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Dealer Develops Versatile Sprayer for AGGRAND Products

AGGRAND natural fertilizers are increasingly popular as savvy consumers look for environmentally friendly products that enhance crops and soils. One frequently asked question is, How do I prevent sprayers from clogging? Clogging sometimes occurs because most sprayers have a bank of nozzles that distribute the material in droplet form and use screens to prevent contaminants from entering and plugging the orifice of the nozzle. The screens increase the probability that AGGRAND products will clog the sprayer because their natural composition holds larger particles in suspension that may accumulate on the screens. To ensure even and consistent application, AGGRAND recommends removing the screens and using spray nozzles designed for coarse or extra coarse droplet size. For specific recommendations consult www.aggrand.com or AGGRAND Technical Service at 715-399-6419.

Dealer Rises to the Challenge

Dealer Glen Thomas of Pittsburgh, Pa. area developed a sprayer that helps him consistently apply AGGRAND products.. He was inspired by another Dealers innovative design that is featured in the AGGRAND Dealer Zone at the Product Application Tips page at www.aggrand.com. Thomas wanted a sprayer small enough to fit in his pickup truck, but still spray a wide swath. Loosely following the design he found online, Thomas developed a boomless sprayer with a 100-gallon tank. The design allows him to have one piece of metal coming off the trailer hitch of the pickup about 6 feet. With the boomless sprayer I can spray a 60-foot swath, Thomas said. I can spray an entire hay field in practically no time. He uses TeeJet nozzles that are more like a shower head with a number of openings, rather than a number of single-opening nozzles such as those usually used on a boom.

INNOVATION Dealer Glen Thomas uses this custom-made sprayer to apply AGGRAND products for himself and his customers.

That made it easy to use my truck to apply the products, Thomas said. Thomas said it takes time and effort to establish a business and offers to apply the products for new customers. Any business is no overnight thing, he said. I use my sprayer as a tool to cultivate my business.

Keep AGGRAND Products From Settling

AGGRAND recommends using a system that recirculates the mixture while driving on the field. This helps maintain suspension of the product during application. For smaller ATV sprayers, normal movement proves sufficient for mixing. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and Kelp and Sulfate of Potash show the least amount of settling, while the Natural Bonemeal requires the most agitation to remain in suspension.


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From Walts Corner

Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash:

Health Food for Plants

Every now and then here at AGGRAND, we look at ourselves and ask: Why arent we selling more Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 (NKP)? This product is a highly concentrated health food for plants, which makes it a no-brainer for savvy AGGRAND users. So, heres some information we hope will make it another one of the must-have products in your AGGRAND stable. AGGRAND developed Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash as a primarily potassium- and sulfur-based product for foliar applications and potassium supplementation. Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash can be mixed with water at a fairly low concentration (1 percent to 2 percent) and be quite effective. Plants can absorb nutrients up to 20 times faster through the leaf cuticle than through the root s, though in significantly smaller quantities; however, it is enough to promote a significant response. Growers can either apply AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash on a calendar basis (every 2 weeks), or on the basis of the plants stage of development: first true leaves, budbreak, flowering, etc. Just check the AGGRAND crop or garden guide (G2793 and G1292, available in the Dealer Zone at www.aggrand. com) for the specific application. If you arent sure, apply bi-weekly for fast-growing plants or monthly for perennial crops. A great method for foliar application of AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash is using a hand pump or backpack sprayer. Just mix about 2 ounces Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash per gallon of water and soak as much of the leaf surface, top and bottom, as possible with the solution.

Powerful Ingredients for Plants

Kelp provides growth hormones, trace minerals and potassium. When applied to wine grapes, studies show that kelp extract increases yield, disease resistance and wine quality. Sulfate of Potash provides a balanced source of potassium and sulfur readily absorbed by plants. Fulvic acid helps usher other nutrients into the plant via a process called chelation, and humic acid provides increased microbial activity in the root zone. Plants need potassium to develop thicker cell walls and stronger stalks, helping to avoid penetration by fungal spores and insect mouthparts. This helps protect plants from disease and damage, both in the field and after harvest. Potassium also can be absorbed more readily through the leaf cell walls than the other macronutrients, and when combined with the sulfur in the Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash, creates an ionically balanced nutrient combination more easily used by plants in both root and foliar applications. Sulfur is critical to nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis, and in the formation of proteins and oils, so it is important in the development of high nutritional value in legume forages like alfalfa and clover, as well as higher quality and extended shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

You Will See a Difference

What all this means for you is plants that are more vigorous, more tolerant of heat and drought (thicker cell walls) and more nutritious (better protein synthesis).
FOLIAR FEEDING WITH NKP AGGRAND Certified Crop Advisor Walt Sandbeck demonstrates foliar feeding with Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash at AGGRAND headquarters in Superior, Wis.


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USDA Biobased Label Gains Popularity

A new rule in 2011 that created the BioPreferred label to help consumers identify green products has grown to identify more than 500 products. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 is among those products. On Jan. 20, 2011 the Federal Register published a rule from the USDA, the Voluntary Labeling Program for Biobased Products. This rule created a label for biobased products that are certified by the USDA. It gives consumers and federal procurement personnel a reputable and verified source for ensuring the products they purchase are green. The label rule took effect on February 22, 2011. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Kathleen Merrigan revealed the products.When consumers see the BioPreferred label in a store, theyll know that the product or its packaging is made from renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials, she said. One year later, there are more than 500 USDA Certified Biobased products available, the label is beginning to show up on store shelves and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, and companies have submitted more than 1,000 applications to date. The future looks bright for biobased products, and consumers as well as federal procurement personnel have more choices than ever and more information to evaluate products when making decisions about purchasing green products.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

Multi-purpose excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, crops and houseplants Formulated for foliar feed or soil application Promotes plant vigor Convenient liquid concentrate Can be mixed with other AGGRAND products for easy application

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime

High-quality, super-fine limestone Specifically formulated for foliar and root applications Use on lawns, pastures and hay fields Combine with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer to supply additional calcium Easy-to-apply liquid concentrate produces no dusty mess


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New AGGRAND Testimonials Brochure Available

The new AGGRAND Testimonials brochure (G2986) is eight pages of first-hand stories of success using AGGRAND natural fertilizers. AGGRAND Dealers and customers share their experiences about applications on everything from lawns and home gardens to large commercial farming. These personal stories of success with AGGRAND products are a vital tool for Dealers when talking with prospective customers.
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AGGRAND News Issues Online

MARKET CROP AGGRAND Dealer Darrell AGGRAND News is a quarterly publication that offers detailed information onNatural Fertilizer AGGRAND Mahlberg applies AGGRAND fertilizer use and application available online at www.aggrand.com aronia berry bushessection in the Articles in Charter 4-3-3 on his of the website. Dealers gain access to the AGGRAND archive back to 2001 by logging into Oak, Iowa. Mahlberg is in the second year using AGGRAND to fertilize the bushes. of how the AGGRAND Dealer Zone Articles section. Most issues include testimonials Aronia berries, or black chokeberries, are native to the Dealers and customers apply AGGRAND fertilizers. Youll also find helpful growing tips United States and are valued for their high and general horticulture information. antioxidant content.
AGGRAND application rates and experiences featured here have been submitted by sources independent of AGGRAND. Your experiences may vary. Optimal application rates can vary due to soil condition, crop type, weather patterns and many other factors. AGGRAND recommends and supports soil analysis to determine optimal application rates.


I formulated AGGRAND fertilizer, so I know how good it is.
Al Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

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