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Running head: WORLD WAR II

World War II and its Effect on America and the World Brent Baldridge AIU Online

WORL WAR II Abstract In this paper the author describes World War II its effect on the minds and reasonings of the world, which ultimately led to much more than just World War II. This war and its inferences in everyday American life from then until now are described, and its outcome is then discussed in reference to the impact on the Nation and the world.

WORL WAR II World War II and its Effect on America and the World As Americans recoiled and rested themselves after World War I, again turmoil was starting in the European arena. This turmoil would test the patience of the American public, as the conflict in Europe grew towards war, and the Americans tried to quietly ignore the problem. The greater forces at work, the various global businessmen involved in the sale of weapons and materials, were not at all happy about the USs lack of commitment to this capital-building prospect: War. The US was subsequently very slow to enter into World War II.

There are of course several reasons that can be cited which began the war for the US. The bombing of Pearl Harbor is probably the most accepted reason. Another that could be suggested is the nature of the propaganda of the media at the time, bribable and not totally committed to printing the truth, or merely sensationalistic and quick to assume the truth. This had an effect on the mind of the public, and of politicians and businessmen alike. It caused them to seriously reconsider their place in the world, and what their responsibilities were to the rest of the world, as Americans. They were pumped with patriotic propaganda about how dirty and uneducated the other side was, or how little they cared for things like family values or freedom. The public was dominated by a mass media injection the scope of which had not been seen before, and they responded in clamor for the good of the Nation and the World. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a tragedy that struck right to the heart of every American; because it was the first time American soil had been attacked since the Revolutionary war, and the Mexican-American War. It struck fear into everyone, due partially to the media, but also due to the nature of the incident. Americans became very sensitive about their country, their comrades, and they began to rise to the fight with a vengeance, although they were being incited to do this by a larger play

WORL WAR II being made by larger people. The major motivation behind World War II was money. It influenced the leaders on both sides, who were ultimately sold weapons to by the same people,

who were playing both sides above the lines, so-to-speak. This enabled the nations to war against each other, which created an almost endless supply of customer need for the makers of arms and of machinery. It bolstered a slightly sagging economy, and placed the cash into the pocketbooks of a select few. The effect on the nation was instant. Every industry swung into action in support of this new war, and every industry pledged its every resource into the US military efforts around the globe. The effect on the mind of the non-military public was palpable. Every citizen felt the need to be part of this great patriotic movement. Every business contributed, and many were absorbed in the ultimate vacuum of raw materials and personnel in the later years of the war. The other major affect war had on the world was to push technology further than ever before. The need for better technology than the enemy was strong on all sides. The race for the atomic bomb had begun, and the victory would resound across the globe, as the might of the atom was truly the trumpet that rang out across the heavens. In the winning of this war, the US began its role as the Worlds Police Force, and its image as the protector of the modern world. The US began to be looked at for aid from every corner of the globe, and brought America to the forefront of the global economy. It started trade in many countries that were previously unreachable by distance, either physically or politically. The outcome of World War II was both positive and negative in its effects on the US. In the negative, a lot of Americas workforce had gone to participate in the war, and under half of them returned. This presented labor problems to the economy. At the same time, this provided

WORL WAR II other minority workers, women and people of culture, a chance to actively participate with the rebuilding of their nation. . In other, more positive results, the technological upswing that was to come from the

harnessing of the atom and its power was to change the face of the Earth forever, and bring economic viability and connectivity to parts of the world that had remained remote and unreachable. The higher rate with which technology progressed after World War II surpassed all of the expectations of the scientists doing the work and of the rest of the world. This is the largest benefit of the war and its consequences. In conclusion, World War II was the most severe war the world had known as yet, and its effect on the people was positive and negative, each in its own aspect of the peoples lives that it touched. The world became a larger place in the eyes of the population of every nation, and progress was bought at an enormous cost of life. This is the legacy of the Second World War.

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