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AVAMAR CHEATSHEET Scripts Repository: ftp://ftp.avamar.com/software/scripts/ Software Repository: ftp://ftp.avamar.

com/software/ CommandLine Dpnctl status

Add key ssh-agent bash ssh-add ~dpn/.ssh/dpnid

su - admin ssh-agent bash dstpassword=8RttoTriz HEALTHCHECK / ANALYSIS healthcheck.pl to gather most of the data and avmaint license ava to get the licensed amount.
Login to the utility node as admin

su - admin
Load the admin keys by typing: ~/>: ssh-agent bash ~/>: ssh-add ~admin/.ssh/admin_key The following appears in the command shell: Enter passphrase for /home/admin/.ssh/admin_key:

Type the password and press Enter. The following appears in the command shell: Identity added: /home/admin/.ssh/admin_key (/home/admin/.ssh/admin_key) Run the health check script from any directory by typing: ~/>: health_check.pl The following appears in the command shell: Please review /tmp/health.DATE where DATE is the date you ran the health script. Review the log file by typing: ~/>: more /tmp/health.DATE

where DATE is the date you ran the health script.

Capacity.sh - Check to see if grid is running steady state and top client users i.e. --days=365 REPORTS DPNSummary try and get as far back as possible on dates MISC Stats 1 Client Plugins Capacity Report - what the installer put in for licensed capacity. CAPACITY

SIZING The configurator has implemented a very conservative algorithm with respect to initial commonality, i.e. it sums up all primary storage and treats this as a SINGLE host However, when you run the initial scan, then the first box will add about 70% new data and all subsequent boxes will add only another 0,3% ( or 1 3 % worst case) new data. This will reduce your config significantly .. INGEST MultiNode 3to5 GB / HR/ NODE BACKUP / SCANNING

RESTORE The numbers we use are 50 GB/hour per storage node. Max is 16 nodes. All storage nodes can be selected to participate in a restore, which would then be 800GB/hr for a full Avamar grid. 20-25GB/hr per node per stream

REPLICATION Plan Replication to be in 8 hour windows

Desktop / Laptop Full Avamar Grid can support 5,000 clients. Consider using smaller nodes for additional connections when sizing out. 17 concurrent connections per node AVALANCHE
The utility and spare are not in the node list. In this case, you have 6 active storage nodes. You cannot determine retention settings via Avalanche. The only way to determine the size of the nodes is to look at the nodelist*utc.xml file. Its a bit convoluted, but heres the instructions. 1. Go to Avalanche and click on the name of the Host. 2. Click on the Node Information list. This will provide you with the number of active storage nodes. 3. Click on the most recent email home entry (T 04:00 (-0500), for example). 4. Scroll to the bottom of the report and click on the nodelist*utc.xml file. 5. Search for "disks count=". a. 1 means it's a Gen 3 node with 1 LUN b. 3 means it's a Gen 2 node with 3 LUNS c. 4 means it's a Gen 1 with 4 LUNS 6. Search for "fs-size=" a. 4,000,000+MB - 3.3TB nodes b. 900,000+MB - 2TB nodes c. 300,000+MB - 1TB nodes