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Hi all, First let me introduce . I am Rajan and currently I am working with TCS. I am an MCA graduate from Anna University- Chennai. I took my Vizag MT(Trainee) exam on June 28, 2009. The exam was really very easy compared to other PSU exams. Some of my class mates were given the same exam on 2008. As they told, the exam was very easy. Let me to summarize the exam pattern and the difficulty level. 1. Professional Aptitute ( I am from MCA) - Computer Science subjects. They asked only basic questions. They asked the questions only from the C. Even in the C, they didnt ask any questions from complex topics like pointers, structure, union , and file handling. They asked around 100 questions only from the variable declaration, const, string handling, function and its output and comments like this only.. These are very basic and no special preparation is needed. If you want to prepare, prepare the basic things from "Test Your C skills- By Yashwant Kanethkar". Many questions are same as the questions which is present in the exam. Most of the questions are taken from that book including the same options. So if you prepare for C from that book, its much sufficient. So don't waste the time for preparing for the technical questions. Complexity : Moderate. 2. Aptitude: Very basic questions from R.S Agarwal : Topics covered are : Age problem, Blood Relations, Boat and stream, and Train Problem. Just see the solved sample example from the R.S Agarwal. No need to study any tricky questions from these topics. They asked very basic questions and for that question no need to apply mind. Just apply the formula and you will get the answer. Nothing was complex. Just apply the direct formula and the answer. Complexity : Moderate. 3. Reasoning: They asked Data Interpretation Question. They gave 1. Line char, 2. Bar chart, 3. Pie chart. These questions were really tough. I spent most of the time (unnecessarily) for solving these questions. But finally I didn't get any answer. Be alert. They didn't ask anything else for reasoning. They asked 5 question from each chart (Total : 15 Questions) and all were very very difficult to solve. Prepare lot for this. Complexity : Moderate Difficulty 4. English They asked simple preposition and articles and very very basic grammar (just 6th standard level difficulty) and 6 meaning and opposite. For basic grammar no need to prepare. But for synonyms and antonyms you have to prepare. Complexity : Simple 6. GK: They asked only 5 questions. Only current affairs. No history and geography questions. Simple. Complexity : Simple When I took the exam, many questions didn't has proper answers. and there were lot of printing mistakes. So they announced re-test on 6th September.

Since the question pattern is so simple, there are lot of competition ( 2008 batch). The cut-off is too high and 1 marks also makes too much different. So prepare well and go for exam. There is no negative marking also.. [Note: Start to prepare atleast 2-3 days before. Prepare only basics. Concentrate more on Technical. For the apti, reasoning, english, gk you can attempt without any preparation. If you are really strong in Technical, no need any preparation at all. But my advice take some preparation and give exam. You can easily win. ] Regards, P. Rajan