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An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary, an instrument of public education and talks about the problem of global warming in the earth

and inspires people to take action to save the earth. This documentary centers on Al Gore, and his campaign to make global warming a recognized problem worldwide. Gore combines objective scientific evidence, humor and personal insights to create a powerful exploration of what he clearly believes is the most critical issue of this or any other time in human history. Davis Guggenheim was the director of the documentary. The documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore is an eye opener and also a wake up call for us. We have heard about global warming before, probably back in grade school but we knew a little about it or we only knew the meaning of the term global warming. The documentary gave us a deeper understanding of what global warming really is and what will be the consequences if we do not do something about it. And honestly, we never really cared. We were one of those people who treat it very lightly and after watching An Inconvenient Truth we caught off guard by the concrete and hard fact. After watching the documentary I knew what Earths big time enemy is today, and that is global warming. The way the documentary is presented is very effective. Al Gore defined and described global warming in a way a nonscience-loving-environmentalist-geek would understand. Most likely, that would be the reason why it won so many awards. The documentary showed the basic process of global warming which is the greenhouse gases are trapping the sun's heat in the earth's atmosphere which makes the earth warm. The greenhouse gases are caused by producing too much CO2. When Al Gore compared the old and new photos of the same place, the difference was very obvious. We can clearly see that the glaciers are starting to melt. Al Gore also showed graphs and charts showing that every year the production of CO2 is getting higher also earth's temperature is getting

warmer. Other nations are trying to do something about global warming. Most national governments have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is an amendment to the international treaty on climate change, assigning mandatory emission limitations for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the signatory nations. The objective of the protocol is the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. The documentary of Al Gore is very interesting, because it does not only give you information about global warming but also it will awaken you to take good care of our mother earth. It clearly showed the environmental conditions our planet is facing. Part of the reason why We like it because that Gore presents a powerful message that combines factual information, humour and, ultimately, hopes. I really like how Al Gore relates his life story with what was happening in the earth, especially global warming. We were shocked that there was already big increase on carbon dioxide emission. We don't like the fact that he put some issues in politics, especially on what happened in 2000 presidential election in America . The global warming issue was properly and well explained by giving so animations, graphics, and video clips. We realized how much we take our actions for granted, never giving any thought if those actions will have negative impact on the environment. We really like what he said in the documentary, We no longer have much time left to change, but we do have time. We were awakened by the documentary and it made me feel that it's our time to secure our future. We learned that if we are humane enough about the issue of global warming, we must encourage ourselves to make the change. Indeed, An Inconvenient Truth hits sharp and it hits hard. If you love our mother earth, watch it. No wait, don't just watch it, do something. Start making changes, to save the earth for ourselves and the next generation who will inherit it.

This documentary attempts to impact American citizens through factual evidence about the reality of global warming and that it is caused by the actions of the people. Whether or not we agree with Mr. Gores theories obviously some kind of action must be taken. It is important that we as a people understand our position, so that we can shift the crisis effecting our world. With the impact of global warmingMany countries have proposed to limit greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment. It should not be mandatory for all countries to have a limit on their greenhouse gas emissions regardless of they are a developing country, because limit carbon emissions in developing countries is not fair and if developed countries do not take into account the low-carbon development in developing countries may be lead to more emissions. The beginning of the documentary introduces Al Gores presentation on climate change, which consists of a research based on historical data and scientific studies that certify the existing danger of global warming. As a way of steering its audiences attention on this subject, Gore exposes several impressive images of the Earth; photographs that were taken during important space missions. In addition to this, the Planets beauty and fragility is revealed and the former vice president claims that these photographs have provided people with a different perspective regarding the issue of preserving the nature by developing an environmental oriented behavior. Furthermore, the documentary tackles the scientific view on global warming and the effects that this phenomenon has and will have on the environment. Throughout the entire documentary, Gore focuses on the topics of greenhouse gas emissions, on the connection between CO2 levels and global temperature and on the actions that can be realized in order to decrease global CO2 levels. During Gores presentation, one can observe how global warming develops in time due to the greenhouse gases produced by emissions of CO2 which enable the suns heat to be kept in

the Earths atmosphere. In order to support his theory, Gore illustrates the global warming effects through a relevant comparison of old and new photographs of different places from Antarctica; places where the glaciers have melted in a great amount during the years. As frightening as these photographs might seem, what is of highly relevance are the detailed graphs and charts that present the rate according to which the production of CO2 amplifies each year. Taking the issue even further, Gore constantly emphasizes the imminent danger that the melting of land-based ice and the impact it will have on global water levels, and the severe global impact of the polar ice cap melting. Moreover, throughout the film, one can notice glimpses of political philosophy, as well as reflections from Gores childhood and excerpts that represented major periods of challenge and change from his life. I consider these glimpses as being relevant evidences of Gores commitment and dedication towards the issue of protecting the environment. As the documentary unfolds towards the end, the former Vice President points out the importance that appropriate actions and combined efforts can have on successfully reversing the effects of global warming. Al Gores devotion to inform the world of the eminent danger that we might face in the future, catches ones attention and his statement that action should be undertaken immediately, is a strong compelling argument. In this sense, Gore provides a striking conclusion: Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each one of us can make choices to change that with the things we buy, the electricity we use, the cars we drive; we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero. The solutions are in our hands, we just have to

have the determination to make it happen. We have everything that we need to reduce carbon emissions, everything but political will. But in America, the will to act is a renewable resource. From Gores statement, one can notice that although we are all responsible for the global warming, we are in the same time the only ones who can prevent this phenomenon from going even further. Taking this fact into consideration, we need to start living a sustainable life. A sustainable way of life can be attained by exploring the alternative energy sources, by making environment protection and preservation one of our priorities in our day-to-day lives and by increasing awareness in our communities on the importance of recycling actions. Therefore, as it is stressed by Gore also, the solution to stop pollution and global warming can be realized only through radical social change. Nowadays, there exist even more indicators that strengthen the fact that global warming is a real process which expands every year. Regarding this aspect, I can affirm that this film has convinced me of the disastrous effects that this phenomenon has on our planet and that every action taken by each of us can definitely change this situation. Every citizen on the planet can have an environmental-oriented behavior and can act in order to slow climate change before it is too late to be reversed. In this sense I would personally affirm that a sustainable form of living is the answer to preserving natural resources and a healthy environment for our future generations. In fewer words only we can change the present and future condition of our planet, it depends on us whether we stand up and defend our planet by adopting a sustainable life.