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SAAM Pipeline Inspection

The Original Smart Utility Pig Wax Assessment

Pipeline & Specialty Services

Weatherfords SAAM technology provides a novel approach to inspecting a pipeline or flowline. The operator is able to inspect and monitor their pipeline through the deployment of dumb cleaning pigs. The SAAM module itself is fitted within its carrier cleaning pig. The SAAM logs a number of pig behaviour and data parameters as it transits the pipeline, providing the operator with a variety of information. The technology has been proven through over 100 separate projects since 1997. The SAM tool has been used extensively in identifying and assessing wax and debris in pipelines. Experience of the typical data signals resulting from wax deposits allows it to be quickly identified after a survey and early feedback given to assist with pipeline cleaning programs.

Wax Formation Zone Identification of soft wax is carried out through analysis of the vibration and differential pressure data logged by SAAM Wax formation results in a very characteristic data signal exhibiting peaks in both vibration and differential pressure readings As the levels of wax decreases the anomalies generally become smaller and less frequent Areas of wax formation can be correlated with the SAAM tools temperature measurements and the calculated elevation profile For repeated surveys wax formation will be observed over the same general area but individual anomalies do not re-occur, thus differentiating from permanent features such as bore restrictions or corrosion

Wax Formation

Hard Wax Monitoring As with wax formation, hard wax coating the internal surface of the pipe wall also results in a characteristic data signal Large scale DP changes are observed along with a general lowering of the pig vibration levels For repeated surveys the effectiveness of the pigging can be determined and areas of wax can be shown to have been cleared, or still remain.
Wax Formation Wax on Pipe Wall Hard Wax

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