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Lady Yules Steam Ship

Genre: Documentary Length: TBD Cast: TBD Budget: TBD Unlike many pre war yachts, Nahlin was neither requisitioned for the war effort, nor modernised in the post war era. Instead she survived largely unmodified. In 1988 William Collier had recently moved to the south of France and with the encouragement of Nicholas Edmiston set about investigating Nahlin's fate. Discovered on the banks of the Danube operating as a floating restaurant she was in a sorry state but, despite neglect, Nahlin's beauty shone through. Inspired by Collier's photographs the pair set about her rescue. With the collapse of the Soviet block and the Romanian revolution the yacht was sold to a privatised company. Edmiston and Collier began the hard task of her purchase & repatriation. With the volatile post communist political situation there was much frustration, but finally in 1999 Nahlin returned to British waters and today Nahlin is once again registered in her home port of Glasgow This film tells the remarkable story of its history and restoration and its colourful owners who sailed the world and spend their summers in a ranch in California. A large photo album by Bert Clark Thayer showing the Yule family in cowboy gear and in various pursuits there has become a priceless pictorial history of a British family who started the British film industry but whose life was like a movie as they and their Hollywood friends lived the cowboy life on the ranch.

Film Outline
In 1934 Lady Yule in collaboration with J.Arthur Rank and John Corefield founded The British Films Institute, thus creating these studios, which were responsible for such landmark films as Great Expectations, Superman and Casino Royal. Curiously the most extraordinary story never made into a screenplay here was that of the founder herself. Lady Henrietta Yule who commissioned the first privately owned steam-yacht in the world; The S. Y. Nahlin. After several extended cruises, including a circumnavigation, Lady Yule made Nahlin available for charter. In the summer of 1936 King Edward VIII chartered her for a cruise down the Adriatic and on to Istanbul. The presence of Wallis Simpson aboard attracted great media attention and the news of the royal romance immediately preceded the abdication crisis. These news reports also brought Nahlin to the attention of King Carol II of Romania who acquired her in 1937. With the outbreak of war King Carol quit his throne and Nahlin was left on the backwaters of the Danube. Ironically, this was to be Nahlin's salvation.

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