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Kinds of flowers

Flowers are a blessing of nature. Their beautiful colors and pleasant scent makes this world a heaven. There are varieties of flowers, some of which are mentioned here: Hibiscus Hibiscus is the Chinese rose and has over twenty shades. Blooms almost all year round. Any garden seems dull without this excellent bush that will take root even when a branch is planted in the ground. It is the national flower of Hawaii.

Hollyhocks (Alcea Rosea) Hollyhocks, or Alcea Rosea, are the darlings of every park, home-garden and courtyard where flowers are grown in winter for colour and decor. This plant may grow to six feet and lasts longer than any winter annual. A must for every park, can be grown even in pots.

Bougainvillea Bougainvillea, otherwise known as paper flower, come from Australia. Plant and forget them because they love to grow by themselves, asking just for a sip of water and a pinch of manure. A delightful bush that loves the soil grows profusely anywhere, but hates shade. Bougainvilleas are popular ornamental plants in most areas with warm climates, including Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, the Mediterranean region, the Caribbean, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, South Africa, the southern United States and Hawaii. Numerous cultivars and hybrids have been selected, including nearly thornless shrubs. Some Bougainvillea cultivars are sterile, and are propagated from cuttings.

Chinese Trumpet Creeper This handsome creeper also known as Golden Shower will cling to almost any surface by means of aerial roots and is a useful fast cover. Its trumpet-like flowers are lovely. A must for every home.

Celosia Argentea Celosia Argentea, cockscomb in general terminology, is also known as the Chinese wool flower. It thrives well in hot and humid climate. Seeds are readily available.

Rose The rose is considered the queen of flowers for its splendid colour variations, delicate petals and pleasant fragrance. Over 250 varieties of rose flowers are found in the wild . The third, slightly pale yellow variety grows in China. These three were crossed and recrossed to produce different colours, hues, and sizes. Over a thousand and five hundred hybrids are known. Remember, the rose likes to grow alone and dislikes soggy soil.

Cassia Fistula These small trees will grow anywhere in any soil. Do plant it. The flowers are like golden candles. Passers-by usually stop to admire the bloom, which brings a smile to every face.

Silk Cotton Tree (Bombax Ceibe) It remains green, and leafy throughout the year, but as winter approaches, it will shed leaves, and bloom with bright red flowers that attract several types of insects and nectar seeking birds. The bud, after a couple of weeks, bursts open with its silken-thready filaments with seeds at their end. The wind carries away light silken threads all around, where, in shade and moist soil, the seeds sprout to start the pleasure regeneration cycle once more. This silk is also used to stuff pillows.

Clitoria Ternatea (Mussel Shell Creeper) Clitorians are also known as butterfly-pea, known for their open pea-flower of cobalt blue which is quite a rare colour in the botanical world. This fast-growing creeper blooms throughout the warm weather and can be grown from seeds.

Peacock Flower (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima) An excellent bush with lovely miniature, they are flowers that bloom in summer. Also known as the Bird of Paradise. The text book advises that seeds be soaked in warm water to soften its tough coat, but when I planted them straight, they all sprouted. Great decorative shrubs for every home-garden. Easy to grow. Ask for a few seeds from the neighbours, they will give it free as the pods grow luxuriously. Plant only the brown mature seeds.