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ISSUE 10 13th July 2012

Festival Of Britain
Why Summer 2012 Is Ours

Ellie Hastings
Nobody could deny that 2012 has well and truly been a year for Great Britain. It seems that all eyes are focused in on our tiny island, waiting for us to give the rest of the world something to be jealous of. Indeed, we have had (and will continue to have) many opportunities to impress. First came the Queens diamond jubilee. Our monarch has been a part of many cultures the world over, especially in the Commonwealth and ex-Empire countries. The jubilee celebrations began with visits to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and are yet to culminate, with the Queen continuing to make official visits until the end of this year. In June we were treated to the fabulous Jubilee Concert. This event, organised by Gary Barlow of Take That fame, featured a massively diverse collection of artists from Britain and beyond. Over 1 million people flooded into the Mall to watch the event on huge screens and were not disappointed by ary of he talent on stage. At points, as the camera glanced over to the Royal Box, Her Majesty seemed to be enjoying the concert; despite her apparently lighthearted confession to Barlow that she was concerned that her family would be kept awake. Prince Charles also gained some fans after he addressed Her Majesty as mummy in a speech to close the concert.
All images from Wikimedia Commons

year old. However, it seems to have grown on its critics and whilst it may not be the most exciting emblem in the Games history it certainly is unique and memorable. Recently, as anticipation for the start of the Games grows, the torch relay has caused quite a stir. The flame came to Cambridge on Saturday 7th July and the centre of the city was transformed into a bizarre scene from an apocalyptic film, or similar, with thousands of people wandering the streets and card abandoned for the chance of catching a glimpse of the flame. Such a buzz has been created about Britain and our Olympic hopefuls, fanned by the Jubilee, that Summer 2012 really does promise to be one to remember. The worlds attention will be on us, and the pressure is on to make this Summer one for the records. However, we cant forget all aspects of Britain in this festival, no matter how disappointing they might be. Our dismal performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in late May has tainted what could have been a perfect year for Great Britain. To be fair to our entry, Engelbert Humperdink, we were billed to open the show and we did so with a well-written ballad, but in the end it was Swedens upbeat Euphoria by Loreen that won. We were, in fact, left craning our necks at her all the way down in 25th place. Still, a resounding failure might well have been what we needed to kickstart our patriotism lets hope that we can sustain it all summer!

I say highly anticipated, but it also became highly controversial. The BBCs coverage of the procession of boats down the Thames was described as inane by the Daily Mail and lamentable by the Telegraph. Poor sound quality, bad camera work and celebrity-driven commentary shamed the presenters involved and potentially forced the BBC put their most reliable presenter (Huw The jubilee also featured the highly- Edwards) on for the Thanksgiving anticipated Thames River Pageant. service at St Pauls two days later.

That seemed to work and allowed the BBC to regain some viewer support, as comments commending Edwards respect and knowledge flooded onto the message boards. Of course, an article about the best of Britain in 2012 would hardly be complete without mentioning the Olympics. The patriotism shown during the Jubilee, with miles of bunting sold and red white and

blue becoming the colours of the season, will no doubt be repeated fourfold for the Summer Games. This great British event, like so many before it, has not managed to avoid controversy. When the logo was unveiled in June 2007 and cost 400,000 for Wolff Olins and his team to design and create. Intended to reach out and engage young people, many pointed out that the simple brand looked a little like the rough paper cuttings of a four

challenge officially accepted! Having been introduced to the wonderful world of The Phoenix only a few weeks ago, the task of running such a substantial newspaper is still a little daunting. To add to the mounting sense of doom that apparently always accompanies a publication deadline, The Phoenix also recently won Best Editorial Piece and Best College Magazine at the 2012 Community Newspaper Awards - see page 3 for a full rundown from ex-editors Marina Carnwath and Katherine Thomas. It would seem that the gauntlet has been well and truly laid down for us to continue to make the Phoenix an award winning paper; well, consider that hopefuls and whether or not we can actually come out top One downside of having in the medal tables. Heres to a summer edition is that hoping! we regrettably lose the allimportant Enrichment group, We also cannot forget to whose input is always been mention the Queens diamond invaluable. Nevertheless, Jubilee, which her Majesty is this (albeit smaller) tenth celebrating all year despite the issue of the Phoenix is still lack of recent coverage. On our bristling with brilliantly front page we take a look back diverse content. Weve packed at the events of June, including the following 18 pages with the controversial BBC coverage articles about everything from of the River Pageant. Of course, a sodden Jubilee to several we will also be remembering drenched music festivals. what has been going on in Indeed, for a summer issue, college news in what is perhaps the appalling weather seems to one of the busiest terms of the be a depressing constant. But year. There was the HR4.5 and it isnt all doom and gloom. the Cultural Olympiad (page This year is, as our headline 3), as well as a brilliant end of suggests, a great year for year Beach Blowout (page 2, see Britain. On pages 10 and 11 is below), hosted by your Student our special Olympic section, Council. This issue also celebrating the very best of features an update from the the Games, our young Olympic Council, as well as a thought-


13th July 2012 | The Phoenix

provoking piece about the rioting a year ago from Issac, your Chair. We ran riot articles in December but this one shows just how relevant the issues raised in the Christmas 2011 issue still are. To get you in the mood for summer we have also drawn up some simple mocktail recipes on page 16. They have been put through a rigorous tasting session and we think they are absolutely delicious; and, more importantly, so easy to make! Fawkes magazine is as cultured as ever, with a real mix of recent music and film reviews, as well as our guide to Festival fashion - after reading page xx you will have the trend down to a fine art.

and jam-packed full of good stuff. But the Phoenix is always changing, evolving with the times, so expect a few changes in the next proper issue in December. We cant reveal any specifics as of yet, but lets just say that we want The Phoenix to be YOUR college newspaper. Were repositioning our focus on content, streamlining graphics, getting connected - if thats got you intrigued then you can now follow us on Twitter (@PhoenixHRSFC) for regular updates and nuggets of easily digestible news. All that is left to say is that we all wish you a relaxing, stressfree summer! Oh, and happy reading!

So as you can see, the tenth Ellie, Danielle, Colm, Peter, issue is bigger on the inside Katie and Georgia

School Council Update

Issac Turner and Josh Eaton
Since we were elected to our roles on the Executive Committee of the Student Council in February, we have been working enthusiastically to expand our council, with the involvement of the new Events committee, Societies committee and Environment committee, in order to establish our policies and gain a broad amount of feedback from the college to enable us to productively achieve our aims. With so much going on, were going to send out more newsletters in the future to let people know more about whats happening in the college. the opinions that we have been able to gain from the college. The new tutorial system will be announced in the near future and were happy with the changes being made, as they reflect changes based on your concerns about the issues causing dissatisfaction with the tutorial process. Furthermore, we have introduced the Student Council website (www.myhrsfc.co.uk) giving up to date information on the activities of the Student Council and other information of interest to the college. The website also serves as a direct point of contact to the Council. On the subject of technology, we have also enabled access to phone chargers from the Student Council office, which have proved popular to those who need a quick battery boost. our first event (Summer Beach to discuss anything of interest. Blowout, see below), and have (We have tea) plans for many more in the coming year. However, to pay for this kind of thing we need your help. If you didnt contribute 10 towards the Council Fund at the start of this year, please visit tinyurl.com/hrsfc12fund and make a quick and easy donation to help us improve your college life! If you could leave your name for accounting purposes it would Fantasic end of year party be useful. From September pictures at myhrsfc.co.uk soon! 2012 we will be launching a new payment system for the student Raised council fund- stay tuned for 130.32 in more.

And in other news...

Summer Beach Blowout!

Thats it for now, but this is just a sample of our progress- to see a full list of policies completed One of our main achievements to please check our Facebook date has been the introduction page, The Hills Road Student of Form Representative Meetings Community. Thank you for allowing issues to be discussed reading, and as long as the lights with Form groups. The feedback from this system has enhanced Were also very busy organising are on feel free to come into the Student Council Office any time how we run our policies from

Mercy ships just one day fundraiser of bucketshaking

More NUS campaigns coming soon

Editors Danielle Smith Ellie Hastings Katie Barlow Georgia Musson Colm Britchfield Peter Tellouche Reporters, photographers, and other contributors: Phyllis Armstrong Naomi Baguley Georgia Bullen Marina Carnwath Natasha Chalk Erica Davletov Josh Eaton Gemma Hall Rachel Hibberd Vicki Johnstone Asher Kessler Marianne Lampon Lucy Swindells Katherine Thomas Issac Turner

The Phoenix | 13th July 2012

Georgia Musson
The annual Hills Road run 4.5 kilometre run took place on Wednesday 25th of April in aid of The Teenage Caner Trust. Despite showers through out the afternoon, participants spirits were not dampened and many showed their enthusiasm through a wide variety of costumes, one group even teamed together to run as a Roman Chariot. Whether you took up on the fun element of the run by choosing an unusual transport method or ran it competitively, adorned in the specially designed purple t-shirts, the occasion created a sense of community. Some competitors came close to beating the record of 14 minutes 36 seconds, a time

HR 4.5 2012 - a good old mudbath

which remains standing for next year. Despite the weather an impressive 500 plus still took part by running, jogging or walking past the allotments, across the fields, down Long Road and finishing with a stretch back down Hills Road where finishers were greeted by cheering crowds. Altogether 9201 has been raised for the charity which carries out fantastic work with young people suffering from cancer and works locally in its ward in Addenbrokes. Unfortunately Harry Judd was not available to run this year but a suspiciously hairy competitor with a similar name took his place and a signed T-shirt was auctioned off. Overall, it was a successful, well organised and enjoyable event and hopefully will be for many years to come!

An Award Winning Paper

Marina Carnwath and Katherine Thomas
The Community Newspaper Awards is an annual presentation ceremony, hosted by the Cambridge Building Society, which aims to recognise the achievement and service rendered by local newsletters to their community. Having nominated ourselves for two awards, we were graciously invited to attend the event which was being held in one of the rugby clubs in Cambridge. Unfortunately, however, being Upper Sixth, our college accounts were deleted a few days before the awards were due to take place and we naturally had neglected to write down exactly which rugby club was acting as the venue. Cue awkward phone calls an hour before kick off to various rugby clubs politely inquring if they were expecting hoards of journalists and editors to descend on them in the near future. Finally we located where we were supposed to go and from there the evening just got better. According to the website, the judges will be looking for editorial quality, community content and presentation, plus, of course, the publications usefulness to the community it serves. This year, however, new categories were added to the existing prizes, expanding the ceremony to a total of ten awards. This proved lucky for us at The Phoenix as we were fortunate enough to recieve the award for Best College Newspaper, one of the newly instated categories. Naturally we failed somewhat to grasp the designated route from our table to the prize giver at the front of the room but we finally made it which we consider an achievement in itself. Once again we immersed ourselves in the Famous Five style tea arrangements that had been laid on for the event. The organisers had placed us next to the editors of the Sawston College paper and it proved extremely interesting to hear how other newspapers were run, having been so absorbed with our own publication. The number of other representatives for newletters that attended the event was astounding. In an era when print journalism is supposedly in decline, to be sitting in a room with the editors of fifty different publications is a hugely humbling experience. When The Phoenix was read out for the second time as the winner of the Best Editorial prize we nearly fell over. Once again we were presented with the heavy green box that contained a beautiful cut glass award which we took great care not to smear jam or clotted cream on as we immersed ourselves in the scones. As the prizes for Specialist Magazine, High Frequency Publication, Low Frequency Publication and Best Front Cover were presented we can only imagine that we looked like Cheshire Cats, grinning from ear to ear. After the final prize had been collected, a change in the traditional format of the event saw the judges, including the editor of the Cambridge Evening News, Paul Brackley, answer questions from the attendees, regarding quality of print and target marketing. This also proved to be hugely illuminating and was

another aspect that made the evening so memorable. Collecting those awards and speaking to the judges after the ceremony had drawn to a close was truly incredible. We genuinely count it as one of the proudest moments of our lives and we feel so grateful for the support the college has always given The Phoenix in writing for it, buying it and, in particular, doing the crossword.

It proved extremely interesting to hear how other newspapers were run

[Apologies for the poor picture quality] Marina and Katherine accept the award


13th July 2012 | The Phoenix

The Riots - 12 Months Later

Issac Turner
Last summer, we observed the most impactful civil unrest of recent years occur in Britain. The obvious choice is to blame basic criminality for the atrocities that were committed; to help society move on by sweeping up the last few shards of glass, claiming those deserved thousands on insurance and positively socialising those sent to prison in the coming months. But where will that lead? We will still, in terms of community morale, or perhaps Camerons Happiness Index, be years behind the kind of integration experienced before the shooting of Mark Duggan. Something needs to be done to change the lives of those responsible for the rioting and ensure that the cohesion with which Britain functions is stronger. This can ultimately happen in a series of ways. We have the choice, as always, of turning right towards a future of tougher criminal controls and a reduced welfare state, forcing the chavs to work for their money and get them off the street. However, those who champion this approach must not fully understand the facts behind such damaging policies. As humans we naturally have hopes and aspirations, and the promise of working in call centres or cake factories perhaps unsurprisingly does not trigger the kind of motivation that we need to get everyone settled comfortably into jobs that they can fully engage with and enjoy. The reasoning is simple. Low-paid jobs are increasingly being removed from their classification as under state employment, as the NHS, and others, attempt to redistribute their workforce to save on bureaucratic and managerial costs. Coupled with the already gargantuan private sector, those on the bottom rungs of society, the so-called underclass, have to work long hours under a disorganised system to scrape together enough money to pay the rent and even keep a television running. Now the image in many of our heads is of a lazy male or female slouching towards the post office to cash in on benefits, with nothing on their mind Now, suppose they have a young child who needs to be picked up from school at the end of each day, and taken each morning. Who is going to give up their generous, wellscheduled day job in the care home to seek higher wages or training when there is the constant fear that as they leave one job, they could become unemployed and not be able to fully cater for the needs of their little Ben or Gemma? class experience we see through the media, with headlines rarely discussing the topic of poverty as not to seem too socialist or regressive with their storylines. The opposite is true as well. The middle classes are disengaged from true poverty, which they do not experience outside their yearly triangle of work, family and socialising. Thus, we are left, in both senses of the word, with a model of open-minded, age of MP representation is coming to an end as parliament becomes a forum in which few working class members still argue for their people. Furthermore, public and private money needs to be heavily invested in supporting low-income families as they attempt to retrain and gain higher-income jobs. This will, eventually, provide a strong boost for the economy as we develop Britains semi- and high-skilled workforce. Some people will be crying out, But what about the low-skilled jobs that have to be filled? The answer is simple and ties into what is said above. Proper union representation. Clear working hours. Incentives to work hard and respect for basic human limits, with regards to working and sustaining a family. Some of this money will have to be taken from the rich, who are already complaining about high rates of tax. But if the private sector jumps on board with promises of a stronger future economy, and higher-income families agree to a brief sacrifice of income for the greater good of society, we can finally see a positive development being made in the area of low-income wage stagnation. The other change that can be made is that of working class representation. If the media stop describing the poor as benefit scroungers, as leeches on the state, and instead as hard-working citizens who (apart from the choice few present in any stratification) can empathise, engage and influence our culture with their unique talents that have so far been tapped into very little, then perhaps, just perhaps, well be able to put the brooms away for good. The Great Clean-Up has only just begun.

Wikimedia Commons
but the X Factor and the promise of a trip to JJB. But I suggest that you now assume that they are working on the minimum wage, which currently stands at 5.93 an hour. Such tiny payments have no fair links with the rising cost of food and other essentials such as a bed to sleep in at night and a wardrobe to protect clothing from damp and keep it fresh for work. Not forgetting to add in the cost of electricity and water. Suddenly, a shopping trip will have to be postponed- indefinitely. Inevitably some lucky families can slip through the twin nets of poverty and prejudice, forging better lives for themselves and their loved ones. However, to assume that all those on low wages or unemployment benefits can do this is frankly a ludicrous, utopian idea that only those who have not bothered to do their research (both qualitative and quantitative) would agree on. Although their actions could never be pardoned, our rioters are disengaged and fragmented from the middle-

positive integration. The working classes once had unions to represent them. Now, in our new society of technology and globalisation, employee representation seems scattered and ineffective. And this is where the start of something truly wonderful could lie. In the future, we can act quickly to make sure another wave of violence is quashed and the gap between rich and poor decreases as progress is made. The disengaged, rioters or not, must be empowered in their communities through finding strong leaders they can rely on- the

50 Shades of Grey
Danielle Smith
after comments questioning the sexual nature and suitability of Fifty Shades of Grey, the first the piece, James removed it from novel in EL James erotic tril- the websites and published it on ogy, recently took the world by her own website, FiftyShades. storm when one million copies com. of it flew off the shelves in just 11 weeks. But why is the novel is so popuJames originally wrote the racy novel as fan fiction in homage to Stephenie Meyers Twilight and published it on fan-fiction websites under the pen name of Snowqueens Icedragon. The piece was titled Master of the Universe and the two main characters were named Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. However lar? The novel has been criticised for its treacly clich story line by The Telegraph and its clunky prose by The Columbus Dispatch. There have also been concerns as to whether the book promotes violence against women, but a sexologist on The Today Show insisted that the book is about a consensual relationship.

Wikimedia Commons

However despite the criticism of the authors writing, it has been dubbed as mummy porn due to its popularity amongst women over the age of thirty. It has also been praised by a number of critics who all seem to agree that it is more enjoyable than most other literary erotic books, as quoted by The Guardian.

cover. Amazon claimed that in June, Fifty Shades of Grey had become the first ebook to reach one million sales.

In April 2012 EL James was listed as one of Time magazines 100 most influential people in the world, and with a novel thats broken JK Rowlings record title of bestselling paper back, whos Due to the heavy bondage, dis- to say she doesnt deserve it? cipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) elements of the novel, it comes as no surprise that the novel has also had great triumph in sales for Kindle, the advantage being that one can read the book without revealing the

It has been dubbed as mummy porn

The Phoenix | 13th July 2012

Wikimedia Commons

The Cult Of Celebrity

Georgia Bullen
Around the world, it is becoming increasingly prevalent for celebrity figures to endorse products, despite this being completely unrelated to their career. It seems to be popular opinion that if a famous celebrity endorses a product in the eye of the media, it would increase sales Of course, celebrities do not only significantly. However, it seems endorse their own products. Exrecently that celebrity endorsements may not always have the desired footballer Gary Lineker is known for his role in the Walkers Crisps adverts, effect. It is often debateable how much of and a variety of other sportspeople a products success is due to the actual such as Tiger Woods and Frank product or the celebrity endorsing Lampard have endorsed sports brands it. For example, lately we have seen such as Adidas and Nike. In contrast, the rise of many celebrities releasing television presenter Davina McCall product lines such as perfume and stars on the Garnier hair product and numerous clothing, even though they themselves advertisements women including Jennifer Lopez have Celebrity endorsements can are famous for entirely different reasons. Amongst these names are endorsed the hair care brand LOreal. also have various impacts upon the However, having a celebrity as the consumers themselves. A Dutch team Britney Spears, Beyonc, Taylor Swift, David and Victoria Beckham face of a brand does not always work in used scientific devices to scan the and Justin Bieber. These stars have the companys favour. Tiger Woods is a brains of 24 women viewing pictures either endorsed products or put their leading example of this. In 2009-2010, of celebrities and non-celebrities names to a particular product most he was the subject of a controversy wearing luxury shoes such as those commonly a fragrance and for the with his personal life details of the designed by Christian Louboutin. It most part, have had great commercial scandal were exposed to the public. At was discovered that as the pictures success. Often, the main reason behind a celebrity releasing a brand, range or product unrelated to their career is due to the almost guaranteed success. Stars such as Bieber are aware of the huge fan base which can be targeted and counted on for sales. It is rare that a product has any relation to their job; it is simply an extension of their career. this point, he had endorsements with brands including Nike, Gatorade, Gillette and Accenture. As expected, Woods led the list for worst celebrity endorsements of 2010. Nike at this point suffered a -30% sink in sales due to consumers boycotting Woods and all things related to him. His actions also led to Gatorade entirely dropping him from their endorsement deals worth $1million. Nike, controversially, did not end their deal with Woods primarily due to the huge investment they had paid for him at first. Therefore, it is apparent that although celebrity endorsements seem like the perfect opportunity to boost a companys figures; it is hugely unreliable due to the actions of the celebrity having such a significant effect upon the sales. were shown, the team noticed heightened activity in a certain part of the brain called the medial orbitofrontal cortex when shown photographs of famous people, however this change was not observed when the women viewed pictures of non-celebrities. It was then suggested that the activity links the celebrity and the product they are endorsing in an area of the brain associated with the feeling of affection.

Celebrity endorsements are increasing for a reason companies see the beneficial effects of the investment and having a well-known figure represent a brand is almost always guaranteed to boost sales. In negative impacts as well because of addition, the number of celebrities the exposure of their personal lives. releasing various side projects like television programmes, fragrances, books and clothes is rising for the same purpose: they are taking advantage of their current success and building on it, so their earnings are at a maximum. Generally, this works successfully and both brands and celebrities alike experience the benefits, however, as demonstrated by Tiger Woods, they may both see

Tomb Raider, Assassin...UN Ambassador

Erica Davletov
On the set of the 2001 production of Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie witnessed life-changing realities within Cambodia that inspired her to pursue her impressive humanitarian work. From this point on, she began travelling with UNHCR to war-stricken countries desperately in need of international assistance. Altogether Jolie has carried out over 40 separate field missions since being appointed an UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, and has travelled to some of the most remote regions of the world. Inspired by the hardship faced by millions of up-rooted people the actresshas donated over $5million since 2001 in order to raise awareness, and aid those in need. She founded the Maddox Jolie project in 2003 which is committed to conserving the flora and fauna of Cambodias Cardamom Mountains as well as highlighting the need to improve agriculture, education and healthcare within the rest of the country. Angelina Jolie has also combined forces with her fianc Brad Pitt to form the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which donates money to the Naan ku s Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia to conserve and care for injured animals and promote animal-husbandry. Indeed 3 out of her 6 children are adopted from countries such as Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam and she has funded childrens centers inthese countries. Continuing to raise awareness for childrens rights, in 2005 the star launched the National Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Children which aims to help young asylum seekers. As well as being a UNHCR ambassador, Jolie is a member of the Influential Council on Foreign Relations, the founder of the Jolie Legal Fellows programme and has become the first recipient of the Citizen of the World Award in 2003. She has since won other awards such as the Global

Wikimedia Commons

I probably would have just had a very shallow, horrible life

Humanitarian Award by the United Nations in 2005, and the 2007 Freedom Award from the International Rescue Committee. For her decade of activism in October 2011 the UN refugee agency paid tribute to Jolie, and she still remains as active to date, having visited Ecuador in April this year to raise awareness for asylum seekers. Personally, I find Jolies work highly commendable as well as inspiring I cannot help but feel that those who brand her as a gloryseeker are failing to see the point behind her work. In the words of Angelina Jolie herself, Without the balance of doing things that actually matter in the world - and being part of the real world - then I would have been left in a bubble. That would have felt very empty and I probably would have just had a very shallow, horrible life.


13th July 2012 | The Phoenix

A Brief History of Chocolate

Phyllis Armstrong
Nine out of ten people like chocolate the tenth person always lies. John Tullius When I chose to do this article on last years poor cocoa harvest and its potential effect on those of us who love chocolate (and who doesnt?!), I realised that I didnt actually know that much about the origins of chocolate and how it came to be so popular so I looked into it Chocolate, as we all know, comes from cocoa beans, but it took quite some time for chocolate in its current form to appear on the market. Cocoa originates in South America, where the Aztecs created cocoa concoctions based on the bitter taste of the unsweetened beans combined with spicy chilli to make a form of chocolate drink in around 1200 AD. Mayans used the cocoa pods as a part of rituals, and they were symbolic of life and fertility Mayan texts even proclaimed cocoa the food of the gods. However cocoa beans also had a more practical use, as the Aztecs used the beans as a form of money to trade with other South American peoples; the Spanish Conquistadores used cocoa beans to buy slaves and other commodities. In 1528 cocoa arrived in Spain, where, once mixed with sugar and spices, the drink became incredibly popular amongst the Spanish aristocracy. Spain was so enamoured by their new discovery that they did not let the rest of Europe in on the secret for a hundred years; they were so successful in this endeavour that when English pirates captured a Spanish galleon laden with cocoa beans they burnt it, not realising its potential value. Gradually, the knowledge of cocoa beans travelled between the royal courts of Europe, eventually becoming more accessible to the general public when a cocoa house was opened in London in 1657. But it was not until 1830 that the sweet cocoa drink finally became the solid chocolate bars that we know and love today. Eventually chocolate became such a part of our lives, that during World War Two the US Army realised the potential of chocolate to invigorate weary soldiers and included it in their ration. Even today, both astronauts and sol-

Wikimedia Commons

diers receive chocolate as a part of their official diet. During the European colonisation of Africa, cocoa (as well as tea and coffee) was introduced into colonised countries. Nowadays the Cte dIvoire, in West Africa, is the worlds largest producer of cocoa. This region, along with Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon, grow more than 70% of the worlds cocoa. Growing cocoa is not an easy process it takes a lot of patience, is hard work and involves long hours. It can take three years for a plant to reach full maturity, though a cocoa plant

can live as long as twenty-five or thirty years once mature. In each cocoa pod, there are around forty beans which, once harvested, have to be fermented, weighed and dried. Good rainfall is an essential factor from April to July during the growing season. Unfortunately for us, the 201112 Nigerian cocoa harvest and other harvests in the region were down 15 to 20% on previous years as excessive rainfall and crop disease have combined to reduce the main cocoa crop of the year. Farmers harvest about 30% of the new season

cocoa crop in November and December, with the rest being harvested during the main season between September and February. The excessive rainfall delayed the harvest and created the ideal conditions for the crop disease, known as black pod disease, to survive. This has caused the price of cocoa to rise as the number of cocoa beans harvested this season was much reduced. Hopefully, this wont have too much of an effect on the chocolate industry worldwide and we will still be able to indulge as much as we need to over the summer.

How To: Holiday With Friends

Natasha Chalk
Its getting to that time of year again where the sea, sun and sand are inevitably calling. For most teenagers in upper and lower sixth its no longer family holidays to Butlins but to the capitals of party mania such as Ibiza or Zante. The first holiday away from parents is always thrilling, being able to finally take the next step towards becoming independent. However as the popularity of BBC3s new show Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents increases, the last thing teenagers want is their parents (and the rest of the nation) following their every move, so here are some ideas about how to stay out of trouble. The most important aspect of holidaying with friends is making sure that the people you are with are trustworthy. They need to be those who would carry you home after a late night and wouldnt leave you on an isolated beach, alone. Many adolescents find holidays can sometimes be spoilt through constant pointless bickering, but if you want my advice, Id suggest chilling out. Everyone has their faults. We all snore, slam doors, leave our rubbish around, are late or get overly uptight sometimes. Remember youre not there for very long, so let it go and try to relax, after all, you are on holiday! Another issue that might come up is money. Being students, not all of us have alot to spare, so compromise when it comes to fancy meals out on the seafront maybe spend a few nights sampling some of the cheaper local cuisine produced by less tourist-y restaurants. When it comes to romance on holiday, we all find ourselves overwhelmed by the excitement. That accent! The lure or the faraway and unknown! It all sounds very attractive when it comes to foreign flings which, according to dating Coach Brett, are fabulous because, you never have to see them again once you leave. Just be sure to not get too emotionally attached, or youll spend the whole flight back crying, much to your friends discomfort. But whether youre on a soul searching experience or happen to lock eyes with a random stranger in a hotel or bar, just keep your guard up. Be wary that anything can happen, your harmless date might have different culutral implications in some exotic country. Always let someone know where you are. This may seem obvious but if you do go out on dates whilst on holiday with friends, make sure you always tell the rest of the group where you are going and how long you will be. Even if you meet up with a group that happens to come from the same country dont assume you know them just because they are English, they could be just as dodgy as anyone else. Its better be safe than sorry. Similar rules apply as if you were in Britain, you wouldnt just steal a car or donkeys so dont do it in a different country. Respect the rules. I highly doubt your parents would want a phone call telling them their child has been arrested. This may sound very boring, and you may even think that its a load of rubbish. After all, its one of the few times in your life where you will be able to go and be completely free. But just remember, bringing back STIs, criminal records, addiction and skin cancer are not as good as bringing back some unforgettable memories.

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Phyllis Armstrong
Strawberry Fair, an independent music, film and arts festival, returned to Midsummer Common on Saturday 2nd June. This year, however, the organisers decided to do something different. Not only did Strawberry Fair host its usual amalgam of music, film, food, art and cultural events; it also attempted to break the world record for the largest gathering of fairies in one place. Wands, wings and tutus were available on site throughout the day enabling festival-goers to fairy-up ready for the world record attempt. The kids area featured a special marquee, included principally for the creation of fairy costumes. The record attempt took place at 3.30 p.m. The Strawberry Fair fairy King and Queen and the fairy Prince and Princess were later crowned according to the quality and originality of their costumes. The Strawberry Fair Twitter account announced the successful breaking of the record a mere hour after the initial counting, with more than 300 fairies appearing at the event. Cambridge is no stranger to World Record attempts however, with a Cambridge University student attempting several one minute Guinness World Records in June of last year. Sarah Greasley, from Magdalene College, achieved the world record for the most sticky notes on the body simultaneously managing a whopping 454, although some had to be discounted due to windy weather. On the same day, she also gained a second world record for the most champagne corks popped in one minute. A little more unusual perhaps, was one world record broken in the sky above Cambridge. In June 2010 James Blunt broke the world record for the highest concert, when he played for twenty minutes to an audience of over 100 people on a Boeing 767 jet flying at 42,080 ft. The plane left Stansted Airport and then flew in circles between Norwich and Cambridge until it reached its maximum height. Cambridge University has of course managed to break a few scientific records as well. A research scientist recorded the highest jump by an insect (70 cm) which was that of a froghopper, a small grasshopperlike insect. When it jumps, the insect accelerates at around 4,000m per second and overcomes a G-force of more than 400 times its own body weight. The approximate human equivalent of this incredible feat is that of a 6 ft man jumping 600 ft in one single bound. During their time at Cambridge Universitys Cavendish Laboratory, Francis Crick and James Watson discovered DNA in 1953. This, as well as achieving a Nobel Prize, also broke the world record for the largest molecule in the cell. More recently, scientists at the University of Cambridge developed a method of producing carbon nanotubes that are about three times stronger than Kevlar, and in the process achieved the world record for the strongest carbon nanotube. And on a not-so-scientific note, the oldest participant in the University Boat Race to this date is Andrew Probert, who was 38 years old when he completed the race, on the side of Cambridge of course, in 1992.

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World Records and Film Locations in Cambridge

Phyllis Armstrong
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There are many films that have been shot in Cambridge over the years; and a few which, famously, havent. Chariots of Fire, for example, though set in Trinity College, was not filmed there due to the Universitys worries over the films portrayal of university staff as anti-Semitic; instead the relevant scenes were filmed at Eton College. However there are many that have been filmed in Cambridgeshire over the years including the award winning The Kings Speech, where the coronation rehearsal was not filmed in Westminster Abbey, but Ely Cathedral. Perhaps more surprisingly, Stanley Kubricks Full Metal Jacket, a Vietnam War film, was shot completely in England. Filming took place at Bassingbourn Barracks, an Army base near Royston, which doubled as a boot camp on set. The assault course manufactured for the film remained at the barracks even after filming had finished but was eventually taken down due to safety issues. An army rif le range near Barton also filmed near Ely. More recently, featured in the film. in Elizabeth, The Golden Age, St Johns College was used as Other movies set in Cambridge the exterior of Queen Elizainclude many that have been beths Whitehall Court. The filmed in around the colleges, interior of Whitehall Court including The Awakening, a was in fact Ely Cathedral, 1980 horror movie about an with other scenes featuring Egyptologist with a daughter the cathedrals Lady Chapel. possessed by a former Egyp- Later the Queens barge travels tian queen. It was filmed (in down not the Thames, as the part) at Cambridge Univer- film suggests, but the River sity. Films such as Maurice, Cam. Even some of the 1989 an adaptation from a novel Batman movie was filmed in by E.M. Forster, make use of Cambridgeshire, when a power Cambridges many beautiful station near St Neots became vistas and historic colleges. an exploding chemical works Many of its scenes were filmed in the film. Much of the 2007 in and around Trinity College, classic, Atonement, was filmed Forsters old college. Some pas- in Cambridgeshire as well, with sages were also filmed in Kings the marshy French countryCollege, with a punting scene side in fact being filmed in the filmed on the river Cam near fens of East Anglia. Clare Bridge. Later scenes were

It is not only movies that have been filmed in Cambridge, but also several notable TV series. They range from the serious, a four-part drama regarding the lives of the Cambridge Four (Cambridge Spies), to the more light-hearted, like an episode of Midsomer Murders. Agatha Christies Poirot, too, was filmed in Cambridge for an episode in 1993 entitled The Case of the Missing Will. It seems as though Cambridge is something of a murder mystery hub as yet another TV thriller was filmed here in part Silent Witness. More recently, the filming of the episode For the Sake of Elena in 2002 as a part of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries continues the crimefighting trend.


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The Titanic Makes A Splash Once Again

Lucy Swindells
A century after it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the Titanic remains one of the most famous ships in the world. Many have commemorated the death of the 1,500 passengers and crew who lost their lives on that fateful night, the 15th April 1912. The Titanic was believed to have been so well constructed that she could sustain any amount of damage and still remain afloat. But we all know the tragic story of the unsinkable ship, and how it struck an iceberg. All efforts to steer clear of the large frozen mass were to no avail. Yet since the ship sank to her watery grave, a number of theories have been put forward to explain how the sinking of the Titanic could have occurred. Some theories suggest that had the ships crew not attempted to turn the ship away from the iceberg and instead taken the blow head-on, the collision would not have resulted in such a catastrophic disaster. Others blame the Captain for not listening to prior warnings sent to him by other ships. Now, 100 years on, people are still grieving for the lives lost on that night. To honour those people, a cruise ship called the Balmoral carried 1,309 passengers and retraced the route of the Titanic. The passengers on board (50 of which had a direct family connection with those that died on the ship itself) held a short memorial service at the exact spot where the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. At 11:40pm they held a minute of silence, and afterwards three floral wreaths were cast onto the waves as the ships whistle sounded in the dark and the names of those who lost their lives were read out by the captain. Jane Allen, a passenger on this cruise, whose great-uncle perished on the Titanic, said the moment vividly reminded her of the horror of the disaster. Meanwhile, Liverpool paid tribute to the victims of the Titanic by holding a larger than life puppet show in the streets. The show began as a 30ft mechanical girl came to life in Stanley Park. Over the course of three days, the supersized puppet show told the story of an 11-yearold girl, May McMurray, who wrote to her father when he was aboard the RMS Titanic - three days before the liner hit an iceberg and sank. The letter never reached her father, whose body was never found. But the tragic tale came to what the organisers said was a heartwarming finale, when the grieving Little Girl character is reunited with her uncle at the end of a 23-mile route. In Belfast, a minutes silence was also held during an emotional service. Here, a great great nephew of the ships doctor helped to unveil bronze plaques listing the passengers, crew and musicians who died in this tragic collision. This is significant, as when the Titanic sank it had three classes of passenger, and a disproportionate number of victims were in the third, and lowest, class. This is the first time that all passengers, including crew, are recognised on one memorial. Although the Titanic has now been submerged for 100 years its memory will live on for an eternity, as one could never forget the tragedy that was the sinking of the unsinkable.

Bloomsdays Birthday - 71 Years

Ellie Hastings
Ulysses is perhaps one of James Joyces most well known works. It describes a day in the life of a fictitious Leopold Bloom, exploring the encounters and incidents of Blooms contemporary odyssey through Dublin. The date of the novels setting is 16th June 1904, a date which has become famous to Joyce lovers the world over. Each and every year since 1954, the 50th anniversary of the events in the novel, Bloomsday has celebrated one of Irelands bestloved books from one of the countrys most-loved authors. The very first Bloomsday on 16th June 1954 saw John Ryan (an artist, critic and founder of Envoy magazine) the novelist Flann OBrien, Patrick Kavanagh, Anthony Cronin, Tom Joyce (James Joyces cousin) and AJ Leventhal taking part in a pilgrimage along the very route that Joyce had written about. Since then, the festivities have grown in size and spread all over the world. Hungary (the supposed birthplace of the protagonist), the United States, Australia, Italy, the Czech Republic and the UK all hold celebrations, which perhaps just goes to show the wide-reaching effects of one single book. However, readings and dramatisations across the globe are menial compared to what the Republic of Ireland do imagine that London closed its streets and shut down for a Shakespeare festival. Scale that down slightlyto Dublin and Joyce, and you have exactly what occurs every 16th June. Aside

Wikimedia Commons

Imagine that London was shut down for a Shakespeare festival

from the conventional readings, Dublinhosts pub crawls along the Ulysses route (what else to expect from the city of Guinness?) and has even treated over ten thousand people to a full

Irish breakfast on the morning to throw off the strictness of the of the 100th anniversary. Victorian era and was entering a new age. Some argue that it Every year hundreds of is this bridging of old culture Dubliners dress as characters to new that makes Ulysses so from the book, said Declan eminent. Other suggest that the Kiberd in the Guardian in style with which Joyce writes is 2009. He claimed that it was a demonstration of the entire as if they wanted to assert Modernist movement and their willingnessto become one that Ulysses is the pinnacle of with the text, which raised the Modernist literature. But the question of just what is it about more likely explanation is that this particular writer, and this people are nosy as to the intimate particular novel, that has had lives of others, and that sex and scandal sells. Bloomsday 2012 such an effect on an entire city. has only just passed, and this year was the 90th anniversary The work, which of the books publication in its deals explicitly with such entirety in 1922. This year was contemporary scandals as also important as it was the 71st infidelity and sexual desire, since Joyces death, and thus was received as one of the most marks the first year that his scandalous serials of the time. work could be shared without Its publication from 1918 to 1920 needing permission. As a result, in The Little Review led to a there were a record number criminal trial for obscenity and of readings and performances nearly crushed the magazine. In across the world, including a particular, an extract where the whole day dedicated to the book lead character masturbates led by BBC Radio 4. Blooms friend, to the work being banned from Stephen Dedalus, was played by the United States, for obvious none other than Andrew Scott, reasons. For the time, Joyces the Irish actor best known for his writing was at the cutting edge role as Jim Moriarty in the BBCs of a world which was beginning Sherlock.

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2012 - A Space Odyssey

Katie Barlow
NASAs last space shuttle, Discovery, took its last flight on Thursday 17th April, attached to a modified jumbo jet. The fleet leader of NASAs three remaining space shuttles, Discovery flew from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida to Washington DC. The shuttle was strapped onto a Boeing 747 carrier jet, taking off at dawn and arriving at the Washington Dulles International Airport just after 11 am ET. It looped the capitals airspace before touch down, providing a stunning view for thousands of onlookers that lined the Washington Mall. The shuttle has had nearly thirty years in action, undertaking its first mission, flight 41-D, on 30 August 1984. It has since been involved in the deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1990, the Ulysses spacecraft launch in October 1990 which explored the suns Polar Regions, and the deployment of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite in September 1991. During Discoverys long history of space flight, the shuttle has ferried modules and crew to the International Space Station, carried many satellites aloft and has aided countless scientific discoveries. The shuttle has flown 39 missions, accumulating a total of 365 days in space, taking its last in March 2011. Discoverys last mission however, signals an end of NASAs thirty year story of human space exploration. Its new aim, now that the construction of the $100billion International Space Station is complete, is to concentrate on the sustainability of human space exploration. This has put space shuttles like Discovery out of business, as NASA now plans to build a new generation of space ship that can carry astronauts beyond the Space Stations 240 mile orbit. While the space shuttle programme has now ended, there is still hope for NASAs continued preeminence in space. The USAs budget for space programmes is still the highest in the world, at an estimated $17,770million for 2012, despite major budget cuts. Discovery is soon to become an exhibit in the Smithsonian Institutions Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia, the nations official repository for space artefacts. It will replace Enterprise, a prototype orbiter that was used for atmospheric test flights in the 1970s that is currently on display in the museum. Enterprise itself is being transferred to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. Former astronaut Mike Mullane, who flew three shuttle missions, experiencing his first on the maiden voyage of Discovery itself, stated that watching the last flight tugged at my heartstrings When its all happening you think, This will never end, but we all move on. Certainly, Discoverys retirement marks the end of the shuttle era.

A Truly BRIT-ish Success

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Georgia Musson
Adele is one of Britains most

successful and original singers, and for her, 2011 was a phenomenal year. At the age of 24, she has achieved astounding success, with her album21 achieving a record-breaking three million sales in the UK. Perhaps even more impressively, 21 has become the longest-running number one album by a female artist on the American billboard. To round off her success, she returned triumphantly with six awards from the American Grammy awards and won the title of Best British Female and Album of the year at this years BRIT Awards. Her vocal talent and song-writing ability is unique and individual but what does she have in common with fellow global music superstars Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Katie Melua and the late Amy Winehouse?

BRIT School equips its students with a wide range of skills, reminding them of the important roles involved behind the scenes of the industry. In fact, it actively works to keep a lid on dreams of stardom. Nevertheless, the school is highly oversubscribed, with only one place being awarded for every three applicants. The school has undeniably played its part in the success of the British music industry; it is estimated that more than 65 million records have been sold worldwide by artists who were educated at the BRIT school. After just 20 years, it can already boast some very impressive alumni who are well established on the music scene, as well as individuals previously mentioned it has produced bands such as The Kooks, The Feeling, The Noisettes and Rizzle Kicks, and promises to delivermore talent in the future. All of these artists seem to appreciate their time at the BRIT school, Adele saying my talent couldnt have been nurtured had I not gone there and Leona Lewis adding my time there was invaluable; being in a creative environment all day every

day fuelled my passion to have a creative career. At the recent 20th anniversary celebrations of BRIT School Culture Minister Ed Vaizey said he recognised the schools legacy, with millions of people across the world enjoying the talent the school has helped to nurture and called for a Brit school in every city. Due to the unusual nature of the schools funding it seems unlikely that this model can be easily replicated, especially in a time of economic austerity. However, there is no doubt that the BRIT School is an example of how strong investment in creative subjects and real encouragement of individuality can have outstanding results. What all the well-known performing artists who emerge from this school have is a real sense of what they can bring as individuals; they have been encouraged to be original. Perhaps the more practical and more valuable ambition would be to have something of these ideals transplanted to every secondary school in the UK.

creative talent but also good academic performance. It remains in the top 1% of all state schools for exam results. The school, funded by a combination of the Department of Education and Skills and the British Record Industry Trust (BRIT), is a shining example of how an academic institution can encourage individual creative talent while remaining realistic about potential stardom. It seeks to create media careers both in and out of the limelight.

well served by the existing school system. However, the attitude and ethos of the staff is far from that of the formidable and pushy teachers featured in Fame.

The answer is that they all went to the same school: a secondary school which has had an impressive influence on the British and global music industry. The BRIT School, located in Croydon, South London is Britains only free Performing Arts and Technology school. The school has almost 1000 pupils, aged 14-19, and prides itself on both nurturing

The school accepts that most of its pupils will have a future not as performing artists, but in the creative arts and media sector generally; indeed 60% go on to do so. Using the substantial funding from the BRIT trust, which has donated over 7 million towards the school so far, the school offers pupils a fantastic range of resources and facilities to enhance their creativThe school was established in ity in areas such as dance, theatre, September 1991, partly inspired music, media and technology. by the performing arts school profiled in the 1980s film Fame, But more than that, it also probut mainly as an attempt to pro- vides education in other skills esvide a new kind of education sential in the media industry that for young people with genuine are often unappreciated, such as creative potential who were not agency skills and copyrighting.


Olympic News
The Opening Ceremony A True Representation?
Gemma Hall
With just a few weeks to go until the Olympic games begin, rumours are flying about how Britain will be presented as a nation in the London 2012 opening ceremony. Regarded by many as the most important aspect of the event, the ceremony is held to showcase the countrys biggest and brightest in order to capture the interest of the 205 competing nations. After the impressive display at the Beijing Olympic ceremony, which involved over 15,000 performers and cost almost 65 million to produce, the question has to be raised as to how Britain are planning on competing with this precedent. The answer is, apparently, simple; by being as unpredictable and inventive as the British people, as stated by artistic director Danny Boyle. The ceremony will begin with the ringing of the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe, and the entirety of the arena will be transformed into a model British countryside. This will include real farmyard animals roaming live on the stage, and is titled Green and Pleasant. It will also contain a variety of performers, rumoured to include Sir Paul McCartney, and a total of 15,000 performers for both the opening and the closing ceremonies. Although it does have a certain rustic charm about it, whether this image of rolling hills and floating clouds is really the snapshot of Britain that should be presented to the four billion ex-


13th July 2012| The Phoenix

pected viewers is a whole different matter. When asked to picture Britain, there are many iconic images that immediately spring to mind. Amongst the most popular are the London Eye, red double decker buses, the royal family, Big Ben... even cups of steaming tea. Although an enormous part of the UKs image is the British scenery, the question has to be raised whether sheep and grass is the most impressive display to be exhibited proudly to the rest of

the world. Perhaps fireworks on top of the House of Commons or the Cambridge and Oxford rowers battling it out on the Thames would be a more exciting display of British culture... despite the practicalities.

Nevertheless, the ceremony has had a team of world class British directors behind it and is sure to be spectacularly inventive, celebrating the exuberant creativity of the British genius.

Even If You Watch Nothing Else Of The Olympics...

Georgia Musson

The Torch Comes To Cambridge

Georgia Musson
On the 7th of July the Olympic Torch finally made its way to a drizzly but excited Cambridge on the 51st day of the relay. The arrival of the Torch was teamed with Cambridges annual Big Weekend which provided a fitting welcome for the torch bearers as they made way down Mill Road and reached its climax lighting the Olympic cauldron on Parkers Piece. The park was filled with a large local crowd who turned out to catch a glimpse of the flame and the route was lined with school children who all had their very own paper torches for the event. The torch also caught a ride on a punt where it was held by local resident Edward Roberts chosen due to his community work in Cambridge with Linkline and SexYOUality. The torch was met with cheering from the river banks where by-standers were, despite the weather, eager to get a look at the specially designed Torch. The evening rolled into a night of entertainment featuring an energetic performance from upcoming band Young Guns and a dance demonstration from Britains Got Talent finalists Twist and Pulse. To add to this, charity Same Sky having worked with local schools and groups on Olympic inspired themes showcased their superb selection of creativity through dance, music, and pyrotechnics. The torch still has another 19 days of travelling until it arrives (hopefully!) on time for the Opening Ceremony. The night finished with fireworks and was a clear indication of the genuine enthusiasm and anticipation for the games.

AUGUST THE 5TH Mens 100m Final Inevitably the most watched and anticipated event, can Usain Bolt retain gold medal and beat his world record of 9.58s or will a news star arise to beat him to it? Womens 400m Final the USA have two strong runners Sanya Richards and Allyson Felix who will pose a serious threat as does current World Champion Amantle Montsho from Botswana, can our own Christine Ohuruogu defend her gold from Beijing? Mens Tennis Singles Final
Tennis is not a sport which first comes to mind when the Olympics is mentioned, but with all of the top names competing, it will be well worth a watch, could this be the time for Murray to shine?

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Olympic Profiles
Our Medal Hopefuls
All images from Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Musson

JESSICA ENNIS Aged 26 Sport: Heptathlon Current titles: World and European Heptathlon Champion After not being able to compete in Beijing due to injury, Ennis will be hungry for a medal and has a good chance of gaining one

CHRIS HOY Aged 36 Sport: Cycling Current titles: World Champion in the Keirin, Goldmedal holder in the team sprint and Keirin Sir Hoy is a 4-time gold medal winner and will be hoping to increase his collection in front of a home crowd

REBECCA ADLINGTON Aged 23 Sport: Swimming Current titles: Gold-medal holder in both the 400m and 800m freestyle Although her recent from has not been as consistent, Rebecca holds the world record in the 800m and will be anxious to defend her astounding success of double gold in Beijing

MO FARAH Aged 29 Sport: long distance running Current titles: World Champion in the 5000m In 20011, Mo became the first ever Brit to gain the 5000m world title. He holds 5 national records, lets hope he can continue his good form and win a medal

PHILLIP IDOWU Aged 33 Sport: Triple Jump Current titles: Silver medal from Beijing and World Champion 2009 After losing his World Champion title in Daegu in 2001, Idowu will be hungry to regain success by winning a medal; he has said that if he wins gold he will throw his silver medal in the bin


FAWKES magazine
Marianne Lampon and Asher Kessler
The 4-piece from London, Bombay Bicycle Club, have already achieved so much in their time together as a band. With two EPs and 3 albums now under their belts, they have graced the stages at a multitude of live shows across the world as well as entertain audiences at numerous festivals. Following the release of their newest album A Different Kind of Fix, the Indie Rock band announced a UK tour as well as Europe and more festival dates. Here at The Phoenix we had the privilege to have a chat with both the bassist Ed Nash and the drummer Suren de Saram of the band prior to their opening night of their tour in Cambridge in April. What was it like winning the Road to V Festival competition during the early years of the band and what was it like before you won this competition? ED: That V Festival thing happened very early on, we were fifteen when that started and 16 when we actually played V Festival so considerably early. Wed only done like five gigs before we did that! SDS: I think the age limit was sixteen and Ed was fifteen so he had to lie about his age and stick to the rules. ED: We only did small gigs before that, recorded some songs. I joined the band literally a month before Road to V, I guess before that everyone was just playing in different bands. All of us were in bands before we did Bombay Bicycle Club, just getting used to playing with other people. SDS: Jack, our singer and main songwriter, hed been writing songs just on his own since he was twelve or something, thirteen or something ridiculous like that, so when the band started like straight away we had this kinda back catalogue of songs that hed written which a lot of them were pretty good. In your second album Flaws you covered Joanna Newsom and John Martyn, what major influences were there for your newest album A Different Kind of Fix? ED: I feel that the most recent album kinda took off where the first one finished off, Flaws was kinda something separate that we did which was another side of the band but it didnt really relate to what we were doing with that first album. This album kinda picks up, I feel, where the first album left off, so similar influences to that. With alternative American guitar bands. SDS: And the whole kinda dance and electronic influence as well which the first album didnt have. ED: Its got extra layers now, weve added some stuff to it. Its influenced by dance music more structurally than anything. The song structures are very loop based it can be like one motif repeatedand a lot of world music, rhythms like Afrobeat. Youve got Lianne La Havas opening for your gig tonight in Cambridge, are there any other new bands or singerWikimedia Commons


13th July 2012

| The Phoenix

Bombay Bicycle Club Interview 15/04/2012

production side of things has stepped up in quite a big way. Lots of new stuff to work out, there are a lot of things that could go potentially wrong! ED: When we did the latest album we had to add a lot of new stuff. We have two new kinda live members; we have a guy called Louis who plays keyboards and we wouldnt be able to do the songs without him really, so thats pretty integral. Plus we have Lucy Rose singing with us which adds another dimension to that whole thing, she songs on some of the songs and is supporting on a couple of the dates as well. How do you find the reception in other countries? SDS: Australia was kinda mad - that was the first time Id ever been there. We played a mixture of our own shows and some shows supporting Elbow. All of our own shows got upgraded because we got better demand than expected. Early on, you had interest from record companies but you chose to put your first EP on your own record label and release it yourself, why did you choose to do that? ED: We did that EP when we were sixteen/ seventeen I think, it was the first year of sixth form at the beginning. We wanted to finish school before starting to concentrate on it and do the band properly, and if you sign to a record label obviously you have to make that your sole purpose. So we did a lot of that stuff ourselves so we could finish school and also develop the band it would have been silly if wed signed a record deal then because the band wasnt fully developed, we didnt have the songs which we had like two years later. So we finished our A-levels and then made I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose and signed the record deal then to Island Records. SDS: Theyre very good to us considering theyre a major label, they leave us to do our own thing and dont interfere too much. Their live show didnt disappoint with the crowd clearly enjoying every aspect of the show. With the set list featuring tracks spanning all three albums, the audience could even enjoy a beautiful acoustic section with just Jack Steadman, Lucy Rose and the piano the bands versatility and ability to mesmerise the crowd was and is clear throughout all of their live performances. We expect Bombay Bicycle Club to continue to create brilliant music in the future and to thrill audiences and fans in the years to come.

songwriters that you recommend or that youre into at the moment? ED: Maps & Atlases theyre not particularly new, we want to play with them. And then Dog is Dead who play with us sometimes, theyre from Nottingham, theyre really good. Dutch Uncles, which is kinda like Math Rock but The Smiths, which is pretty cool. Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future? SDS: I always say Kanye West, but Im kinda half joking, but that would be pretty cool. How do you think your live set and atmosphere has changed since early shows such as Latitude 09? SDS: Latitude was kinda different because it was a festival show. But in terms of our own shows, the

Fawkes Guide to Festival Fashion

Harriet Stopher International News Reporter
Festival fashion has become a trend in itself over the past few months, so it has never been easier to have a go at shabby chic, couldnt care less style. Since this trend has flooded the highstreet you can also wear festival styles on a budget, and we all know how important that is especially if youve just forked out for a weekend of music, mud and memories. This is The Fawkes Guide to Festival Fashion, whether youre at Reading, Leeds, Wireless, V Festival, or even just staying at home. First of all, you will need a robust bag to keep your new wardrobe in. We recommend a rucksack, patterned for girls and plain leather or canvas for guys. Floral seems to be everywhere this festival season, so sling it over your shoulder for style and practicality. If you need something smaller, go for a miniduffel in navy and brown suede with a white drawstring. Ladies, go all tribal with a beaded across-body purse and never again be without your keys, phone and cash. up in your oldest pair of jeans, so shop smart buy thin fabrics to cut down on the weight you carry with you. Oversized t-shirts and shirts, bought from a sale rail, can be cinched in with a belt and worn as shabby-chic dresses, or can be worn over a t-shirt as a light alternative to a jacket. Loose and baggy clothes are key to the festival look so avoid tight and clingy tops. String vests and cami tops are always a favourite at festivals and everywhere else during the summer, but keep in mind that the shoulders are often the first parts of the body to sunburn. Overcome this by pulling on a thin hoodie go for a bold colour or pattern, or one with a funky hood. We like the ones with bear ears, as seen from Asos in their SS12 Festival collections. For boys shorts, we especially like the nautical look worn with a white t-shirt, a pair of espadrilles and aviator sunglasses, striped shorts are a winner. As for those old jeans, get hold of a pair of scissors and make your own cut-offs. Choose your length and just snip! Easy festival fashion on a shoestring who could ask for more? es and chains. Find some big jewels and layer them with thin simple chains and beads to tailor the tribal look for festivals. Crosses on chains also toughen up t-shirts and floaty dresses, and team them with a multiple-finger ring to make a statement. Footwear is also a tough one. Militarystyle boots are bang on trend for festivals, so wear them with the laces loose for ultimate comfort. Espadrilles are always popular when the sun comes out, but bear in mind that the wonderful British weather and festival mud could ruin them. Pick up a few cheap pairs to be on the safe side, and make sure that they are in several different colours. Clashing and block colours are perfect for festival fashion, so why not team those canvas sandals with a bright tee? Converse and pumps must be well worn in to feature in the festival look, but they look great when teamed with ripped jeans and a band tee. Of course, you could go all out with wellies, available everywhere in hundreds of colours and patterns stick to royal blues, terracotta reds and canary yellows to hit the bolder end of the SS12 summer colour pallette on the head. The only rule for festival fashion is not to try to hard. The idea is that you want to look like youve just emerged from your tent with your ears still ringing from standing next to six foot speakers the previous night. Keep it light, cool and causal, nodding to some of the other trends that are about this season, and party like youve just finished your first year at sixth form!

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Couldnt care less style.

One key problem faced when organising a festival wardrobe is that you need to strike the right balance between nice clothes and cheap clothes. Chances are that most items you take with you will get lost or damaged, so you dont want anything too expensive. At the same time theres no point in turning

Layering is a major part of the festival look, but it isnt all about clothes; this season, stack your accessories. Guys, get your hands on as many pieces of string and ribbon as you can and wrap them up your wrist for a care-free hippie look. Festival admission wristbands go perfectly with these. Ladies, its all about necklac-


Capital FM Summertime Ball

The Summertime Ball continued with original American Idol Kelly On Saturday 9th June, 80,000 very Clarkson, who effortlessly sang enthusiastic fans arrived at Wemher hits including Stronger and bley Stadium for the annual Sumnew single Dark Side, showcasmertime Ball hosted by radio station ing her remarkable vocal talents. Capital FM. Sponsored by Vodafone, Flo Rida then followed and roused the event lasted 7 hours and had an the audience with his enthusiasm, impressive line-up, including The handing out red whistles to lucky Wanted, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry fans at the front as he launched and Jessie J. Outside the stadium beinto his new release Whistle. fore the event, crowds started to build He then proceeded to go into up in queues and many purchased the crowd on his bodyguards merchandise including posters and shoulders, causing hysterics programmes for the Ball. The atmofrom girls nearby as he wrapped sphere heightened as people poured up his set with his debut Low. into the venue, everyone desperate The sun continued to shine as Exfor a good view of the stage. 4pm ample and Pitbull came on stage, soon arrived and it was show time. each performing their most popColdplay opened with a series of ular dance tracks. It was then time explosive pyrotechnics that got the for the Breakers section of the crowd on their feet as the stadium ball, where new up-and-coming was exposed to beautiful sunny acts such as Lawson, Cover Drive weather streaming in from the roof. and Conor Maynard performed Their set was crammed full of their their recent debut singles to hits, including Yellow (from their rapturous applause. Usher then first studio album Parachutes), and sent the fans into a frenzy by rissingles from their newest record ing up onto the stage, accompaMylo Xyloto including Every Tearnied by choreographed dancers. drop is a Waterfall and Charlie After being told to keep their Brown. Chris Martin, lead singer of eye on the ball by the Capital the band, shouted You sound fanFM DJs, fans were surprised with tastic for four in the afternoon! as he appearances from Dizzee Rasleaped around the extensive stage. cal and Cheryl Cole, who were As the set progressed, inflatable balls not originally on the bill for the and confetti were launched into the event. Dizzee Rascal performed huge stadium, creating a lively and his new collaboration with DJ energetic atmosphere amongst the Fresh, whilst Cheryl wore a neon crowd. Finishing their appearance bodycon jumpsuit to perform with the global hit Paradise, Martin recent Number 1 single Call thanked the Capital FM listeners for My Name with several backing giving them the best job in the world.


13th July 2012

| The Phoenix

Georgia Bullen

dancers. Then Rita Ora, who has had much success this year as a new artist, performed RIP and Hot Right Now, keeping the audience entertained. The excitement did not stop as British boy band The Wanted took to the stage and told of their joy to be in London, saying, Weve been in America and nothing compares to coming back to England and playing Wembley Stadium. The fivepiece band performed a series of songs including Glad You Came and All Time Low, pleasing the numerous fans that attended. Jessie J and Ed Sheeran were next up, and neither disappointed the energetic crowd. Jessie, who sustained her serious foot injury at last years Summertime Ball, said A small part of me is just praying I dont fall over or fall off anything, because its amazing to be at the Summertime Ball and be able to run around in front of you guys. She had a varied set, singing lively pop song Price Tag as well as performing ballad-style Who You Are after a moving speech about her childhood

bullying experiences. However, she soon launched back into her fun self, ending with Domino. Ed Sheeran followed close friend Jessie, performing a simplistic set featuring just himself and his guitar. The Ball was his biggest gig to date, and he moved his way through fanfavourites such as The A Team and Lego House effortlessly. Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber then came on the stage for the penultimate set, and the 80,000-strong audience erupted upon his arrival. Wearing a Union Jack vest, he danced and sang to hits like Somebody to Love, and Baby. He then toned down the mood by performing an acoustic version of Die in Your Arms from his newest album Believe and Turn to You, his US Mothers Day single. Halfway through his set, Justin introduced another surprise guest, fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen. Carly, signed by Bieber himself, sang her huge summer song Call Me Maybe in an eye-catching silver dress. Soon, much to the disappointment of his Beliebers, Justin started to

close his set and exited the stage. Last, but certainly not least, headline act Katy Perry performed to mark the end of the Summertime Ball. Keeping true to her style, her set was full of bright colours, and 1960s inspired costumes with Katy herself in a checkered jumpsuit. Featuring songs from her huge catalogue of hits, including Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night, both the atmosphere and crowd were electric. Katy also surprised with a cover of Queens We Are the Champions which united the large audience as the lyrics echoed across Wembley. The event was finally brought to a close with California Gurls and the fans applauded as Katy left the stage. It was then time for the chaotic rush out of the stadium, and although the show was over, the people were still in good spirits as they sang their way to the train station. The 7 hour extravaganza did not disappoint, and with numerous impressive performances and plenty of surprises, next years Summertime Ball will certainly have a lot to live up to.

Hackney Weekend
Vicki Johnstone
Given the Hackney Weekends popularity, we registered for tickets without luck on our side. Come the day of the ticket allocation, we visited the website with no hope of there being any tickets left, but to our surprise we were among the 100000 fans who managed to get tickets to the Hackney weekend! As with all festivals, the day started early. The train journey to Stratford station was long and boring: one of those trains that stops absolutely everywhere! Following the travel instructions provided by the BBC, we looked for a well sign posted bus stop M, where we were told there would be a free shuttle service to Hackney Marshes. We eventually found the stop after searching for 20 minutes, and were faced with the longest

Wikimedia Commons

on it (particularly Ed Sheeran, as he had no accompanyqueue Ive ever seen. Fortunately, ing band to fill up some of the as there were so many buses, it empty space) absolutely tiny. didnt take long for us to find a seat and be driven the short journey to And now to the acts. The first Hackney Marshes. The route took act that I saw was Emily Sand us close to the Olympic Park, so we . Having only heard a few of could see sites like the velodrome her songs, it was more of a way up close. Disembarking the bus, to pass time before the later we were met with hordes of pro- acts, but I dont regret one mogramme sellers: 7 a programme?! ment of it! She was absolutely It was a bit of a rip off, I must admit, incredible live, and really inbut it was a good way of finding teracted with the audience. out who was playing at what stage at what time so we succumbed. Secondly, we went to see the Moyles v Westwood sound After wed gone through long se- clash. This is one of the funniest curity and ticket checks, we finally things Ive seen all year! From made it into the festival ground. the Beegies to Jay-Z, it was hiThe first thing that struck me was larious to see the DJs winding just how large the main stage was. each other up, as well as really I later heard on the radio that it getting the audience going. The had never been used in Britain be- audience reacted well to both fore because it was just so big! It of the songs despite the rain. It made every artist that performed wasnt entirely clear who actu-

ally won though, but I would say that Moyles played by far the better tracks- people actually recognised many of his choices. This is a once in a lifetime thing; If you go to a future Radio 1 Big Weekend, I would definitely recommend seeing this because it really cant be found anywhere else! Whilst on the topic of interacting with the audience, Ed Sheeran was easily the best at this! At first, we were slightly apprehensive as he came onto stage with just himself and his guitar. But he put absolutely everything into his performance: in the first song alone he broke two of his guitar strings and persisted to play the rest of his song with only four. Insisting on playing the same instrument, he lobbed it off stage where it

was quickly restrung, and brought back to him, whilst in the meantime he did some slick improvisation with the audience. He came across as slightly awkward but a genuinely lovely person. He got the crowd to do some vocal exercises which both incredibly went into one of his songs. He was by far the best act Ive ever seen live.. The last band we saw on the Saturday was Kasabian. I-N-CR-E-D-I-B-L-E. The quality of the music they produced was amazing, and although they didnt interect so much with us you could tell they knew their stuff. We saw them from quite far back but words just cannot describe how good they were! All in all, this was a friendly festival which was great to go to if you hadnt been to one before.

Grab the Popcorn...

Moonrise Kingdom
Katie Barlow
Opening the 65th Cannes film festival in May this year was Moonrise Kingdom, writer and director Wes Andersons newest tale of young love in an innocent, long-gone version of 1965 America. However, dont let the fact that it is a festival film, and has therefore been labelled with the term arty, put you off. The film certainly sticks to Andersons distinctive style, often labelled as quirky, with the usual combination of stunning cinematography, a soundtrack heavily composed of 1960s British rock music, and a dysfunctional upper/middle-class family (here, Im thinking of Andersons most successful feature The Royal Tenenbaums). All of this successfully separates the film from any modern time frame, allowing it to become a disconnected utopia. However, this lack of reality only adds to the films appeal. Anderson doesnt attempt to bring realism into the story. After all, from the outset, the audience sides with the two lead characters, Sam and Suzy, in their attempt to run away from their dysfunctional backgrounds and live wild in the forest. Although in any real world this idea would be alarming, any sinister consequences are abandoned in the quaint fairytale setting. Essentially, Moonrise Kingdom is the perfect escape film; you need to put plausibility to one side and allow yourself to be swept along with the enchanting narrative. A note also has to be made of the fantastic cast. The 12-year-old couple Sam and Suzy, played by Jarred Gilman and Kara Hayward, manage to carry the film, which says a lot of the young stars considering the supporting cast. The film boasts of a host of Hollywood names, including Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Jason Schwartzman and an extraordinary performance from Bill Murray (who has starred in every Anderson feature to date) as Suzys irascible, depleted and inept father, Walt Bishop. Ultimately, it is the stale marriage of the Bishops that makes the film so heart-breaking, especially when contrasted with the innocence of Sam and Suzys relationship. Set off the coast of New England on the imaginary island of New Penzance, and featuring khaki scouts, thunderstorms and picturesque visuals, the film makes you yearn for a childhood you never had. At the same time, it is hard not to feel the nostalgia associated with first love, innocence, adventure and the freshness of youth. Charming, joyful and at times frankly bizarre, Moonrise Kingdom is a beautiful film with inspiring performances from the newly discovered leads. It doesnt matter if youve been an avid watcher of all of Wes Andersons films to date or if youre a newcomer to the filmmaker: either way, Moonrise Kingdom is this summers must-see.

The Phoenix | 13th July 2012

Wikimedia Commons


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ellie Hastings
Vampire movies seem to have had their day. Twilight, True Blood, Being Human and other TV shows and films seem to have sucked the once-exciting genre dry. Then somebody mentioned Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I had to ask them to repeat themselves. Initially a parody of the surge of public interest in the paranormal, Seth GrahameSmiths 2010 novel of the same title follows in the footsteps of the equally odd Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in mocking the supernatural genre. However, I for one am extremely glad that somebody took this book seriously. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sees the title character (played by Benjamin Walker) as a young man out for revenge for the death of his mother, at the hands (or teeth) of a vampire. Set against the backdrop of slavery in the South, at first the film is confused and seems too eager to fill the audiences minds with the films strange new concept. However, things perk up when Dominic Coopers character Henry Sturgess appears and begins to instruct the young Lincoln on how to kill the creatures he hates. Aside from the believable characters, the top-rate acting and a solid, meaty script, the stunts are what sets this film apart from all others of its genre. Lincolns weapon of choice is an axe (tipped with silver, of course) which lead the way for some insanely cool displays of ace-wheedling, which is a breath of fresh air to an audience bored with sword-and-gun fights. It is when the events begin to follow the real path of history that the whole plot gels together in a rather satisfying way. The vampires (the king of whom, Adam, is played fantastically darkly by Rufus Sewell) reveal that they need slaves to feed off just as Lincoln ascends the steps of the White House with his proposals of emancipation. Indeed, that particular plot line is so slick that at times it seems almost believable that Lincolns real life quest for an end to slavery was in fact a front for his daily destruction of vampires. Of course, walking out of the cinema, the whole idea seems utterly ridiculous, but this films brilliance lies in the fact that, for an hour and three-quarters, the world it creates is entirely believable. The film ends as Lincoln sets off to the theatre, a trip which will be his last. This poignant moment makes the audience feel a sudden rush of sympathy for his character. However, it is when the story skips forward to the present day, where Henry (who has a rather big secret about how he manages to stay youthful) is sat at a trendy bar, recruiting his next vampire hunter. The scene has almost exact symmetry with how Lincoln was approached, and this final moment gives a final punch of awesome just before the credits roll. AL:VH is a truly refreshing cinematic experience - seeing the film in 3D, too, made everything just that little bit more immersive and realistic. If you have completely given up on vampire films but enjoy action, a little gore, impressive special effects, period drama and a protagonist who fully captures your heart, then AL:VH ticks all your boxes.

Hot Chip - In Our Heads

Peter Tellouche
The eclectic mix of synthesizer wielders that comprise Hot Chip has returned with an album that surpasses all previous offerings. In Our Heads is the bands fifth studio album, reflective of their maintained creative output, having released an album every two years since 2006s Coming On Strong. two stand out singles, In Our Heads is more consistent, and the single itself slightly weaker. Night & Day features the bands signature witticisms Were not in Aiya Napa/Do I look like a rapper? and an infectious beat, though it seems a less obvious single choice. Still, the sight of Alexis Taylor revelling in his 80s jumpsuit while performing the song on Later Listeners will find themselves imme- with Jools Holland was enough to elevate diately seduced by the stunning album the song to dizzying heights. opener Motion Sickness, with its rousing crescendo providing an emotive start The mid-album track Flutes is this reto Hot Chips latest offering. It is with a cords magnum opus. The truncated reflective, nostalgic tone that head Chip chanting that comprises the gradual Alexis Taylor sings Remember when we build up quintessential to any Hot Chip both first found the world has sound? song is particularly emotive. Make no Lets just be thankful that they did. mistakes: this is a seven minute chefdvre teeming with emotion, refusing While 2010s One Night Stand featured to unleash full power immediately; instead packing a synth-fuelled punch by prolonging the funky dance beat, finally unveiled with a teasing flurry of marimba beats. The elusive lyrics achieve particular significance, enhanced by Taylors soothingly melancholic voice. However, the album reaches the zenith of its power at this point; the appropriately titled Now There Is Nothing proves sadly to be rather prescient, as the latter third of the album fails to reach the heights of the opening tracks. Yet this does not diminish the records overall merit. It is without question an impressive effort, with the listener constantly in awe of the expertly and intricately woven sound; a sound that demands further listens for full appreciation. Sheer Hot Chip, in other words.



13th July 2012

| The Phoenix

All images from Wikimedia Commons

It may not seem like it, but Summer is just around the corner. Pour out a glass of one of our deliciously refreshing mocktails, sit back and relax!

Summer Mocktails


Shirley Temple

Serves 1 Ingredients: 200ml/7fl oz ginger ale splash grenadine (cherry syrup) 1 maraschino cherry Instructions: 1. Pour the ginger ale into a highball glass and pour in the grenadine. 2. Add a maraschino cherry and serve chilled.

Virgin Mary

Serves 1 Ingredients: 200ml oz tomato passata 2 spring onions, finely chopped 1 lemon, juiced tsp Tabasco sauce tsp Worcestershire sauce 55g ice cubes 1 tbsp chives, chopped Instructions: 1. In a blender, mix the passata, spring onions, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and ice cubes. Blend for two minutes, or until smooth. 2. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with chopped chives.

Virgin Strawberry Colada

Serves 1 Ingredients: 8 Strawberries 60ml Coconut cream 150ml Pineapple juice Ice (crushed) Instructions: 1. Pour all the ingredients into a blender and mix well and high speed. 2. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry.

Virgin Margarita

Serves 1 Ingredients: 30ml lime juice 30ml orange juice 90ml sour mix Ice Instructions: 1. Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass and shake well. 2. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass filled with ice to serve.

The Phoenix | 13th July 2012


Creative Writing
Ellie Hastings


Reaching Her Maturity

Footsteps in the hallway. Fear ignites, fluttering, A trapped bird caged by ribs. Breathing is not possible; She sinks under her innocence, Hides behind naivet, Cowers from childish villains In pinstripe suits. A knock on the door. Her mind conjures up shadows, Moving against the lamplight, Flitting between what is real And what is provable. Her fantasy and her dreams. Exclusive exhaustive and Terrifying. Sharp pains prick her palm And her dirt-engrimed name Scratches at the itch. She owns nothing but Emily And the dress off her shoulders. Magic bleeds from her eyes As tears slide through the hourglass. Youth pours from the wound.

Sitting here, its like nobody knows of your existence. The truth is that they do, but they just dont care much for it. Not a single soul looks my way as I follow their passing, turning my head until they leave my field of vision. Im no owl so I snap my head back and watch the next traveller pass me by. I squint as the sun passes through the glass above me. Plastic. No, glass, because a bus shelter further down got smashed into a spider web of cracks. Plastic-coated glass. My shoulders shift to soak in the light, feeling a cool kind of heat. Great clouds pass across the wide brassy disc in the sky and I cant quite believe that it is the height of summer. A breeze raises goosebumps on the legs of the girl in shorts who has just walked past. I cross my arms against it. A bus rumbles past behind me but it is barely noticeable against the symphony of power tools and metal-on-plaster from the building site before me. A board of plaster is tipped down to the floor from several metres up and the breeze carries it across the road. One of the builders drops a hammer and it falls between scaffolding struts, side to side, rattling and clanging and thudding into the sand below. A porters whistle cuts the air and a trains doors close. One boy in a blazer and tie scuttles past me, rucksack hoisted high, bounding towards the station with his head bowed low. He will have to wait for the next train home. The skies fall dull as a cloud suns itself, to our detriment, and an engine thunders through the skies. A high pitched whine accompanies the rumbling earthquake of the plane, splitting the air in front of it and grinding itself into the concrete of the path. The noise is sharp, deep, annoying and exciting. It is gone in a moment as Doppler steals the sound to someone elses ears. I glance to the times winking from fiery LEDs on the board above my head. due. I reach to my bag and pull out my pass. Home, on the bus emerging from around the corner like a great sea serpent slipping from the mouth of a sewage pipe.

Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now

Naomi Baguley
The air is stillest and resting after the flurry of a warm day, its the sigh of the evening, and Im listening to the saddest music I can find; Simon and Garfunkels Bookends- a small, simple song that takes a breath and is over. Why is sad music always relevant? Rollicking, joyful songs have a place (in fact, Paul Simons heart-swellingly catchy Graceland is the one of the best albums of all time), but music is always at its best when it swallows you in and spits you out three minutes later with an aching heart. There is of course, terrible sad music, and often an honest sentiment is lost in layers of cheese and string accompaniments, but allow me to suggest the very best of the melancholy. 5. Despair in the Departure Lounge The Arctic Monkeys The third track on the Sheffield bands second EP Who the F*ck are The Arctic Monkeys, this song shows off Alex Turners lyrical genius to its highest standard. Hes pining for her/ in a people carrier is the opening line, and it just gets better from there. country, but the softness of this track is both endearing and miserable. 2. Somedays Regina Spektor Perhaps best known for the Prince Caspian soundtrack, or writing 4. Dont Think Twice, kooky piano music like a tougher Its All Right Bob Dylan version of Kate Nash from New A list of sad songs could never York, this song is a rare moment of leave out folk music, a genre almost reflection at the end of the punchy completely devoted to destitute har- and energetic album Soviet Kitsch. monica playing over an acoustic gui- Spektors voice is, by turns, fragile tar. Bob Dylan is the king of folk, and powerful, and the lyrics are just and the best break-up songwriter as compelling as her other songs the world has ever known I almost (her kookiness gets to make an apwouldnt mind the line You just kinda pearance when she blows tuneful wasted my precious time being writ- raspberries along with the piano). ten about me because its so poetically arrogant, just like Dylan himself. 1. Oh My Sweet Carolina RyanAdams This song truly is the epitome of 3. Own Side Now- Caitlin Rose wonderful, heartbreaking music. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Cait- Ryan Adams is one of the most proliflin Roses twang and simple lyrics save ic current songwriters, churning out this song from descending into twee beautiful tracks constantly. This song is a love song to a wasted life, to a home far away, where the sweetest winds blow across the south
Wikimedia Commons

Musings on Euro 2012
Colm Britchfield
The time has come again when we must wave goodbye to another international football tournament and begin the 2 year wait until the next one. Euro 2012 passed in a two week blur of shock exits, emerging stars, brilliant performances and English mediocrity; just what we would expect from a major tournament. Spain made history as the first team to win three major tournaments consecutively (Euro 2008, World Cup 2012, Euro 2012), doing it with the biggest margin of victory ever in a European final (4-0). The Group Stage The group stage was arguably the most exciting round. To begin with, Holland, initially seen as contenders, utterly failed to show up, and were shocked by a rampant Denmark, who later took part in one of the best games of the tournament against Portugal, and could have possibly gone through were it not for Varelas 87th minute winner in the 3-2 epic. Russia also made a disastrous early exit, losing to Greece, which had the unfortunate effect of cutting short the tournament of rising young player Alan Dzagoev, who looked like he could have lit up the later stages. An excellent comeback for England against Sweden, coming back from 2-1 to win 3-2, was the highlight of their tournament, with a scrappy but heartening performance that lifted the nations hopes (somewhat cruelly, as it transpired), and we finished top our group, meaning that at least we beat the French. Sometimes you need to look for the positives in life. Overall, an enthralling group stage which was only slightly marred by Irelands total embarrassment at the hands of just about everyone. The Quarter Finals The quarter finals arrived and people across the land allowed themselves to believe that Roy Hodgsons unf lashy but solid squad could maybe go the distance. This was, of course, wrong, and if the Italians had put on their shooting boots we would have avoided the pain of penalties and replaced it with the pain of being utterly outplayed and losing. As it was, other than for a brief spell in the first half, we were outplayed, drew, and then lost on penalties, courtesy of the two Ashleys (Young and Cole), who each missed a penalty. Meanwhile, grumbles about Spains tika-taka style of football being repetitive and dull began to emerge in some corners, which was matched with utter rage from football purists who felt it was blasphemy to do anything other than worship the very ground the Spanish walked on. was the Italian victory over the German team who had promised so much. The Germans, who had until this point been convinced that it was their destiny to win the tournament and prove what an excellent, young and exciting team they had, came unstuck at the hands of Italy, and more specifically a certain Mario Balotelli. Aided by the magnificent Pirlo, Balotelli silenced his critics with a brilliant performance that will live long in the memory.

The Phoenix | 13th July 2012



The Reign of Spain (but is their football plain?)

Tournament good points Generally exciting football Some shock results (Holland v Denmark springs to mind) England not humiliated, which is all we can really ask for No Vuvuzelas And the bad points Overuse of incredibly weak Pirlo is Peerless joke. It was barely funny the first time. The White Stripes Seven Nation Army being played after each goal, which started to kill the song for me.

The Final In the end, the final was not a major contest. It was interesting, and Italy made a real go of it, but there was only ever going to be one team lifting the trophy, and naturally that was Spain. In the final, at least, their football was far from boring; at times the sheer skill of players like Iniesta and Xavi was breath-taking. This incredibly talented squad of players deserved their historic victory, and comparisons with the famed Brazil team of the 1970s are not unwarranted. Certainly early on in the tournament my voice might have joined those who said their possession and endless passing game could put you to sleep, but in the final, I was a convert. So will Spain continue their incredible run and replicate their performance in Brazil in 2014, or can someone unseat them? Perhaps even England? That remains to be seen. On the basis of this tournament, it seems unThe semis likely that well be making any real impact The major talking point of the semi-finals at the world cup, but miracles can happen.

Wimbledon 2012
Colm Britchfield
Not since 1936, when Fred Perry lifted the famous trophy, has a British man won the most illustrious prize in Tennis, Wimbledon. This year, Andy Murray became the first Briton to even reach the final since 1938, and it seemed that maybe, just maybe, this could be his year. He had everything going for him. All the pundits said he was playing his best ever tennis, Rafael Nadal had gone out in an early round shocker and Novak Djokovic had fallen to an ageing and injurytroubled Roger Federer. The question on everyones lips on that fateful Sunday was Can Andy Murray become immortalised as the greatest British tennis player of the modern age, or will he remain that grumpy Scottish bloke who never wins anything? Unfortunately for him, for the moment at least, he remains the latter. The general consensus however, is that (bless him) the lad played well. Hopes

Wikimedia Commons

74 years of waiting almost comes to an end

were raised early on when he broke Federers first service game and went onto win the first set, only for those same hopes to be dashed by a resurgent Federer who was especially convincing when the rain started and the roof had to be closed. He won the next two sets in his typical, clinical, brilliant fashion and from then on it was clear he had won the psychological battle. Andy Murray struggled on in the fourth set, but eventually lost it 4-6, allowing Federer to claim his 7th Wimbledon title, equalling the legendary Pete Sampras, and his 17th grand slam. Theres a reason hes often lauded as the greatest player ever. Despite losing the final, Murray can certainly leave the tournament with his head held high. Not only has he already made history simply by being in the final, his endearing, and only slightly wimpy, outpouring of tears and emotion in his speech after the match warmed the publics heart. Before, he was known as a player who was a little bit hard to like, especially as his opponent, Roger Federer, is the most popular and likeable Swiss person in the history of ever. Now hes successfully found a place in the affections of people up and down the country, and can be assured that his fan base will continue to grow. And, at 25 years old, there is definitely still time for him to get a grand slam under his belt.

Wikimedia Commons