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Title 7: Warranties Kinds of Warranties Warranty vs Representation

Title 8: Premium Payment by installments When will the insurer be liable despite non-payment of premiums? Grace Period Cash Surrender Value Extended Insurance Automatic Loan Clause Reinstatement(Sec. 224) Return of Premium(Sec. 79,81)

Title 9 : Loss Proximate Cause vs Immediate Cause Losses for which Insurer Liable (Sec. 85)

Title 11: Double Insurance Requisites Test of Double Insurance Prohibition against Double Insurance Over-Insurance insured obtains a policy in an amount exceeding his insurable interest

Title 12 : Reinsurance Purpose Retrocession Reinsurance policy vs reinsurance treaty Necessity of Reinsurance(Section 215 & 275) Distinguish from double insurance Bordereau Reinsurance Compact vs Facultative Reinsurance

Title 1: Marine Insurance Includes what(Sec. 99) Perils of the ship vs Perils of the Sea Barratry Inchmaree Clause All risks Policy( except when arising from fraud of the insured, intentional misconduct on the part of the insured, excluded in the policy) Charter Party(in relation to Sec.100) Loan on Bottomry and Respondentia Freightage Implied Warranties in Marine Insurance o Seaworthiness o No Improper Deviation from agreed voyage o No engagement in illegal venture o When nationality/neutrality is expressly warranted, requisite documents are brought which will show such nationality/neutrality and not bring any documents which would cast suspicion thereon Insurer may be still liable despite unseaworthiness (when damage wasnt caused by particular defect that caused unseaworthiness) Deviation, kinds(Sec. 124) Loss, kinds(Sec. 127-131) FPA(free from particular average) clause Abandonment, when can be done(Sec.139) Effects of Abandonment Co-Insurance(Insured responsible for difference in the true value of property and the amount of insurance) requisites(Sec. 157) o Always present in marine, in fire only if expressly stipulated Sue and Labor Clause

Title 2: Fire Insurance Includes fire, lightning, windstorm, tornado , earthquake and other allied risks Option to Rebuild Clause

Title 3: Casualty Insurance Includes employers liability insurance, public utility insurance , motor vehicle liability insurance, plate glass insurance, burglary and theft insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance

Title 4: Suretyship Distinguish from guaranty

Title 5: Life Insurance Kinds of Life Insurance o General, ordinary or old line o Limited Payment o Endowment Insurance o Term Life o Advance o Tontine Insurance Annuity, distinguish from life insurance Suicide, when is insurer liable Industrial Life Insurance