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Century Pulp & Paper (an ISO-9001:2000 & ISO-14001:2004 certified Division of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.

) , a Division of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd. is a member of B.K. Birla Group of Companies. The company chairman is Syt. Basant Kumarji Birla. Established in 1984, the Division is th situated at Lalkua on the Bareilly-Nainital Highway. The Head Office of the Division is on the 11 Floor of Industry House, 10, Camac Street, Kolkata. Product range of the CPP comprises a vast range of quality Writing & Printing Paper and superior quality dissolving Rayon Grade Pulp used for Viscose/Staple fiber/filament yarn. It has other uses in preparing urea, formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde. CPP has a well equipped and planned department for Environmental Conservation and Pollution Control. CPP pays sincere attention to the overall development of its employees and that of the community. It also has a well organized HRD Department for supervising these activities. CPP maintains an excellent infrastructural set up with modern facilities in order to carry out organizational activities.

Century Pulp & Paper is the recipient of the following awards: Eco-Mark by BIS for its Bagasse based products. Central Pollution Control Board and National Productivity Council have selected the company as a Model unit in the field of Waste Minimization among pulp and paper industries. CPPs Effluent Treatment Plant has been selected by Central Pollution Control Board for carrying out studies and data collection for preparation of Minimal National Standards (MINAS) for large pulp and paper industry group. CPPs waste reduction schemes have been included in the World Bank Data Base on Waste Minimisation. Awarded Indo German Greentech Award for Environment Excellence for the year 2000-01. CPP was awarded First Prize at All India Farmers fair for the year 2004-2005 for its significant efforts towards farm forestry. CPP was adjudged as the Efficient Unit in energy conservation by CII for the year 2004-2005 CPP was awarded First Prize for energy conservation by Indian Paper Makers Association as well as the National Award for Energy Conservation in Pulp & Paper Sector by the Honble Prime Minister of India for the year 2004-2005.

Business Strengths
Century Pulp and Paper is the manufacturer of Rayon Grade Pulp, Wood based Writing Printing Paper & Bagasse based Writing Printing Paper. CPP employs around 2500 well trained manpower including 700 staff and 1800 workmen. CPP Specialties in manufacturing : Wide variety of quality writing printing paper (agro based) with Bagasse as raw material. Best quality photocopiers paper which has been highly appreciated in the market, both

international and domestic. The mill established at Lalkua is unique because : It is the only mill in the world producing both rayon grade pulp, wood-based paper and bagasse based paper. The level of control instrumentation is relatively high. CPP is the first mill in the world to use ClO2 for bagasse pulp bleaching. The mill features a unique pile building system for preventing deterioration of stored bagasse fiber. Bagasse fiber fed to the digester has a high fiber pith ratio (more than 5:1). CPPs farm forestry scheme ensures that raw material is cultivated and replenished. CPP is the driver for good forestry management and manages socio-forestry nurseries for cultivation and distribution of plant saplings. The mill has a well equipped laboratory to monitor various water and air pollution control measures including AOX level.

Product Page1
CPPs range of products includes some of the finest varieties of writing and printing paper which has carved a niche in the market. CPP also manufacturers raw material for viscose filament yarn/staple fiber and also paper grade pulp. A. Writing and Printing Papers (45 to 210 gsm) (Wood based) Azurelaid Maplitho White/NS Maplitho Deluxe CG SS Maplitho Dye line base Offset printing paper Maplitho NS (ARSR) Century Parchment Super Printing Century Bond Railway Bond Copier Continuous Stationery (HB) Base Paper for coating Plain Paper Opaline Base Paper Overlay tissue

Century Maplitho NCR Base Paper MICR Cheque Paper Color Ptg Paper Century Excel Ptg Century Index Paper Broke cover MF Sticker Base

(Bagasse Plant) B. Copier Super Maplitho white Super shine Printing Plain Paper / Writing Paper Rayon Grade Pulp

C. Bleached Hardwood Pulp (Paper Grade)

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Packing Details :Pulp Sheets of Size 80+ 60 cms. Packed in Bales with strong wropper & tied with steel wires by Automatic Tying Machine. Bale Wt : 175 Kgs. CPP is following IS specification for its entire range of product. However, various properties can be custom made to meet the customer requirement.

Writing & Printing Paper Plant (WPP) Capacity - 37250 TPA Integrated Pulp & Paper Unit based on Eucalyptus & Bamboo Furnish. Two Paper Machines equipped with size press.

Paper Grammage Range Machine deckle Rewinders R/W speed Cutters Bagasse Paper Plant :-

45-210 2.69 Meters Jagenberg 1000 m/min 1.45 m width with 200 m/min. speed

CPP has recently commissioned Bagasse Paper Plant to manufacture 211 TPD quality paper based on Bagasse furnish. The salient features of the project are the latest pulping technology involving oxygen bleaching and a comprehensive computer-aided control system.

Bagasse handling,depithing, pile building Reclaiming & Washing. Bagasse cooking: continuous digester cold Blows to avoid emissions andto retain Fiber strength. Brown stock washing & deckering. Screening & Cleaning Bleaching System based on D/C-E/O D Sequence to attain final pulp brightness of 88(+). Paper Machine Capacity Deckle Qualities

- Beloit Corporation, U.K. - Sunds Defibrator, Sweden

- Hindustan Door-oliver - AhlstromCorpn.Finland

- Sunds Defibrator, Sweden

Slitters & Cutters Rayon Grade Paper Plant/Paper Grade Pulp

- Equipped with Film-Press for on-line coating Voith-Sulzer, Germany - 84600 TPA - 5.2 MTR - Fine varieties of writing & printing paper53130 GSM including light weight coated varieties copier. - Jagenberg, Germany

Based on Eucalyptus furnish Bleaching sequence includes Chlorine-Di-Oxide treatment. Sheeting Machine with 105 TPD capacity (Carmano, Italy) Deckle 2.4 Meters with on-machine cutters and Bailing Press.

Power Block 3 Nos. AFBC Coal Fired Boilers 1 No. Spreader Stroker Coal Fired 2 Nos. AFBC Coal Fired Boilers BHEL Recovery Boiler ABL Recovery Boiler 6.8 MW BHEL TG Set 21 MW TDK TG Set DG Sets Grid Power available 132 KVA Producer Gas Plant

- 23T/Hr (47 ata, 420 C) - 25T/Hr (47 ata, 420 C) - 50T/Hr each (53 ata, 480 C) 325 Tons/day dry solids (47 ata, 420 C) 350 Tons/day dry solids (63 ata, 480 C) Extraction Back Pressure Double Extraction, Condensing 3 x 1450 KVA 10 MVA at (Maximum demand)

- An innovation and pioneering project implemented to substitute

RFO in Lime Kiln.

CPP has also undertaken a project to generate green power by installation of a Boiler dedicated on Bio-fuels.