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DAILY LESSON PLAN Subject Class Date Time Enrolment Theme/topic Skills/specification : English Language : 5 Cergas : 03 April 2012

: 09.45 10.15 a.m (30 mins) : 28 pupils (12 boys, 16 girls) : World of knowledge - Animals : 1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct intonation and word stress of phrases, expressions, and sentences. 1.2.2 Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions with the correct stress and intonation. (Level 2) 1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases in context. 1.3.1 Listen to key words and phrases heard. 2.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately. 2.1.3 Repeat phrases and expressions with the correct intonation and stress.(Level 2) 2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language. 2.6.2 Give reasons why one likes or does not like the story.(Level 2) 3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts. 3.3.2 Read and understand simple sentences.(Level 2) 4.4 Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentence. 4.4.1 Complete missing letters in texts. (Level 1)

Teaching points hedgehog Previous knowledge

: Keywords : peacock, Leopard, hippopotamus,

: 1. Pupils have learnt simple word with correct pronunciation. 2. They are able to write simple words.

Learning outcomes

: by the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. Read sentences fluently with correct pronunciation. 2. Identify the keywords use in the stories

Educational emphasis

: listening, speaking, reading, thinking skills

Moral values Teaching materials

: teamwork (help each other), hardworking, brave : Word cards, big book, picture cards, handsout


Content i) Pupils make sounds of animals that they knows.

Induction (5 minutes)

Teaching and learning activities 1. Teacher ask the pupils to make sound of animal that they know. 2. Pupils make the various sound of animal.


Step 1 (5 minutes)

i) Read and spell the name of animal Leopard hippopotamus hedgehog peacock

1. Teacher shows the picture cards of animals. 2. Teacher ask the pupils to match the picture of animal with the word cards. 3. Pupils need to spell the name of animals.

Word cards

Step 2 (10 minutes)

i) Teacher shows the Big Book about animal story.

1. Teacher shows the Big Book about animal story. 2. Teacher read the story in the Big Book with the pupils.

Word cards

Pictures cards 3. Pupils read the story in the Big Book together.

Step 3 (5 min)

Fill in the blank activity

1. Teacher give the sentences with blank. 2. Pupils need to fill in the blank with the correct animal. 3. Teachers guide the pupils to fill in the blank with the correct answer.

Closure (summing up) (5 minutes)

Make conclusion

1. Teacher ask what the pupils learnt. 2. Teacher choose the pupils randomly to ask the question.