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Ordering Information Specify Model Accuracy Input Current (in Amps) 1 5 AUX Supply (in volts) 110 240

TOU Enable Energy + Max DM + DM Ctrl RS 485 COM Port Import / Export

CL 1.0 EM 3460 CL 0.5

EM 3460 Smart Demand Controller

Comes with a TOU (Time of Use) option. Helps to reduce electrical energy bills. Better management of electrical energy usage... pay back could be less than a year!

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Non TOU meter is Upgradable to TOU meter at authorized service center, bangalore. RS 485 is standard for meters with TOU. If customer insist on external authority certification for accuracy, the charges to be borne by customer. For Meters with Acc.Class 0.2 please contact authorised Schneider Electric representative.

Schneider Electric strives for continuous product innovation. Product specifications are therefore subject to change without notice.

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Power and energy monitoring

Optimizes demand utilization

Visualizes unbalance in system

Smart Demand Controller EM 3460

Features n True RMS n Easy to install n Facility to store previous period integrated data under the Function OLD n Data maintained under Power Failure n Built-in Phase Analyser n Programmable PF Lock to match EB requirement n Security :Access to Set & Clear functions through User programmable Code n Display : Crisp, High visibility, Bright Red LED, 0.56 height, digital readout 7 digit. Instantaneous Parameters 4 digit, Energy Parameters 6 Digit n Maximized Resolution through Floating Decimal Point with auto scaling Kilo to Mega values. n Auto scrolling with user selectable parameters (upto 16 parameters)

Features n Measures : - Voltage Line to Line per phase and average - Voltage Line to Neutral per phase and average - Voltage Neutral to Earth - Current per phase and average - Neutral Current - Phase Angles of V1, V2, V3, I1, I2, I3 - % Total Harmonic Distortion of V1, V2, V3, I1, I2, I3 n Frequency of supply and Generator RPM. n Power Parameters Per phase and Total (kVA, kW, kVAR,) n PF per phase and 3 phase n All Energy Parameters (kVAh, kWh, kVARh, Avg PF, Avg V, Amp Hours, Avg Hz). Also, Off Hrs, and No of Interruptions. n Monitors Demand Parameters : (kVA or kW) Instantaneous Demand & Maximum Demand, Day, Date & Time of MD occurrence n TOU (TOU setting can be done thro utility software CONPAD) : - Energy TOU - Maximum Demand TOU - Demand Control TOU n User Programmable Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Essential Load and Prediction Interval for Sophisticated Demand Control n 3 Change Over Potential free control outputs for: Predicted Demand exceeds Target, Demand exceeds Target & Restore Load n Records High-Low Profiles with 4 peaks and 4 lows for V, A, Hz, PF and all power parameters with Day, Date and Time of occurance n Generation of High-Low Profiles for Maximum Demand with Day, Date and Time of occurance n Generates Demand Profile at 19 Demand Levels for setting realistic Demand Targets according to user-programmed Demand Level 0 and Step size n Real Time Clock (Shows current Date, Time, Power ON Time, Power OFF Time, RUN Hrs & OFF Hrs.), No. of interruptions n Relay Outputs to control shedding and restoration of loads n Auto reset feature to clear or reset the INTG to zero on a pre-programmed date and time (only in TOU version) n Accuracy Class 1.0, 0.5 n Optically isolated RS 485 serial port n Import & Export Energy (IE) recording The EM 3460 meter can accept Full Scale up to 650MVA Only. Full scale is given by ( 3 X Vpri X Ipri) Note: RS 485 is standard for meters with TOU Note:

EM 3460

Technical Specifications n Sensing n Measurement n Voltage Input n Current Input n Maximum Current n Frequency n Burden on PT or CT n Class 1.0 n Class 0.5 n Accuracy of Hz n Accuracy of n Display Update : : : : : : : : : : : : 3 Phase, 3 Wire/4Wire (field configurable) True RMS 110 to 415 V nominal (Range 80 - 500V) 5 or 1 Amp (Factory set) nominal 120% of nominal 50 Hz 5%, 60 Hz 5% 0.2 VA Max. (0.2% of Full Scale + 0.8% of reading + 1 digit). (0.1% of Full Scale + 0.4% of reading + 1 digit). 0.2% of reading 10 ( 20% to 120% of Full Scale). Instantaneous & Integrated parameters 1sec Demand parameter 15 sec Easy to operate sealed Membrane type Factory Set, Single Ph 50 Hz 240V (190-270V) or 110V (85-130V). Burden 5VA maxAC only. 0.5 PF Lag-Unity-0.8 PF Lead Bezel 192 x 144mm. Depth behind Bezel 110mm. n Weight n Panel Cutout n Operating temp. n Emission n Fast Transient n ESD n Impulse voltage n Protection against dust & water : : : : : : : : 1800 gms. Approximately 186 x 138mm (+1 - 0 mm) 00 - 600C ambient. CISPR 22 Upto 2kV, IEC 61000 - 4 - 4, level 3, IEC 61000 - 4 - 2 6kV, IEC 60060, 1.2/50 Front IP 51 Rear IP 40

TOU Feature Programmable for n 6 seasons in a year n 3 weekend profiles in a season n 10 public holidays n 8 tariff zones per day TOU Enabling n TOU is Factory enabled on Order n TOU Setup - TOU Tariff time zone setup & sub integrators configurable through setup utility (ConPAD) - Demand Control limits (UL & LL) user selectable through partial setup or setup utility n TOU for all integrated parameters - Energy Parameters- kVAh, kWh, kVARh andAh - PF avg, V avg, F avg, and Run hrs - MaxDM n Demand Control TOU-User SelectableVA / W This meter can also be used for non TOU application

n Accuracy (For V, A, PF & all Power & Energy parameters)

n Front Panel Keys n Auxiliary Supply

: :

Auto Reset Feature (In TOU version only) n n n Setup thro PC using utility software Clear all Integrator parameters on a preset date & time and stores the previous data into OLD register Programmable auto reset date between 1 to 28th day of month

n Power Factor n Dimensions

: :

Benefits n Offers comprehensive power and energy monitoring at feeders and individual loads n Retrieves previous energy reading to cross check utility meter readings or electricity bills n Analyses loading patterns n Visualizes unbalance in system n Checks for wrong connection, reversed phase sequence, deteriorating power factor compensation on one of the phases etc n Ensures automatic synchronisation of demand with utility meter n n n n n n Displays max demand along with date and time of occurrence Helps to set realistic demand target Predictive feature enables prior indication of crossing demand Facilitates tripping of non essential loads Optimizes demand utilization Improves system efficiency

Setup Utility n A GUI based software tool for programing meters n Downloadable from website

n Rugged Construction Conforms to:

= Standard,

= Optional

n 3 Potential Free Relay Configurable for n Predictive Demand >UL (PdDM>UL) n Demand >UL (DM>UL) n Restore

Applications n Helps to achieve better plant load factor (PLF). n Record and analyze Power & Energy Data of Energy intensive loads n Separately monitor Import/Export of energy (optional) n Relate energy input to product output in batch operation n Monitor large loads which contribute to Demand Peaks n Assess Energy Efficiency of operations 3d VA measurement (For Version 06 & above) n The EM 3460 is equipped with 3d VA Measurement capability. This accurately includes Distortion power (D) per IEEE100, into the VA calculation. So, VA3D = W2 + VAR2 + D2 n However Arithmetic VA (VAArith = VA1+VA2+VA3) is also available as a set-up option if you need to match with simpler or older meters.