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12.07.2012; 08:20 am Delhi Nakshatra: There are 28 nakshatras including Abhijit Nak. Abhijit Nak.

Got submerged in to Shravan and Dhanistha Nak. Thereafter, the counting of nak. Came up to 27 only. These 27 nak clubbed in 3 different parts Janma, Anujanma and Trijanma Nakshatra. If we count from Ashwini nak. So from Ashwini to Ashlesha, 9 Nak are janma Nak. And from magha to Jyestha nak another 9 nak are anujanma nak and from Moola to Revati nak another 9 nak are Trijanma Nak. What is the essence of janma nak:Iin whichever the nak the native is born that nak till the 9 nak it will be called Janma nak cycle. From the 10th nak till the 18th nak, it will be called as anujanma Nak and from 19th to 27th nak it will be called as Trijanma Nak. Set. Janma Nak cycle is the set which have potency to give results during this life, planet when they transit in the Janma nak or influence Janma nak favourably, on ewill have auspicious happening in his life. Whereas it is maliciously influencing or it is afflicting janma nak, one will have physical discomfort. If benefic become malefic, one will suffer from ill luck become benefics, on ewill get sudden wealth acquisition in life. In horoscope, these influences shall be judged that in the Janm Nak cycle (9 Nak) or ( 4 rashis) counted from Lagna while delineating the Dasha Sequence and use moon nak while working with transit. In these four rashis good results. Second set of nak ( 10th to 18 nak) or ( 5th to 8th rashis) Anujanma nak denotes intervening things between from your past karma and present karma. This set of nak will show the capability or potency of a native to achieve, executing and analyzing the work to the present body. But I have to get or face during this life. aatma ke bal ko samajh kar parinaam dene ki yogyata anujanma nak se pata chalti hai. It is very essential that the planet placed in this set of nak or transiting here must not be afflicted. Most important are the planets in Anujanma Nak. Planets posited in Janma Nak set should not be inimical to the planets posited in Anujanma Nak (radical enemies) E.g. Mars and Saturn placed in 4th and lagna respectively. These people definitely take wrong decisions/ Mars in 3rd H and Saturn in 6th H (one is in janma and another in Anujanma) these people have the attitude like I dont care) and face irreparable losses in life. If Jupiter in Mrigshira and Venus in Chitra, being the common factor Mars indicated that affliction to Mars will lead these people to do wrong deeds. Affliction : 1. when a planet is transiting in a particular rashi more than its designated time. 2. If the planet is transiting in eclipsed nak. 3. If the nak of that particular planet is afflicted. 4. If the planet is atichari.

5. If the planet is fallen If a fallen planet in janma Nak set is placed in Anujanma nak set in natal chart give bad results. If fast moving planets like Moon, Mercury and Venus are posited in Anujanma Nak set. There will be changes in the life of the native rapidly. Planet should be good in Janma Nak set. planets in good condition in the four houses after Moon are considered good. Trijanma Nak : it is denoted by red Colour because its wavelength is long & can be seen far means Trijanma Nak shows your past life deeds. Saturn placed in 9th to 12th H (trijanma Nak set ) is good may lead to sanyasa. Placement of Venus give strength to the Second house from it. Placement of Jupiter give strength give strength to the 12th H from it. Trijanma Nak are considered to be the reservoir of our karma. They interact or produce result favourably or unfavourably depending upon the transitory position. Exalted planets are not good in Janma Nak set. However, own house planets are favourable enough here. Retrograde Planets should not be in anujanma Nak

Janma Exalted Not Good

Anujanma Nak Retrograde not good


Exalted Good Debilitated not good