are better managed for the benefit of all. Through such hostels, the migrant workers can be more easily regulated while providing better comfort to these workers in terms of amenities and improved security. Studies on migrant workers showed that properly maintained centres could prevent potential abuse by unscrupulous employers or by corrupt officers from law enforcement agencies. From the health point of view, these centre could also help contain the spread of diseases due to better amenities than those available at the kongsi houses that many of the foreign workers are housed in. Such hostels will additionally prevent the establishment of more foreign squatter colonies as well as act as training centre that can have the multiplier effect of creating new business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Unlike the BN/Umno government, the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor practices plans development according to the needs of the state and not to enrich cronies. The hostel was proposed following a commitment of an international investor to continue its business operations in Selangor instead of moving its operations elsewhere. Locals are given priority in job allocation but as the state discovered through its many job matching efforts that locals are simply not interested to fill more than 60,000 vacancies offered by the industrial sector, thus increasing the demand for foreign labour. We note the contradicting statements offered by Umno and MCA representatives. The former complained that there is not enough housing for locals, while the latter complained that this hostel will create many more rooms available for rent in the Sungei Way area. This illogical and conflicting positions is worsened by the low class name calling by Umno members - showing once again that the party revels in dirty, gutter politics while being completely ignorant of the true issues. It must also be pointed out that Barisan Nasional's Iskandar Region includes plans to create enclaves for some 200,000 foreign workers in Johor. If BN members have a problem with this policy, perhaps they should look at their own state governments first. The rakyat has had enough of political immaturity shown by Umno and Barisan Nasional. The narrow racist Malay nationalism of UMNO is no longer feasible for Malaysians. The country cannot be divided into quarreling races and religions. Through proper and principled management of our economy, Malaysia will be reborn as a true nation with a united people of all races and all religions. FAEKAH HUSIN POLITICAL SECRETARY TO YAB DATO MENTERI BESAR SELANGOR http://mb.selangorku.com/page.php?page=Category&category=8&post=1486