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Tempworks Software

3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd

Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Vendor Management Rebooted

Setting the New Standard for Cost Containment, Performance

Management, and Staffing Excellence in a Web 2.0 World

By Gregg Dourgarian, CEO, TempWorks.Com


This paper describes the components – the roles, tasks and tools - of Tempworks Software’s
Vendor Management System (VMS).

Based on the principles of multi-tenancy, Web 2.0 frameworks, and database centralization,
Tempworks liberates the various parties involved in the VMS equation and allows end-clients to
achieve cost containment, performance management and staffing excellence. With true
integration, end-clients maximize cooperation between employees, candidates, hiring managers,
payroll/AP, 3rd party recruiters, staffing agencies and the government, and the result is better
talent, better security and compliance and lower costs.

The Tempworks story goes back to 1959 when engineer Ara Dourgarian began implementing a
variety of mechanical recruitment devices. In 1975, at a Manpower staffing franchise in
Sacramento, CA, Ara and his son, the author of this paper, began developing systems to handle
the needs of its large clients. A generation later, Tempworks VMS serves BMW, branches of the
federal government and many leading employers.
Tempworks Software
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Roles, Tasks, Tools

Role Name Role Description Tasks Related to System Tools

MSP • Managed Service • Administrates workforce • TWX
Provider management system • TempWorks payroll
• Manages contingent workforce and billing modules
• Provides single source billing
to client
• Pays contractors and agencies

Agency • Outside source for • Receives and manages job • Staffing system.
candidates orders assigned to it Proprietary or
• May maintain • Submits resumes against a job hosted as a node on
established order TWX
relationships with hiring • Arranges interviews between
managers hiring manager and candidate
• Does not solicit to
hiring managers
End-Client • Employs hiring • ATS, Hire/Fire, Benefits, • MSP’s TWX
Organization managers and other Payroll system
employees • Hiring Manager interfaces
• Needs to manage • Contingent workforce reporting
contingent workforce
• Needs to recruit and
manage its own in-
house workforce
Hiring • Hiring Managers are • Uses the system through an • TempWorks
Manager looking to fill, extend or online interface WebCenter.
end job orders • Creates requisitions that, when • Requisition facility
approved, become job orders
• Reviews ongoing billing for

Requisition • May manage hiring • Uses system through online • TWX

Approval managers interface
• 3rd Party
• Manages approval • Reviews and approves Requisition
process requisitions Approval System
• Finalizes approval • Reviews ongoing billing (i.e. Workforce
• Manages budgets Logic)
• Requests purchase orders and
increases and extensions to
purchase orders
Tempworks Software
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Role Name Role Description Tasks Related to System Tools

Candidate • A candidate is a person • Uses the system through an • TempWorks
seeking a temporary or online interface Applicant portal
direct hire job • Submits resumes
• Once hired to a direct • Submits applications,
hire position, the confidentiality agreements and
candidate becomes an other security forms
employee of the hiring • Searches open orders on web
manager’s organization
• A candidate may
maintain a status of
both direct hire
candidate and
temporary employee;
the system provides a
blended coverage of
these two states
Temporary • Temporary employee of • Uses the system through an • TempWorks
Employee an agency online interface Employee portal
• Performs work related • Submits time cards
to an assignment • Submits resume
• A candidate becomes an • Changes profile, personal or
assigned employee or professional data
temp when the first • Searches open orders on web
temporary assignment
begins • Reviews pay history on web
Staffing • Staffing Specialists • Receives and opens job orders • Proprietary system
Specialist manage the opening and in system or TWX
filling of job orders • Submits job order to Recruiter
with Temps or • Sends job orders to Agencies in
• Manage relationship
• Sends Candidate resumes to
with Hiring Manager
Hiring Manager
• Search database for
• Manages bill rate changes,
matching candidates
Temp address changes and
• Conduct outbound extensions
email broadcasts of job • Tracks temp performance on
descriptions to
assignment and proactively
matching candidates
review their status
• Interviews Candidate
• Fills job orders
Sales Team • Generates business • Conducts outbound direct • TWX
Leader from assigned accounts marketing campaigns including
• Generates new accounts emails and direct mail
• Manages accounts • Reviews sales and profit results
• Assures account by account
satisfaction with the
work of staffing
Tempworks Software
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Role Name Role Description Tasks Related to System Tools

Branch • Manages sales teams • Reviews financial performance • TWX
Manager • Hires/fires sales team of branch
leader • Trains personnel on system use
• Hires staffing
specialists and
Recruiter • Source and hire • Finds new candidates via word • TWX
candidates for direct of mouth; searching net; web
hire positions site requests
• Posts jobs to web sites • Reviews new Candidate
• Perform mid- resumes
assignment check-in • Phone screens new Candidates
with Temporary • Interviews Candidates
workers • Submits resumes to Staffing
Specialists in system
• Enters Candidate or Temp data
and profile in system
Finance • Verifies that everyone • Run financial reports in system • TempWorks payroll
gets paid • Run reports on all company and billing modules
• Tracks financial metrics

District • Hires and directs • Reviews financial results online • TWX

Manager / branch managers • Reviews testing, job
Senior Staff satisfaction, and other metrics
by branch

Payroll Clerk • Enters time cards • Enters data • TempWorks payroll

• Verifies automated • Proofs data and billing modules
entry from web, time • Runs payroll and invoicing
clock and telephony processes
• Detects duplicate payments,
fraudulent time cards
Billing • Adminstrates complex • Sets up and maintains billing • TempWorks payroll
Specialist billing requirements for criteria on customer record and billing modules
a client • Corrects bill rates entered by
• Generates ad hoc reports to
• Assures delivery of automated
Controller • Oversees back office • Maintains chart of accounts • TempWorks GL/AP
processes • Prepares financial statements
• Oversees general ledger • Reconciles bank accounts
and accounts payable • Manages Accounts Payable
Tempworks Software
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Role Name Role Description Tasks Related to System Tools

Collections • Processes payments • Enters payments, SBO’s, • TempWorks payroll
Manager • Places holds on clients NSF’s, etc and billing modules
that don’t pay • Processes pro forma payments
• Sends out collection (payments received prior to
statements invoice creation)
• Processes blanket payments
• Runs reports
TempWorks • Application service • Performs all database • Servers,
Application provider maintenance mode functions infrastructure
Service • Establishes and executes on
Provider disaster recovery and business
continuity processes
• Sets up scheduled application
and system tasks
• Writes queries and reports
• Sets up new users, manages
passwords and permissions
Tempworks Software
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Systems, Functions, Responsibilities

System System Description System Functions Responsible Party

TWX • Web-based workforce • Front-end for MSP, • Hosted service
management front-end approval authorities,
• .Net/Port 80 hosted staffing
• Requires IE 5.5 or greater
• Manage candidates,
departments, contacts
within departments,
bill and pay rates

TempWorks • Client server based front- • Generates invoices • Hosted service

Pay/Bill end for pay/bill personnel for vendors
Modules • Generates payments
to vendors
• Processes payroll and
billing for hosted
staffing companies
TempWorks • Web-based front-end for • Manages jobs, • Hosted service
WebCenter hiring managers, candidates, and
candidates, employees and requisitions for hiring
subcontractors manager
• Agencies verify
status of requisitions
distributed to them
TempWorks • Smart-client interfaces to • CRM • Hosted service
Mobile TempWorks database • View status of temps
• Mobile sales force onsite
application • View service
• Pull up addresses,
phone numbers, etc
TempWorks • Time clock interface • Generates data for • Hosted service
Time Center • Accepts wide range of payroll and invoicing
data feeds from end- • Quick turn-around
clients for end-client reports
TempWorks • Client server based front- • Manages bills • Hosted service
GL and AP end for controller’s office awaiting payment
• Maintains general
• Reconciles bank