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Course Outline SY 2009-2010(1st SEMESTER)

COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of this study, the students will be able to know the basic principles of computer including the internal hardware, the operating system, and know how to operate applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, selteco & html. The students will also know how to use the Internet safely and legally in accordance to internet ethics

1 2 Orientation



Project/NC & Thesis Components

Computer History Introducing Computer System a. Computer Definition b. Characteristic of Computer c. Types of Computer d. Components of Computer Computer Components a. Hardware b. Software c. Data & Information d. User Essential Computer Hardware a. Processor b. Memory c. Input/Output Devices d. Storage

Lecture Lecture


Term paper - The detailed history of computer, how the invention of computer started up to the latest technology we have now in our days. Draw also the hardware parts of computer



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Transforming Data into Informarion a. Number System b. Bits and Bytes c. Text Codes Assembly & Disassembly of Computer Unit Interacting with PC Lecture/Demo/Lab a. Using the keyboard short cut commands The students will b. Basics (Screen, Menu,Dialog Boxes,Help) perform on how to c. Working with Windows disassemble and assemble the d. Program Manager computer unit using e. Working with Program Groups some damaged pc f. Running Multiple Applications g. File Manager h. Working with Directories/Files i. Control Panel j. Customizing the Desktop/Color Scheme

k. Configuring the Mouse l. Networking Printers & Directories


System Software a. System & Application Software b. Operating Systems c. Kinds of systems d. Common Desktop systems e. User Interaction f. Manage the processor Programming Languages Concept of Programming Language History of Programming Language Levels of Programming Languages Types of Programming Languages Networking Networking Fundamentals Network Architecture Network Components Peer to peer networks Computer Threats Computer Safeguards Computer Viruses Internet a. Internet History b. Internet Growth c. Internet Activity (Servers , Clients) d. Internet Equipment e. Internet Issues (Safety, Privacy, Security)


The students will submit a term paper about the study of different softwares from old to the latest softwares



The students will make a simple personal website using html codes


f. Internet Access g. e-commerce-online job LABORATORY Lessons Introducing Microsoft Word Lecture/Demo/Lab a. Word Basics (Screen, Menus, Dialog Boxes) b. Accessing Help c. Viewing Options d. Saving Documents The students will do e. Grammar/Spell Checking the NC2 laboratory f. Previewing / Printing exam like making g. Closing / Opening /Creating letter using mail merge h. Editing(Insert / Deleting /Undeleting) i. Using Attributes / Fonts /Point Sizes j. Margins / Justification k. Moving / Copying l. Printing Envelopes m. Using Templates n. Inserting/Editing Pictures o. Header & Footer p. Mail Merging
q. Flow Charting with recepients in a database. The students also will know how to make an automated table of contents for thesis writing particularly in flowcharting


Introducing Microsoft Excel a. Excel Spreadsheet Basics b. Entering/Editing/Deleting Data


The students will do the NC2 laboratory exam and familiarize basic excel formula.

c. Boarders d. Adjusting Columns Widths e. Entering Formulas f. Using Built-In Functions g. Using the Fill option h. Aligning/Formatting Data i. AutoFormat j. Functions k. Inserting/Deleting Rows/Columns l. Charting m. Margins/Headers/Footers n. Printing the Worksheet
Pre Final

The students will do the NC2 laboratory exam and familiarize basic excel formula. Aside from this, the students will be oriented on GANTT chart for thesis writing

Introducing Microsoft Selteco a. PowerPoint Basics b. Changing Views c. Using the Slide Editor d. Working with Objects e. Adding Text


& Lecture/Demo/Lab

f. Editing the Presentation g. Creating a New Presentation h. Master's Slide i. Adding/Deleting Slides j. Drawing Objects & Shapes k. Working with ClipArt l. Running a Slide Show

The students will do some slides for thesis presentations using selteco and powerpoint


m. Switching between Multiple Applications n. Cutting, Copying & Pasting between Applications Introduction to Internet & HTML Lecture/Laboratory a. Attaching files to emails & internet surfing b. Learning basic HTML codes b. Creating Web Pages using HTML language c. Creating blog sites d. Monetizing blog sites
Checking their online personal website

References: Introduction to Computers/Sixth Ed. Author: Peter Norton's Juny Pilapil La Put AMA E-Learning for ComFun Slides

Prepared by: ERWIN JAYOMA


how to operate l. The students will


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