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Choy Li Fatt As I have not had training in Choy Li Fatt, this information is summarized from the writings and

teachings of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. This style of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu is derived from a master who spontaneously selected the best patterns and strategies of three kung fu styles: Choy Family Kung Fu, Li Family Kung Fu, and Monk (Fatt means Buddha) Kung Fu. The style is characterized by extensive external force training, diagonal stances, and long-reaching arm movements. Its forte is fighting multiple opponents, especially if they are of low level, which is a boon during times of war and rebellion. A characteristic strategy of a Choy Li Fatt exponent when faced with many foes is to dive right into the herd swinging their powerful arms about like a wolf amongst sheep. Force training in Choy Li Fatt tends to be external. In addition to zhan zhuang, there is common use of stone locks, wooden dummies, sand bags, and poles tends to develop force such as Iron Fist, Iron Palm, Iron Arm, and Iron Leg. Some practitioners develop protective force such as Iron Shirt or Thirteen Grand Guards so that they can withstand weapon attacks on their bodies. Elite and lucky students some times learn selections from the Eighteen Lohan Art for internal force and agility while others learn Southern style triple stretch movements for force. There are many sets in Choy Li Fatt, though the basic sets are Five Wheel Stance (to train basic stances, footwork, and leg strength) and Five Wheel Fists (to train basic hand movements, attacks, and defenses). Specialized sets exist as well, such as Buddha Palm and Eight Direction Evading Palm. Regardless, a Choy Li Fatt set can often be distinguished by its swinging arm movements and use of the diagonal Bow Arrow stance. Choy Li Fatt practitioners often use the tactic of no defense direct counter whereby their counter-attack incorporates a simultaneous defense and counter-attack on the opponent's body, attacking arm or leg. Choy Li Fatt is well known for the Wave tactic. This consists of swinging and thrusting the arms in such a way that an opponent can be smashed or struck regardless of their responses. An opponent could attack with a thrust punch, kick, or attempt to grip the Choy Li Fatt exponent, but a step off to a diagonal Bow Arrow stance followed by a round-about turn could lead to the exponents Iron Arm smashing down on the opponents arms, legs, head, or body. Many Choy Li Fatt fighters utilize diagonal and off-line stances like the Dragon Riding stance or diagonal Bow Arrow rather than a more linear approach such as Hoong Ka, represented in the epithet Hoong Ka enters from the front and Choy Li Fatt enters from the sides. A nice and clear video of Five Wheel Stance is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IFSLJ0KVFs A video series of Five Wheel Fist: http://www.youtube.com/user/HungSingMA /videos?query=five+wheel+fist Basic Twelve Fist Set: These are the twelve basic punches found in Shaolin Kung Fu and come from Sigungs Art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Wuji: Stand upright, feet together, hands at sides. Two Tigers at Ready: Close your fists and place them at your waist.

Thrust Punch: Step the right foot forward into a right Bow Arrow stance and thrust the right level fist out at heart level, with the left palm protecting the body. This is Fierce Tiger Crosses Valley. Upward Punch: Sweep the front right arm counter-clockwise down to past the front right knee and simultaneously shuffle forward and swing the left fist up like an uppercut to the nose. This is Skyward Cannon Punch. Horn Punch: Bring the left palm to protect the body and swing up the right fist to strike the temple from the sides. This is Hang a Golden Star at Corner. Diagonal Punch: Bring the right arm in a slight circle over the head to chop at the same spot with the inside of the arm and base of the fist. Sweeping Punch: Step the back left foot up to the right foot, then step it straight west to form a left Bow Arrow stance. As you step out to the west, sweep both arms parallel to the ground, ending with the left arm extended behind and to your left side, the right arm extended towards the west. Whipping Punch: Without moving your foot position, sweep your body towards the east, settling into a Horse stance with your body facing north, your left arm coming to protect your body and the extended right fist whipping to strike a target at shoulder level to the east. This is known as Horizontally Sweeping One Thousand Armies. Wave Punch: Shift your weight back towards the west without moving your foot position and circle both fists back towards your body before shuffling westward in a right Bow Arrow stance, thrusting your right fist upwards at about nose level, the left fist ending beside your right elbow. This pattern is Rolling Thunder Overturns Sky. Chopping Punch: Without moving your foot position, turn your body to face north (your feet are still along an east-west line) into a sideways Bow-Arrow stance. As you turn your body, raise your right arm up over your head and chop down, your fist ending at about shoulder level. Your left arm simultaneously sweeps in front of your face and chops downwards behind you. This is Second Brother Chops Firewood. Hanging Punch: Step your right foot to your left, then out north into a right Bow Arrow stance. Protect your body with your left palm and hang a backfist at face level. This is Reverse Hanging of Golden Lotus. Sinking Punch: Step the right foot back to the left, then out east into a Bow Arrow stance. Sink the left fist down towards beside your right knee. The right arm is slightly behind you and to your side. Armpit Punch: Without moving your foot position, shift your weight to the west into a left sideways Bow-Arrow stance, leaning somewhat forward and strike your Phoenix Eye fist at where an opponent's armpit would be if he were standing just north of you (your feet are in a line that is perpendicular to your foe, were he facing southward). This is Crane Drinks Beside Stream. Throwing Punch: Without moving your foot position, shift your weight back eastwards into a right sideways Bow Arrow stance. As you settle, turn your waist and throw both extended arms and fists upwards, the left arm northwards and the right arm behind you southwards. This is known as Throwing Ball In Waves. Wuji: Stand upright, feet together, hands at sides.