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Skyline Literacy Campaign Team 2

Megan Brothers Sarah Hasnain Claudia Pitarque Laura Russo Kara Schab

Executive Summary
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting learning and literacy through out the Shenandoah Valley. Skyline Literacy is facing a shortage of donor contributions and a lack of awareness of the company SMAD 256 has planned an advertising campaign to assist in obtaining an increase in awareness for the company as well as increase in financial contributions from existing and potential donors.

Past Events
Auction and dinner to celebrate its 25th anniversary Scrabble tournament with the JMU Honors program Utilize various types of print media (flyers and brochures) that reach limited audience

Situational Analysis
Limited fundingtechnology programs not up to date Limited web presence (corporate website, Facebook and Twitter) Reaching donors biggest problem

Target Marketsdonors
Rockingham/Harrisonburg community Stable jobs Local business owners Local Harrisonburg/Rockingham residents

Increase and diversify amount of donors in order to let the organization advance with innovative tools and technology. With increased donors, more money will bring in resources to help volunteers work in an efficient manner Increase awareness of company and resources

To increase the number of potential donors for Skyline Literacy by 20% within five months, as well maintaining positive relationship with these donors To increase the amount of donations from current donors by 15% within 5 months To increase awareness of the organization to 75% by the end of the second quarter

1. Radio commercial that advocates what Skyline does 2. Insertion in church newsletter to appeal to those with interest in donating to the organization 3. Insertion in high school newsletter to reach students parents who could be interested in donating (football games, $) 4. Having proceeds nights at various restaurants in Harrisonburg to help fund Skyline

News Release Free 30 second PSA on WMRA Updated and improved brochure Sponsor a student Updated flyers Social Media Volunteer Blog

Press Release

Updated brochure

Sponsor a student


Social Media

Volunteer Blog

To recap
Deficient financial supplylack of funding and donations Lack of awareness about the existence of the organization as a whole

Potential to reach a diverse population through social media usage such as Facebook and a blog Potential to acquire new donors through insertions in various newspapers, and flyers

Evaluation of the campaign

By adopting our campaign, Skyline will be able to continue its mission to educate and serve learners in the Harrisonburg community To measure the success of our campaign: Calculate current amount of organizational funding to figure out ROI Financial status in each following quarter (measure increase) Online presence (likes on Facebook, blog comments) Increased traffic to company

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