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JMJ Marist Brothers Notre Dame of Dadiangas University COLLEGE OF NURSING Marist Avenue, General Santos City

Theme: Malinis na Kapaligiran, Mainam sa Kalusugan

Adriano P. Dela Cerna Hospital Incorporated May 12, 2012 7:00 am

This serves as an invitation

General Objective At the end of the activity, the patients will be able to realize the importance of cleanliness in relation to health promotion and disease prevention. Specific Objectives To orient oneself with the importance of cleanliness; To foster environmental self-awareness; To develop social integration through group efforts; To establish good and healthy working environment; To identify means in proper garbage disposal; To build ones sense of responsibility for the environment; and To provide environment conducive for health maintenance

Time 05:45-06:15am 06:15-06:40am 06:40-06:45am 06:45-08:00am

06:45-08:00am 06:45-08:00am

Activities Pre-Conference Arrival at the hospital Cell Out Preparation of Activity Area Activities of Daily Living Bathing and Grooming Breakfast Administration of Medications Vital Signs Taking

08:00-08:05am 08:05-08:10am 08:10-08:15am 08:15-08:40am Opening Prayer Singing of National Anthem Morning Exercise Orientation (Just for Today) Date and Time News Reporting Uprituals and Burning Desires Structured Therapy Nurse-Patient Interaction Intermission Number Reflection/ processing Snacks Evaluation Closing Prayer


09:50-10:20am 10:20-10:50am 10:50-11:00am

11:00-11:30am 11:30-12:00nn 12:00nn

Vital Signs Taking Cell In Restoration Post Conference Departure

S P E C C H I O D E F O R Z A 2013
GROUP I Clinical Instructor: Ms. Lodar Escobillo RN, MAN Ivan Rudolf Aguelo, SN Carmell Conchee Juaman, SN Droxand Pulma, SN Marlet Alquino, SN Florence Keith Cuizon, SN Lorie Mae Esimos, SN Ellan Krisitine Lazarito, SN Dianne Catherine Palmitos, SN Michicko Lois Tao, SN GROUP III Clinical Instructor: Ms. Leila Garcia RN, MAN Ralph Mari Dayot, SN Kaven Yasser Managcop, SN Eric Tiongco, SN Shannon Joyse Canzana, SN Rei Angeli Du, SN Kathleen Kei Eula, SN Benly Grace Mosqueda, SN Connie Mae Rivac, SN Diane May Vencer, SN Group II Clinical Intructor: Mr. Lloriellard Larona, RN Kismundo, Jelourd Leyva, Sharmaigne Pardilla, Christine Razon, Michael Angelo Virtudazo, Jessa Vail Cabinbin, Antonio IV Canoy, Graciel Mae Dela Cruz, Arvee Jade Estimo, Kris Bernadette Musa,Shahira Group IV Clinical Instructor: Ms. Maricris Togon, RN Arevalo, Camille Bianca Betacora, Florence Carta, Liezl Emba, Djoana Erika Gacal, Michael Rhys Guira, Floren Joy Nasser, Sittie Namra Yusepeng, Cameron Mae Mondragon, Cesar Rosit, Jeyah Vail

Oh my God, Give to my heart, compassion and understanding. To my hands, skills and tenderness; a gentle touch With patience and love. To my ears, the ability to listen To my lips, words of comfort When I falter and tire, Give me courage and strength. When I weaken because Im human, Inspire me on to greater length. In humility Lord, I labor long hours And though I may sometimes fret, My mission is mercy. Abide with me that I may never forget Lord, give me the intelligence, intuition and knowledge to assess. The reason, rationality and understanding So I may plan. Energy, agility and tenderness during implementation. The wisdom perception and fairness to evaluate. Most of all Lord, Give me patience, compassion and kindness For all people, to those I am called to serve. Amen.