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AP World History Semester Review

1. What did Ibn Battuta do?

a. Traveled the world recording things about other Muslim
empires [caliphates]
2. Paleolithic Times [Old Stone Age]
a. Not a lot of evidence. Why?
i. Climate changes and they didn’t really have a
culture- were trying to survive and not get eaten.
ii. Hominids- walk upright, simple tools
iii. Homo erectus- larger tools, move, use freely
iv. Homo sapiens- wise human being
v. Neanderthals- bury the dead
vi. Homo sapiens sapiens- Anatomically modern humans
b. Used stone tools.
i. 2 million years ago.
ii. Bone skin, wood.
3. Neolithic Times [New Stone Age]
a. Neolithic Revolution [Agricultural Revolution]
i. Food gathering to Food producing.
1. Swidden Agriculture- abandon a field to restore
nutrients and move on to a different field
ii. Holoscene- global warming
b. Matrilineal- track descent from women, not from rule by

Semester “Jeopardy” Review Game

What was the Renaissance?

-Rebirth of Greek and Roman culture & the arts

List two examples of the Romans’ important technologies.

-Concrete/cement and aqueducts

Give the definition of Mit’a.

-System of S. America where not everyone worked at the same

Two reasons why Spain and Portugal decided to explore?

-Gold and another trade route to India; convert people to
What was one of Nubia’s important resources?

Who were the Hammurabi?

-People who had the Code, a set of laws etched onto a black
pillar that when broken, resulted in serious consequences.

What was the role of men and women when they divided in the
Paleolithic Ages?
-Men hunt and women made things/planted.

Explain the role of Reincarnation in Hinduism.

-Caste System. Lead a good life [based on Karma] and when
you’re reborn, you may be born into a better caste.

What is a Joint-Stock Company?

-It was used by Europeans. Early stock market. People bought
smaller pieces- safer and less risk.

Why was Alexander the Great so great?

-Many successful military conquests and Greek culture spread,
and also absorbed the cultures he conquered.

Why were the Christians persecuted in Rome?

-Emperor was seen as God, but Christianity also has a God. It
was seen as disloyalty.

What were women’s role in Mayan society?

-More rights, some could be queen. Shamans and healers in

Before 1450, how much exploration had occurred?

-E. Africa, Muslim spread, parts of Europe, Pacific Islands, not the
Americas yet.

Who was Jerrod Diamond’s thesis?

-Based on geography [where you were located] it explains why
some societies advanced and some stayed behind.

What was the language created by the different languages that mixed
together in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Who was Zhang He?

-Naval expeditions. A Muslim from China. Tributary states in

What was the Order of Christ?

-Funding given to Spain and Portugal to go to the Americas. The
funding was given, so in return, they had to spread Christianity.

What did Akhenaton do in Egypt?

-Invented monotheism

List the 3 major resources in SE Asia.

-Bananas, sugar, rice (also pigs, chickens, coconuts)

Define Diaspora.
-The Jews dispersed.

List 2 things about Mongol rule.

-Spread Islam and Safer trade

List 3 results of Indian Ocean trade.

-More trade routes, more exchange of goods, spread of culture,
intermarriage, and ports.

Developing culture in Africa was difficult. Why?

-Isolation and the climate made it hard to prove.

Who was Henry the Navigator?

-From Portugal. He takes over Moroccan gov’t. and dominates the
E. Coast of Africa where he sets up research institutes.

What year did the Roman Empire end with the fall of Constantinople?
-1453, when the Ottomans attacked.

List the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism.

-Suffering and pain exists, suffering is caused by desire, the only
way to cease your suffering is to end your desires, follow the Eight-Fold

Who was the Mandate of Heaven?

-Emperor of china- “Holy” and was chosen. Only kept power by
doing good for the people.

What was the city where the Abbasid Caliphate ruled from?
- Baghdad.

Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?

-Geoffrey Chaucer

Name 3 scientists and what they discovered from the Scientific

-Isaac Newton: His Three Laws
-Galileo: telescope
-Copernicus: planets go around the sun

What were the basic beliefs of Confucianism?

-Family units of the 5 Relationships, respect, and tradition.

What is Zoroastrianism?
-Battle between good and evil [mainly in Persia]

What is Shari’A?
-Islamic Law

What were the 5 cultural achievements from Americas?

-step pyramids, mit’a system, record keeping, irrigation, writing

Where was Funan?

-Capital of S. Viet Nam.