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To: All 2- Versiglia Officers Subject: Duties and Responsibilities of a Class Officer

Dear 2- Versiglia Officers,

The letter contains each officers duties and responsibilities for you to be guided with your tasks as student leader. This is also for the goal of bounding yourselves with your personal duty.

President He should maintain the discipline inside the classroom. He shall take charge in case there is no teacher taking over. He shall inform the absentees in the activities and assignments done during his absent day/s. He shall spearhead the class in activities (level mass, CEP).

Vice- President He is authorized to take charge of the class when the Class President is not around. He is to assist the Class President in his duties. He is the right hand of the president.

Secretary He is in charge in going to the LLCs office if the adviser is not around. The LC is in charge of substitutions. His companion is the absentee list. He is in charge of recording demerits and comments from teachers, including their sign to verify the statements. He is to follow up the bulletin board and he is the overall in charge of all designs in bulletin boards.

Treasurer He is in charge of the class funds of the section. He is also responsible in the loss and gain of the funds. He insures that the class funds are not more or less 5/week. He is also in charge of collection for Intramurals expenses. He must report the funds used at the certain day (must have a folder). He must calculate expenses every day, whether funds were utilized or not.

PRO (Public Relations Officer) He is in charge of the social affairs of the class, such as meetings, interactions, etc. He should be able to announce updates/notices as PRO.

Athletic Beadle He is in charge of all athletic affairs. He must know schedules of games during the Intramurals. He is to coordinate with the Treasurer through the jersey and its design shall be presented to the Principal for approval and once approved can be manufactured and paid.

CRA (Coordinator for Religious Affairs) He is in charge of the prayer leaders during Thursday/any other occasions needing scheduling of prayers. He is also in charge with the bulletin boards in the class (only with the side of Pastoral Thrust) He must know the schedules of the sponsorship and is also responsible of fixing people who will sponsor the mass.

On behalf of this letter, I hope you will do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well.

________________________________ John Ray C. Estrellado Class President, 2- Versiglia