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Freehold Estates Fee Simple -Absolute to A to A and her heirs -Determinable/Subject to A so long as... to an Executory Limita- while...

tion during... unless... until... -Subject to a Condition to A provided that... Subsequent/Executory on condition... Limitation but if... -Fee Tail to A and the heirs of his body -Life Estate to A for life

Future Interest Grantor None Third Person None

Possibility of Reverter

Executory Interest

Right of Reentry

Executory Interest




Remainder Executory Interest

Non-Freehold Estate Term of Years to A for _____ years

Future Interest Reversion Remainder

Remainders can be vested or contingent Vested remainders: owned by an ascertained person or persons and are not subject to a condition precedent

1) 2)

Contingent remainders: 1) either the owner is unascertained or possession of the property is subject to a condition precedent RAP Subject to RAP Contingent remainders Not Subject to RAP Vested remainders

Subject to RAP Vested remainders subject to open Executory interests

Not Subject to RAP Vested remainder subject to defeasance Reversions Possibilities of reverter Rights of reentry