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Suhas Dongre
Astrologer, vaastu Consultant
Civil Engineer
Cttaitra Palavi Prukashan
A few words rrom the Author
II is a maucr of great satisfaction 10 me and to my family
to place this b onk on medi cal astrology in the hands of our
dear readers. For many years past. I have been engrossed in
the study crue occult science of astrology. Among the many
divisions of astrology. medical aS1rology (Aarogya jataka)
has been neglected. In fad . healt h is a fact which follows as
like a shadow from binh to death. Healt h plays a major role
in moulding our personalities and our fortunes, Wit hall talents
present. some people have thei r fortune checkmated for life
by ill health,
The nitical moment comes unnoticed pussy-footing into
tbe life of some and makes him vanish. There seems to be
nobody now who studies that moment ser iously, That moment
is death. Death SlOpS for nobody, The one science which can
provi de guidance on when . how and where dea th will strike
is astrology. There is none other,
Just as there arc limitations 10 every science and scientist
astrology and ast rologers too have thei r li mitations. Yet in
compari son with other scicnc!' the limitations of this science
arc indeed a lot fewe r.
During my practice of astr ology over many years past I
have been troubled much hy many prcblcmsof bcahh. Disease
and death arc engaged in the ir dead lydance. Throughout li fe.
making common people feeble and helpless. Why docs health
fail in the prime of one's youth? why does the newborn baby
Iall victim to deat h? Why docs one having led a disciplined
life of pro per diet . exercise and regular habits have lO spend
his later years battli ngeallo.:er'? why does the young generation
wilh splendid health. playi ng and laughing and dreaming.
suddenly succumb to the deadly anac k of death? Why arc
some forced to undergo surgery? Why docs a disease like
asthma torment some all t heir life? Why should such torment
be endured for years and years. I' ll health make s lire
flavourless. tasteless. Why do sud hatelul incomprehensible
inexplicable healt h proble ms pester some people again and
Even an anal ytic al considerat ion of this ser ies of
calamiitics docs not clear up the mystery. When in the dead
of nigh t someone comes of me for solution to a health
problemI become very distressed. For nowadays a variety
of wrong habits are being for med. ltherefure spend the night
in a careful searc h of solution. and gtve guidance 10the best
01 my ahility In order lhat to auecsc mystcncos
problems may be avai lable to asrotogtcat pracuoncrs. 1have
made an hOllest attempt to write this book.
Is surgery essential? If so whe n? Is there any chance of
offs pring? when is the danger of accident likely? How far is
it necessary to con si<!cr t he of diahetes while
marching horoscopes for marriage purposes') How long will
a cancer patient be likely to suffer pain? [fa bed-ridden patient
goes into a coma. when is he Iikl'ly to recover? When is a
paralytic li kely 10become self relia nt"! have tried to answer
these question ill this book.

If a person's horoscope is ambiguous or allscn!. what is

wrong in his seeking guidcnce? ln such cases. I have tried to
satisfy such inquirers through a question chan to some extent.
There appears 10 be treme ndous misu nderstanding
regarding the nature and effects of the shadow planets Rahu
Ketu, Many many years have elapsed since Yarah Mihir
discovered Ra hu a nd Kc t u. Ye t except rho [ale Mr.
Krishnamun hy, very few astrologers have realised that Rahu
and Ketu posse ss a very different independent nature in
comparison with the other planets.
During tbc infancy of astrol ogy, it was not wrong to
suppose that Rahu wo uld give result like Saturn and Ketu.
like Mars. But even after the passage of so many years, a
neglect of Rahu and Ketu is a mauer for worry.
[Jr. II, V, Raman, edit or or t he world famous
asuorogtcat and ", nown,'d us t he varan I\Hhir
of modern times has made pri celess cont ribution to
ust roIOll; Y. II is di ffic ult to fi nd a not her su ch ideal
perscnnlh y, This t remendous service t hrough his st udy or
pla nets to soci ety o'er years a nd years is well known. and
he has been a n ins pirati on to me and ma nr ot her
ast rol0l:cal pracuoncrs.
One docs not sec veteran astrol ogers taking i010 account
the new planets Hcrshul. Neptune and Pluto discovered in the
past 200 years heyond Saturn. Even some pracuoncrs of the
Kri shnamunhy method haw deliberately ignored these three
placets. As a p-acuoner of this me thod. I am yet fascinated
hy these three planets. Over several years. TIley arc of an
extraordinary nature and bring ahout inconceivable e ve nts.
Especially in the province of health forecast The amazi ng
and unexpected results that we see can betraced rothese three
plants. In these days of compute rs and AIDS. looki ng at the
younger gcn erauon gelli ng enslaved by narcotics. one is aware
that the power of these planets has ce rtai nly increased.
'ne rcrorc I have tried to solve the problem of howthei r effects
can he utilised, for predictive purposes in this book.
Health matters affect us from birth \0 dea th. and 1 haw
tried to deal with them in the hook. In view of the expanse of
this su bject somet imes it is not possi ble to incluce the
subtleties of pla ne ts and the mat hematics of horoscopes
navaamansh. da shaa. vidashaa. mahaadashaa,
antardashaa ctc.) In the seco nd part of uie "The Hcahh-, The
Star, " I shall incl ude them.
This hoo k will surely he uscful to students of astrology.
If some misunderstanding ahout heal th are cleared up through
this book. I shall feel gratilied of having written it.
It is essential tha t purposrut research is carried out on
medical axtmlogy, Ayuarvcd and Homocpathy, in an integra l
manner. Some instiunion must take up this responsibility. It
is the need nf the times. An individual person is after all
weak, It is of greater importance 10 consider this science wilh
discretion and employ ils principles.
The first e dit i on or my hoo k "VAASTU
published on April 27, J9% alld the second ed ition on
september 211 . 1996, Similar ly tile n-sr ed ition of my hook
AA!' I.E ls" ASI'J[m AAPLl , (i RAlIY(X; was also punlishcd
on scprcmrcr 2M. 19%. While has king in to the warmth of
this happiness. along with this hoo k tile Eng lish version of
AND l'RINCI PLES will he published aru-e third All India
Astr ological Conference al Bangulorc under the agisor tlw
revered Dr. B. V. Raman . What can I possibly say this
happiness '!
In the production of the hook, 1 haw been helped
immensel y hy Mr; l'ramod Patit, Mr Ashok \ lahale. Capwin
A V. Rowe . Jy01sna nonere..\l is> Chauruli Dongrc.
\ 1rs Prcet i and \1r. Sagar Gotkhindikar.I amgrarcfuuo them
all ,
"Om Shanti!
To be horn as a human Ixing in this world create d hy
god is a boon indeed. Man' s mind fills up with ama zing
suspicion the moment. Some mystery crops up in his life. He
loses cnnlidcuce in his own power. Man' s life is filled with
happy and sad e\'C OlS. There is 110 need W bothe r about
compl aining of good eve nts. but the sad ones arc painful
enough 10 be talked ai:llJut. It is man's nature to forget happy
events. but sad events remain with him. lifelong like our own
shadow and torment us. Many different sciences arc being
horn in oro..'r to make human li fe happy The premier one
among the m is whal we call The Vision of the Vedas ,
Astrology compnscs several divisions and subdivis ions.
Of these medical ust rology in my opinion is of gr eat
impcnancc. Health is what sustains us from hin h tu death. It
is indeed true that 'Health is Wealth' of ten we look around
and sec some who has intelli gence. competence. The wi ll \{)
make efforts and the mean , to spend on Ihe req uired Ihings.
but because of lack of physical and mental health all his good
opport unities arc wasted, One becomes conscious that life is
but holl ow. One has the best apportunincs at hand but Ihe
torty is unuhle 1O cooperate. Some feci weak all the time.
Some rccr men ially impctcr u. Some suffer periodic mental
imbalance. Other sutler from epilept ic fits at tile wrong time
and place. They arc tormen ted hy tlie kl\owledgl' that they
arc dependent on others,
Often money make s it poxstblc to acq ui re almost
impossible things. Righi nov, polit ical power and money arc
exhibiting the disrrubmg picture of their might. BUI what about
'" '
health? However disturbed medical science i<; yt"! god bas
placed in its hands the remote control. II is dirfcrcntm olltain
total health frommoney, From time immemorial to the present
space age tremendous efforts haw teen made to maintain
good health. Many superior and simple discoveries haw been
made. Scicntixtv have slJi."Cccdcd in controlling manyepidemic
illness. Yet though diseases like smallbnx. plague. tapeworm
etc. have been practicallyeradjcaicd, same ncwoncs me AIDS
cancer etc, arc raising their heads. Some arc congcnuat other
arc engendered hy the surrounding ccnuitions. while Mill
mhcrs owe their ongm 10 OUl' carelessness regarding own
bellaviour and thinking .'ayles and diet. Medical science like
Ayurveda. Allopathy, Homeopathy. Naturopathy etc. Il ave
ce rtai nly helped mankind to be happy. yet they have
shoncommgs anc der..'Ct,. To live a<: ttherc arc overcome them
if medical astrology can help through its study of planets. il
will induce a boom to mankind.
Instead of tnaucss debate on whether astrology is a
Science or not. it is more profitable 10 study how it can be
usefully employed. From ancient days everyone from tile
ordinary man to the great cues. has rctntc need for astology.
Thl' history of the pas! 100 years shows that. in this world
most of all powerful leaders have taken its ncip and even now
many lake import ant decisi ons under t h ~ guidance of
astrologers. They arc estalliishiog their superiony skilfucly
in this manner.
In Indianphilosophy Dharma.Artha. Kaama and ~ 1 o h h a
have extraordiny importance and they are maintained from
ancient days totbc present.
In the pas1fewyears I have. a, on astrologer. had strange
cxpcncnces. when the doctor> give up hope people rush to
a<;trologcrs as a las! reSOI1. Often in spite of all labcratony
test. the root cause, nature and seriousness of the illness do
not become clear to the doctors anti the patie nt tines not
respond to ieatmenr . The doctor feels helpl ess. Then they
sincerely feelthat everythi ng is in God's hands. In hospitals,
after complete examination. doctors tell a paricnt. Ihal he has
fully recovered and can lead a normallife. But the moment
he goes out of the main gate he drops dead. In some cases
uooor s give up all hopes and call the patient's relatives and
tell them 10take him home. and ihe patient recovers to lead a
happy life. [have seen such incidents. After all destiny holds
in hands the chord of time. We are all aware of the three
dimensions of time. ire past. present and future. To answe r
the mysteri ous questions. Astrology does not have
an alter native so far and perhaps in tlte future too. In short,
Medical Astrology is the only answer.
There are many types of di scascs. congenital. lifelong.
Some patients of congenital diseases become all right through
surgery and medication. Others become ill after hirth and
sutler from various illnesses. The cause of,death ran k a
new di sease unknown to the patient at anytime. T herfore the
ca use of Ik'ath al so remains unknown. when a disease in not
diagcneed properly. the expert doctor turns to an injection
against virus. Many modern disease are due to modern
lifestyles. Even since the culture of kit chen platform has
spread so. too many have hack and leg problem. And to them
all added the problem obesity.
Can a panenr ,n a coma recover completely? Which
prim:i ple i n the hody has become upset? w hich organ has
become debilitated? With good hea lth and snoag desi re in
both nousetand and life, why arc some couples childless? Do
our bodies reall y need very e xpensive trea tme nt and
operations? How useful are tl'cy? Can a long ierm helpless
patient become well again? Will he again enjoy happiness?
Can ape-son utterl y fed up with li re because of asthma ever
be rid of it in this life? w re n everything is line why docs the
person anempno commit suicide again and again'! Why does
the blodd n ow suddenly slow and cause fits" Why do some
dscascs raise their ugly heads repeatedl y and torment some
people? When will hrckechc ever end permanently" The
answer 10 allthis questions arc found in medical As trology.
If this science can help make life and contented
and if the rmsunocrsicmog regarding health and astrology
arc el iminated. The n I shall surely reel satisfaction in having
wrillen this book.
DR. SHASlIA '\ " n SA:,> ""' K
Curios ity ahour k . ,wing the prospect of one's or
desire is univ ersal. But tbe ahi Jity of the person offering a
hcipillg hand for such needy people may be dubious, If hc
nOI upllat e hi, knowlcllge in a cnntrcvcnial subjectlike
a.'lrolngy_It " very lIini cuh to wri te a hook and mon- dirfirult
10 wine a scril1u'i hook. on the topic M a\\rolngy
of such a comrovcrual nat ure for the rat ional iSlS. As astrology
is an an o f analys is like a mcdlcul it has 10 he
cultivated wilfully hy thl motivated persons. For IIlis what is
rcquircll is till' knowledge (11 the ha'iic pru.c.plcs or astro logy
and i tsapplication nor ;1\ a cupy hook fashion hut using OilC'S
own grey mancr of thc hrain.
As lrology may nor hi.' a science in the cunventinnal
meaning. because most or us subjective nature. Its success
on uc ability of the astro)!er to analyse. :s!oreowr
lha c is no one universal system of. aslrol ogy and hence
pr"di(; tiolls vary lIraSl ieally from person to person.
The sohject of medical astrology is not onl y relatively
new but challenging also. It req ui res basics o f modwl
medicine and advanced applil'al iolls of astrological principles
" lit
The topic becomes open to discussion. Bill considering the
opinions of others on the in fact expands tbe horizon
of and gives justice 10 the inquisitive readers.
My fnendSuhaspongre I!a., coreexactly mat. His ability
10 handle astrology is und oubted but 10 ask the expertise on
me supcrspccialny li ke sexual medicine in which J am
prorcsstonauy dealing for his unique llook is LO be applauded.
uccausc an astrologer becomes great if Ilc does ncr think
himsel f great in field of his y. He al ways considers
himself a student and doe s not hesi tate to ask for other's
opnion Suhas has done tile same.
I am a scxologi.,t and dermatologist and not a profess ional
in astrology bUl knows a bu of this amazing subje ct especiall y
a mathematical way taug ht by prof. K. S. knshnamuru and
some western astrologers like alan Leo. Raffel, Carter and
others. Still Subaswanted my way of integrat ing the scie nce
of sex ual medic ine and astrology. t noucnrauy bot h thc
subjects arc innimncly re lated 10 humanity. Hence I have
dared to wri rc my viewson the subject of ' Sex and Astrology',
This waspllS'i hk due totheencouragement and cprsiw rancc
of Suh as.
Suh as Dongre's aucmpt to search in lhe abstractfield of
medical a.' lrology will surely be treated wi th respect and
enlighten interested persons and stuocmsof astrology, [I
always pays when done with since rity and originality.
,\ 1.50 BY DR. 1'. V. VARTAK
Medical astrology is a comhi nalion of two science. eg.
Medi ci ne and Astrolo gy. !\lcdic inc is a true science accepted
all over uic wor ld bUI astrology is nor accepted as a science
by all , Even lhen it is rcucr to get us assistance to forecast
di seases ano death. Al prese nt with allthe amenilks of lhe
modern science doctors arc unable te predict about ncc urcncc
Like other sciences. astrology is a pursuit (If systematic
and formu lated knowled ge based on observat ion and
experi ments. Withi n the ambit of the I undamcntional
principl es derived hy our ancie nt seers and sai nts. ever y
Science is open to discussion and astrology is no exception.
il-lcdical astrology is a main branch of astrology and it
demands a union of knowledge of both medical science and
astrology. No brunch of science. whether it is medical or
astrological can stand independently on its own. (ienerally
every subject h. orrows ideas from other suh.j ects.
Science is nothing hut an exact and well organized
knowledge according to a general law. However no science I.'
Since ancient times. it has been said that ewry physician
must have a good knowledge of Astrology. I n Fact.
Hippocrates. the father of modem medicine. rightly Slated.
"A physician without a good knowledge of Asrrology has no
riJ;ht l<l callhimself a professional physician."
Ideally. it lakes years of learning astrological principles
and gaining experie nce before one can become familiar with
medical terminology to qualify as a medical astrologer. A
medical astrologer is unable to guide tile patient unless he is
assisted by nrc physician. A medical astrologer can ascertai n
the likely wcak points. psychologically a, well as physically,
which may have caused thc diseasc but t hey should be
ccnflnncd by a well known physicia n.
VC1Y often medical Astrologe rs arc consulted as a last
resort . in a mood of deep depression and frustration. In such
circumstances it can indeed he most rcwardi ng if the med ical
Astrologer's diagnosis proves to he correct. Li ke the ot her
scie nces, Astrology also has its ownlogic.
In modem li mes, As twlogy is gradually drawing the
attenti on of inc mcodical world. As such it will not he
surprisi ng. if a special post of medical astrologer is created
and atta ched to the top hospitals.
Dr, H. V. Ruman, l he na tional president or Indiun
Council Sdenl'e. the Vurahmihir or modern
Indian and chlef edi t or or th e well kn own
"Astrotcalrnl lag:lline has done grC"ol ( senicc to humanit)'
by pmmunug I1Il'dkul ost rorogy in India and a!Jrood, for
so nJan }' decades. t hro ug h his tee-arcs. arttc tcs and
Nobody call hand le the problem of Medical Astrology
without a deep knowledge of the scie nce.
As such a comprehensive st udy of all parts of As trol ogy
wi th a special attention 10the nature of various planets. signs,
consic uauons and hhavas is very essential 10 deal with the
subjec t.
Before enteri ng upon a study of medical Ast rology. it is
definitely advisable to have a deep knowledge of Astrology
and it, terminology and also par t, of Ihe human body atmbmcd
to the signs. constcltationx. hhavas and planets.
To find out the root cause of a parti cular disease. its
nature, its duration. climax and cure from a planetary chan is
Jell nitc1y a di fflcult j ob. It req uires cle ar and logical thin king
and also a good knowledge of Medical Astrology,
II is a well known fact that the zod iac and the planets
represent t he e ntire human body and that all pla nets.
irrespective of their good nature tend 10 cause some sort <If
ci rcumstances ncan indeed he most rewarding if the medical
Astrologer's diagnosis proves to be co rrect. Like the other
sciences. also has its own logic.
In modem times. Astrology is gradually drawing the
auentinn of the mcodical world, As such it will nOI he
surprising. if a special post of medical astrologer is created
and attached to the lOP hospitals.
Il r. II. V. Raman, the national president of Ind ian
Council ofAsrrotozrcat Sciellfl:, lhe Va rahmihir of modem
Indian AstrologJ and chief edi tor of t he well known
, :\ st rotogtcot r. fU;::lIlnchasdone great serviceto humanlty
promot ing medical astrolog}' i n Indfu and abroad, for
so " lU ll}' decades. lhrough hi s rccte rcs, aruclcs a nd
gu idance.
Nobod y can bundle the problem of Medica l A,t rology
with out a deep kauwlcdgc of the science.
As such a comprehensive study (If all pans of A,t rology
with. a special anenuon 1O the natureof various planets.
constellations and hhavas is VCIY esscnual to deal wi th the
Beforecmcring upon a study uf mcdic al Astrology, it is
defi nitely advi,atlle to have a deep knowledge of Astrology
and usterminology and abo parts of the human hod y ami butetl
to the signs. constellat ions. hhavas and planets.
To Fi nd out the foot cause of a part icular disease. its
nature. it, duration. vlimax and cure from a planetary chart is
dcfl r urely adifficuhjob. It requires clear and logicalthinking
and also a good knowledge of Medical Ast rolo)' ,
It is a well known fact that the zodiac and lhe planets
represent the e nti re human body and tha t all pl anets,
irrespective of their good nature rend tn cause some sort uf
Pa r t I. I1asie rnrormuuon 1
(A) Astrology Vision of the Vedas
(C) Configuration
(0) 12 Planel,;
The Suo
The Moo n
The Mars
The Mercury
The Jupiter
The Venus
The Saturn
The Rahu
The Ket u
The Uranus
The Neptune
(B) The Rashis !The 12 Signs
(C) Cons tellation I 27 Nakshatras
(D) noav.s z t tc 12 Houses
Pa rt II. Dat a nase. .......................... ........ .................. . 20
(A) Natal Chan
(8) Casting the horoscope
Part III GUllI.! he- dll h I Disease
1'''0 Silks or the Same Coin 22
(A) Cause of disease
(Il) Bend icJI\ lald k
(C) Planets & pan of the Body
(D) VI House : Disease. its nature
(E) VI][ House Danger & Deatll-
Sucll i, Li fe
(F) XII House Defect. Hospitallisation.
(0) 11 8.: Vil House \ farak (\ fa1cfic)
(II) Badhak Houses and their lord
0 ) Mystery o r Retrograde planets
OJ Longevity
(K) Political Assassination
Pari IV ' rediclh e Guidelilles Ii':l
(Al Astrological Main factors
(11) Rules for finding out disease
(C) Source of the disease
(0) Sun & other planets
Part V. Diffen: nl diseases and t hei r cor reletlon
...illt AstrulOl::Y 7g
( A) Heart Attack
(II) Diabetes: Sweet as Sugar
(C) Cancer
(I) Eye Disease
(E) Feminine disorders
(1') Brain diseases
(G) Stammering
(H) Sex and A.qro]ogy A Outlook
(I) Various Diseases
Port VI. Remed ia l xteasures 97
(A) I) Ayurvada
2) Bioc hemic
3) Naturopathy
4) Allopathy
5) Homeopathy
(Il) Spiritual Remedial Meas ures and
Mantra Shakti
1) Kaal Ser pa Yoga
2) precious stones & Personal Fortunes
3) Mantra Sha kti
Par t VII. Role of a D oct or and A Pat ient 107
Part VII I .\ ppendh Hlll
1) Vimshcuan Mahadasha/Ar uardashu
2) Astrological Indicator s
3) Table Showing Suhlords
as per Krishnamurti System
4) Birth Charts
Part IX. tu the au thor 120
Par t X. Summing up 130
Part XI. Selected Ilibliography 133
Shanti! Shanu!'
Part I
Basic Information
(A) i\ strolo;::y - Vision of the Vedas
from the very beginning of human life. the future has
exercised an etc mal fascination on man. Its anraceon will
remain forever. In fact in the present day world of unstability
its pull will grow m onger. .
At present. at any rate. there is no alternative to astrology
as a means of knowing the future, Astr ology therdorc has no
anemaroe. no death. whatevcr the so called rationalist and
experts may say to thc contrary.
Bas ically this Science is a form of the vcdas. a divine
er e, The ancient shrutis aud smritis have indic ated that all
auspicious events ... religious rites. sacnncs and offerings...
must be carried out at auspicious morncms. If the time is
inauspicious sacnncc ",i ll not yield the desired fr uit and our
purpose will not be SCT\cd, Only disappointment willbe OUT
lut. Th is is what history tells us, Awology helps us to
determine the appropcrtatc mo ment and this can defi natcly
tcnetu humanity. It is possible to know from astrology by
studying the Sun. Moon. Mercury and other planets and the
conste llations. events, that occur on earth. sud as earthquakes..
volcanoes. e pidemics. i ncidents that affect society, and
individual joys and sorrows.
A s l r o l o g ~ ' comp rises 3 mai n dh'isiolls :-
I. Siddhanta .. (Principle)
2. Sanhna .. (Text)
\ ,,"[ Il . alt h \ ' ," r S"",,, 11
3. Hora .. (Prediction).
In the first di vision (viddhanta}, astrono mical features
in ,p,ICC arc .<;tudied mathematically. This is ab o called
astronomy. great grandfather. the late Mr. Vyankun-sh
Bapuji Kelkar first discovered the planet Pluto. and brought
into usc th,' Ketkar Shuddba Pafl( hang. )
The Second division. (Sanhita). is corccmcd wit h the
innumcrublc terrestrial events StICh as earthquakes. volcanoes.
storms. rainfall. weathe r conditions. ugricuhural har vests.
epidemic's and other sll<:h natural disstcr s; and signitil:ant man
made events like wars. revolts. overturning of governments.
relations hetween theruler and the ruled, the offers of cnunn'ies
such a, financial. social. pol itical. religious and inter state
rel ations, Th is di vision is ca lled (Mundane)
The third division (Hura} deal s normall y with general
astrology or the fortunes of individuals. This is a popular
dil'ision of astrology. lt is abo called Jaatka or for,a<;ti ng or
predicuon. In thispanof astrology hystudying the lndi\ i(lual's
horoscope. it is possible 10 predict his lifespan . his health.
important cycnts in his life. his ba-ic baiIs. nature and condurt
in great detail. In Phala Jyo li,h Shama the question chart
and auspicious moments (muh urta) from two suh-drvisions
Hornr y Churt :
In days. it is tcucr and more useful til usc Horcry
qocsuon ,hart system than the natal rioroscopc. Thus it is
cncvitahtc that the question chan system should he studied
more. As years pass its importance will
:o. l uhurl::a
While undertaking any ri,ky jo b its success can be
predicted with ccrlainty in a short li me. For this purpose, the
auspicious moment (Muhurtat is also necessary Muburta
2 / \<,u< St an;
means auspicious moment. Once this is found our. it is not
to bel-eve that the future will re lillcd with good
things. Therefore it is extremely important to lind OUI (he
To understan d astrology it is essential to work its
tcchmcat telmillology. Ot herwise it will not he possible 10
understand its ha,ic principles. It is necessary 10 know the
rel ationships. baxrc trial. and nature 01" sewn principal
planct s thc Sun. Mooll . Mars. . Jupi ter, Vc nus. and
Saturn and Ill" live other ptancrs discovered hy research;
Hersehd. Neptun,'. Pluto. Rahu and K,' tu and 12 lodiacal
division. 27 Nakvhauas rconstcnauonsj and the 12 houses.
\ Jan)' practitioners have done stgnificam research in
astrology. Of these the Kris ha nmunhy Me thod can be
constdcrcd the most sign ificant. However. unless o ne
umk-rstands; tcrrmnotogy and the planets. the house. nature
and effects in mmuw It will he Futile to try to Krtshnamunhy
Method. Krishuamunh y II-k tll' >d is exrrcmcly diHIcu1 11. very
corn pfcx and highiYadvanced. Thcrdorc let us II rst study the
terminology and its pnnciplcs.
(lH i\1" Ul('r Farl h
Thc ,' arili. our own homo. always otters a occcp ucc
appearance as if il is Ilal. hut it is aCILlaily ,\ mUlld one . hb: a
fnc diamcter 01 til" eart h is ah<lllt km. The earth
i, ever rncumfercncc varies from place to place.
It is round and ass umed to bo It I, bulged arrhe
equator It is at !loth porcc the North and
Sout h.
An Hllaginary line passin)!. throllgh tlw middle of the
earth rcrwccnrhc two poles is 1L'nned as the Earth's Equator.
To locnc tllc posit illll 'If Jny place. 011 Ihe sur face of lhe
eart h, it is necessary to know the latitude and longitude of
that particular place wi th rcsp.xt lO the dircctions.
(C) Courlgurutlon or Asl rolo g)
The divi ne scicuc of Astr o log y has fo ur major
cnnstitucms. viz.
l) Planets
2) Signs
J) Consrcllaucns'surs
eI ) Hhavas
1"0 unde rstand Astrology an introduction to the aoove
four convnucrus i ~ advisable.
0 ) GKAIIAS 1 12 1' L.-\:'>O ETS
I. 111e I2 ptarcts :
Anciellt Indi.m a, lml 0J:Y r,'cognill." [ 2 Ill,lin plancts.
Tiley an: tile oa.'iic s even. Sun. :>'100n. Mars. Mercury. Juri ter.
ven us, Saturn, and also imaginary R a h ~ 1 alld Ketu.
The l a ~ t two were di:;covefcd oy the famous astrologer
Varaha :"l ihir. t un these arc not rca l pla nets hut arc imagi nory
shadow pumcts. The orbits 01th,"earth and the Moo n ilHCfs.:e t
at 2 po ints, and thes<' pomts 01 intcrsccucn arc called Raahu
and Ke!U.
Hcrsct cl (Prajaparl). Xepruue (Varun) and Pluto arc
taken inlO con,i (J..'ration Ill' we-rem ustrulogcrs. and Indian
astrologers also !x'gall to IISC the m skilfully for predictive
P"IP')S('S_ Tlwrc pl\' dio iw efficacy is qLlite cvidcnsc now.
I ) The Sun : The Snul of th e Universe
The sun is placed in the middle of the plalll" tary system.
It is the soul of the hody. It passe s through all the 12signs of
the zodiac in unc year. Its mean moti on j , gem-rally 58
mi nutcs. It l!clll,'rally chaugvs the s;gn hetween tl1l,' l Sth and
17th day or ever y mont h. lt rules the Srh of the zodiac.
Leo which is fixed and fie ry. It hal ways direct i n mot ion.
The sun vitality, fire to tile body as well as to the
nature physically and mentally. II governs sunlight. vital
forces. enabling human life 10 tc led smoothly.
Tile sun gives a square hndy, energy. rohust health.
hooey-coloured eyes and strong will-power. No words can
express the sun's importance in nur day-to-day functioning.
In any case. the sun should not he overlooked in a natal and
hora,.y chart .
Me taphysically. il our heart chakra through which all
energy and emotions [lnw If uc heart is weak. the entire
bndy suffers in one way or another. The root cau se of kart
attack is mus directly connected to the SUIL The role of tk
sun in the physical bodyis as imponaut as the cnpinc in a car.
In the hody, it cnmrols the heart. blood circuluuon.
artcncs. eyes. spinal chord, system. soul. bones of
the chi n. knees and that navel.
Skk n\'sws :
Iriscuscs of the healt. head. brain. mou,h. nervous system.
eyes and otllers like cramps. pimples on the face. palpitation.
hacb c he and rever and abo terns from Iue.cuts and wou nds,
poiso ning,
Du ngl' f :
hom carne. serpent';. famIly d<:itics. spi rits.
Rul ill:,! A & D.
Mincrals-c Magncsur m.
2) The :' lo(Jll : The Mind
The Sun is the kin:,! uf'thc stoar system ", heRa, the Moon
is the queen It con trols tuc mind. Il pusses tlmmgll [he 12
signs in eve ry month. 11 rules the 4lh sign-cancer (KATAK)
which is a mnvahle and warcry sign. [I is always din'l: 1 in
rmuion .
In Ihe solar system. next to me sun. the most important
planet is lhe :v!oon. In cay-to-day life n has eXlraordinary
importance. as nve pans of the almanac i. e. I'ANCIlANG
arc directly rcl.ucd to the posilion of the and the Sun.
It is the faMesl amongst the known planets. Its dail y
motion is or appro!\. 12 cegrccs.
The dufcrcncc tcr wecn Ihe M ill and the Moonis thai lhe
sun shows the consmutional qual ny "I' tile body whereas the
xiocn represents COll(!ilions 0[ health. The MODI! is female
and is lhe most senSilive plane! as it IS a true indicator of
nature and fedings_
It is cold and mild in nature and govcrns the tluid s in the
booy, 111 a fcmale horoscope, u plays a " ita l role as a ll
J; ynacco logical prohk ms arc direclly con tothc
Phys ically it rcprcxcnt s fl uid . liquid. material.
stomach. system. cheeh . calves. womh.
child hearing, ne rvous system. female runcuons. magnetic
power, mental condition. hiolnglCal functions.lungs, hlo\ld.
kidney T. B.. eyes. drows iness. d iarrhoe a, rever, ildles,
Sk k,1l's. 'i\-s :
k lll<l l Illness. j'l1111dl ec. k lui ha c. drugaddiction.
nata Arishta Doshas. Deities. swel ling, skin
di"lOa"-' s, somacn upset. 1I 1,'r\lS. ovaries. hladdc r S((JIII'. cold
and cough.
3) The The accele r at or-
Mars is a most couragcos planCI both mentally and
physically, It gowm.' Ii1ClirS! si,gll (Arir s)f\ k sh and also the
1\111 sign -. Seorpi o/Vriwhika. II is a dry, IHJI and Fi ery ptan nct.
action is sudde n. destructive and explosive. Mars changes
its roughly in one and a hall months. Mars is in
Capricorn whereas it is debilitated in Cancer. When Mars is
retrograde us ilnpaCI is more powerful. It rc prcscrns the
yo unge r brother. Mars is a main conr roncr of hlond, It
approaches the canf ever y 15years. II gi\'es short structures
robust health. weII built bod y. red eyes, It a main source in
the hody. l 11 Cnature 01 )"lars is crue l. very active
and overnmfidenL The pcr S\lI1 hal' in,g l>1ars exalled in
horoscope is a great lover 01 freedom and independe nce. BUI
he is lacking in patielKe , Tile pos ition or hy sign. by
house aml hy constella tion indi cates the cha nnel through
whic h the energy incon wi II now it gives an ambitious
quality and indi ca t"s the, commander. surgeon. dentist.
Ph ySica ll y it comrots hands. rec t um, hone" hums.
fractures. pi!.'s. tumour. kwr. and defect in muscular parts.
Disc,asl" " Hypertension . pile s. flssurc . accidents.
disorder in blood ce lls. itches. I njury [rom
Ill t and run and in female organ.
Vil. aminy.- 12, [ol lie acid . vnamm.r-
Contr onmg mincrals-. Iron. phos phorus. chlorine.
4) The l> l crcur ) : The Outer wisdom
Me rc ury is associated wi th uic sun Tile
tonguudc difference app roximutcly 2:\ degree s. il. IS the
maximum ruler or III stgu. ( i,' mini and VI sign Virgo , It
controlsth" nervous system. It snows ...burp i 111<'1 k Ch'al lew l.
speech. confidence. thinker. knowledge of the advice. g(llltl
mental ahil ity. adapthiluy, mental attitude In tl exihie aunu dcs.
It also rules skin. tongue and anns. pSyd l k diseases.
/\ native having dehilil alcd 1'>lc reury. should
take ca re of ,'mOl.i ons as the affected Mercury may rake a
Yo" r Ik ,tlh \ '"ur S'u" / 7
sewre turn resulting in nerVOU$l1es.\. tension. hlooll pressufC
and skin lliscases. II is neither masculine. nor feminine. 1l is
cold and dry. hav,ng good mixing nature. good with good
planets and vicc-varsa. It indicates thin hody having good
mixing nature.
Blood pressure. Nervous break down. lacking
ill conce ntration. disorder ill barmones. skin diseases
disturbance in chancl SYSlCllI tliwugh '1' 111<:11 blood. oxigen.
moves. thyroid glandi. defective speech. colitis. diarrhoea.
Contrulli ng Vitamins-- Il- I.
Cont rolling calcium.
5) The Jupncr : Th e God' s B1"ssi ngs
i\mongSl all pIanets Jupiter is supposed 10 he tlw most
benefic planet. JlIpircr means nw r calingrich fooX
and usually 11igh in acidic percentage. II rullcs the IX sign.
Saglllarius and Pisces (<:ecrve). Il lS exalleJ in cancer (Karak)
and debilitated in Capricorn. Generally il is associated with
c;lIt,oyhyd lale processes i n me hod}. II rulcs Fat. blai n. lungs.
Ihigh.>. ki,tney, liver. expalls"m 01 heart. memory m"gnelie
and mesmeric ccl1.s in the hudy, heali ng power, lntcllgc nl and
knowledge and shastra". It sigllllies lhe ctder brother and in
female charts signifies hu>hul1d. moral. mute prog,'ny. II is
gener ally tcmpcrary bot. moist. and a mascuhuc pcrvon.
!laving honey colour complexion. some mole or scar on the
r igli t side . shon hei,ght. hal.
I nseascs-. I'alpnaunn and trcmbf ng or lhc beau. cramps,
liver disorder. rever. due to 0\'Cf t>aling. (1l .leases connected
witl] the kidney. ear truuhlc. ncm!a, skindiscascx swellillg.
abno rmal expansion. cancer. dia betics. hea rt attacks,
Controlling vitam! ns B-6. B J5. "1incral I IIK. maguutse.
6) The Venus : The loveof Beallt)'
Amongst an planets Venus is me bngmcsr planet in the
sky. It is generally Si l\l8h' d ncar the su n. The longitude
ditfcreuce is maxmiu m 41\ ' . It is basi, all y femi nine
tem perately cold and moi s t. Mo s t bcnefi c offer i ng
cheerful ness love and bl:auly_11 coversthe second sign Taurus
7th sign. Li bra and exalted in Pisces wtcrc as debilitated in
Virgo. It streng thens the arfcctions and social (If the native. II
has good taste a 10\' (' of beauty. fine surrounding orn ament,
dccorationIaxury goods and it hrings popll larilY and many
friends. It signifies life par tner, an. materi al com ports. wor Mly
knowledge and pcrsonitks VW (icne(()lls. liberal. loveable
Md benevolent by nature.
It rules kidney. fare. throat thyroi d. chin. skin. eyes.
pnvatc parts. and sex power and auracnon towards opposite
scx IIg ivechalming pL"rsonaJ ity. t..'auti ful face allra<;tivc I><: ldy
and curry hair. It lends l\\wards ohesity.
Controlling Vu a rn ms BJ & E
Controllmg mincral-. Co pper.
7) The Sat urn: The Game of l' atleucc
Amonp l b a-ic pTand SSaturn is the slowcS! moving. It
changes urc sign alkr 2 112 yea rs appmximatcly. SADLSATI
(sew n and a half years' span ) is crosct, canncc icd with thl'
Saturn In(\\' ing toward iI .ltal moon. It rcrsooncslead,' r of low
caste. signifk s hard work with less payment dl'al in);! with
lab our. farmer. II is cold. dry, of controlling natu re. short
tempered. II , i ~ l l I l i ~ s s(fu.g!! )e and i nsccnruy. Ill ' sail'S. JI has
Jon!! thin struc ture . dark complexion. prolll inan t w in and Ialy
namrc. I( rules X and XI sig ns. Capricorn and Aquarius
resp<':<: livcly. Passiol1. and chasnry arc tll<: prom inant qualities
(If this planet It likes per fection. Gen erally Saturn i, known
J S the mOSI maid ... planet as it tllings sorrow t uncmcss.
poverty, ell: In rar t the true mission "I' the saturn is generally
The serpent indicates lire, lime and space. Due to the
cncroenchmcnr of Rahu lhe Moon becomesinvisible entered
in bosom (lilhe 'sun. As .wch Moon and Su n become I'twkeSl
pan of the chart. Rahu creates radical changes in the psyche
condition of the Indi vidual and disturbs the original health
system of ure nat i'e. so this period is a very hard and crucial
period in the individuals. T hese troubles given hy Rahu are
beyond r uring hy phyxicianx and sometimes it is also beyond
the help of any re medial cxpcu.
'l ) The Kctu : Ti ll' Inner Wisd om
The lower port ion of lhe hody is representedby the Ketu.
10 any chan Keiu and Rahu are oppo.,ite e1Ch other hal'l ng a
difference of 11lO" exac tly, Kcju creates turmoil in impos ing
the mind and as w,, 1i as t ocy, As Rahu and KeIU occupy a
sign opposite cad other; Th e two planerscannot he benefic
or malefic in the sam,' period. so Rahu, Kc tu axis generally
gives mixed resul ls. hill in th" uxis of fnh and 12lhe houses
lhey create a 101 of problems physir ally as we!I as Ill,'mall y.
Ruhu and Keru's assoc iate s (IT aspect in allY manner wirn
lhe Sun and Moon can he sai d as a dr aw !Icl(1k or the weakest
portion of the chart.
Both Il(xks Rahu and Ketu have great impa ct Oil the
human hie. 11 is onscrvcd that Rahu's ouccts arc toward
materialization. whereas Ketu for spiritualization .
Ketu.. '111e giant killer. II i., observed that K" IU co ntrols
our last days in ue life. It is J shadow planet of choas and
confusion as suc h il c on tr ol s al l so rts of myst erious
unpredictable urscascs. It is a most violentmalefic pla net
havi ng .<;twng power. Kctu never he.,ilates 10 end your life hy
forcing ue disease dbabilincs worries, sharp pains etc. It is
sai d that Kctu is ex alted in Sagittarius and de bilitated in
Gcmin i. II does not own any sign. After Varah-Mihir lhe great
aSl rologer Rahu and K!;' tu's effects arc known to the common
It is my oll,'Cr\'ati ofl of so many y,'ars Ihal Ketu is the
main cause of our wnrri es and dtaurnance of psysical and
mental levels. Not only thut it abo creak'S the defect. danger
and death in your life. by affecting diseases. Physicall y as
well as mentally on the part of the bod y represented hy the
sign and the house occupied hy the Kelu and ha\'JOg aspect
with the planet represe nting. the lordship and oc cupation of
that particular planet. e.g. if KClU is placed in the 61h house in
the I{ ashi Pisces ( Merna). It gives the trouble of the lower
part oflhc body as such the native being handicapped cannot
walk caxily, and if the lord of rhe fith house Jupiter is abo
placed in the malefic bouse or connected with Ihe malelic
plane ts. Kctu's dis uuc tivc nature will he dou bled.
lU) The Uranus H"rshnl : The xtooo s
Uranus-, Urunus's natlll'C IS q uuc dnrcrcm as compared
with hasic sevenptaocrs and abo Rahu and Ketu. The n(rI'OUS
system is comroucd by uranLI S. Urar nts may point to possiblt:
weak part wi thin the body as such lhat pan of the body may
undergo spasm. If Uranus is rctrogrudc. it> dtsuucnve power
is doubted. uccause uranus has domin ation over the other
plancK It results iU'C more on the mental level Illal til., physical
level. Ear ly IinJings of e c condition tJ y testing and psysial
check up can improve the nati ve's hea lth, G"ncrally tj ranus
type problems arc usually hrought on due to unexpected
unavoid able circumstances such as accident or surger y by
emotional psysica l and mouat shocks.
II) TI1l' Nept une ; The :\Iasks of Cunfusion
Neptunc-, rccpume is a most prominent planet which
indicate a drug sensitive individual as such one who suffers
by the diseases controlled by Neptun should take a minimum
dose thanaverage dosage or any medica tion. Neptune signi fie,
1: I Your 1 l < ~ I t ~ Y\lur St ars
the results whlL'h are cccny opposite of Mars. Mars gives
strength and energy whereas Neptune gives a sense otlcthargy
and nrcdncss as such xepronc stands for weakness, It is very
difficult to pmpoint the exact e ffect physically as we ll as
memully in the natal chart; as Neptune has a prope rty 10 be
everywhere, yd nowhere. An expert astrologer can observe
it but a common astrologer can't observe til,' impac t of the
xepumc. u is a most myscnousplanet. Neptunetmubles are
heyond enrring hy physician. II can only be cured hy the
remedial measures expl:tined in lhis bonk separately. It is a
water y planl't and it is said that the siJ; 1l Piscesis cumrullcd
by Ncpume. lnnaturc it is a moody planet indicating darkness
and extra col dness and more sensitive. Jl gnvcms I I ~ gland
and spleen, The natives having a malcl!c Nep wne in the chan
arc disturbed mentally and are having drug addicted and
suicidal tendcl lCy As such no man made drugs will eve r he
ab le to right against thc d iseases caused hy Ihe malefi c
12) The I'tuto . The end of ttre jeumey
Pluto-. Amongs t lhc pl ane ts Pluto ha s got more'
distruc live power. It rules life as wd l as ccarn lt is a main
cuntrcller of the Jong long process or the co ntinued life and
deat h eucre. It has regener ati ng capacuy. It distrubcd the
funClioning of the glands with one anOlher anJ utimate!y
create acute heath nronrc m. II governs size and shape of he
red and whi te hlood cells. urc basis of the blood. lt rules the
sub-conscious level of the mind. III assoc iation with the Moon
it creates health problems due to nega tive emotion reactions
hid<lc n in our sub-cons iOlls mind and ill association wi th the
Vcnlls in the male chart and Mars in the female chart. [I creates
sexual problems thus disturbing physical as wcu as mcnuu
healt h. Like of Neptune its effects are very difficult to j udge
a ~ it controlls. thyroid system, spleen ovaries and endocri ne
syste m.
(B) The Itashis I The 12 Sig ns
The 12 Zodiucl Signs :
Eart h revolves around its own axis and orbits around the
Sun. But Sun is seen to move in a wide area. This Solar path
is assumed 10 he 360 dcgr cccs. Its 12 equal divisions arc the
12 zodiacal sings. These arc Aries. Taurus, Gemini. Career.
Leo, Virgo. I.i bra. Scorpio. Saginarius , Capricorn. Aquari us.
l'i sces. Each sign is of 30 dcgrcl"eS. (360 - 12 = 30 degree).
Sign Sili: nlor d
I) ,' ri,'s , Mars
3} Gemini Merc ury
Cancer Moon

6) Virgo Mercury
7) Li bra
Scorpi o
Scgtuanus J upiter
Capricorn Saturn
II ) Aquarius Saturn
12) Pisces
r tve Main Elements
A human body is influenced by the live main ele ments.
Each planet represents an cl ement as quoted below.
Sr. l )'pe of Name of Rcl.nted
No Element I'tanct sil!. lls
venus & Moon
Gemini. Virgo
Taurus. Libra. Cancer
14 I Ynuc \<lUr
J. Fire Sun & t e o. Aries, Scorpio
4. Air Saturn Capricorn Aquariu.s
S Elher Jupi ler Sagillarius l'isces.
Abll'i t all extra Satumian planels viz Uranus, Stptune.
Pluto play a paramount role mC3.usinl a disease. The naturt
and effects of uese plillle'ts are qUOltd S('p3.l"alely in me
Sr. xo, Type {ll EI.,ml'n[
.... arne {ll Pl3net Retated si jl.n
l. Airy Uranus Aquarius
J. rire
I'lulo Scorpio
Ill'a llh :
The 12 Zodiacal signs or the ecliptic haw i nfl uence on
various pansorthe horoscope. Someof mrs infl uence anccu
external oQ!an.' and some the internal oQ!ansof u ebody whil e
some of III.c infl uence affects lilt crearve life force.
I I ol"]::an lI ffl.'(' ll.d
Capri corn
Head. f act .
Secl. Throat.
Shouldo:n.. Arms
BreaM. <-'beSl.
Bad.. Spine.
Ankle. Area near 1/1<: navel,
Wai st. Sltin.
Prive "arts. Arms.
Thighs, fiultoch.
Knee s.
Calves, Ankles.
l-eer. roes.
y"". II r a ll h \ ...... Si an l i S
14) Chitra Marr.
IS) Swati Rallu
16) VilJlakha Jupiter
17) Anuradha Salurn
Ill ) hC'MIla Mu cUl J
19) Ke ru
20) l>Ul"'asludlla
21 ) UU.1fsbadha Sun
22) Shravana MOOlI
23) Dhamsta Mars
24) Sbatararaka Rahu
2';) Purva Hhadrapada Jupiter
20) UttaraHhadrapada Saturn
TI'Ic fourth ljuancr of Uuan;ha(] ha and III Sth
part of Shravana together is called Ahhijit S aksbll1l and is
used and for special eve nts M1ch as coronation
ccrcmc ay.
Cha r311 (The r' MJrth O;'i'\.i"n)
For in predictioll ......:h :"u!JIatra is div'ded intO
parts cauec or Paadas. Si nce each :"akslutra
Duran is of 3dcgl'l;XS and 2U there are200 minul<' s.
I Raa.o; (7.odk al sign) =2 :"ahhaua
I :".!krJIatra = Charanas.
I Raas Sign = Cnaranas,
In snort :
bl(]i a<: = :\60 degree Each Raas .. 30 degree
E:teh Nakshatra = 13 degrees 20 minutes.
Each Charan = 3 degre es 20 minut..s.
1$/ Your lIul, h\'ou r
The charan are usedin det<'rmining the " Bi rth
Name" of the newbornchild. Th... place ami time of hirth. the
planet that is in the sky and the condition of Raas arc taken
into account. Thi s is the chart or horoscope. In English they
call it Birth Chart.
OJ Ilha nl s The
The different ambncs with rela tion to the twelve houses
arc many. But considering the subject mancr the relati ve
uuributes arc presented tctow.
I House Subjects of the Healt h. Men tal status.
II Hnusc Diet.
III House Communication and neighbouringCountries.
IV HolL.>C General wellbeing, Dwelli ng Places.
V House cure.
VI House Epklcmtcs and Diseases.
VtlHnusc Overseas. Travels. and sexual Relations.
Vll! House Deat hs. Natural-Unnatural Cala mit ies.
IXHouse Fortune.
X Hou& Honour.Rulmg. Government State.
XI Ilouse cure
XII HOll>C Death. Defect, Lonahncs. Hospital.
Calamities etc.
Part II
(A) The Nal al Char t
The 1I 000 Qscopc is a Map of the sky rcprcsemmg the
native's hi nhd ay, lime of hirth . place of hifill. along wi III the
hm,gitudc and Ianuudc of the birht-placc and Ihe planetary
position of the rnovmcnL
Simil arly horoscopes of an e"'111 SIKh as a Illlll.'C. City.
pan or the nhjccr. nations. atong with undNgoing operation
ere. can he cast. on similar lines O[ thai of a natal-c hart. On
1I1C hasi" or the chartscrctcd at II.., p'lI'liculal' CWIllS they could
he useful for predicting the rOlea'>! of its utility ups am,l downs
and similar other convidcratlonv The hon>sco[1C is divilkd
into t\\'d vc h,l IJSCS and numhcr,'d fro m one 10 twl'l l'C as
i ndi<;al,' d bclnw, Each house' i sconsidered [,t- specific pur pose.
There arc number of wa>'s of presenting nata l charts.
Indiffe rent countries. di ncrcnt methods arc f,)lIowcd in
til\' horoscope There arc mainly three forms. In til<'
\Vest a cinular form is used. whik in l':onh India a rc,'tang(,lar
form uscu. In South India lhal L., Karnatak and
Tamil Ncdu etc, the rcct angutcr form whh a different
arrungemr m is used. TIl<' following Ik Indian
and South Indian Forms.

"" Ib


20 I Yuuc I I<all h \ 'uuc Sl a<,

The Roman numb ers show n in the chan r epresent the
Srna na or Bhava. These !leing fixed. Ihdr positions remain
unchanged. in any such ch arts. And so the Roman ngurs arc
not given.
( Bl Casli n!: the horoscope
AI a particular place and lime. the zodiacal sign ri sing
on the eastern horizon wi th 1\' sPL"C1 10 the sun is depicted
wilh the rele vant numjcr of that sign and is known as the
Ascendent. This L egna Ascendunl has no relat ion what so
ever with marriage of an individual. This housc is also known
as Tunustha na. Jt indicates nature. personality. health,
longevity etc of a human body. 1' 01' example. when India was
ushered into from the BritishRule on the fateful
night of Cancer in the I II house. In short while erecting a
chart three following facton. are vital. Accmding 10 astrology
they need to be 100<;; correct .
( I) 1>a le of Birth.
If birth is around midnight prior and subsequent dates
arc necessary.
(2) Time or Bin h (Standard time)
(3) Place of Birt h (Luiti lu'lc and Longitude)
Part III
Good hcalt h/Disease - Two Sldes of th e
Sa me Coi n
Int rnd ud iHr,
f rankly sj1Caking, good heahh and disease an,' the two
Silks of the (life ) coin. Healt h is generall y depcr1rkr H upon
the natalchart. heredity and ..mlironm,'nt. Some of the diseases
like asthma. piles, diahetes, heart attack gout are very
common nowadayscaused hy unclean surroundings.Any tYIk
of d i s c a . ~ genera lly creates weakness and makes the nanvc
to loose cnnn dcncc in every walk of life.
If the Sun is rmfil\,()!lrahle it will ma ke tlK' native fall
sick due to fever. headache. eye trouble. period ic fever.
typhoid. mal aria 1'(C. SLi ch a person docs not tolerate milk
and milk products. Th,' Sunand Mars cause (aimi ng, \"<.' rligo.
shoot ing pain in the hack in legs. disorders in the cbestrcgion
and liv er. head and rae,', 01000.1, and eyes. ounll ng. scarotng.
cUlling. accident. nc-c,d for surgery. ok eding. disorder <:a lrsing
wcakncs of brain and aoacrmn. They also cause discrdcs of
the hones. plague. swc' lling. hoils. sma llpox. measl ,' s. pik s.
liver trouble.
TIle Sun and Ilahu or the Sun and Kctu cause diseuse. If
the Sun and Samn is uuluvuurablc, illness r an ancct us cusiIy.
lt the Moon is weak, the suhj,' l"t will have no thinking
power. Thcrc f..sn- these is mud confusion in dallv life. In
l'onjuction withother planets it L'aUSt'S such illncss as insanity
inability, epilepsy, fits, po"scsston etc.
An 1I llfavotlrai'<le l\1crClrr y causes ahll'C of medicines.
unnecessary medical ion troubles foll owi ng. injection.
in,geg.l ing pooon or wrong mediums hy mistJ.ke. causing
illness. hitc hy poisonous animals. injury by cxpjostcs.
lightning. ctecirocunon. CIC. and also all disorder of lhe hratn.
ruck. throat. scrotu!a. mumps. weakness or nerves. cching of
the head. mental disorders. constipation. indigestion. and
An unfavourublcJupiter causes disorders connected with
phlegm.fiver trouble. nbstllClioli to hlood circulation. hlood
collection. teem trouble, hoils. diabetes. jaundice. dropsy,
spleen catagemcnr.
An unfa\'ourahle Venus l'aUSeS gall stores. diarrhoea.
Mones in kidney and bladder, hernia. hycroc crc. disorders of
kidneys, impotence. sterility in women. electric shocks.
All unfavourahle Sawn! causes. the [ollowillgdisorders
ocuu'Cof ilseonr;:cti,tn " IIh the i r ucxtinex, skin. and nervous
system : anhrins s\'i n. disorders. puruly sis. nervousness.
slOmacll dborders. chronic undiagnosed. lIchili taling illness.
ClHlgh. or orgal1 \ . ague. TB. cold. gangrene.
atrophy, tootn ache. iudigesuonconeripution. conunuous [Jain.
h!<)()d (lir.onk r and consequent itching. . Olsr hrna. Such people
cannot oily. , piy food.
Rnhu and Kctuarc nut directty connected with uic hody,
OUI the mind. Rahu and urs cause srnu and
urinarr u.sordors. and I\tJ rsca\lse sexdisorders. Saturn
and Moon cause eOllg h. asthma . and arthritis.
II docs nm mean these disorders trouble one [or lik
TIley occur when the unfuvnurablc aspects occur in one's
horoscope, Ir favnrOlhlc are powerful the illness is not
fell stron;;ly,
Inhoroscopesi ll whichthe Sun and Mars intransit uxpcct
house a flochar co nj unction and opposition with. Sat urn the
period willbe trouhksome for health. Simi larly if the Moon-
venus-Mercury are weak and i n the Xth or 7th inimical houses
there arc eerlain planets. they cause great trouhlc to health,
If i n the horoscope the Mars. Venus and Saturn are
causing illness. in such cases Til is possible. whatewr the
abe of the native. SIKh people III u,t take breat care duri ng the
danger periods.
The 5 clements arc divided among the planets according
totheir nature. h om these certain conclusions arc po,sillie.
\I/ill power is the best power. Dw Moo n affect, the mind. the
Sun affects the ,0uL From the health point of view these
planets must he given the pride of place.
I f in th.' t mroscope, in auspicious.crud planets arc rising.
even with aUSpi(j OllSplanerspresent. they caw;e il l effects It
is therefore u<',' e,sary to tukc into account til,' sctung or the
lord of Lag n;l, its ' v akr!' state etc. whi Ie maki ng predictions.
A) Cause of disease
Different aut hors State' different reasons for a disease.
Rudra , tate., that it I Sdue to a comllination of inha rmoniou,
planets lile Satu rn and Sun. ,\ l,lO!l and Satur n. Saturn and
Mars. Suravah states th,u had karmas in previous hirths me
responsible tor a di.'<'a,, whe reas .mothcr says that the causes
or the dtscasos arc mainly the lnt1 Ll<'nce or had spi rits.
( ,r",' cn re".: arch is heing carri rd out thlOugllour the "o.rld
in diucrcr uways uud Myles to find our the cause and remedie,
so as to reduce the sufferings of IHJl n an life. However. the
s(:ient ist, arc partially succssful.
II) 1It' llelic/ .\l a lelk
Vcn us.I\'loon. \ k n:IJry and Jupiter arc said to he benefic
planet s ""h,'rea, the remaining plane t, arc ma lefic.
24 ' \ 'ouc 1I,ah t. \' ouc Sl ac<
C) rLA!'iETS AS I) m HT Of' TIlE BOI)Y
phlllt'ts ('ont ml II Ilar ti"ulllr Ilart of the bod".
Sr. No S mile of Planet Part or the bod"
Sun Heall
2. Moo n
Mars neou
4. McrCUlY
Round aboutthe navel
7. Smurll LI.'g.
l.uwcr Part
Nervous System
II .
'>epll ille Lymphatic System
12. Pluto
Endocri ne g. lands
I U) vtuonse : Disease, its nature
(il to the srans O{ ...upit'd b )' th,- Sun :
I) T!le SUIl i n Ancs.. Brain disorders. e pi lepsy,
m,' ningils. aphasia. headache.
2) T1t<: Sun m Taurux-. Tonsils. diphlhl.'ri a. nose troubles
,') The Sun in Gemini-. Col ds. Pleurisy. Cough.
4) The Sun in Canccr-. Chesttrouble. dmpsy.
S)Tile Sun in I.co- , Heart lrouhle. lngh fever.
ti) The Sun in virgo- Indigcstion and consequent trouble,
skin dise ases.
7) The Sun in Libra- Kjdncy trout ucs.
8) TIle Sun in Scorpa-- Pucs, appcnaicitcs. rcprcductory
disorde rs,
9) The Sun in Sagutanus-, Knee trouble.
10) The Sun inCapricorn Nervous disorders. urthnus.
II) The Sun in Aquanus-. Ast hma. blood pressure.
12) The Sun in I' tsc cs-. l.eg troubles.
ill to the sil:ns occupied the Moon :
I ) The Monnin Arics-, Eyc trouble, insorn nia. baldness.
hrain disorder.
2) The Moon in 'l aurus- Throat ([OU hie, Urine' defects.
in throat.
3) 111CMoon in Gcmin!- . Swelling in lungs, cold. nil.
4) The in Canccr-. Rh,' llinati sm. Dropsy.obcsity.
5) The in l.cn-cllcart u'ouhlc. faints
6) The Moon in virgo-. Stomach disorders, Typhoid.
7) T he Monnm Libra.. Kidney trouble.
H) The Moon in Scorpro.. Swelling in iesuctcs. fist ula,
hernia. urinary disorde r.
91 The xtoon in Sagiuarius Hones of the waisl tcc omc
Ill ) The Moon in Skin disorder, eczema.
I'I ngwor11l .
11)111e ,\ loon inJ\quJ,i us Stomachache. mental slrain.
12) 111e Moon in I'isccs-. D'I'SCJ>eSdue to vin's. weak
iii) The vtoon is the "illlC"" ;
Some years ago ur ,lhou! 9 .u night a lCxlilc designer
From Bomhay and her husband called Oil me. They had been
grcal ly impressed by some of my articles. Even hcfon
showing me lhe horoscope she asked me if il was possihle ((J
indicate from 111e chart in which pan of the body there is J
IX'nnanent defect. I said yes. and asked them to meet me next
mor ning.. I recast t he chart in detail according to the
Knshnamunhy Met hod and round tlut Aq uarius and Pisces
were Flawed. In the same signs the lord of Lagna, Moon the
lords of the Sixt h huusc and of 10", were powerful. For the
past two years the Lagna was CUITent in the 6th house. The
ove rall effect suggested a frail constitution, and some illncxs
of the legs prubably aching calf muscles. When I menuoned
this COlld lision of mine she ugr...co Though appar"nthy
everytbiug was fi ne. she could not walk much. Sh... WWi hardly
Whenever Axcendant and the lo rd of ascendan t arc
associated wit h a malefic house. health difl nitcly gets upset.
At such times the wise must avoid too much work. rc careful
ahmlt food and drink, gel regu lar m,'uiea l check ups, lake
medicinesand keep th" mind calm.
iv) Malclic , UK !Sof other planets pos ted i n sixth house
in d ifferent sign"
3) MARS :
I ) Ar ies : Violent pains in the head. sun stroke. gas tri c
headache from overeating. insomnia, hrain fever,
2) Ta ur us : Enlarged tonsi Is. throat trouble. Di phthcria.
Pains in the nasal passage.
3) Ge mini : cuts. wounds. fractures of the arms. hands.
coll ar hone, disorder of nervous system
4) Cuncer : Dry cough. disorder of stomach. vomiting
5) Leo : Hearl attack, sun stroke. musc ular rbcumatisum
in the back, Angina attacks .
(, ) Virgo : Hernia, Typ hoid. inflammation of huwel.
Acute appendicitis dysentery.
Your lI ealt h_\'ooc SI.", t 27
7) SwrJlio : Uri nary di sorccrs. V\:nef<ll ulcers. menstrual
now problem. hero ia.
9) Sagitt ari us : Ulcer of (he hips, sciatica. pneumonia.
)0) Capricorn : knee injuries. iuf'lammation of (m: gall
bladder. pox
)) ) Aq uari us : fllood posionmg or(he legs. fracture of
leg, thrombosis in lowe r pan of leg,
12) Pjsce s : Inj ury to the feet. broken bones. enlarged
bones. cuts, wounds Wille feet. sun disease (0 (he
rccr doc 10 extra k at weakness.
4) !\len' ur" :
mcakdown. brain lntlammution ill
p<lfal ysis. hysteria. Kill,lney troutuc.tcaoactc . due
to mctcnd strcmh.
1. Ar ies : Nervous break down. br ain
lntlammution in nervous paralysis.husteria. Kind ney (rollh1c.
head-ache. due (0 menta l sucss.
2. Ta urus : Speech defect. starruncnng, difficulty to
swallow,lllroalt rouble.
3. Gemini : Pain> in the atrms. shoulders, bronchitis.
ASlhama. ccarncss.
4. Cancer : indigestion due (0 "CI'VOUS disorde r. cold
truublc, Gastric rrouhlc. cold and cough. Drinking habit.
5. Ll'O: nace pains, paipuauons. fainling severe pains
m and around the tcan.
6. Virgo ; dysent ery ulce rs. Hreath lrouhle. colitis. due
to nervousness. tendency to wOlTy. digsetion system.
7. Li bra : Blood di:i<lrder. bcadacbcs urn: to nervousness.
severe pains in and aro und kidne y due (0 ubstrucrion s.
l:I. Srorpio : Pains and disorder in generative o rgans.
28 1\ , our
u retr us. fallopian tutcs. test icles. pains in bladder. menstrual
tfouhles. Bowel
Y. Sal:i Uar ius : b ins in hips and thighs, sciatica.
paralysis nervousness
10. pr imm: Gout. ps oriasis.caused hynerves. seve re
itching of skin. Rhiumauscm
tt . Aquartus : muscularpOli ns.lcg cramp. pain in ankles.
12. Prsces : wcakrcss in the legs and feel, pains ollie 10
menial prohl,'ms due 10 unforseen fear
dctcnnration of health,
5) j upiter:
I. Ari es : Headaches due to excess blood in the head,
vertigo. Tnromhosis, Iainung. nervous system breakdown.
2. Taurus : Th roat trouble. Enlarged IOl1sils. SOfCthroat,
Enlarged Ihyroid. ol>t:sity (Iue to extra rich food and extra
w,'i ghl.
,\ . Gemini : I disorder. Blood disturbances. pleurisy.
4. Cancer : Stamach ursordcrs. dropsy, pains of milk
gland s. He rni a. Digest ive trouhlcs. Headaches due 10
5. IA'(I : cholesterol ccmpuums, palpitation. and,' nlargcJ
heart. fever. compjcne. fainting. oisordcr of lungs due to
cxcessise weight.
6. Vir l:0 : Jaundice. liver disorder dUl' to cholesterol
deposits. Lung arncuto.
7. Libr a : Kindey injury. irregularity due 10 cholcsterol
deposi ts. disturbance in blood ci rculation diahetles. skin
complaints; Blood tumour.
8. Scorpio: Piles. fissure, Urinary troubles. pleurisy,
tumour in the bladder or uterus: skin dtscascs.
Vour IIrahh \ '"ur Sla,--.; / 29
~ . S:lg:iU:lri lls : I ~ . t i n - , and swelling in lh,' hip and thi gh.
Rheurnnisrn. untmus. (1 ; sorder II I Hood cells.
HI. C:lpriCUnl : Pczema. Call bladder, disurtcrce in
blnod circulation oue to uvcr-catlng and negligence.
Il . Aqlliriu s : Lumbago, Le ukae mia . heart dropsy.
ollesi ty.
I Z. Pisces : Alcoholism. Iivcr disorder .nc to cxecessive
dlioking. swd ling. su:;ar problem diabetes. Defective blood.
weakness, foot trouble
6) venus
1. Ar il.'S : Eczcma, ski n drsceascs. cold and cough.
headadl,' congenital in utc head am! nasal passage. gastric
troub le. from nver-eanug corbonydrates.
2. Taurus : Swelling inthe neck. throat infection fungus
infectio n. diplh,ria. 111l1sil, enlargement. hrnncluts. blood
disorders. venereal disease.
3. Gemini : Dropsy. blood disorder. pulmonary pain.
lnflummation of hands. finge rs cance r of the ski".
4. Oll1ccr : Vomcting. breast ealll,.'Cr. swcl hng 01 the
hrcaxt. 5 da ys 1\:1010: mcnurualcyclc. indigc -tinn, ohcsity.
S. L(>fl : Enlarged hea rt. defect in nervous system.
iailll ing. diseasesInthe heme marrow,
6. Virgo : Diarrhoea. sugar problem. Irregular t..owcl
7. Li llra : Kidney disorder. urine trouble. dislUrbJncc
in fallopian tures. pregnancies. kidney Failure
x.xcorpto: Overy cancer. kidney disorder. urine tumour.
weakness m Hladdcr,
~ . Sagilla r illS: Tum. jur in the hips and thighs.
Ill. Capri(oOf n : Call Bl adder disorder. Gnut, ski"
34 1 ) 'ouc Ur ah h_) 'un . Sla..
II. Allu adus : swo llen a nkle . blood disorder.
12. Ptsces: Cracks at the bottom of the fCCI sharp pains
in the kd due to exua weight fungus growth.
7) Saturn
I) Aries : Headache. bruin fever. due to lack of hl(xlll
supply to the bead. Dearness, car trouhtcs. dullness dumbness.
2) Ta urus : Throattrouhlc. loss of voice. suffocation.
disorder inThyroid (i lunll. Dry cough: toothadlC. eye troubles.
3) Gemini : chromc-hronctmis.Pains in shoulders and
hands, T 11. [)iWJUer in lungs. Nervous Tremhling from a
lad: of calcium . Deafness . Ast hma.
.:I ) Ca ncer : Anaemia. cancer of the lungs.. breast. Loss
or appet ite. due to emoti onal strain. poor Iligestion; Breas t
5) Leo : weakness. heart trouble. hack pain.
Lung disorder. Hardening or the arteries causing heart-attack.
spine troun!e: luundirc rcsp.ratoy troubles.
6) \ 'irl:0 ; col itis.. obstruction, in the nowcl. constipation,
appeudlcins severe diabetes Liver disorder.
7) Li br o : Kidney trouble. blood disord er due to pour
erlkienc y of ftllc'ting by kidney. Lumbago. Urinary!roullics.
sterili ty prohlems,
8) Scur r i" : pill'" fistula. constipation. illness due to
various reasons . bladde r stone. problem. suppression, small
ovari es or testicles. Uterus weakness. problem in delivery.
9) Sal: itta r ius : chronic sciatica. hip j oint problem.
Difficulty in brcaunng. T il.. arthiritis.
10) Ca pricor n : knee injuries. skin diseases. eczema.
c holesterol . dige<;l;ve problems_
Your lI . al1h Youe Stars I ,\ t
11) Aq uarius : I.ack of oxgen. muscle cramp in the lower
purr of leg: spmc problem, cataract: arthiritis.
12) Ptsccs : whil e SpOIS, constipation. sugar prot.rem.
hlood disorder due 10 low pcrccruugc of whil e cclls mactive
spleen, mttammauon. of the soles. T. II .
H) Ruhu :
I) Arks: Brain disorders. Headache
2) Ta urus : Neck, throat injuries and infection
3) Gemini: Spondylitics,
4) Cnnrer : Heart attack. Injury 10chest by weapon ~ n d
shooti ng
5) Leo : Backache . ahorunn
6) V;rgo : Lurnhapn, miscarri age
7) Libra : Uterus proh!cm. Kidney inj ur y. Vene ral
Il ) Scor plo : Imporcncy and Dis lurhcd Sex Iifc. abortion.
<J ) Sag;t1nri liS: Sharp pains in hips. rhcumatisrn in knees
10) Cnpr k orn : Broken teeth. accidents. fracture. loss
or teeth
11)Aq ua r ius: Nervous disorder, tack in l'onIlJem:e
12) PIsces : L umbago. (l out , Pains in ["' eel. injury to
\I ) Ketu
I ) Anl-'S : Mental disorder
2) Ta u r liS: Throat cancer, deafness
3) Gemi " i : Inj ury to han ds , alms. Paralysis. skm
diso rders
4) Cuncer : Heart pro blems. dropsy. high blood pressure
.12I \ 'ouc lIe. Ub Youc S l ~ , " ,
SI Backache due to hfli ng bcavy goods
6 ) " [r l:." : lndigc,"'ion (lf1>l'1lcm cMlt ra. appcndidtis
7) Libra : AI>ortMIfl. Kidn..'Y failure. urinary and !lkin
KI Smrp''' : Pi Ies. l'i sruIOl. ilOCidl'nts.
II ) Sa::ittari us : Diat-.-lC' s. bip joi nt rl'3l.1.url'
lUI Cal, rim r n ; Knox rains. wecaoess in jower pan of
11 ) ,\ ' I" " rius : Leg tmuhlc, 1kkct in kgs
JU I' I",, '!; : Inj ury 10 l' N' t
lIJ. Ur nnus r
I I Ad!."; : Paralysis. Scrvcral pai ns in lite head.
2)'['llI nrs ; Throat infections. ill the thymhl
31G'- Ut illl : Pai ns in annsnoutdcrs.
41ClIllHT : Astharn a, di...vdcr in lungs and chast....
lian attach . l.umNg" .
6 ) ' -Ir l:." : Intlig.cMi"n problem.
7) Libra : Kidrlo.' Yfaitur.... diabo.' lis.
K) S<."l..rpi,,: Vcocral dtscascs, L' ICrw. ClrtC'l,"r. Piles.
9 ) Sa;::itla rlus : \\h kncs.s in lhigh. ...
lUI C" poo.m : r-..ins in kl1o.'Cs dllO' toexcessive "'ci!!M.
I I I A1luirlus : Histen a, l'arulysis.
12) !' I'il;TS : Skin diseJ.'4.'!>. I..:!! fract un:5.
J J.
I ) Ar it"l : Acult pains in lhe b,'ad.
21 1aurus : Skin rashes "IIccicdcardiovascular system.
loss of memory.
Jl G.' milli : Obstacles in brcarhing. plxlr efficicnc or
l ungs.
4) Cancer : Indigestion. weakened ovary.
5) Leo : Heart problems, backache.
6) Virgo : Poisioning the stomach. llialJc tes Toxemia.
7) Libra : Urine nita proorcm.
Ii ) Scor pio; Const ipation due to emotional stress.
palpitation 01the hem.
'J) Sagitt ari us : Cramping in thighs, ociatica.
W) Caprtcorn : Spas m in tbe galll>l aJder. heart attach.
I I ) Aq urirfus : Defective musctcs. nerves. sharp pains
in calves. eye trouble.
12) j' fsccs : Unpredict able diabetes. foOl cramping.
12.I'l uto
1) Ari es : Defective pyramidaltract. ~ h a r p pains in the
2) Taurus : Thyroid complications. tumors of the v ocal
3) Gemi ni : Blockage of fallopian tubes, injury in handg
4l Cancer : Edemabreast cancer. stomach crurnps-
5) Leo : Toxaemia of prcgmancy, sudden heart attach.
6) Vir go ; Disorders of the pancreas, heavy diabetes.
7) LIbra : Defective KiJney. toxucrma.
Ii) Scor plo: Affected prostate. severe heart anach. weak
thyr oid
'J) S:lgiltar ius : Sciatica. Paralysis. heredity diseases.
l U) Capr icor n : Chronic anhiritis. weak knees.
l I j Aqutrius : Tumour in the eyes. dest ruction of nerve
12) rtsccs : Foot cnppling ailme nts.....hromc problems
01 font.
.\ J I l 'ou c H ~ ~ t t h Yo ur Stu""
v) The Uouse : Night of t he t ong Knh cs
This malefic house is the most significant among the
malelies. It has lhe powerto pUI aspokein the wheel wherever
any auspicious event i, planned. It is origi nall y an
inauspicious.sinful house.
Some people experience ups and downs all their life.
Strife i, an inlCrgral part of their lite. In fact they spend their
cmirc lifeti me in lidgutionx, strife. quarrel and arguments.
And many of themhave only failure even atme end. why is it
For some. realising their delicatel y nursed dreams
demands rrcmcdous life and death struggle. Y,'t on account
of iucxpl icahlc causestheir health get, upset. their life' cncruy
becomes weak and at the end. their dreams rernu!n dreams,
\VI1Y is it so'!
f-rom some' rctauvcs from tile materna l uncle's sidc
sometimes unexpected prorn cccurs. BUI for some only great
, . .)
oss occurs. ly IS It so.
The answer uhcse can ht.' ea"ily found from the planets
'L\ M-..:iated with this house, Similarly even with plenty of
wealth. why arc some people unahtc 10 enjoy tl10 s.:rviccs of
menial star!"".'
There arc some people who spend their entire lifetime
111 pursuit of money, and die in pllrsuit of mOlWY The
in this lI1 dicale WI101l and how much money will be
received from other"
TIll' place of work. its ambience. Illc profit and los,
accounting from the enterprise. relation" with superior and
10\\',' f slaff. JO>l I1 outto others the profits of one's tremendous
d rOll. ,. JlI tlw...... questions aft' answeredhy the malefic planets
in Ihis house. If this house is closely connected with the 7th
house. and this is full of malefic planets. il means the
possibility 01" divorce or living se parately and disuutung
and physical health.
whrn signsi n birth chart Fl awed.
organs of the hnd y and the pnnciplcs become de fective. E.,g.
if Arks IS flawed the bruin in affected. If IAo is flawed heart
tfOuhk follows. If Scorpto is defec tive tnc reproductive organs
arc affec ted.
Every man has some Ilaw somewhere: when the related
Mahadashaaod Antardas ha ocgi n. thc dd.xts reappear. when
the planetary movement eau& malefic eonj UClions Ilwn Ihe
discc-cs arc se vere.
I' ire is associ ated with head. ear s. cycs.fucc. hcan.
th',g h., canh plindpkaffects lhe kidneys, blood. hlealhing;
ail atfccts brcuthi water affects. breasts. blood rrrculation .
IUI110UIS. howe I movenwnL'i. hladdcr. rcprod ocu vc orsans and
uc face.
l t is therefore nor dil"fie ulllO .'ay who will suncr trom
what and where. FOf if Ill<' vign is Iluwcd. and
,0 also in fourth house Ih..: lord of 1..:,1 .'I un and I-ill!'aand
lord of profit arc also Flawed then heart trouble ensues . Some
di sorders arc there from birth. There is no alternative \0
surgery, Some disorders appear tater.
Similiarly when Gumini, liSlord rangnc. and
lord of crgnu ale flawed and wl1<' n II",y(lIlle in assodati"n
with Saturn and the house (Saturn indic ates long lnm
dne ss) acrhma occurs. When Jupite r. lord or pisces. Lagna
and i" lord Rahu is fla wed by vcpumc and Saturn
then wll he trou ble with walking. When there i.s a
"(lOjunl:li<ln or its npposue or uic ord inar y pl anel, then
occur. In the ( asc ()] wmmon wheo cancer M(l<lIl
and I.agna. lord of I .agna and 41h hou& arc th.u
is because of Herschel. Saturn and Jufliler. then isqua ter
Chane! 01" brcust Cancer.
.'il Vnrious w mhillUl ions the sixth house and
their r esults.
I ) If the lord of the ascendent is placed in either the
sixth or ei:;th or twcluh. or vice versa. tnc native suffers
frequently from low rcstsrancc power.
2) lf thc lord nf thc sixth placed in the four th house or
vice versa then the mother of the native will have a healt h
3) l f thc lo rd ofthe six th is placed in thetenth house or
vice VC N. ec father of lhc native willl1c sic' lly.
4) If the lord of Ille nrsr and sixth houses are connected
with tl-l, lon. Keru. .Mars and 'ccpnmc. the native becomes a
psychic paucm.
5) and Salurn or \ h lOn and Saturn or sun and
Satur n. cn njuction in urc sixt h house will cause venereal
disease and if they arc associ ated wilh Neptune. il will create
undia blc severe disease .
(i) If the lord of the twclth house i.<, placed inrhc sixth
house Ihe naucc will COIllIl\11 si nful ac' IS crcaung health
problems in Ihe last stage 01hie and will feel miserable for
wanl of IS'U'-'.
7) Lord s of second and twclth arc generally
dependent on mh,-. s and so :;i vc Ih.- resul ls accordin,g to those
with whom Ih.,y arc related either by cnnjunrtion or ot her
E) \"11111uus( uangcr & Denfh, Su ch I, Ltrc.
(Iod ha.' kpl in his own hands three , la1!es of man
: birth. marriage and death. These can be found from the l st.
7111and l\t h house sor the horoscope. He re mainly longevity
and death arc discussed.
Predicting Ille lcnil lh or life Is the most difficult part or
.... '0".\ ' 00.\ / Nf
J;'I)JV 'J;llIer!n;: IUJ Will pJl!rlS UUJ Pl' li I'" pur
p unqs nq ammj T: )jJ;'lM SnOIA;)Jt.! Wql pjns JII "Nl'l J UlJJ
J \jl 0 1JlIO<1 Pl'll <'14 All ." unq J olUlP Jl;).l0 SpJOi" ''';'1.1 l!
JJljV ',1)30 IOJ)\1' U;X) X) ,\IJ,'PFI tn' pUI I oill!S,Il:;) " JlJ;IOS
-snojnupu J ,'Ol J sucnmp ard
AUlnu pJJJP!SlI(\) 1011 S! cs nou lSllJ <'I li l .11 Ul' lI.' l' W Olj
j"uilSl'J.)lOJ ) 114 \,\ J J OJ UJI U ":l<!' ' \I 311 111\Oll III ;lJ<'Ill l pJlj\!UU Sl
rsnoq 41:-; <'Ill ] JI .10, 1 \1" IIJIP:lJd ALII: ii UI)j l' UI ."oJ.X1 ,(1),,;lil IIOI
.I.' [1 !\ lL' \ 1 III p;'>jllS,)lU!ll1 ,' Plo .10 \;)3010J)S1' 11'l [l lIJI)1.l \ \ SIl l
i,JJlI l! r pns snq
;hqlll' ;)w 1l'11MSl l'J." pJ, IPUnl l P. .1 0 JJl I l' SJm<JIUO) AII1'O];)1'
IIJ pp IJ -P..... SlOW" 1\IJ lll'd 1' .11 "11l !P. ;>1I l;1P IS1I0) 0 1 11l 1'UO(]lUl
'\[ ll' no) s! II ',I IU,' <1 UOI illuirpn! ;'>II\{,\\ ' lIljli Jp JO ]lI;'IUl(l W
aqr nn..... u " I!unpu '\'-'1I ) 1Ut ll II I '-'J U ,1WOS
,\ UU l llJ 3UljJP. '-' 1nOlll l.\\ JJ! I p" lJlJm,ujll n ue
ilu Jll ,'I rds til <l' tiOI ,' JUojdood ;'IlIIOS ";'1.1 Ii P;'Ill1llJ,:lS!P
e illll pU'-'1 .10 cuds U! P;'IAII ]J OlIS ;lIlJOS
-.I1Q '-'pUln ur J J j " IOJ1SV ' JP. llpo,'I([ -f[ 'Cl ] OJ,] J!elP.)!
!lj'.IUljU"" pU4 P' .I pl' H .10 l'U,lP. IIQ" nll4111UliS ' (xorddt- SJP.J,{
PP1) JO Ilpuu,1 ' !\";;'(,1
'S<H lI ;;UOI.\ pUI,lllX'-' ;l\![ JUIOS l '-'lilo J lllllO 'm,\\ s, poD
Splu,"01 UP' ;'II 01 pJ;)JOJ arr 'S<1'; nUJJUJ ;!U!lOll4 '<I'U1 WO\;U1'l
J I I[ ,\ lltuUJ UJljl\\ '\ l llJppns J IUll J U
-i utuoduu AI1M b.' JJU ;'IUn].lOI
. .
Il Jlj l p UP. SIUJJl!d .10 s<!dO.'lSIlJOli 'SJ141!4 PP.;>P .10 ;>SI!:l
;>41 ul 'l\ ul acqaq pun 01 01 P.:l:lJO) Sl
S<J; U.) lp ns u1 'IU'-'ljl III p amqunu 10 UUP. .) UU1Jq .1 0 lltlc.!
;\J0J;\JJtU. S!ljl ll! 01" o r U l Jil
AJlIl UJ04 S! .\ ljC4 V ' 41.1 14 jvnf A4u4 V
'All S!lll S114 !lIx", 1I 1P. Jp .10 UO!plpJJd
,\ i}0I OJ];'U .10 UOllUl l W11 ;'Iljl J [\ IIM l:lI!J
ut euruueicp 01 ll nJ W! p A.I:>,\ 'J.I !IIJOllS pUU
umrpatu -'-'Il l ;l mll onu p;)(JnUJ <1 Sl AHA;'I;'!UO'[ ',(3010J1SI!
- , -- ,
charts carefully he had advised them to go ahead and gel
married. and Ihat the marriage would take place and they
would lead a hap py li fe. Unfcnunatcty tile young man
suddenl y died. and the astrologer lost all fallh in astrology.
and ill himself. TIle limitation of the science had neen laid
bare. After al l death suddenly smkes somconc. somewhere al
a time nobody loan foretell with ease.
InIhe last e lection in India many as rotoger had predicted
that Rajiv Gandhi would be Ihe next Prime Minister. Hut after
Railv's (kath astro logers become til<: target of ridicue. In
predict ing about the next I' M astrologers had studied the
boroscopes of leader s and pointed that Rajiv on the basis of
his harmful "hart but most of them had not co nside red the
d art from the stand poinl of longevity. 111<; Il nr\l.SeOpe
exemplifies how misleading is :-Ieplllne and the lord uf the
third in taeoa . lile tord 01 the eighlh, J\eptune wi th mars and
mars showed untimely death,
There nrc two typesot death. great or maha and untimely.
T here who live long and then die hal'e a great deillh. T hose
who die young or before the age of (,0 Of thruugh acciden t
die an untimely death. Some opine that ' great' death ca nnot
re avoide d though lhrollgll yoga n "a n he postponed, hut
untimely death can he avoideJ .
If through a S l r o l o ~ y the possible da nger 10 life can he
proc ess. then astrolog y "an be Ihollglll of as lISefUI. There arc
different methods of fore<:astillj!., and there arc di ncrcnces of
opinions too, In l.aphu paraashun. Jcmini Surra. Btihad
Samhita and great astrological works there are rnethods of
finding out IOllgevity on the basis of calculations. horoscope
Cl nJ quest ion chart If tllCse are stuJied anJ the longevity
determined. the figures given by different a.<,t rnl ogcrs differ
l1y many ycurs. Th is clearly indicates the limi tations of
(The authors of astrology have given differentnames to
the dille'reO( houses The l'ig hlh has several names. hut the
main one is Ihe house of Death. Tec hnically il lile Sth is the
tmuse of death wha t is Ihe use of the subsequent huuscs? This
is aquestionthat appeal s to those who have an inquiring mind.
For years. I han' been wonc ertn g why dealh cannot he
dete rmined from the 12th hou se , In the K, is)lI1amurlhy
Method, evol ves after uc mcudcs endea vours. there IS a
prmc iplc Ihat Ihe 121h huusc alway., obst ructs the house , Thus
while considering Ihc 11 1'.1 hOIt'C. the 12th housc'. Ihal ls 111
ute house of Inss. should be judg...d for prcdlcting a dcuth.)
II is the house of death, Why should i I not be thc house
of deal h is a question . That is significam and logical ,IUd in
my opinion it mcrus study.
Though il lS dini clI lI In delermi ne' II,e year in which a
Iire "lldl"'- II ]'; nut J iflicll illn \11 )' fr<;nl tile' oro-copc, wh,' lher
Ihe IWliw lI as 11 chon J11<'dium or long life. The gr eat sagc
I'aarashar has lold lIS how 10 li nd tile "pan of hfe.
Consi(k r
I) Ascendanl lord & lord or vunu house,
2} & sign of Moon.
A"cndanl & Acccndnu of he' fa horoscope
Wh i le considering the Ht h 11O\lse . Raahu must hc
C(]1]';, dercd :lSIhe nl< ]';1importanl plane' l amongall prance. as
the cause or dc.nh. Abom Saturn. conuucmators han ' made
contradkuuy snncmcrus. 'nl,'re arc special of
opinion too, which dlan,ge with ctrcumsances.
1) Satllrn pro longs life.
2) Ra:l11l1 harms tnc.
J) Raahu (ioes nut do anytiling of uic two,
II' Ruahu I, J efl litatcd 01' in inimica l sign :mJ is d O'oCl y
connected wit h the Mlh house. it will surely harm li re, If
hOW" Wf a powerful j upiter is in lagna and uuplcious planets
are in Mth house he wi ll prolong li re .
'n, forecast death, the folluwj,,!: order "f dushuus is
tu be considered.
I ) The first das haa is of Ihe stronger or the lords of the
2nd and 7th from lagua of birth.
2) The dashaa or the weake r oll he above two.
3) Tile dasl1aa of the inauspicious, planets in tile 7t h or
'maarak' house.
4) The dashua of the inauspiciousplanets axsocuned with
the lords or the 2nd and 7111,
5) The dasbua of the lord of 10"-, from hinh lagna.
6) The dasha of the .naupctous planets wn ll
the lord of 10,"-' from birth IJgna
7) The dasha or 1I1e' inaupicious planets in the 01
R) T he daxhaa o f the lord of the l\111 from hinh lagna
9) The daxbaa of Ihe inaupieious planets a,,-, od ale' () wnh
Ihe hu'd ufthc l\lh from hmh lagna.
111 ) The dashaa Mille inallpicl<'us planets in 1he l\th.
I I ) Tbc of II le lord.1 of iuaupicious houses i, e.
lord of m cll;lfa ruashi. lord of Jagna lI1 -'lhir ln the
12111housc.JordotIagna in duatn.nnre in the 9t h and in
Ihe 7111house,
12) The pl' lneL' associated with the torus of
' !l;w lllak,K '
13) The inaupicious planets in tile' haadhak' house,
Sho uld dea th he furc toid or not'! Some valuable
rjnce th" longevity is determined from the foreg.oing
death, can he fore loki from lhe pland who"," dashaa is mO.\t
The lord of the luth gives results according to the planets
he associates with. In case of similar planets the rcs uns arc
similar. the opposite is also true. If a planets is neutralthere
is no fault.
While talking of death many become cxtra ordinuriry
weak from fear of deal h ramer lh;tn dcalh lL,><:1 LT hey tccnmc
restless andclueless. Thereforeold astrologers coun set agai IIsl
forecast ing death le i me ment ion my ve ry cxprcstvc
Some JO years on the auprcious day oi Dipavaf a (is
year old gcnucm.e came 10 me tor COIWI hation. He had retired
from a high pm,i lioll. I l is healt h was good. II IlJIl<: ial <:ondilioll
was ,at isfa<:lOrj-'. His family was gO(ld with gr andd lildren.
To find out llll' ubjcct (If his visiI I asked him ,01111' qUl'Mi, Ins.
and he I>c ga n II' soh. I COII I<J nOI understand or. I wondered if
lhad made any mistake. I gave him water and cons oled him.
Slill weep ing he sai d. "Saw me ple ase. I J ill going to Iiw
Oil ly short lime." i\ 11 son s or doutus uxsociatcd me. I eaSI his
a\ per my system and with the Knshnnnnuthy
Method. del cn nin,' d Ihc I< tlling Pla nl't I realised lhal t hcre
was. absolutely no danger to hi'n . On further inquiry J learnt
lhal he had no Iwalth prohlcm. i\ ,,"w (jays hd mc hc had
pone to a (je n'; s. l III haw a painful tooth pulled 0111 wtntc
wailing 11" s aw all advertisement or an astrologcr. It mudc
such a ,grcal 1111prcssion on him that hc len lhc (ko mi".l's d nil'
and went to Ihe usrrologcr, Th,' uucr wor keJ JI horoscope
volnmcred in infor mation that his life was ncar its end.
llc had on ly I 112 years life left. l ie counselled him 10 plan
for tlic future within this period. If he wa nted 10 avoid dl' ai ll.
he shoul (j have a special '"hal1( i' done hy the vary same
astrologer and it would cost about Rs. 20IX)f- and thai aneo
lhe ntc death would surety space him,
The poor man was terri tired and he felt giddy lhen and
tten. Thereaf ter he conxuned almOSI all astrologers to know
about his death. He spent alet of money too and corresponded
with India's topmost asuurogcrs. Most of them tornurcd him
with lhe same forecast. first I told him emphatically lhal in
that period there was no cnnn,X:lion with death. InIhe presion
1f2years. he had become almost demented. He was omealing
well nor sleeping well. Before he met lhal astrotoga. he hull
study and feeling weiL He had teen happy.
I required him not 10 consult any astrologer and 10
consider Ihal he had not mel lhal evrorogcr. He met me now
and then. Justto conso le him I suggested him some religious
prccocescosnng nOlhing. Aner Iwoyears he came 10 me again
and said. " NowMar's da,haa is over. I knowa Iilllc aSlrology.
Sow Kct u's mahaadus ha is star ting since Kct u is an
inallpieiou, planet and rcsucr and there is kaals.npayoga in
my horoscope. there is nothing certain aholltllly l ife. Your
predic tion ubnutthc past 2 years came true. BUl what about
the future?" lIul he appeared more composed. li e appeared
to have come out of me fairly wen.
J explained his horoscope 10 him and concentrating on
the Nih house, I told him that Kelu's manaadasha lasted of
yean; and Ketu alway, gave meupicous I'c., ull.'. I explained
this according 10 the events. The planets gave good or had
resutr. according 10 their slrenph and weakness. And their
ser iousness 100 ch anged. J told him. ' Though Ket u i"
associated with the 81h house , It rs prolon,ging your life.
Therefore do nor worry about death in the nexI 7 years." Hi"
race brightened.
J wrote down my forecast ar his request, As he was a
friend or Dr. Jayam Narlikar. he used 10 mccune rauer often
\ 'uur Your S' al"i f 4)
for his advico. Dr. Narlikar heard the enure story and told
him thai he shoul d meet the astrologer who had prepared it
only when needed. That lucky asiro'ogcr was or course 1.
The Kctu da.sha ended. now Vellus's dasha is on. l ie meers
me otTan on. and lrcel satisfaction surging at having studied
Medical ast rology. That gentleman is now leading a happy
life. He has no worry whatever. His faith in ~ s t r o l o g y has
deepened. Such golden moment'; o[ medical astrology have
served many times for me.
Longevity So K, 1".
The late K. S. Krshnamnrty hom on (1 111908) found
a missing link in the predictive part of traditional a.stfology.
lis such ancr deep study and anal ysis. he divided cuch
conxtcttauon in nine parts in proportion with vimshotturi
mahadashu system without changing the sequence nf planets.
Each part of the constellation is a SUB. The first suh in a
constellation is na med according to Ihe lor d of t he
constellation itscl r. li s such. the first suh in Kctu's coosrenauon
will he Ketu itself. followed by Vell us. Sun. Muon. Mars.
Rahu, Jupiter. Saturn, Mercury and Kctu as per vimshouari
daxha system, Tlk' hltal ll\lmhcr o[ suhs is 249 a list is given
li t any unexpected moment it can make anyone vanish
from this world . But nOhody considers it seriously That is
deat h. Death waits [or nor-ody. Iliit the house which can give
us a good idea of when how and whe re it will strike is the
Eighth house. The house tllat te lls or the span of lire,
Namc : .' IORIIJI DESIII tPormcr Prime l\l iniSler)
Date of Hinh: 29-2-I H%
Time of Birth : 1..,0 p.m.
Place of Birth : Halsad Saturday
I.ord of the Xth. ,. LOII!:C\il y
Money to he inherited. money nfuained without hard
work. money gut by secret. unethical means, money earned
by lotte ry or hy corruption can he found out!:>y this hou"C,
From this house one can atsoget an idea of the downs of
life, troubles, catamiues. dange r, unnrrcly death. unl' thical
actions and the condition of the life's partner.
T his is the most inauspicious house and is one of the
trik (mal cl"k) house. It also indicat es court j udgment. defe at.
the prosperou s days of the father. pol itica l ;l&,assinatums.
While long. vity along. wi th this hoI',,",. saturn
and the eighth house of the eighth. that is the third house
must also he taken into accoun t.
Source of The Disease
Soun;e of the dL"'a",, may he hidden in the as pects I.
The lord of the lith in the lith hou"," : unnmcty monetary
2. The lord of the Hlh in the 5th house : Unexpecte d
moneta ry gain.
3. The lord of the xtn in the 61h house: victory over
enemies gain.
4, The lord of the am in the lo.\s house : Safe release
from calamity,
5. The I"rd or tile Sth in the lith house : Loucrv
(1. The lord or the lith in the 5th house : Loss to
7. The lord of lhe loss in the Hl h house: lklca,e from
S. The lord of the Xt h satur nin the 5th housc : Long life ,
9. The lord of lhe Xth j upiter in the xlh house : Yaasm
10. The lcrd uf the 8th Venus in the 5th huuse : Many
Results or Planets In hham'a houS(".
Sun : Secr et ilIne's. Troubles from government,
Moon : Addition. water danger. bribe taking
Mars ; Loss through overconfidence. heat diseases.
Mercury : Few on' ,;pring, profit in trade skin disease.
Ju p;ln: Long Ii re. pcacctun death. greeLl y, fond of rich
Venus : :>,1any profits. profits from races, IOllery.
Sa turn : I,)ng life, miserly nature, drawn away from
workl ly thing.
Rahu : Aggrcs; \'e nature . gamhhing nature . bold.
Kct u : Low of the spuitualundiagno-c d illness.
Herschel: unpredictable iucidcntsin family. instuhility,
danger in travel.
Nept u ne : Myste ry a bo ut death . water danger.
dishatmoug inlamil y.
l'luto : Dan!!cr from firewolk producls (exp losivc)
:\amc : Nct aji Snbhaschandra ltnsc.
Date of Bi rt h : 23 01-lli97 Salurday
Time of hir th : 12,29 p.rn.
r te ce or Hirt h : Cuuack .
I ) S:lt urn - The lord of hadhak huuS\: uin eighth a long
with Uranus.
2)Lor d or A<;('l' nda nt And 10rLl of eighth house Mars
is in I house with (R) Napume and (R} pl llto. aspccung VlIl
house. As Such Myster y ahou t death.
46 I \ 'our Sta.--.
Danger 10 life... Health upset
I) Lord of lagna in the Hth
2) Lord of the Hth in Lagna
3) Lord of the Lagna + Lord of lhe Hth conjucnon
4) Lord of me Iagna x Lord of the Sth in prutiyog
\falne : Adolt Hitler
nuc of Blrth : 20-041H1N
Time of Birth ; [lUll
Place of l l inh : Braunau
Mysterious death (l) Neptune + Pluto in tbe xrh house.
(2) Sat urn aspccung venus the lord of the Sth 0) venus +
Mars + Mercur y conjuction (4) Ve nus lhe lord of Hth
. retrograde. in ute maaruk 7th neuse ( 5) Lord of loss mercury
lord of ma. nuk Mars. along with Sun. Lord of elncnlh house.
1<") Xli llollw Defec t, Hosphalllsutlon, SUf g;CfJ
This is l 11C most important Irik neuse and main
Inauspicioushouse. IIi.\ called 10.\;; hOll.\<' (as against the prolit
hou sc.)
Any type of loss be it cthh-al . fmanical. bamaOf moksha.
can he found trom Ihis house. The res, is u ~ J l I y p.:nnanent
These days many people feci helpless when Ihey gel
caught in uic wheel of doctors and hmpilals. Th,'y become
uuerly worried. The conlradiCIOl y opini,lilt of cxpeu doctors
leave 1I1em confused abnutwhich medicine to lake and what
10 do, and whet her 10 go uhcadwith on opcrunon or nor. One
doc tor adviset an npcraticn: unomeropporcs cit And hou are
certain ahout their opinion. The auyrwedicdocmrcrinazrs the
allopathic doctor. The lancr ridicules auyrweda lIy suying
that when auyrwcdic medicines has no erf<'ClaUJl wh"rc is the
\ ',,,,r H<alth_YOtI t Slats / 47
question of rejection? Wilen the patientflndsbothineffcctive.
he turns to homopathy, natumpathy. magnetlherapy. tUlll rik
amI magi, remedies or astrology. The patient will have lost
self cunlldcncc.] lc wlll be fllcd with despair. won<.leling what
to <.10. whom to consull. If a such times Medical Astroll1gy
can give accorat guidance ahoutthc disease the astrolog y will
be blessed h)' the patier u. and Will gai n ntra menu.
The special factors to tc considered in the horoscope
whco dccing about an operation are:
I ) Hirth chanzqucstfun cha n: in thscs the lagna. lord of
lagna and their associat ion with the 12th house.
2) The 12t h ho use i n the horoscope indic at es
i mprisonmeut.Jonly li re. hospitalization
3) lkgarding opcraco tile hOIlS<' of lo, s is of ,!; ,\' at
trnponarcc. Therefore it is csscnnano study ifllll' mahaoasha.
unrardasna. vidasha associated with it arc running..
4) [(l' galding detelmi ning the plane:ts associated with
the house of los.' here arc some spec ial rules :
a) The house umt sign ill wh ich the: lord of the loss house
I S ply,ted and his strength.
h) The planet in the nakshnra of the lord or the: loss
hous e.
c) The planet in the loss hnusc accllr<.lill g \0 bhaavachalit
d) The plane t in Ihe nakshatra or the planet in inc loss
e) The planet aspecnng the above Four.
.'i) or all the planets Mars is the wielder of weapons
such as gun. how a nd arr ow. and implements like Knife.
SCIssors . Sickls crowbar CtC , li very o pera uou ecos such
"imtrumentg. Helice the umpurallcd association of with
I ' bur Sbc,
fI ) Surgery means there will be blood association. hence
the need to consider the Moon, for the moon exccnsc s
dominance over the liquid princi ple or blood.
7) From the 12th house the urnknown is determined.
Operation means opening the hody and skilfully s11itehing
together un seen pans. Any secret or excel' scan be determined
from the 12th house. II is not easy to find 0111from the 12th
hoc sc both sun's and merits. I'or the 12th indicatcs darkdoing.
the me"' l(lnioucs ones Iww IheiI' house.
S) Therefore when there is mahadash a. anrardasha or
vidarha of the 12t h neuse or of Mangal. then there is a
possibihtly of surgery . Whcn durin! the gochari movement
of a planets especially or Mars. there is association with the
12th house or with the lord of the d.rsha then sur);ery is
possihk , olherwise eena inly nOI.
Sin,'e in t he huroscapc the 51h and llth houses are
respec tively the i1 th house or the lnss house, they arc
auxrpicious for 11eallh. The Sth and loss houses spoil health.
while tile .'itlland I IIhhouses promote health. Therefore. when
the dasha a,' "oo.:i aled wnh me 51h and profit houses i.\. on. if an
operation is perfOllned. It will he ent irely successrul.
Olher", isc. for some reason or ot her. the operation will have
to he rcpcncd And whell Mercury is i<'iSflCiated wiII the house
or los" . one operationdocs nOI Minke. The toss house' indicates
the weak part 01 the tJ(1dy or physical disorder. The 51h and
proru hou>es certainly have the power 10 cure lhis disorder.
Upcnuiun should nOlIle performed close \0 the rull moon or
ncwmoou day as for a.\. possible. 1101' whenthe house or lagna
in the horoscapc i.\. weak or dehilitated.
l-rom my years of experience it is caccr and more
accurate to predk l fromquestion charts than horscupcs. For
oncn the horoscope is faulty O\\ill& to "TOn); or amsigious
dr' tails. The u is difficult 10 torcasr about every ,lIness from
\ '"" r I t ~ . l I h , Your Sins I4'J
For quesuons of spcc.nc umes there i., nothin:;
IOC<lu'lI thequestion chan. Ill.' a mand 01the Krislmamelllly
Acwrdi ng as the association or the seoouty inauspicious
piano s associated with uc loss neuse. tccnmcs 'lronl; with
lile m diceal sil;ns. tile relevant part of lhe hody uncc rgoes
surgery, e. !!' if a";{lI: ialal with tile ls t house or with Aries a
brain operation or if with IIrC 7t h or Libra a Kidney operation
will he indicared Tlle.<;C 12 si&ns arc assigned 10 the sewn
Exaltation and dcbilhauon of carh prancr. their nature
and properties. arc des cribed in lhc accompanying table .
It abo indicate s solitude Life is prison. hospnalization.
life wilhoul ,' ol1lpani' ll1, life in fOfe, t
If when uic <l a,lI a ,'o nne<.: l, wnh the 1211, housc is nn
Iran,i t Mars r nnu l'!S then huusc. There i.'i a jlIl,,, hilil)' (If
operal ion Om' ge ls ho und and tk d up . Acei<leI11'i ca use
pllvs;'al dis<lhil ily and un-nc. mhe permanent 10'-' .
II tndtc.ues the poilll of vicw ol ialal a towards so<:iely
and al,o Ihe Il<l live's nature.
l\1ars. l\l oon and Nepnlll c in uic 121h indis:ale suicidal
tendency Jupiter and moon COllj un<: I'\lli ill tile 12, indlcmcs
chari l<l hle' c III ;C<l 1. .>pirural. high grade. salvation. incf nauon
10 devorelilc to social .....-rvicc. t.xnnpre SO!l opant
Name , SonopamDandckar. (SpiritualPerson)
I of Bi nh : 20-04- 1l\%
Time orIl inh : 14, 1'i
On uic other hand inauipicions indicate evil
an ions. hidden sins cunning criminaltendencies.
When Ihe im<l of lile 12111 ho use !ails in a u
indicates usually 11M regar<l ing. Ihal house and the zod iacal
511/ \ uu< II . a lth ' '' ,.. Star-.

That is in hk offcn Labour and money arc spent in acts
ccnnccu..d wi th tim; aspect. The same rule applies to the planet
in the los-s house. the how' of ownership 01the planet and the
zmhacal concerned.
Rahu in this house indicates imprisionment JI1 one way
or other. In Wine cases Mars in the hirth chart indicates the
incvitatuluy of surgery. In some case death awaits surgery
and strikessoon ancr the ope ration. en co urse to understand
this one need, an expert aslro loger.
In short when the dasha otthis house is on. one must nor
take on dangerous tasks. nOI lend money. musrnorhc
greedy l or easy money. engage in big deals . must
not I jx marriage.
O I l(' Tll tl.'ltake for granted thatloss will (\Ceur and lake
care a\:conJingly
This house indicates life in countries.
Ahh<Hlgh fro m rhe poinl of view of this hk it i" an
inauspicious house from Ille spi ritual sta nd-point it is of
primal impon.mcc
Kctu and Neptune i n ihis bouse elevate the spuituallcvcl.
G) II "" vnuoe
( )\l\ of rue 12 1louscs the Seco nd and the Se venth House
utc f ailed JS Marak Of HOllSL'S, The Third and I.ighth
House indic.ucs IOIl,gc " il)'. The Sl,olld and the Seventh
Ho uses arc rh,' 12 Houses it corne d from \he third ei!Ol nh

II ) ltudhak II.ulse a nd l heir Inrd
n is as..;ullled that and lheir lords arc the
most male fic. who arc ca..cr 10 indicate about one's physical
from the world
The 12 si;:IIS ure (' Iassified ht lh re", groll ps \ iz
:A- ... 15t
a) Char - Movable - Aries . Cancer Ltbru Capricam
b) Sthir Hxe<J - Taurus leo Scorpio A4uariu,
c) Dwiswabhav - Common-Gemi ni virgn Saginarius
a) For movable si! n asccndam. hadhaksthana is the eleventh
h) Io r Hxcd sign asccndanl,ba<J llasthana is the ninth house
e) l-or mixed ., i! n asccndam. hnthaksthunn is the sew nth
ll aJ haka<J hipali means the lord or
the ba<Jhak house .
which call I'rc tabulated as follows :
Sr. 51;:: n in Badhnk
Il ad h" kl SI!!, n JJ:ldhak
:>\0. Asccndum U"lI'iC
m1hillat i
Aries XI Aquarius
Taurus IX
Caprio;orn Smurn
VII SagirwrillS Jupiter
Cance r XI
Taurus Ven us
Leo IX Arie s

Virgo VII
J . Libra
XI Leo Sun
s. Scorpio IX
Sagillarius VII Gemini
10. Ca pricorn XI
Scorpio 1\1ars
I I. Aquarrux
12. Pisces
V1I Virgo Merc ury
Even today ucrc is a lot otcourovcrsy a bout predict ive
value of retnl ! ra<Je planet-s, Eminent asrologcrs who have
given various op inions do nor indicate what exactly such
52 I Y" ur \ '''ur SIan
J) Lnn:;:c\'il}'
Longevity can he classified in groups
I) Short life _ 0 I veers.
2) Middle life - 32 10 M Years,
Loog - 64 to 96 Years.
I'hal Dccpika stares that the 61he. the 8th and the 121h
arc ",'il houses. The lord of til e xth is lhe WOl'SI. whkh
,>poi l, IIUI h(lll'>C and owned hy it.
To li nd OUI aknu longevity, the following factors will
haw 10 h,' considered
(i\) tj Ascendaru
2) Thi rd House - (Eighlh house counted from 8lh house}
J) Eighth House
4) S:J I -ul11
The houses conslug death arc
1) - Second
3) Twelfth home
4) Badhak hou.<,e
Tbc lweinn house of uie boroscooc umcr consideration
creates negative torccs. obstructions. opposilions. 1\, 'udl.
the houses in group "H" arc the twcl lt h houses 01 the houses
menlioned in group.' 1\'
if the lor d of 11U' Xl h is post ed i ll the Sth
house, it "' ill giwlolll: life.
lurthcr. one should judge me sucngth of the lord of ihc
eighl house if p osted in the eight 110u,," to decide the longevity
1) Aries: The lord of ascendant and the lord of the eighl
house is inc same. So no stigma is attached In Mars.
2) Tau rus : The lord ofl he eigh:h house -s j upuer. which
will give good rcsuns and if posted I II ils nwn sign Sagillarus
or Pisce s or in exalted sign Cancer. long life is assured.
3) Gemini : The lord of me ciulu house is Saturn. II
owns the nineth housc and exulted in Lib ru being the fifth
house . So. saturn gtvcs long li(e itposted in VII. IX or V.
4) Cancer : The lord of the eighth bouse is Saturn. It
also owns lhe seventh house (Marak. house). So saluro's cnccr
arc dnulutul and il give middle Iirc. 5) 1.<; 0 : The lord ofthe
ci),' hlh house is Juplkr. whic:h also the fi fth house. So,
Jupiter will give long life
6) " 1":':0 : The lord of 111 ,' eighth house is Mars. whid l
abo OWIlS thethird house. So is favourable
71 Llhra : The lord or cig ht th house is venus, the
lord " I' as,:enJall1 ibel r. ;lS such no uosha
II I s co rpro : Tile lord or Ihe e, glll ih house is
which OWIlS the clcvcrah houSi.' . So Mercury will give good
'.II S<l::,uari lls : The lord 01 tho: Rth ,s Moon, Moon has
not got any l' ll' d xhip 01 any olher
HI) Ca pricor n: The lord or tile Nth SUIl . Sun has not
gOI all)' lordship or ot her sign. So. SLL n has IlOdefect .
I I ) Allu ari us : Tho: lord or the Hill Mercur y, which
owns Sth 1)(1\1....' So Mercu ry will give long life.
12) r' tsccs : The lord ufthc Hth is venus. which owns Ihe
third house and exulted in So. venus will gi V<' long
Longevity Health :
I) II' in Hth hnusc prcscm and is aspccicd hy
an inauspici ous plano:t . or Kctu is in its s... cond bhaava, there
will he a mar k of an injury on uic body.
2) If Mars is i n the and lord of lhe is weak and
Ven us is Iustreless, disease, of the Ihroal occur.
3) If llle lord of lhe Jrd is with Mercury and if the Lagna
is Sag il1arius diseases of the uuoar wi ll oc cur.
4) Jf the lords of Lagna and tnc 2nd house arc weak and
Saturn i, badl y praccd neck trouble.. and life expectancy
mId Vllast u
lIiol ogy and environment exercise infl uence over each
In our hody and all arou nd itlhe good and had lhoughls
(the good and bad iOIIS ) arc all the time engaged in hallie ,
They ale the ions wh ich pervade allthe organs of the human
body. For cxamprc. when we go to a hnxpitnl. there will he
(,:oll ntlcs had ion' poll uling lhe almosphere . They (IS
uneasy. (In the other hand when we go 10a temple or church
lhc're w, [1 he numerous go od ions in operation. They Il\ake'
thc' cnvironmcmIuppy, peace ful pleasant.
\\\> can linu out if a Vaa, tu ts Il uwcd m,lmc'nl we
enter it When on cnteri ng a vaastu if own breathing becomes
r;lpiu. it cer laill that tiler,' is a Ilaw in lhe vaastu. If Ihe
hreatliillg rare remains Ih\' same til' anu if the feel is
dcliglucd II Ihe vaasl u is suitable tor living 11'-
111e earths magl1et ic force actually affecl.' own houies,
If is steady in cc north south axis. and it i-, present in Ihe
IlllI ll;!n body also. whe;r we lie d,)WlI wll h own 10 IIlC
north . The north po le ivin the direction of the bead Jnd the
-,mlth pole lo,,al ds our fcet. Il is the other way round when
we lie wit h own he ad towards the south. When the head is
toward, the north. the rmnh pole and the magnct'c north arc
close toge lhcl; They c reate an ;L nfaClion Ilclwee n thelll winch
utfects the blood circulation .md the head feels hC'lvy. One
feels ur casy. an unnamed fea r and palpitat ion in the cncs r,
steep disappears gutdmcss ensues. Ik art heats tosc thd r
rhythm. wnentil<.' h"JUis towards th" south Ih" re will be
auracuou lll:t"'wn the north and sout h finks. Tbc mind is at
peace and one sleeps well.
Modern medical scienusts hav" after years of research
concluded that some 60',l td 7()'lf of arc ca used by
mcmat disrurubancc ( If irnnalunce. The rcmnmng ill nesses
arc caused by ot her factor ' sUl'h as acctccm. hered ity.
Therefore greater empha.sis is laid on men tal harmony, That
is why in II", wes t the propo rtion of mental illness is high
because ottcn we find that thoug h there is much w"a lth hut
nOI mcmat peace. Hence there are many diseases.
SalUrII-TIle IIcro Of Lon;!el'it )
Sawin. also knowli a, varna. tile God representiIll,' death
is the , 10\\ rnovmg pian,,\. Saturn is often described in dreadful
man ner. It's co nnect ion with hatal Moon is known as
' Si\ DI:SATI' . (seve n and half ye ars rorancn.) It i s a
signi lk alOr of human miseri es as well asor spiritual wisdom,
olJ man IS gcn"rally represented hy the Saturn.
Saturn releases Kamuc forces to ena ble the individual to go
a head on his 1a.' t journey. It hilSucrrcndous paucncc. It'" action
is somc ume dicisivc .
With Moo n or MJI's. Saturn J; IWS evil effects as the Wave
lengths are q uite di rtcrent . Aoy error: to appose the rmpact of
Saturn crea tes a hig pr cbrcm.
After analysi ng the horoscopes of long lived persons. it
is my j udgcmcnt that Snum's relati on in any manne r with
the !;lh house. Saturn offers long life.
Fewexamplcsarc l,'i vun in the appendices
Ior more details about Lo nge...'ilyAccording to Wesl en!
Sys lem please refer Page No. Itt!
( K) l' olitk :lI A'i.'illssilllll i,, "s lUlll it,
DUling me gl'l1lTJ.1 election s 01 I<J90- 1'N l manyemtncru
astrologers had ventured to pr<.' did who wnuld tc til!,' next
prime ministo:r- Also predictions were made regard ing the
(lulm mc of tile people's choice. Hutthe net result of this was
tile all round ridicule received hy the astrologer s along/wit h.
their prclhCI; nn\ , The immedi ate cause l or this was urc
unprcduncd su<1d\'11 death of RajivGJildhi in the midst of the
election proccsv ha nds "I' L T.T.E. Mil ilUll(S at
J'crumbndur III Tanulandu-. Ihc irony was compoundedsince
most ast rologers had cmphJ I;<:a))y stated that none el se hut
Ra iiv Lianchi would re the next prime minister then.
W!lik Jrr i' lllg ur prediction, . some tacrors arc always
taken lor gfJIll..:d- tor example. whilc asuologcrs arc consulted
lor Ii xing tile ume for ng marriage s. it is
r f":'lI mel! th<l t tom hridc and would he
alive on Ihe mamugc day- AI that time their longevity factor
1' , pen..:rall y not cunvidc red hut ulwayx ove rlooked- 101' all
practical purposes-Tbc mquirc r at such times l S not ili a mood
to think anum life. or. dea th hut only Inrcrcsrcd in the futu re.
The most rcauty is a certuinly of death whkh nobody
lil..e, to thin k of. In exceptional cases when one is too old or
tou ill th,' n only one may give a pit-"sing though t to the hitt er
e nd of life. It hut nnurur that one the death- wllile consulting
about the auspicious mome nt for marriage. No
a'itrol(lgel' wo uld dare to think about death- and would he
ndkugcd by one and all ifhe indulges in SlId 1thins" . nsuch
The a.m o logc rs and el dery people of yc vtcr yea rs
to the o lde r uencruuon used 10 caution h<:fme

predic ting any event and it used 10 he their prerogative to
con sider tile nati ve 's longevity he forc rorec asun g Hut
umorwnatcly today, it has tecnme a fashion to pay scant
I\'gard to elders "I p;\lticulal.
The 22nd may 199 1dawned wiih lh,' ,;,)0.1 news of Raj iv's
Nflh-.l<J y was ,lfcp;u-,'d tohc1i,' w II... tragic news.
The nauon w:.t, thrown jnl,l turm oil. The I,H,)lJnl1;-Il,,;] was
caught in gloo m Jll d in a da/,' t! condition.
Al tha t timc F"oP!c wOIl<J ,'r,'d why lhe .rsuulngcrs as J
cnmmumtycoutc 11 m forewarn a;,ou[ such an eventuality. Al
tllat link' Uln( wn c ,) few J\\w]og,' rs who had pre dicted lhal
Del hi'.'; th[(1lk' would b- shaken. X murderrd
and even had 'llgg,-\ (,'d obliquely lha l Rajiv Gandhi might
nor he' all k to g,'\ \he coveted aga' n-Hut (hen nmpul1ion
was only I 'X ,Ul\ol 'g
"" ' l.-ok,!;y 1\ C(lInpl'l ,cd "I' three
Sllld<J l1an' a. Sarnhila and Hora Th,' liT'1d,'al, with a,lp \nom)'.
rl w Hora lkah willl til ,' and IllS [ortunc and
)i. c' II,'ral ly it i, romntonly called u-c science of fortune telling
"I' a,lrology, The S, lInl,it a part. ulsu known a, IlHlIl dan,'
a.\ lrnl og\'. u...' als with lhe cuccts or plal,,' t,lry a.,pe'b on 11\0.'
aoimuu- "n il the I wor ld such as :1no,l'>.
epidemics. wars. po hlical UIlI,,', 1 and upheavals and simihn
omcr events.
Tile f, -und.uion charts .md Ill!: pranceuy aspen , afleeling
nations and pl\' dicl .ve illg with po lLlic ian, alll!
lll" ir a-., a\ iI111 ion, nrcalways cha nglllg with thc Iimcs.
Ih,' or mundane astrology, notmuch has teen written
in uic form or J h'lOk. It coul l! be , ai(1lllal hardly anylhing
nOlahlc' ha, rccn dlll"ng Ilw last III or so.
TIlis patuculnr branch or predictive amokgy bcine' very
compfic arc d. urcsomc . a nd sin ce it requires uuncutc
culrulauon along with a dee p sludy am! gra\ p 01 events
iKtUITing uu'oughout the worl d. In , been So fur
by milS( or lhe usrrotogcrs- Aga:n IhlTl' is no, govcnuucntal
or mlJ,'r fina nci al support for 1110,,"' who wculd venture 10
prcdso the events. More than that. one becomes an object of
ridin ,le if his forecast goes wrong, ASlrologers in <,eneral arc
unanunous lhal if urc prodiclion hil, lhc nail and turns outto
he ' rw. nobody takes cogmsancc or his achievement hUI if
OIWgoes wrong. thenlhe peopleai iJrge do nor spare him hUI
lell him about his failure while pa",sing on the road, or by
cornactiug himon the telephone or even wrile a tcuer 10 him
ahuut hi, prognostication. On this branch of mundane
awnlngy not mochIitcruturc or past rcicrcnccs arc available.
whatever scanty marcnat is availahlc is not worthy 01lakin,g
seri ous (o,gn i,aIKe 01'. The emi nent astrologer the laic
Krjslmamurlhy has succcssronv devise the fletd "I Horary
Astrology. Ii<: formulated inany rules while explaining his
theory, Many of his followers JI,o ncglected thix hrJl1ch of
aSlrology For predicting national events. and political
w,sassinmions. the following foundation chans arc studied,
They arc (I i ;">; liOlOS(0PC' ,
(2) IndividualHoroscopes.
(}) loundauon chart, of Politicall'anics.
(4) HIlr'\'iI;0pc of SWearing in ceremony.
(5) Chan of I.unar and Spla r I-:cl ipses,
(, ) Progress honu...npcs orsolar transits.
(7) I\ cw year horoscopes.
lS) Full moon and New moon JlOn>SC{lf":S_
(9) lmponunt planetary
{I0) Qucsn on or Horary chart.
Based on his own experience. every a, \rol p.gcr uses a
lew or these horoscopes while slUdyi ng this. The usc of
navansba. or progress boroscopcs or j la, ha is adopted
hy many astrologers. In this arlld ,' I have mainly ,leah wilh
malefic planets. and political as.,a"inations- I'or lhis article I
consid ered individual of
pul under considcnnion.
(I ) 1' :lkist:m s I'H' mkr-- Barmier Liuqum Air Khan
Aquarius with- Rahu and moon-Ncpumc in "Ih
hOUM: . Jupilc' Tin 6lh 11 01l"". Sun inHth 11 011"" with and
Herschel-Saturn and :>'krl"Ul)' ill ')111 how...' "
(21 Ex Prcsktcnt of 11.s. ,\ Juli n I' Virgil
As,xmk ili. Rahu in "11l1l "usc. I kr",hd in (,th..\ h l' -
i11 1\111, SUIl .lnpitc' r in ')111. Pluto am] in IOlh. Saturn III
111h wi III r'kpIUIW. <II1J !HOOn in 12111 holl'_".
(31 1nhuuna Gnndnr-. \\'1111 Mercury,
and xuus. S'I1UrIl ill 2nd lIOU"'-. ,", ,-111; 11 _l lil. S .'pllll l<:
in 6111. [{.' trugradc> .lHpiIL'r in 7111 along with l' lillo. Herschel
in ',)111. Ruhu JIlU in 111\11 and 'lOll 111 121 h
(4) I'akis l:l ll Ex Z ulfi'l "a r Ali IIh ul1o-
'\ ' <: L ndJJlI. wi lh Su n Jnd .\kn: m y. JlIri la
Ik rM: hd i II ..hi Il.. >USC' . \ -1,m-Rahu m 6111III "N' . mgradL'
Pluto in 71h H,- Irgradc I'''-pa ll)c' ill I"' l:.>;': Wnu,_ KCIlI.
SU1\lfn in I hOl'''"',
(5) S h a ik h .\ I uj i hu !' Ra h n\;l l\ l'x pn-micr 01
S<.llrpio As<:c nJ c-nt xtoon a:\\1 Vcnu, III 41 11 . S" n and
\krcury ) i ll ,",,-w in 61h. Jupncr
in vm Rahu an,! rell'<lgl 1aI" in 1211l hou,,.
j(, 1 Irs Indi rn Ga lld hi i\so.;','Il.. k'nt Canl\'r with
and I"<: pl"n" . ;\-1:I r" in SIIIl - III Sill 11111 "'-. Hahu
anu Ve'nus in (,Ih house. Herschel wi lh- moun m 7lh 11<\I"c.
Jupiu-r i 1\ I Itil ami KcIII ill 12111 hOIl S<: .
(7) Haji l G:""lloi_. A",'<'nJ' IJJl YifJ;o, Wil11 Mars and
Ncptuuc , Ilcrcln-lin ')1h. Samm in 1thh. Still . :>.-k rnny. rucnn.
Jupin'r and Vcn 1]\ 12111 III\IL>;': .
11,111 ' hcs<: 1101'0.",,,1"'-'" arc ' U1ui <:d. it could dl'l'in<.' ldy
provide a fcwdecisive tactors-.
A rew malefi c ;lSPOXISa rc as follows
(I) Moon in nssociurion wilh where Rahu is
extremist and assumes tmpormcc. Rahu'x ptacc is unquc in
Krishumunhy method and il assumes spcciul meaning and
significance . In the present era. Rahu seems to occupy centre
stage mIlle current era of cxuvmists
(2) Malefic prancts ' 1J<;11 a, in 4lh. H,'rschd il16lh.
Mars-Mercury in xth, Pluto Kctu ill lnth Saturn Neptune in
l llh and MOi1 1l in 121h.
(3) Suu in 12111 house.
(4) xfursam) Saturn ill conjunction in 12111 house- with
Wnlls ilnd Kelu.
e,) Sun, Saturn and Mars cnrmcrtcd with- lith house 01
11, I' ll\1.
( ju t of the above horoscopes, ,we aring in rcrcmony
hOro5COj1'l'Sof indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have certain
plan,' la') ux pccts.
( I) in ccrcmvnr Horoscope of 14111e January
I'Jl;O, or :\ I rs Jmlira Gnndhl AquariliS i\.,.:endanl. wi III Venus
and K,'lli. RahuanJ l"I,' lwgradc Jupitcrin 71h hOllS<.' , with :\lars.
Plulo Wilh tctrograce Sauun in :\Ih bouse. Moun. llcrschcl.
and rccptune In IlIth, in I l1h house. Hidden
,' ,w' llies can helocated from7111 houses Due to the placemen t
or cxncrmsr \laf.l and Ruhu with retrograde Jupucr 111 7th
!louS<.' . Ill.: wiII' retrograde Jupi1,' [ her ,' ol,1iJence. pro\'e{) IU
r.: uthcrwlse and betrayed her- Al 10 he olherwisc and bcuaycd
her- Atthat lime, Ih" lord or lal!-na Saturn was reuo,g ratle in
Xlh house. with the explosive planet pluto. The eclip"" cnart
of 22nJ November. J91\4. malefic prarcrs, j n 2nJ 41h and I\tl1
along with evd aspect h..'l\\wn and Venus suggesl llle
Irag,' dl' She was assassinated ''' I ., I'I October In4
(2) Swearing in ceremony horoscope of RaJiv Gandhi
d.ncd-SIfl 21 19X4. Gemini Asccndart. Pluto in 51h. Saturn in
"Ih with Mercu ry, llcrxchc l and Kctu. Jupite r. Sun and
Ncpnmc In 7th, V,'nus and Mars in <1111. moon in 11 111 , This
considered with- Amill'<lSl',l chan or 1415/ 199I, lord or lagna.
S(th and 10I h lords along with M'lnn, Jnd Jupite' arc
afflicted. lk was a,sassinated on 22:ld May 1'.J91
Eclipse and Amavusya cbuns do sl,gg'''1 such an
eventuality The eclipse of 19'B in Diwaf und planClal)'
of l'dlluary and :-13] 1';194 indicate thai l11Cah<.wc
periodcould hedisaSlH'I IS, 1' r;me mini,le l' Narximha Rao'lnd
Maharasfura Chid' Sharad rawer I1\'C(\ to lakc call'
and be "alllioll' ahnut liwir ".. Iws
In lli,' <: OJl1l11g y,' al', Ihi, p,..'i l" ' " of Ikr"hd-i\'epwn,'
<111[\ pluto sllgF,1 lha t til<' world would ht' 111 the
.clip o( l<"'I' Ori,ls and may k ad In",<:al al",n of s",:h a<: li\"IIes,
1\' s ome features in Ill,' Iwms!."op'!S 01 Indira ( iandl\i.
Rajl\' (;al1d hi. Jolin Kennedy III I! CI j nton and Pukivtani )\'al'al
Shadd nrc lilt' 1ust 1"'<l ",110 arc allvcand . nlIl<' helm or Jlh irs
t.f U.S,!I. and I'Jl istall. should aocl]lI ald )' pn Iht m,d ws
, in\\' III,')' arc Iil cly 10 he ino.mgcr and h ," K C11<..-cdpnl1ertion
::i :l :.J
Part IV
Pred ictive Guidelines
(A) A.';l n ,lo:::lc:ll l\laln Fad" rs
!\k,l i..:,, 1 can pl:Jy <I vital rotc in th...
" I' " l1i d l may occur dllring. a hr<: 'p"n on
lllC ha' lS<If Illr i"oll<lwing I"a..:tnrs
I ) )\<l wl ,,!l,Jlvll or,'ry ctan
2) C",r<'l ali"n oruu- II r' l with sixth. ... igluil and
twdllh IHH;,'I;,\
.' ) I\b hadasiu! II lliarda,halSurxbsllas
.1) Transits
A" Il<: " i!11111 ... foli,r,o..ing tmponam I must be
taken into ":(I)l,idl'rat'Ol n
I) 1''' 1.' ;1<1 or [, b O<: k' i I1'; ' <: i n. Phil... " tl1 a:
aspe\'; thc 1.<1':' 11"
2) 1.,'1'1.1 " I' 1.<1;;'1 <1- - I n Wllid l 1'0" \1\1,' , ,;,gn.1'<<I )..:sl1a iLI it
snnutcd undwhicf r l""<:1 i, a' p.....: l:1g.
,) An" ' <l r,l,,,l1a, Mahad.rxha.
-t) The :,i,:,n " f ill\.' hill hllll:><:, uc plarcrs inthe 611111<.(,:><: ,
the ria".... ,; IIl JI ,t. the' ' lgn or Ille lord 01' tl1e 6\ h
compan" im1Jill!
Whenever J malefic rci" lion (l'XlII'S t>cl\\\'l'1l Asccnd.mr
and lord 01 the (,t11 ho"se in (hose lil h... all!l occurs.
Thc da, ha ;;nd g,'dM,i movements mal' add \]1 a malefic
, ,,ndil;' '' '
I) !n horo-copcsiu which the lord of 1\ i.rthc 6th
or Btll or in the house of los.>.
2) Tile of lhc Mh and Hlh in Ligna
3) The lords of the l.agna. 61h. 1\ 111, or the lord of loss
IOgelh<' r in the 6. 1\. or 12 nooses. The hcalth of me subjec t is
oliginally frail. His life force wilI'c tess and 10 cause lllncss
IIw related movement of these malefic planets is enough.
Wllirh planel;; arc there in to (ith house and dl) they Romain
rhcrcvln slll,rl lhc (ilh house is the place or ori gin of i ll ness,
II) kuk s r"r Fi " " 1 Diseuw mId Illier pn: tmion
Rule I : I House indicate hody.
Rllk s 2: I. IV. VI. VIII. XII indicate physical and mental
Rule :< : I and vt Huuse indicate nature of dise ases.
Rule 4 : I and Vlll House i ndicate danger or life.
Rule 5 : 1and' XII House inJ Kate defect. Ihl<;pilali"Jl iono
Hule (, : I. VI andVIII House indKale and death.
Rule 7 : I. VI and XI! House indicate Diseusc. Defect.
Rule R: I. VI. XII House and mars indieJte xurgcry.
Role 9 : I and VlIl House indicate accidental death.
I{ule iu: lund xnuouse
Rule I I : 1. VI. VIll and XII House indicate ArcidCIll .
Operation. OCJII1 ,
C) S"urce or the Disease . vaactu
Health and Fourth House
This happ.:ned a couple of months ago, A lady of about
41\ . chartered accountant hy profession in Bombay came to
meet me by appointment . Her hu,in,"" wu" fl ourisbng. Her
husband was i" Bohrain for severa l years on work. They have
a son and a daugbtcr, The daughter is hap[lily marnod.
in her lonel,n" ss the la(]y met a fellow businessman and
friends hip hloss omed into love He was marr ied and had
child ren and was hap[lY, Hutthe lovc affair gave a dilk renl
him 10 his life. In the intoxicat ion of low tom l' c:; anlO ncglecl
the ir profession, Thei r condition was ditflcult.
On seeing all Ihei r horoscope , I round Ihat lhei r
of marriagc a nd h" ppinc,-s had heeoll\<: defective. HUI because
or other beneficialconjunctions they WCI C ahlc 10 face the
Some days laler her moth\'[ 1(> lell me Ihal
the lady had tried ro commit suicid e hy laking an owrdosc of
sleeping tablets. Alter a le w days I wentto Bombay 10 'iCC
Ihei r vaasm as I Wa,\ rcrtain that in it lay lhe solution 10 all
the protccrns. In I' KI l n lh" Iirxt meeling itsd l l had advised
her al'oot the Vilaslu and about kecping her mind tinder C011l1'Oi
!lui when somct hing is hound 10 haPPCll then man rsnot in a
mood to nsrcn.
I W<iS astou nded when I saw the vaast u. It was a fine
place. The nal was 01 sq. ft.. It was well 11Irni,I1 .:(]. The
illlerio r decoration lias dM/ ling. There was nothing lacki ng.
was a select collection ol imported an k les. BUI til\'
fla t and de si gn or the building were enurcty
Vaastushasuu. The main uoor or (he n at raced the south. TIl':
toi!':1was in me 1l0rllH ibl and Ille kitchen in rhe sout h-west
TIwterrace or Ill<' lbl was sloping from tbcopposite direction.
What is more the entire huilding with us boundary gate was
ag"i nst Vaastushastra . TIi.: ll 'lt ma tched the picture. I bad
lonn.:<J . wh.:n I ha<J pr.:pared Iii.: horaryquestion chan or Ihe
Vaastu according to Ihe Knshnam urihy Method.
T he horosco pesof Ih.: people in Ihat Flat and of the people
or that busine ssman involved with her . revealed similar
pun \ ,' ;:>ljP. ' !' pur. J'P. ;>,;! !, iJP. .'q I" J)UJpDlI ! lIJ1'I" " JJJlI ;
'i ll),rr" 4) 11 ' ul 'pUllU;l' ll !ill." p;on .lUlI".' JJr ;>'iJ1111l "
J SI1D ."l ' punoj .] \.1l ,,, !,\,l;) IIll ll ""I!U '" ",,, ,1(lI jl lj " ,' l :>tjT' lp
' ll IH'U.-'U:XJ.( II ll,lLl, II I '111\ ><1, ) ,11' J.w;ltl puu " j 'lI " L1rn ll.'
IP.WJU: jvcc-quou " 'II II ' <,;HlJ:l<l ,\\ " Lll! 11,"1,\\ 'lll;] q.'P ptm ,),' r.xI
,'P,!J" pun""!III PJql .I " uonxiup -" Il '" I! .IllJ oq rsnur
l ' lJ IIlJ(l 1' ;'>IIl ' rJI ' ''IPI''III \ rr,\ .lu nuod put-t " 'II \tI el.l:1
-ll0 !l;)IUN j" 11\0 \11 1,\\ 1I.'tloJr,! 11<),\) :Ill ,),'XI, u OJ ,(;10 10,11\ 1'
"4 P"WIIDt") ,{ W, D ,){]\ 1lI.'IlH\UI r ,'11 -ucu.u. \1101,"0.1"",
1(\ rlJ"'l lHlt 1'1<\11 oqtm P;;PIUUL(lJ .1< >_""'I' ;>cj Plnoll> 1111' 11\
[" ' ll',""',' ';' )1 ' 1' ''1.' '1[1''0.' 01 poo.,;i ' ,1.' '' I'' ll.'''''-
' :no P,)LUI'.11I" "4 pn! .' ,-! l.lll JUOII mo
punUl I IOU' 1>;. lll Jq \ pH" ,lIl' P11' -
JIll )n;ll l!' S,) UmnUI r,,' l!l'pp onmu SpWj,ll sv
',(dJr l(
1; \[ "-1 r llt popu. ,IW,I,ll: 'llIJ '-! l l UI ;l UlU;;
' I ii,[!II1,( I:\.\ ,) ,(4 ;.sop loii" \ I"1I' ltnUIl ,I
niSP".\ II:>'; 01 P,1, !" Pl' ;;l lLlll,(P ,\,)
' IU(P}I pur
,(,,1 pJ!l rhlS II' I UJ U! st ncnueur oll " ; IHx'I-'J ( ')
'SPlI f( U:>pl'l;:O,IPl .l" JlIl l11.lO .oq..
sr,,, 4\IIHlJ J ill ,jO 1'.1,, \ pur- ,\ lllLPJ JU(\,lUI ,11Lt (!>
' O)ll(, ( pun 'SPUPld
u.rmev-nuxo ,1111 ,1'1 P,' F'}l !,)t!,) sr ,,, ;.suOIl ( t
' ;;01011( U X ' li l A ' IA )
Ill!," P" iCF"l<;,P JO<"lSuoq ,'I(l.

.10 :1S004 J ,-! J ;'lUI\CUl l UOP SC,,, p uqd c ures " lit ( e.
'S1-I1' 4) ;' 1I1 10 ISllW P;xJ0 I;' ,\U;\ prll 0111f.}1 (1
'sPuJ ;'lU! ""lIlOj Ul p.n....'LPJ
I ! pur sump li P .10 JOJJlW I' pcuuor 1 'sP ;'jJP
they do nOI respondto proper treatment.
All the 'Ktivilks "f Ihe organ, of the hod)' do ruu dq lCnd
on the nerve condllClOr of Ihe OWI Il, Thercrorc even if the
o('dy fell, are not ilawlc"s if mere is a defect lnihcir message
canyin,!; operation f'aul: y messages uud impulses arc neated
an" Ihe cell 10 gro\\' without limit and a cancerous
mmunr develops.
1\ is found Irum the above 111m when llie north easl is
nawed th-n Ihe re IS I1KIlI'll and the impube,sg\lil1g
towards rbc brain become irregular. 'lbr rcrorc me ooJy
do nOI !.lei correct nwssage-, and impulses and they grow
i negII lar!i' and in \\Idl l'aaslOIhe incj' lcncc of cancer" 11igll.
If Ihe ,1< nth ea-'I na 'led ina vaastuami there is a patcm
there Ihe cancer will spread rapidly and the patients hcuhh
goes had If however lh,' pancrurs k pt Hl a vaaslU
suitable a,',',\fdil'lg 10 vaasll"li asllll' a Ih" l!ruwlh of Ih,>ccuccr
hecullll's slow and t l ,,' health of t ill' pancnI can i mprovc.
A couple or examples arc in order here, All 1I 1l 111amed
lady of .''i suns sl' ffeTing terrible pain ill horh The pain
could [1(11be reduced hy <I ny 1>; li k r. She was ned in
America. hill all the repons were normal. 1\0 ncunncnr \\,as
u,ehI! In rru' lralioll , he ""pp,'d all trcauucru and left
l'h'l ylhi ng !L) (i" d. Tlwn whell I vomc to know lu-r for
treatment. I found Ihal HIl ler bedroom. There was a team
ova hl'l rccr. 11,,10.1 h,' r 10 cbaugc 1Ill' 1'0,i liOIl or her hcd, in
a month. l h l' f" was a mir acutous imp rov ement tn her
eonJ l1ion. 1l is clear 1x',lIn O\W any pan " f Ihe hoJy
;lIne" in it. Thai is why nne must ilOI or sil
under u beam or pill.tr.
Ina tarn ily Ii , i ng logether JII arc ili lhe rounc. When
one l!"ISwell. another falls ill, lllncss liv ed in IIMI vaasur uu
the nmc. The vaaxtu was .1)) rlghl ill all respects except that
IllS W;lS \11 II", s" l<l h Since there were 1'1'0 Ilalhm"m
hadturned one in\1l a Smcc men l,:ood
began to sultcr. From many surf examples. it is c lear lilat
has good and had cnccrs Oil man.
There arc urc result of flawed direction on health.
I) If the east is high. Loss of children. death of male
2) If then- an' wild 01' comamcr on IIw Eastern
sidecy,' tr,lt!hlc., heart trouble. blood disorder. dIne,s or vents.
3) 11 ,'a,\ side I ' high and there is verandah , 1'1 the
west paralysis.
4) 11 there is water In the SO(LI IHaSl. Los> or olhpring.
if there i, u hathroom ucrc Ihen female ,hsnnlcL
) ) If there is a In the sout h-w,'st than ill 10
tllc somh-cnst and the level is lower mental disorder,
6) If j<; a wdl or tnilct 01' eplic lank in the south
and lherc is a grCJ1C r slopc ther e. CJlleer. hlooJ di",lI\k'r.<;.
7 ) Irlhcl'(' is a buthroom ill the south, illncss for
in lhc illncss increases.
9) water well in lhe
10) Toilet. t un in the nort h : Diabctis. skin
disease. ill health or dll ldrcl\
I I) Comro urum. hin . septic tank. heJVythings
and , -, collected in the north-cast.
12) North-cas t clrcular and l1or\ll-wc,t e1, ' ",',!: cancer
of thc r hcSl lcgioll. lung, and food pipe.
rile Nonn-ccsr.
I ) Cancer In tile' head and neck region.
2) T he North-cas t. cast, north-west higher and south .
WCS! and scuui-westtower. bruin cancer
74 I ,"oDe lIe. Uh_,"ODe Sl . ...
Vaashu l1:1w 1Il me norlh-c;].,t and South-cast : breast
cancer. V:l astu tl.: IWS 111 Illc l\orlh-c:lSl . s outh, south-wC,1
cancer Ill' the uterus.
4) Flawed north-cast and south-west parts & vaastu
cancer of kidneys
5) Vaas ru Flaw in the north-cast plus in the mhcr
directions "bo : Ilio..:xl cancer.
6) V""slul]"w ill111C nonh-cust and (he west:
7) lIaw inthe nOnI1-I.'a'l and wcst-snuth-wcu: Cancer
of the intesline, .
If ,u..,11 lh w.' arc present uic Vaa," l.!,hastra expert h:H; 10
); 1\'(' hi, ,g Hl uall..,,'.
If allthe directions cxccpt tnc nonh-caxt arc more open.
if :11 <: nOnIH';].,ICI'II corner is .., I",ed or lher<: i s a slalr..,;]."'
Fnclal hlccding :l1l (i ahon iol'. I,,\.\ of off 'prill); . mentally
retarded d llldren. Al"l di:lh..-lcs and mcnul lll)hal;ln(e.
hum lli e f'lrq:()ia:,! 'I appe:lrs lhal wlwl] Ihe chemical
aet]\';l'"" of tlw hod;' arc ohstruc tcd, lh,' hody );'lI." nUl ql
\udcr. WI.' fall ill. lhl' physic- I,ll' );i and WI.' I-.:,gin
to fed toner. I r kitchen. 11;1 11. we!I. wi lct. se ptie' "'[e-. .
arc in Ihl.' wl'( ll1 g. dircrlion. lhe cnvil'0l1ln"ill,1i balance lx
ohsel'\'J1c' d and disturbed. 1I' proper arc made III llw
WI.' <, all clinumnc cactt drvrubanccs :md ohstuctions.
and I.'"i"y lifi-. oll l ile rucc mu. II uppc.n's us i f Ihc
l'!ll.'mir al acuvnics of "ad, person an- the ,all1'-' . there i,
dllft'l'ence in Ih"l1' ., pu',l. l l lerd "re p() \s;hl}' V,lJ"wshaslr:J
<; VI.'I'Y(lIl", Ilul before :I vaa-ru. if inc
pi is dono.' ar(ord,ng. In why sh' l"lJ mall
reject the hcnet"i l!;'1
If 111;\11 ,'n joy, good 11t r an do anylhing.. i f me
hody is Ji , ah!cd or ill. man will not be aok 10 do ;lnylhing.
Therefor 11'1 ,' rc.<lll t,; of aspects according 10
horoscope on hurnun health arc mentioned
J) Tile Su n lIlld ulher I'tanct es
Thc Sun i\ Flawed hy Snum. Jupiter. Rahu. MUr\.
H,' rso.:hc l and Neptune. lf the SHn is incomoncunn with otlWI"
plancts Ihc fo llowing dcascsses 0lClll".
J. Sun nnd 1\100n ; Life rorcc weak. Iccblc lcalth.
m,'IlWIworry k ,'uu,;c: ' If'l h,linutc nalure. 11I nc" worse around
lull moon and new moo n. Mainly skin uoutacs For la<.l ie\
mell\! mul trouhks . J.rrc II p\C1during edi psc.
2. Sun and 1\1" ,-s : 110' r nusthution, Troubtcs due w
heal and bile. Defeels of h:\lod. I'ilcs, l-ixrula. I'rll';lIC
prohk llls.
_" Su n a nd .\1I'rr llr y : Cancer. Lack of blood supply
,.I\lC to vice. I"ss el f st'!I'confidence.
hrcgularuy causing backache hypcrrcnston.
.J. Su u w id Juplu-r: I:nlargcnwlil of the hear t. obesity
Inn,'asc 111 cholcxtcrol. h!.lIld s"pply obstructed.
j)i f1iCli lly1Il ,gelling r hiIdren. Ir heilir er rli" 11 pla nctc llie
ill Ie' " so. Ihl llch 10 IllnJ:!
pains. Swelling of ncan. discascs <: ;1 11 :;';:<.1 by food . DiakteS"
owin;; 10 sweet food.
5. Sun (llld Vellll' : Wa\le of cll "rgy owing 10cxcrsivc
rem . wea kness. Victim of hrca,t, Eye truuhlu. Impote nce.
Dd,,'<: 1in (he J:!cllilal\ . rrouhlc. Throat defect. T.1l .
6. Sun Saturu: Weak. feeble hones. ( iul! bladder
m'uillc.lkal pronlcms. Tooth In"" Leprosy, Cancor.Btooo
defe cts. feeli ng of ilh,e" s, Ikc;lus<" o f lost self-confidence.
Lo" o f lXI uunimity. EffCl:lS 01 ups UII <.l ,lowns of Jife, hoflC
a nd , nrrllW on the body. sonic defect . Heart problem.
haeb<:he. pain in joints,
7. Sun :Uld I{uhu : Suffering poisoning. trouble from
defects in insanity. epilepsy. danger from posiol1ous
creatures. Jefornilly to disease and uccideru. need
to make comprormscs in life.
!t Sun:md KNU: mCnlJ] compcx. AlDS.
Leprosy. blood defect .
\I. Sun a nd II c!'M'lId l' r a nus : Strange illneS.>.
acne . dcfonuuy dec 10 arrfdcrn.
lu. Sun and :"I'IJIlIl11' : Viteliln of vice. loss or mcnra t
halancc owing to Mad company, Aknhol"m. intensity
illncs,. I'kllri,,)'. O'C <l is.:a\c. 111\ of inS"ll1ly.
ill,w, s. 1'0 doctor's trcanncm useful in limes rcmptanon, \0
consul! POS'iih;lily or hnprovcmcm through lcli giOlI.'i
.s.: r\',ec i' lCunl,uioi\
II. Sun and 1' 11110 : Ex tremist nature leadi ng 10
imp,)"ihie expin;Is ccnscqucntl y hln'ld (!erect. ,a, 1(.\'1'.
:J :J :.J
Part V
Different diseases and rhctr cor rcletion
wlth Astrology
Aj Jk "rt Alt ack
A heart under "
II> a rctauvc OJ a Incnd visitedme "' ;Ih the
horosc ope' " I' his 111 it the 4lh house. !1m.! olf Ihe
fourth and Ih,' Sl lll were II t< , rnc Ihal there
wa, "' ron),' with Ih,' heart. had hw u),'hl a hoy's
hon' '''' 1:><: "I", tor III Ijis "iorry was Ihal hi" dati!,' Incr
had a hole in tl", hcun OJ I Min h c,.HIS; ng. gn' lI l An
oper at ion had ourcctcd oc tcct tnu if thi s terrible sec ret
were 10 reach II" , ,''Irs or Ihc' I'alh,' f of any I>r;,lcgm"' ll. the
reply wOl,ld HI til :' lk ",rs ahcady 10
rd,,,,,l s. Il" \I\"'slion was, now ,hotlld he inform t'athn
"I' Ill,' pr os pective hrid"),' Hlon1 Ihc' Iruth or nOI. II was a good
match wIllc' h WOl l ld he' I" ,1.
I cast hOlll un Ir' H\", COjll.' S Ill ilHlId y anordi ll)1 10 uic
Knshnamurthy :>k l hod, I tuld hi m with
confidence tI,,,1 hi, worries were m'c' r, In my m,' lhod a
c" Hl , j,k.-ati, " I " I' thc ",'v<: nl h IhW,,' in hoth , h,' (ll,JI'IS ,ho\\'cd
that wa, inevitable I told him to iuronn II ' l' fathe'"
and rhc hoy abo ut Ilw Iwart prohkm and Ihol
would sun-ly take place Jnd the m,IIT;"g.:: w(luld k a happy
one: hllt l -l years l.ucr her h,"lrl pruhh-m woul d recur. hut
wax no cau-c I'Of worry,
III 1\r ish nUfllurt h) ' s :\lcthnd 1' \1 1;ng plauct i>; like a
ma;ci <: wand, 1,\ cry moment It mkl' the iuflucnee o( II source
planet; when we Sllld} a chart if we take illt\) account the
planet of Ihat mom,' m we can lind out if an event will occur
or not. and if it will, when. I>l inllle' prcorcuos become an
astonishing truth. The Krtshnamunhy Method is indeed a
priceless boon to astrology.
That girl's rancr informed the hoy ami IIis father about
the girl's heart problem. The boy's father was
understanding and progressiveminded. He IOI' k the hoyand
TIK' girl 10 his family physid an who examined themand said
with a smile Ihat ille girJ"s heart was stTOnge'r lhanthe hoy's.
{AClually there was no prohlem Wi lh the hoy's hcan.] Every
face blossomed into smiles and till' wedding became a
ccnaimj- Now Ihis young couple is living a happy life (with
offspring). Three year.'; ago t hey met me agum. I had
predicted. there was some hear! protacr again, hut it was not
serious all d was only temporary.
[I) mabctcs S\H'\' I as SlIg;:l[
DiabetesMeunus commonly knowna Diab.. res is caused
hy extra sugar saunan-d in th... blood and urine' on account of
insufficient seen-non of insulin,
There' arc many reasons for Heredity is an
impOl'l anl point 10 remember. As such. while m. nching lhe
horoscopes with a vew10 matrimony. this point should not
he neglected.
The pian,'! venus stands for sugar an<l Jupitar's tendency
i.<; to enlarge. Saturn ccnorcs chronic lype disease.
Scorpio and the eighlh house indicate the body pans for
passing urine. So tile controlling racrors arc
l ] venus
2) Jupiter
3) Sat urn
\i, ur Sla.. I 7'1
4) Scorpio
5) Sixth house
6) Eighth house
when Jupiter is drun inning. the native will he fat whereas
If SalUrn is dominating. the native will be lean.
Planetsconnectedwithlhe 111-,1house and the .si xth house
indicate d iseases in their uasna period. Planets in the Ilf'th
anu eleventh houses will c ure diabetics. Generally it is
incurable complctcly., It affect> all shades of all OVCl
the world mrcspccnvc or se x. caxrc.
Some of th e malefic co mbina ti ons C:luslng d iah,tcs
O[ suspected diabet es
I) Jupiteris in cithcr dcbihatcd house01 dehil hated sign,
2) .lupil er and Moon in conj unction. op posi lioll or
:-I avpand lam.
3) .! npilci . Saturn and Wnus in close cmjju nctinn
4 ) .hlpiler in c itlwr the sixth. dghth 01 tln.:lIlh noose
aspccrcd hy Venus and
Some days ago a gent leman had come to me. He WRI a
periodic vixitnr. hut Oil lhat day he appc' ared quite worr ied,
After a few plcasanmcs 1 alxkcd him wbu t was wrong with
lie pla.:ed two horo'Cope' hdore me. One was of hi,
son , the other 'Nas of a:;irl hcing proposed for him. The Jailer
r han was interesting. \Vhilc and I was slUdylllg rl. he suddenly
mentioned. " I came to sec you three or four times. hilt you
did not mee t me. Were you outof [Own'!" I said. "Yes. 1had
go ne 10 Ahmedabad to speak at the inangurutiun or o n
A\ trological Centre, :-low you want til know if the charts
march, right!"
He smi led and said. "That's why 1 hJW rome . out it
must he seen fro ma different angle. /Ify is a Naval officer
as you know . 1 am endeavouring to Iix marriage. and lie
has come on leave for this purpose- As I would not meet you
1 was forced 10 consult a couple of others."
Seei ng tile guna, and Mangul and marginal notes on the
cllarlSr S<lld. "That is clear hUI why did you come 10 me') Ior
anoth er opi nion?"
He replied. "your twu predic tions to me have conu-
amuingly tr ue. TIllSis al,o a serious mailer. On the ., hips no
perm ission is given to diabet es. and my son's life is
conncctad with -"hips. The refore the girl mUSInot he a diabetic.
and it is e s,en tia]to know lhat in future 100 she wi ll nOi gel
diabe tes. Tbc onwr ...strolopcrc told me c-erytlling except
diahctes. Thr,'e our of the [our astrologers that the gunas
match . There was no :'<langal and the cha rts matched
hcuutifulty. Hut none of thcm could say an ylhing about
diabetes. I have c arne tu you to ask for your mi raculous
prediction on the Krishnamunh y Mcmod?
With a facc I Mid. " This unfair to me. You ask
the others ,'as)' queslions. and reserve the tough ones for me! "
(It is my misfortune that normally only the se rious.
chronic case come to me, Their questions are also comple x.
penetrating and tuugh.]
He repl ied with mlx'k " It is most fair (0
ask you surh (ougll ljue$tion-,. For you arc the votary of the
Krishnarnllirthy And Ihere is n,ll lling. imposiblc for
that me thod. l it tile mawr of my lhiigntion you had gtvcn
concur fnrccast. My lawyer Ram jcthamalani was asto nishe d
' TIle case 1\ in my hand Who is the to predict the
res ult?' Aunc fina l hearellg st nixhcdt was c coro.ng to your
forec ast and hoth the lawcr and I was authorised"
recast the c hart according to the Krishanamurthy
Method along wilh aquestienchan and tne rulingplanetcame
10 a decision. Ouring lhecalculation he was walking abOUI in
the balconye agitated and unhappy
"forger this horoscope" I told him, "The subject is
definately going 10 gel diabetes. If ynu wexnt you may go 10
Nagpur and make inquiries."
He went 10 Nagpur and ancr inquirie.s returned tn me.
My prediction had teen verified.
since he knew some astrology I explained 10 him how
diabetes is associated with jupiter. Venus. Ljranus. Scorpio,
6lh house know. and t l ~ lord of the sub-nakshantra. I also
showed himhowthe indic ation from thechart was vente d by
the Horary chan. He was salisficd,
Mo."- astrologers while maichmg horoscope, <:10 nUl know
cxcatly what is In he seen. T I ~ y arc still struck wilh gunas
and Mangal.Hnw then can aSlrology progress'!
Nowadays. Cancer is becoming common in most paw;
of the world, It may he pointed nu t as a tumor. which spreads
gradually throughout the body. Any part of lhe human hody
may suffer cancer. II may he curable if il i., detected in the
initial stage, Biopsy lest gives the right d.recuon. h ll10wing
are the controlling. planets.
I) Cancer Sign
2) Salurn-Governor of destiny
3) Jupiter
4) Dragon's Hcad/Rahu
5) Uranus
It is a disease deman ding fr om rhe native extra
expenditure for gelling regular check-up from the experts.
In spite of all expensive investigations. modem medical
Xl I h .u!' I l < ~ l l h_\-"ut Sial'S
science is not still able to explain the exact reasons behind
(Jr. B. V. Raman the Yarahamlhtra of modern world,
r ight!), sa id 10 me thaI it ha ppens due 10 Irregular life
The fundamental priciple of Medical. Astrology is tn
help the physici an in discovering diseases, their location and
duration. In ol de n days. a doctor was usually knowing
astrology. But. now in this modern world. western experts
realised the importance Astrnlou in connection with making
perfect diag nois. The late f?r. B. K I' uraedarc. was a good
uarorogcr too. [ had a chance to meet him and to discuss
some medical cases
An astrological analysis of cancer cases will definitel y
help in daignosi ng and curi ng this dangerous
(Sec lllld and s.wenth) and lJadh:lk houses play
important roles.
Maidi e cc mbinauon of planets cause cancer
I}Saturn and Sun in conjunction or opposi tion
2} Moon and Sun In close conjunction.
3) xatum and Mars in conjunction or opposition
4} Mars and Uranus in conjunc tion or opposition.
Cance r may affec t any inner or outer part of the body.
Being of a wi de spectru m. it is very difficult to generalise the
comnbuanon of yog as. However. houses and planets
responsible for causing ca ncer in some of the parts of the
body arc mentioned below,
Thrnat- cll, Venus. Moon. Taurus
Shoulder, Arms-- ll I. Gemini Mercury
I,ung--III. Licmini. Rahu, Moon
llrca.'.l--IV. Moon. Rahu, Uranus
Spleen- ell Virgo. Moon. Rahu
Sromach-. V. Moon. Kctu.
Gallbladdcr-. VlI J. Scorpin. Rahu. Jupiter
Utcm-Vll. Li bra. Wnus. Rahu
Skin-fll. Gemini . Venus. Mercury. Sat urn. Rahu
Btood-Iv, Moon. Blood. Uranus. Rahu
Aspect s
I) Lor d l1flirs t house-Venus is and placed ill maral.:
2) Wn\1s is uspcrt cd hy xatum-Badhaka dipati
1Coniocoon of Sun. Saturn ;ll)d 1<uhLI in the sixth house
aspecting the eicwnth house.
41 Lord or the liTS! house- Venus is in pulp
Kal1ari yo:;a or l nrd "I' IIw ninth
bousc.. Jupncr and lord orthe twelfth
11Ou.'i<) 1\1ARS
: Lor d or the firt h house-Mercury is retrograde and
placed in the sixth house
(,) 1.oTd or eich'nlh house-J upiter is \11 the seve nth nons..
witl1 n.:tl,' roj;rade \kt\ 'ury
7) Lord of the twelfth hous c.S furs aspects the eleventh
I{) Kctu is situated in llie ele venth and twelfth hOllscs.
( l) EYE-l)ISEASE :
In the medica l world. re,';.' ;IIeI1 and developme nt is
cnrnnung nut day by day with new kinds 01" medicines and
treatm ent s \0 li ght out disease on a large seal.'. However. in
some cases a good physician or surgeon is unable to cure the
disca,'oCs, The second house rules ov er the riglu eye. whereas.
The twelfth house n Jks tile left eye,
eye boththe luminary planets Sun
and Moon along wilh Venus arc must important, The planets
connected \\11h lhc second and Iwclfth houses arc rcsponsrbre
for ..:ye urobtcs.
II is observed in some pans of the country, the
percentage of eye disease is more.
Malefic ptmcts likc Saturn. nragon's tcao.
Uranus. Xcpnue and I'loto cre ate eye problems. Ketu in tile
t Wcll ih house gives chronic and mysterious eye urscascs which
,good physicians arc unable 10 diagnose properly. The sixth
and Twelfth houses arc also to he considered whi le j udg ing
the horo,,,,-' ope., as tllC,,", hou,,",s arc exact ly OP[1<.l,)IC
The six IlOuse stands (or di sca.s.:. ll:e eighth housc ror
danger. Ihe Iwel flh hou se for defect. So. when these houses
are asso,'ialc{] with the Ii,-,t house. one will suffer (]uring.
AllIClfd<Jsha and Subdasha of me plallCt,
with these
In .'l i,s l kkn Keller's horo'Cope the [ollowing is the
malefic comfunauon
I) I.ord of Ii" t hou-c-venus-i sin Ihe second house wnh
the planet dr<Jgoll\ tail-K ern showing chronic eye
trouhlc-bf ndncss
2) l.ord of tllCsecond house-Men-cry i, with debilitated
,' ) Badhakadhipati-Lord 01 housc-- is
debilitated and po-acd in the twelfth hou se axpccting the
second house and the lord of the firsl houxc Ve nu, and also
4) Lord of the twclfjh housc-. Mars aspect io Moon.
E) remtntne dts ordcrs :
l ) The Moon, Venus and Mars arc more sigmfkam in
uesc maners.
2) The influences the hlood. When the i.,
fl awed hy malefic planetschilly. Mars. Pl uto. Kctu. Neptune
and Saturn there arc me nstrual prohkms
3) llccuase (11" the )\-1,1(11, and Saturnincreases all:' delayed
--I) Ikcausl' 01" the )'I; cptune and K,' IU peace of
mind is upset . The feel ill1' or SUllie 01' evi l-eye
lead, to indi"p<" ition. The only reml'dy is to go to a psychialis!.
S) III women's horoscopes the Sthhouse and the XII, arc
important with regard to ofr,pri ll;:!,
6) ncccu of the Sal \lrn and x cprunc dc!i ni te
dia1' nosis menses cannot he made.
7) l i lhe lor d or the tifth is in the xth .md is Jspccted hy
Kctu or Saturn. there i, a posxihiluy of aboruon.
X) If the 101,1ul the Rth is in the fif'th und is axpccu-d hy
;":aplUne. <11' Rahu, 'llllceptiolll,dill'(ullo
9) I r Ihe Lord, of the :;1hand SI h house, an.' ill the hOll\ e
olIos" the child or mothermay die at birth.
10) II the lillh house is as" x ia led with and at the
sameti m,' the dashu of the 1211, house is ;:! oin;:! on. Caesarian
operation will heco me
I I ) It dmi n;:! deh w ry the dJ" ha ol lhe sec(,nd and prot, l
housc is in the' dcscrcd offsporung is obtained. If tlu- da'ila o f
rn.... lurd-; 1(1<111h and cig.hth ISon, the <:hild will not he
Ih,' one desired.
12) The nrSl bor n can he predicle d from the fll ih hou(,C
rue senllld <:!l ;ld nom tile 71h house and the third from uie
9th house.
13} II ncar the point or rhe h,' g. rninmg otthc Bhaava or
me fifth and scwllIh. 'ccpumc, Mercury. MMSJild Kctu arc
powerful urcrc will n.: ubsnuction 10 me semen formation
due to rmpcrence and the arrival of the egg from Ihe ovari es.
14) If pluh1 is in the i1nh and the lord "r thc fifth is
Flawed hy Rahu. Kctu. Salurn J nd Mangal. there is no
pos, ihi l ily or ol fs pr inJ! beca use of unmatumy of the
rcproducuvc orgJns , Such defects arc sometimes not found
during. medical cxammauon.
About a ugo J doc tor co uple. now resi din g in
Amcri(;l cumc to sec r nc . Even ancr l\ years of mamagc thcy
were dl ildlcss, .\ledicJ I cx. nnin.uions of aJltyflCs revealed
no defect. They They asked me if there was a
chance of even one child of their OWI1. For having children
nll'nlal state I' a, important ilS the If woman i,
.nuacrcd 10 un ouotccr. shc will not he hncrc sred in sexua l
with her husband . Her phyxicul ahility then is
WJlll ing. i\l SltL' h a mom,'m \10011 as the inftucucr ,If the
mind. is also very important.
I L'J' I <:!lilns according to the Krisahnamunhy
Mrt hod and ,gllt tl1,'1I1 l!' pick J number from I to 24') Jlld
pn-purcd J qu,' .'>tioll chart. Thcll I advised J pJ I1i clI iar period
for rdat inn" (A month and half Jgo I got th,' hJppy news

15) If lh,' Moon, Venus. ill
conjunction arc in me 51h urcrc wi ll be Ill) dilrl culty
1(,) I f til,' ."I li houSe' h happil y with lll,' profi t
house. thc liN horn will he rcnunatc__ , and will tc pride
or the family.
17)When me of timeof conception rctnrus
aucr <) m,m' h,. it I, assumed that delivery occurs duri n;: it.
Therefore even date and "I' birth CJl1 he dctcrmincd.
Ill) nme lord of the fifth is in the toss house with
Ketu and tccpume. mental Up""' IS and hystcriu become
troublesome. There will he no alternative to for
oe ltvery,
19) l f thc lord of l ugna and of the 10\'; house arc in Ihe
'ith and the lord or the 'i lh is in the I\lh and there is an
a, 'i<leialiOll or !\epllllle. 111<' 1\ during delivery thoughts of
suicide become strong. and uncmmsarc alsomade accordingly,
20) If the .'il h. (uh, Sill and loss houses arc associated
with Sauu. Rahu and Neptune. the mother will kirune iulanl
at hil't h or it.
21) If there is a conjUl K' lion of venus and Mars in a
woman\ , hUll and Hahll is ill Saturn's Nah ll alw and the lord
ofthe Sth house is Flawed there . then all ilk'ilimaIC child is
22) If t he day and lime of physicu l rela tions nrc
inaw;pieiolls. asfor example. new10, II I. Sallln1. ,\ 1
cnnjuocuon. day alt er e,; lipsc, "Vyatlpata 'log" ' the
\Infa\"ourahk results are rellcct,' d in the chlld's chart and Ill.:
child suffers 111<'10 il> lite. Similarly the circumstances at
arc nnponuru. II u .. k" alh has occurred ucurby
nr all cxlremdy eventhas and thai
umc relations occur. ofl\prin!, and parcms will
, uller the nil cncce.
2.'\) If 111C t,lrds ott.agna and Ii 11 11 i11 inallspi..:ious
i. c. Sill. or 12111. with a all, pir ious piariel. 111..: ol'fsprill!!
will he ullllllllillC. 11<.' ,",1I11e addicted. the will he
under Sl r,lIn all their life. If Rail 1.1and Mursall the
nllxpri ng wili lrollhk the par-enl' alw;]}' , and mayC\'C1l murder
them. i\ lkr all til" !If(sprin,g 100 must experience me karma
of previous lives.
24) In a woman's horoscope Cancer, Moon and Ve nus
an: extremely important. On Ihc9: depend women's health .
dcccrcy.tcaory and nature.
Asl rnl"gkal e"ntil' UHlti"" "f i, borti" "",
From the text hook on ustrology and havi ng the
experience of so many years. it is found uurrnc fifth house
,governs pregnancy andthe second house supports the fifth
housewhereas the Trik 6th. xth and J21h houses govern
Manycauses haw ken given fnr ebo nion or miSl,:urriage
like undeveloped utcrux. acute ill ness. sudden emotional
Exh monlhout oj' 9 montll';. iscontrolled hy tile spec ific
pl anet ,IS under
First ,\ 10nlh- Venus
Second xton ui-. Mars
Third Momh.. Jupiter
Founh Month- Sun
I'iftll Moon
Si x:11 111("1111 - Saturn
SCl'Cn111 MonI11" 1Ikrcury
Eigl1t h MOllth Asccndem of fmherlmot hellSat ufl1
Ninth 1\1011111-- :>1", m
" f a "hild ca n he pr('dkt ed C1lunlin::: Il ille
r Ol a t ion s of t he naksruurus f rOlll me Illik sh a l r a of
('< >lIcl'p t ion,
;'<ormally abortion o....curs in the second or third month.
whereas rni-carrtagr inthe f, '1111 11 monui. IIur the eighl month
is also equally dangerous as it is contlOllcd lly the malefic
planer Saturn
\ '" ur lh ' ollh \ 'our S1 0", I
\ lni n faeto,.., ttl be jlld;::ed
1) Nature of sign in the Fifth house.
2) :"alllrc and strengt h of lhe ptancrs in the fifth house.
3) ['osilion posting and strenglh or lord or the Mlh hOI J'>':.
4)ASp..'ClS on the I1flh 110Use and lord of Ihe fifth house.
5) Association or tllC Ii 1111house wilhTRIKhouses.
(i ) Mar,
7) Kcru
8) Neptune
/\n expert in astrology can warn Ihe native ah out whkh
period is dangerous I'm conception and delivery Ol a rhild.
Dashas of )"-lals. Kctu and also uunsn 01 Mars. KelU.
Neptune and Salurn an.' hal'mfullO uc native
The lirsl sign Aric: and til" nrst hOl' SCL\ ll1 t rol 1li c head
as well as uie bruin. ;\ lars rutc, Ihe lir;( sign and Ihe Sun is
til..: main I'Llkr of tl1<: 1I rsl hOl lse. So tur l'i:1dil1 g OUI brain
diSl'ases Astrologic<l lIy. me tollnwi I1 g fa rtnrv arc impouur n.
I ) Sign in tbc lirs! house
2) I.OIJ of the I1rst house
~ ) 1';<l I1CISaspe<:lill g the lirsl hon-e and also asp..'c1Ing
Ihc lorJ of Ihc Ilrst house
4) Position of Sun and \ laroS C\langal)
) Planets in A r k , ~ (;\ksha)
6) .\ 1ercil ry-- Ruler of the nCfVOUS system
7) Correlation of 1lJ CIlrsl how".. and tbc mk hOliSCS,
8) Moon-Controller of usc mind .
Of all the hrail1 (iiseas.: s in, anity l' Jd inild y lhc wor-a
one. O1.S it I n 'olHwls tile native.
In a male horoscope Venus rules the sex Ii fc. whereas in
a female hom, copc, Mars is (he ruler for menstrual disorders
Rahu, Uranus. Saturm and Mars will produce Cancer.
Meningitis is a fever of a serious type caused hy affected
Moon. Mars and tcepn.nc.
G) Stammeri ng
Sl,Hnrnerinll is (he main deicer inspcccf which deprives
nie native or free. easy speech. This defect is generated in (he
brain. This can be cured h)' an expert.
The main racrors controlling (he stammcring arc..
I) kasi/Sigu in me Scond house
2) l'lancts in the Second house
Sign and house oc cupie d by the tord or (he Second
4) l'lancb S,'cond bouscand lordof rhe Second
:'i) Posil ion of Sun. Mercury and SaHJnl.
6) Correlation of the first. second and sixth bOHses.
The main conunuer for it LS Saturn. as Sa(ul'll creates
ohstrUlion. If the debilitated Saturn is assoc iated with the
second house and Mercury. the po.>sihiJi ly is more.
In addition to Saturn. Rahu and should he
II) Sex a nd ,\ sl rolol,:) A :-<EW OUTLOOK
ny Dr. Samuk
SC\ OIO,gI M and IknnalOlogist
Sex is a physical relationship as well as a psychological
desi re. Hence the sexual life of the person shoul d be
YQur Yoo r ... I 91
astrologically analysed with all t he an ,gl e, ; physica l.
psycholo,gical and re lationaL Moreover from the ,,"\ologisl
point of view [ wo uld li ke to d ear t he most important
miswnec ptiOJl fromtile mind, of the common man that sc\ual
prot.rem of erection and inahihty to make a woma n pregnant
arc dilfcrcnt thing, medically. Tile li r, t OfIC i, called impotence
,. e. erectio n prohlem of Ihe pc ms and the latter rs called
info tility probtern Love and Sex arc biomcdically separate
ent ities and hence shou ld not k co nfused. One is a k d ing
and othe r I.' a desire. A rcrSOll can lo\'e a partner wi th minimal
scxuaturgc and can per form sex even without love. Kce pin,g
in miIlII tlie,," tbings a.\lmlogkal Pl illciples of Analy,i s :
.-\slrologkal analysis should he done I;ly cOl1si llcring Iwo
aSpITIS of tile horoscope . >I"'-'eirtc houses and angular planetary
aspects. A planet , particularly IlCavy planets like Uranus.
and Pluto along with lile' nodes Ruhu and Kctu arc
10 tc con,iden-d. and arc important in
1111' sexual makc- upor the person. Hence mese planets should
I1c considered whncvcr IlC their house-positions.
Steps or Ana lysis :
J. Sexual make-up of 1111' person.
2. $e \ ual Iltn,' S' 01 nc person.
l Ty[1C of Rcla tionsln p : monogamous or polygamous
4. Low a ffairs and flirr.nions.
5. sex life,
I' lall" tary cun sidcrarion-.
andMns lklation, hip ;
The angular aspects between IWO planets arc wr y
important. Strong a,pccL, li ke conjccuon. opposuion and
square give strong sexual urge and approach in
sexuality. Tnr c is a weak aspect to reflect sexuality hUI it
f (, / ... . l<; JnnA 4' 1.'U '<t
;'\lj J,1U" lj pun ,\llWU\)!;J ,'d: ;'l!SClJ \\(}tlS III,"
lSI '41<; puc tl]() ' 41;::1 am pJ J;>p'SIIOJ ;'llJ 01
'qpU;'IpU;'Il -,(I!]rn ,;y,; JO ;'I\1l W,( lIjrnl u, ds
' lU;'IW;'IJll ;>J ' J ffm IrnX;lS MOl .10 );'lurl e! : 111,1:-1
Icnxx [nuouuaouooun pun s IIIJU'ljJl:Ilr.
UOI;1II;U JO J1SC;'l.l0 mo : mll'l'l
' uo')r.I;'IJ (11 uunmstut PUH
pJ,ll'I;'Ip 'Sd: ;'IW ,(,W ;l [OJ;'llJ 1(\1 r ,Lllql uosrod
C ;l'CllI II !," ;'IJtI;'Ilj PUr. a mrnu ,....ols .10 1;'111 1'1. 1 ; ' UIi ll'S
' ;'1'1 Ic nx:l<; ut " lHJlpUi UUJ
;>JUJII p ut: JJnwu ;'IAlIJ npOJd: - uOu.lo lJ Urj,j : .i J I1JJ3l l:
: SP UCld J311l0
Sl)H Icnx;'lS
pamod ru ;'Illl ,(1l p ;'ln;l '!UJ ;'llJ lOUlIC) (\Il\\ llOS,l;:>:' ] J Ill 01,\ l ljCl!,'
S;lA!il ;l,' U,' lIIUlOJd Sl1 p ur
>,""Ulls II J ,'U;'Ilj omtuu ;'I A!S(\ I(.!xJ .1(\ 1"l 'l' ld \' Sl 11
: Ol ll lJ
(1IP ,\ I;>\\I )
"'noll Icnx;y,; ;'I'll lC .10 IUJpU;l;)';C ;'Iql rn S! U,' lIM
lUJUIWOJd: are ) !1;l()<1 pur.
,(IUCJJ p "' ll .lOJ ;>llJ! SlIods ,'J SIl l II[ \SJI[PI IW
lll"" 's];'!!' Inp,\'O.l InOyl l,\\ ccuuunu )0 PllqoJ r \'1 11
: ;'I llll l d,l .\I
P;>d0 IJ ,','P SI Y.'!' l'\\
.' !llINlI(ll ' l ll,' W;lAl 0AUl J IC] 1[, '] mM,'l llr.nx;y,;
.I" s1;>urjd JJqw ll]l." sp;ll.l,r SUOJ I> U! ruoc ud llJIIM J 'lU,' 1I
'SlUJWoJOP' ;>P llJppns _'Ill JlI'J!PU! 01 t ueuod un Sill
: slluUJ:l
' ursuumu or JO AHlPow ;><; SJl l')l[llll
. . . .
considered in every asuuloglcal analy sis.
121 h-- House of Sexuality or Pleasures of bed
71h-- Hnu-'C of PhysicalRctaricnship
House of legal Relationship
61h-- House 01 partner's Pleasures of red
Srh- House of Emotional Anacluncrus
Sexualproblems :
These arc usually of loss ofahih ty 10 have or maintain
an erectionor the [JCnis called Impotence. inahil hy to comrcl
the act of discharging semen earlier than expectation called
premature ejaculation. loss of s.. imcrcst hy the woman
called fri!i dily and low s<:xll al desire ,ll' dri ve,
of niesc problems should he diag nosed hy Ihe
transi ts of varinux ptmcts in Ihe natal homscnpe, or hy \b,'
hMary cbuns. Tile houses und planers of sa arc tu be
(omi dercd,
RNmgrade planets a nd Sex:
Spcci al al lClllion , holiid he gi ven hl' the uslro logcl'$,
while mat.hin! Ille horoscopes fnr a marriage propo,uJ and
al sowhile ple cl iCl ing uhout hcalth sex ancl mani ccl life 1<> the
retrograde Vcnt" in a mun\ d ian und Mars in a
woman's chart BUlb pranct-, al e defi nitely a ' w uchy yoga:
Tile comun cuon of IlIltll planel'; cre ates havoc. many lime, .
in the marncc Hrc. A, suc h, yo;;a should be treated hy
the aSlwlogers with utmost care 1l1al too in a ccucnc wu.y
avoiding ftrntustic predictions.
In u birth cha rt. if Ille conj unc tions (If three retrograde
planets Mars. Venus and Ncpumc/Hcrscbcl/l'bno arc in
ex is tence, il gi ves abnormal results in the ma rr ied life,
However. Ihis rule should not he considered blindly.
GO'ld or bad?
!t elat ""
Re la l'" R...."l..l

IIi,," ....
l ' lan<td
H.." .....

Par,ly,i' sal um, I, 1II, VI, vm.
SlOrnafh Moon.
I. IV, V, VI.
6.7. 8
KCl U. l'ier'ullC
VIH. Xli
SUl um. Mcn;ury. I. u.m. VI
3. 6. 12

Eye Sun. M",,1l, Ven""
I. IJ. VI, VII!, 2. 6. KI2
Saturn. flah"
<I '
12) Dumhnes, Smunl. MCf'<;ury. I, u. Ill . 2. 3.K9, 12
ur Brain
>,h,.,. Sun. I &VI &XIJ I, K 12
I{ ,hu Sao "m,
:-J,' plunc
Mc"'ury. Sal",", I, II. Ill. VI. XII
1. 23. 6.R
Se, ",,1
Mar", Venus, R;,hu. I. V, VII.
<!i "lrJ,' " PIUlo. N,"plUnC
vnr. XII
Tublc Snowing Suhlords as per Krlshnamurtl System
On Next r age
Your H<aUb You r SI" ... / 111
; ,
0 00 00. . (I 40
(1 00 00- - I 5, 20 Mere
(I .l6 4(). .
3 (.(I co V<n.
1 SJ 20-
2 -lO 00 K<' "
; 300 [10. .
3 4<) 00 5u"
2 4(1 OCJ. .
20 Ven'
)40 00-_
4 "6 4(1 Moon
453 20 5 .u 20 Sun
; 4 ,j6 ;;; 20

5 3J 2().
6 .w 00 Mo,, "
5 )J 2D- -
20 Rah'

6 .10 00-
8 .w 00
t 7.13 n
9 20 00 j , p
40 (10
10 26 40 Jup'
920 00-. 11 26 40 Sal U
1026 -\0-. 12 )) 20 S,,,"
'J 1126 .w.. IJ 20 00 1\\0.<
50 InJ ac- . 14 26 W 510,,-
IU Ll 20 0')"
1\ 3.1 20 Von.
14 26 4(j..
15 1. 1 20 >:"' "
11 IS )J 20
16 13 20 Son Sl IJ l Q.- 11 26 40 V<no

11 16 13 l(). 17 20 00 M"","
SJ 1716-'0- 18 06 "0 SUJl ,
j S06 40M",
S4 j Sf\6 .w.. 19 13 20
U I g()f; 4(). _
20 06 -lO Rohu
SS IY 13 W-- 20 110 51."
IS 20 06 4()._
21 53
20 Jur '
56 2000 00__
21 46 .w Jup,
1(, 21 S3 2().
H 00 00 S"'"
.\111.l6 40 __
2.1 S3
20 5""
11 2400 O<}..
lS 53
2:1 SJ l ' J-
25 46 . 41 Mer<
IS 25S3 20. 26 -W 00 K<oo
S9 , S
26 .1.1
20 h:t'to
1'.1 00
" W
( 14) \''"

6" !.-.ll
28 "', v,,,"
20 1J , 0 00- _
2'J -JO SO"
21 28 16 4(\. .
1'1 1.1
20 M, ... 62 :N l6 30 ex>
aa 29 B 2(1. U , 00 R, ho
000 ()()..
n 3.' ) 0

0 )3 20- - 1 20 00 M, ,,
ti ,,, \>t)..
2ti Kall .
I 1.1 20. ) 00 00 l ori
1 20 00- _
-' , 0 00 Ron"
l OO 00 __
os ...1 S,'"

.\20 00-.
11> . 0 S"u
.\ 16
1 20 00 M<r<
S 06 -W__
J ()(I oo M<r<
7 00 00-_
J -l6 40 Kt'to
ss 11n 00- - 06 -JO K. oo
7 -l6 -10._
10 00 0') Vooo
M 8 06
10 20 00 V, ,,.

roco 00
I I 06 Moon
1D 10 20 00-- I I ,.> 00 Sun
71 110000- 06
301 106 .D
11 1
20 M",
72 1206 .0-- _12 5) 20 '>1,,,
n I IS31D
T:I 3.\ 20

73 115.110. S3 20
J2 I) S3 2Q. I S .w 00 l up,


H I H o 00-.
17 .6 .w S,, "
J4 11 .l<\ 4Q. 19 . 0 00

7S 16-W 00-- IS 33 10 M<r<

35 1940 00- .
, 0 26 -JO K<,.
10 18.132Q._
19 20 00 K, " >
1J 19:!l) W
21 -'3
20 V,n" ic
ltJ 20 26

00 '10"0
78 21 .n 2Q.- 22 1. 1
20 ,""
n 22 00-.
l 3 lO 00 Sun
J9 22 13 zo-.
13 20 W M",,"
.18 2.120 00-. ,,.;
-W '>1,,,
IlO 232D ()G- .
06 ...1 M, ,,
39 24<".0:' ;
-JO Rnhu
&1 06
16 06 au R""u

27 S.'
lO J"ci

11 5.1
20 lop'
21 S.' lQ.
.10 00
00 S,," S., S-' 2' \. 30 W 00 S"La
v ame
Ili nh l)'dlC
llinh 'li me
: ),forarj i Ik sai Longcvlty
:29 2 I X%
Ilinh nscc : ll alsall

tTr I
ll inh t'tacc : l'tlrh;mdar
IHnh natc
Hinh li me
lIinh Date
Hinll 'li lllC
Satam i, (hC L' lfJ "r S,h 11,,"," ,
: ]}l1on<l o Ke, ha, K'lf VC Longn ily
111 - 4 1851\
11.30 ll in h t'tacc :
.I " . I u

Vc.Sa r
LONGEVI TY Sa' am 1".-<1"I Xrh hr'u'"
: !>bhallna (;an<l hi
: 2 - 10

,. I

9 S
/ K, Ve]

Nt '>,/
. a Yo
Bi n h narc
ll in h l i me
Bi nh Dale
: ll aoor<tO /\malkar Longc\'il"
: 9 - 6 - 1906
: 21.27 urnn Place : Arala
'> uIM< N<IM.
Ju V<
sa Ib
: D. B. oeonrar. Cricket.
: 14 - 1 - 11\62
: 11\.09 Bi n h Place: Punc
"1a I
UlNGEVllY - Salulll !.,,"d of Sih hou", In III

nnm Dale
Bin h 'lime
: Sir Vishweryya. Engineer I.onl:n it y
: 15- 9 -1 1\61
Binh Place '

<, 12 /
j li r
, H


.\ S, 9
I v
So GMe 8
IJlNGEVIlY _S"I"m on COn)",-'I,o" ,,"' lIh M"n. ""'110,, lord of 8th,
\'our \'"ur SI"cs , 117
lIirth Date
Bin h Time
; (lulzarilal Nanda Lungevity
; 4.7 -1 X'J1\
: 24,30 Bi nh 1'1:1(:e : Si y,tlkol
' k
Me. K<
Smum j , '" the 11th hou>c ,
Binh Dale : 5 - 2 - 1929
nmnumc ; 11U3
n.nnr'ucc : l 'Uoe

Bi nh Dale : 26 3 . 193.;
HirthTi me : 17.30
I)calll: 2-4-191\') ( Ac"('idcOl ")
ace : .. m
K.- I
Su, Ma
Me, lOf
" I
lllil llHI'S K"," ,n VIII,h
CnOJO'I".", UfO"'"'_ -" M, o", I<. ,"
. , M,,,n, I.md or I '"
Name : Mr Su ici dal 'lendcuclcs
nu tn Dale : 7 - 57
: n I 1'1 C' II h
Suocldat h 'nden,'" : I) 0rr' ,," lc S,,,,,rn (R",ro) 2) KCIIJ 11\ A" c'_
\kr + I :rm,u, in &","n,1hou", _J) Lordof A'(1<"t' Mom,
\ IX/ \'ouc l lullh Y. ,"cSla"
Binh Date
Binh 'TI me
: "1"
: 27 - 6 - 61
: 0.30 Ilinh Pl ace : PURe
ve I
:'10 I
. .
I) KC' lU In Xll Jlo""". 2) lad of A=n<lanl J" pilc'" in Coni"CI. WilJo
&1lum 1.<..<1 of XII hou",. A'p""I,<I hy Crall " '. 3) ]. ,..<1 of
ho"sc' - Mt"rf Ury i , In IV willi SUn-LOfd of Si' lh hoose. of) Nrpl"nc in
cighlh h"",,,
' our \ 'ulIr Stm", I II'J
Part IX
To the Author.
Dr. Lata Snhns rubudhe
Every human hd ng has J dream tobavc a 11OU>C of his
0WI1. In mciemlndia. Vishwakurma was l he nrsrc develop
this science of architect are and building . kcscarr h is going
on archilecl arc and huilding. Science which was forgot in
the meanl ime. Therearc hooksonarchitect arc Hut l l11S hook
isuniquein these nse thai it hasgiven, A newlook of architect
. ~ 1 r . SLl h;lSI)ongrc is a civil cngll1cer by prorcsston. H,s
astrology science and knnwlcdge is deep am] tlmmugh. lie is
president of lndiun council ot astrological SCI ences. t-une
branch. So mnny research p apers are published in national
and international maguzincs. The hook published in Marathi
lunguago: hy wriler is unique. because it w nsidcrs architeCl
and aSln>I0f'Y,
Book l' usctulto Iarmcrs.judustrialisrs lay man whilc
cons uurting house. Language is simple. Analyisis or problems
of land and structure thorough. Knshmunhy tcnc hniquc 1,
explained and. also case histories in scientific ways,
Author has considered a ll uspcce, o r natu re which
controls the eJrth, For example Ea.,t sunri scgives ('ncr.g y Shop
door sho\lld he on north The cooking. jaggery maki ng in
farms . Boiler, in ind ustry ,11OUld be on south east side , Book
is gu ide [r om l and purc ha, mg to l nd u, lr i;ll or ho u,c
conxtructiun Author's cxrc rttsc thinki ng m the fie ld 01
horoscope and (' nginel.'ri ng ha., h.:cn aptly integrated in "Jl;\I.<;
I wish the author great SlICc' CS.S. I hope that his expertise
veiws ; n engirle'erin); and ho[oscopy and architectural
astrology will neat new scientific rays i n this field and also
awareness. People should usc many of suggesuonal while
selecti ng b od, huilding houses, town planning andagrir ulture
Daily I\u\'ilsha kti ..
Vastu Jy01 hh Sh.schua is a \'nycomplteared and clumsy
subject. But Shri Suhas Dcngre. the aUlhor has written an
infnrrna: il'C hooKon such a suhkct. He has narruted this, in
an ,'asy narrative way. There are' numhcr of hooks en the
suhject of vas m Silashtra and Asuology. Hut here, Ill' has
succeeded in h1cn,]i ng I1wahove two sciences and p", tubtcd
hi, own new theory and concepts. This hook rs wonhy or
I1 nding "plaa on the shelf of el'l'ry rcaacr interested
I' al il - Edttor. Chnit mli t'unc.
Author contrihuting to my magJ/;nc rumely Chanraf
and also my beloved friend Shrj SUll ,P, Dongrc has. wriucn a
hOOKon the .>u hkr t or Vas.tllsha,htrtl . T hough the subject or
his txl\lk is ccmpllcutcd and difficult 10 under' land. he has
succeeded in pr<:scn ling it ill mo,;t simple and lucid crisp
manner. which IS very e,lsy [<1 understand. It throws new li g!l:
on this. other",,,, complex I came acroxv the rook
s. u(I,lc'nly an(1 once, ! , Iarted reading ni c hook. it was not
lc for me to kc..' p Ihe f-ook a, i,k hUI1l11i,; hcd the reading
rully :It one stroke, TIll' of the I>!l\lk is so unractivc
and simple tllat without any sf'l.,d al d fJ\l1S one CJ n digest
this scientific sut>i,' <: l. h reallyIIp[,<' "Is to Y01lr head and heart
sir11lrlt all,' oll sly. As such Ihis hook will enlighten one and an
and win tile hcunx of common people. It COIII (! make' t hem
think a fresh and have a new vision to thei r own mind, There
is no dearth of hooks on Asirology and Vastushaslura in me
But Suha, Dnngrc has successfully blended thc two and
brought forth a new theory and science. whk h j , most
commendable He has devised anewtechnique soa, to apply
these principles in our life in a skillful manner, he nas
not forgotten to suggest that common sense need not he
sacrificed while l,ti li,in, this science.
A Vaxtu bujh mcthoncuny a,xordi ng to the directions
of vastushashtra need not he bcncfxial to one and all since
every individual horoscope is a separate entity.
tl1' ,I. ina house nve persons an: rc.',i ding. it cannot he dcflmucly
, aid that 1, would turn OUt to be ocllcJicial to one and alL
sifJ\: c their horoscopes arc enlirely diffcrcrufrom one another.
In such an cvcnuulity, it is alway, tcucr to study uic
hOTO""' Ll pC LlI the vactu along "illl hOl' o,,-,opcs or dwellcrs
thercin. with special reference to an individuals h,uusccpc in
companson to 111 .: vasto's horoscope to decide. as to how it
would be hcncfuialto him. lt would arso he po, sihlc to say
howfur it would lead to pro'[:'t:11t}and wcllhcing11 ' the quens
concerned. For mts. Shri Suhas I)ongrc bas dcl'i'iCd a method
ha.'iCd on the famous Krishnamunhy system. This hook would
no douhl rc ver y usc rutto me am an architect.
Thc prcscntauon and the attractive slyk of utc author is
a special feature 01thiShonk. Also sincc tllc book is in [our
,'nlours ,tlnn, with lamination. It is ric h and auracu' C matter
appcurunrc. Preface is given in dcuuI along wltll coverage of
subject in ancr which makes it easy to refer the book
wise. In the second pal! of this hook. more cmpha,is is
on studies. My best wishes arc there for lhis hook and
thc aurnor.
VJ'il 1JyOli,11J Tamra and Mamra
Mr. V. K. 1'llAll KE
Kowadays vasrushasmra has auracied tile flCople aua-ge
and more so lly the common layman. This has been amply
proved by the number of hooks that haw recently been
on rtus sullicct mailer.
One' such hook is the recentl y published took entitled
"Vastu Jyousha Sh asmra-. Tamra and Mantra."
In 170 pages of this !look a\,lIhlr 11as honestly tried to
<:uidc one and ali as to IJOw one should build his own housc
r,1I1owinJ! lhc intricate rules of this discipli ne so as to make
OUl life comfort able in thc newbuilt houSe'.
On the contrar y. If one builds me house violating llle
norm, and rules laid down by Vaxruxhashtra it could lead to
many unforesee n troubles and one has to literally race many
unpleasant cccnt uatmcs. without having reason for
rhc sa me Ortcoursc all this cannot he uurttuued to lhc new
house built I11 cnti rety. There could beother unknown reasons
lOO, Sometimes it ran he aurihutcd to 1I1e presence <\1' lhe
unsuusticd souls of tile ucad who inhabit .,ueh r b <: cs
sorncumcs. it is due 10 failure or ritual s 1"-" flll'manl'Cs\' eh as
shruddha ,' crc mony for the rcmcmt -c rancc of the dead
ansi estcrs. At nthcr times it could tc due to tree movements
of women duri ng their mensrrol cycle ncar thc deities ot th..:
house, TIli s has not teen mentioned in lhis hook.
In tlli'i book g.uideline's HC provided for me proper
loc ation or place or worship and location of family g.Olh
(Dcva<: hH) Kitchen, Batl lfOOl1l and toilets. Bed rOOlOS.
Drawing. roum ill consideration with pro per directi on in
scientific manner aspcr rules or VaslUshasht ra.
Simulra ncousfy election of muhuna or au.<;plc iou:;
moment is also described at Icngth giving suitable examples.
which is 110! mentioned in hooks on this Author has
also described as 10 how Krishnamunhy system could be
applied in simple manner.
While building one's own house or before purchasing a
flat it is felt mat one shoul d go through this book SQ as to get
bcrcfiucd Juring such venture as generally one builds an house
once only durin his lifetime.
Vastu Jyousbu Shastnra-. Tantra and :>1anlra (:>l arathij
Autbor-. Shri Suhas Donere
robnstors-. Chanra Pallavi Prakashan,
Panella Deep 2nd Floor Rambau Colony
30 rages no.roce 150
Dr. Shashank Samak
'V",lusbasl'" is a science of its own kinJ related 10 the
constructions. Astrology is a science in its own right which
can pbyit'i conm ucl ivc role in lhe futu re of the mankind
The merg ing of these lWO themes will obviously prod uce a
constructive olhpring. Thig is precisely done _. 1\1r. Suhas
Dcugare. my Friend and astrologer of repute. The cull of
astrology which was created and propogatcd by Prof. K. S.
Krishnamurn is the most di ffcul t one to understand. To blend
this Kristm.rmuru l'addhati ( K. 1' . ) of rnc astrulog y with
Va'itusha.,>lra ISreally all achk'vc mcnl \0 beproud of my
Suhus Dongalc hib made it possible and I congraunatc him
for this. I hope this book will be an aid lO t[JOSC seeking advice
in uus field uf VaslUshastra.
Khell1fhand Dayalj ee & SOilS
I have gone rhrough lhe Book en\l l[c d 'VASTU-
JYOTlSl-I SHASJ1TH.A' Ta mt a va Mantra, published in
Marathi from COVl;r. This treatise on sctcrcc contin uall y
generated avid interest tecaose of the thought-provoking
signals the author has given rornc puhlic at large.
The hook is indeed a scholarly dissertation on
desirabr lily ofchoosing a house or business place ernhoJ ying
all lileessential auributes as del i ncall:d hy him. To bring about
harmonyand peace in living, thechoice of a house or business
place i'i dominated hy 12 pn-rcquisiu-s. Va'ilu is an Ancient
science of directions. If all conditions arc f ulfl lled. the
inhabitants will haw an abundance or pleasure. J)OIlJ!rc
has meaningfully dissected1111' vastu astrnlngical pcrcepnons
in -I I chaplcrs. highlighting even the minutest
derails. which lend themselves10 ca'iy assimilation The hook
is replete willl suggl' StiOIl Sfor an ' I'nloyahk journey' lhrough
:<1ayt-..' it is unncuiuo "ornply wilh allthe cshorlations
in a comple te manner, \If consrainrs hi:yond onc s
conlroLFor eXilmple. all till' flats in a giVl' n huikhng may nOl
conform 10 II ", 'p'-'cificalion,. Al l llll' s ame. of one could
achieve thc dc,irl'd oncnranon even to a parlial extent. he
sholllJ k able 10 cIimin.uc uuanucipuu'd obstacles.
In th,' present-day strifc-tnm world punctuated hy trials
and tribulations. awmki ng knowle<lg" or lile vn-au is
a mUSI for cwry individual to ward off evil. Bcinl; a civil
engineer himself. aUlhor has teenable rogiw useful advice
in this direction and if only on,' absoms nem zestfully, lire
will tc much more' clw:erfu] alld happll'r.
I strongly Mr. Dongrc. bas made an admirable
effort and 1amconfident 111m his newbook in [ongli.-.ll wrsion
will hi: an aSS,'1 for people at all levels. r wish him success.
V, L. \ hmj ul. Bhand<lr kar tnsnnue
--- Mr. Suhas Iiongrc. well known Astrologer or Poena.
who 1S known "-' expert in Knshnamuny and l\ evin. Jyoush
system produced this hook which is a good and anpropruc
rorn tnnauon or' ancient. Hindu Jyoush SI1JSIl'a and vastu
Y" ur Hn ll b "lUr SUI'; 1 125
Shastra . Both the Shastrcs an: popularly followed in human
life eve n today. But interlink bet ween these two on scientific
basis WdS needof t ime. which Mr. Suha, Dongrcsucccsstully
done it...
. Dr N, S. Phndke
In the modern ti mes. these is a new awarenesstowards
our ancjem science of Asuorogy-. Arydn.' were much ahead
of tile world and livi ng a pious luxurious life whe n wester ners
were roaming hal f necked.
vasrcshasfura was developed in a very systcmanc
manner. in which the concept of human life in harmony with
Jive princi ples of Earth. Water. Fire. Air cc- wac concerned-
- In the hoo k on v astushashtra tile authuras mcd \() enlighten
all nom-. t'rmce to Poor the concepts so as to make his life
peacefu l, pur poseful anJ rich i1\ J ivinily.
]n tlli <; hook Astro logy is couplcd-, wi th vastusbashtra-
- like a hor oscope of a native, eventhe house wbcrc he lives
has ns own pcr,onalt\y and Its nat al chart co uld be urawn--
The nove] ;Jca here is how far the house would he congenial
IIIil<; occupant. I.ikc the compatibility ill marriage. tbc concept
is no dincrcnt whe1\ a bou'C anJ the dweller therein are
conccrncd.. This has been well brought OUl in Ihls hook for
which readers would he grateful.
VA,\STlI-J \,01' ISI-I SIIASTRA J ou rneys o n in th e n ook
For m n"il y Sut:lI'U,
A Hulc from the hurly-I:mrly of life maker for so
much or happiness. But if tliat is missing" There arc many
examples of wtral happens then. In such situauionx people
need some sup port. Some rush to astrologers for guidance.
And soml' times Ihey mow in the wrong direction 100.
Who hrings about all this? The answer can be foun d in
VAASTU JYOTISH SIl ASTRA . Tantra & Malllnl , ,,'i lll,n
hy Punc's famous astrologer, vaasushasua expert. engmecr
Sunas n ongrc.
Usefulk nowledge
Dongrc's 00.'1< is useful not only III those in his field hut
roall who arcconnect...d with hili luin:; construction. Everyone
warns peace and contentment .II home, And onl ya Vaastucan
offe r uvm . BUI faulty dcxignof J vaasmcan dest roy all happy
and play wilh or Iamlllcx. Thai is why il is
cvcnua! 10 know about this science. This is Ihesis of
Substnnriulcd prnpH, iti ,,"
T he hook ra ys down it , proposit ion wit h relevant
evidenlial wpporl. II encwcrs sll,h <] lXSliollSas. how should
.I VJa,lll be designed. WhJl ctcmcms should he in which
dirccuon. " h... rc he h..'\!room he IIKJled. where
puce of husiness. Job. shop . Jgency and .I hos t nf other

One canse c Ihe powerful influenceof rhc Kli sI1ll:unlll'l hy
on Dongrc in this book . Accordi n:! 10 him wilh lhe
Ilel p of me Method soluuons Il1 mJIlYor Iik 's mysteries can
he fwm!. Whethe-r Ihe p,."hlc' ms concern tinaues. 01' marnagc
or a vaJ-' , lu, answers arc uvarlable from Ihe !Vktl1<ld.
Dongre, wlil k lalking scen-t of the hook ,;ays
that rooc,or mJny prnhkllls lic in Ihe vaactu ilSCJf. With mJllY
examples he hJ' explained bow disagreeable. unwanted.
inexplicable and inconceivable may have their cause
buried in the vaastu Wil y do peop le ahanllon Ilwir happy
With every good thing around why s ome people
suncr illness? Why doc s one feci unhappy and lind
thai hipe is hollowand In a vaastu acquired after
cndcavour? Vaastu-Jyulisllsl1 ast ra can answer all
ions. D<Jn g. re bJ\ .1 1",1 that .- change, can
be made accordi ng 1O 1he Shastra both ;n 10 be built
and those already built.
Excell enl H IJlUlllltioll
Donf're has explained Vaastu Stusrru in a very simple
language. 11comprises two par ts. The Ii'" shml ie., many small
and hi:; c;IU<;CS with rcpcuou 10 their importance. the various
consntuenrs of the science. scope. dir.nion . secondary
directions. division or nrc house . l'urush. Vaastu
Dcvaliu. mal and female principles. londia. Kuwait and thei r
VaaSIU. 10aJ rxamin.nion. hUllil]f' land, dead ends, main enunu
shvinc. horc hole. base-ment. hall. dinning hall . agr icultural
lk ld. hllsine.'i'i cent re etc. In the pan the aut hor talks
about asrrotogv, l ile 12 pluncts. 12 zndiacu l stgus.
constctlanons. nakrh.nra cha rana. flow or vaasrus. the
Krishnamlll1y Method. chart of the direction
or life. experiences. h" \I'oC wanninz, and ka' I!s;upa I ,ll!.
Donpre has great experience in Ihi, lidJ. As hoo k for
study a, we ll a, a ll authorluuivc guide book it co ntains
lhoughls worth reading hy everyone. and it u; a hook worth
in one'.scol1ect;on.
Dongu i, him-elf an astrologer who h' Ls won loany titles.
This lea rned lk lga" n hor n pcnuemnn has indeed made
luudath dons inthe dc,ign and cnnsuuction to Vaastus.
Dungr c has been hono ured with me lit k s or
Hcramarumda. j yoti sh
Alank ar. Jyoushkovid. and Irivaya parag. and is the ( hairman
or 1lie Indi' ln Councuil Ill" A';[rologkal Sci ences . PUP- c.
Tbis ..dttion or ute hoo k is fast It is t.:inf' well
rccer in ma ny book cxhibilions. fioodloc k toMr. Dongre
in his efforts.
Vaastu Jyot ish Shastra- . Author: Suhas Dongsc
Chanra Palavi Publication
pnce-. ns. 1501-
What Er. S. (;. Shlrke, FI E hus to say on tne subj ect ....
If a Moen juSt a particle in the universe can cause
high rides. low tides. it is time we appreciate the effects of
the huge planets 011 canh and on the living and
lifelines of specimen on the earth. That way our life span is
too smull to come to conclusion that asl rolo!!y:. which covers
billions of years is tolally un,cicnlitie. As amaucr of fact.
the TV screen wus just a ball ill the fairy talc
only some decades back.. Why more crimes Oil full moon.
hall' xtoon und dark \ loon'.' Call we say that ' Brigusanhuu' is
not based Oil s("icll1ilic basis','
l .r, Suhas Dongrc hus , innorcly studied the science of
astrol0l!Y which is e\'ident from hi, hooh and papers. I wish
him allthe success in hi, studk, a,1(l efforts to rej uvenatc the
valuable (JI ll science of ocvcropcu hy our Indian